An Easy Pick Up Formula To Attract Younger Hotties With Frames, Threads, and Nonverbals

So how do you seduce a girl – what is a good formula?

First, it started with Inner game—> which this is then outwardly expressed through body language, the sub-communication that all woman read.

Inner game and body language is what hits her reptilian circuitry to telegraph that we are the prize (or are of only miniscule size).

Finally comes “outer game”, which is used to tactfully lead a woman from point A to point B. Outer game is mainly used to handle contingencies and obstacles that will arise in social interactions.

However to execute the master plan you need attitude, confidence, and the belief that you will close the deal. So bottom line, project high status body language and an attitude nonverbally.

The Inner Game, or your attitude and body language, is by far the most important factor for seduction mastery in Night Clubs.

I want to talk about the importance of:

  • Dominant Frame Control
  • Adding value to open, engage, and attract women in mixed sets
  • Multiple Thread Theory
  • Importance of Leading and escalating the interaction with a woman

So let’s start with the most important concept,

Dominant Frame Control

Remember the one with the stronger belief system and reality dominates those in the vicinity.

What does this mean: Be contagious like cancer, suck the oxygen from the room. “All eyes on me baby” …Get it. Elvis has walked in and I am here to give all of you women my sexy offspring but first I am going to see if you have what it takes to interest me legitimately, offsetting the face value, make up and fake up induced stares that most guys fall trance to simply by a woman’s looks.

Also, when you walk into the club, act like you own the place. Socialize with everyone. Come as if you have your hands full already, like you’re already sexing 10’s , models, high class, A list women of exceptional quality and beauty.

See, what this does is when you talk to a woman, she can feel that you are pre-selected and are just here to have fun and bring the vibe and party to the others.

Remember, women can feel if you are sexy or not to others. When you are just out to fuck around, be playful, fluid, mis-interpret, and be ballsy, it implies a “chilled-out middle finger in the air mentality.” And believe me, women know and decide “Non verbally” before you even open them if you are sex-worthy.

That is why I advocate Inner Game. So beef up your body language and non verbal components. That is why the first phase of my 7 point model groups all of these nonverbal factors into their own phase called the “PRE OPENER – VALUE CALIBRATION” phase where we beef up our nonverbal value. How?

How To Build Nonverbal Value

  • Chat up everyone.
  • Flash Game – Have girls in your near vicinity engaged by you, embracing you.
  • Laugh and vibe with your wing.
  • Talk to everyone – ADD Value to other people’s lives.
  • Remember the mentality “Don’t look for the party.” You bring the party to their lonesome soles.
  • Talk to and engage women, then merge that set with a hotter set or just next the “Pivot” set for the set with the hotter women and it will open so much easily.
  • Act as if you are already sexing two or three model-type women. You already got your hands full and are just here because you are bored. Let me ask you, if you had 9 bottles of coke in your fridge, would you care about scoring the tenth bottle? No.
  • Misinterpret everything a woman says as wanting you, as wanting to take you home.
  • IF a woman shit tests you or acts rude, then laugh it off.
  • Add value to the group; Remember you are the party and are bringing it to them, not going to them for the party.
  • So, when you approach a group, bring value to them. Tell them cool stories that have DHV spikes that demonstrate your alpha traits indirectly to the women and subtly convey that you have higher value than the males in the set.
  • Make the guys feel good about themselves but in a very smooth way that simultaneously raises your value in relation to theirs.
  • Make the friends or cockblocks feel great about themselves.
  • Actively show disinterest to the target, but at the same time… do not ignore her. That is not what group theory is about. You need to “bait her and keep her in set” by bait & hook comments like “Oh shit what is up with your hand”. Or “Hey let me ask you something daddy’s girl…”

A lot of guys make the mistake of completely ignoring the Object Of their Desire. This will make her bored and she will think that,

  • you like the males and are gay or
  • like her average friends

How To Touch Escalate

Also lead the interaction and touch escalate. How do get a nice gradual touch escalation curve? Here is how:

First, touch her from the very beginning. SO you appear to be just a touch guy from the start and so when you touch her later, it doesn’t surprise or freak her out.

Also remember, you must escalate the interaction and LEAD HER.

She expects nothing less from you when given an open window. If you don’t take that window, you will be in the LJBF (Let’s just be friends) or even worse “DMS” (Dancing Monkey Syndrome).

A lot of guys spend too much wasted time and energy on attracting a woman. That is not needed. Especially in clubs, you don’t need long ass routines, just RFT (Rapid Fire Threads). A lot of it is your attitude, your playful vibe, your charismatic tone, body language and your non-excusing personality to get close to a woman and touch her that will attract her. Also smile, have piercing eye content, engage all sets, groups, win them over, be the loudest, coolest mofo on the block, and that’s it!

How To Build Connection And Comfort

And remember that attraction is only a means to get her to want to connect with you. It is not an end in itself.

For instance, when I get a positive vibe from a woman, I always lead her to the bar and move her around to get her used to the idea of…

  • Building comfort with me.
  • “Venue changing with me”
  • We get drinks together.
  • Or lead her by the hand to a couch.
  • Also you must lead her all the way around and through obstacles.

How To Lead A Woman

For instance, on Monday at this upscale lounge, I took my girl by the hand to the bar where a couple of lamo’s were trying to talk to her. So I grabbed her by the hand and turned her to face me and her back to them. She expected that, to be lead by touch and body movement. She went to buy a drink for her girlfriend at the bar and instead of letting her give her girl the drink, I said, “Here sweety I’ll give it to her”. This way I “locked her in” with the beer bottle. I know she will not go away. We went up to her girlfriend and after giving the drink, I had to disarm the obstacle. So after vibing with her for a bit, I said “Okay we (me and my girl) will be there. Come join us”

She was cool with that. Now my student, due to his lack of experience, wasn’t able to engage the friend and on top of that she was mercilessly being hit on by a crew of drunken’ British boys, so the logistics got a bit sticky. But here is the point.

  • Always lead your woman
  • Guide her
  • Dominate the situation for her
  • It is your job to keep you and her in a “bubble,” and move her down the seduction tunnel.

Another example, I ran into the two hot Vegas Deluxe show girls type models and just grabbed them and said, “Hi remember me. How are you guys. Come let’s finish our photo.” They were so into it. Then a whole bunch of guys started seeing me doing it and wanted to get their picture with the hotties, so I said girls “Go make ’em happy… it will make his day I am sure”.

So after a quick snapshot, the other guys were trying to game them. I just grabbed my hotties by the arm, arms around both waist, led them close to me and SNAP! It was on. DO you guys see this… that you must lead, a woman is very turned on by a guy who

  • Dominates the situation with her
  • Demonstrates more alphaness and survival value and “infectiveness” to male competition.
  • Remember, lead the men and the women will follow.

Bottom line, I just took them, guided them, led them away, all with a stronger frame. I didn’t acknowledge anybody else in the vicinity or other guys, or anything else.

Multiple Thread Theory

The whole goal of a pick up is to move the girl from a non-sexual disposition to a playful, flirtations, and sexual direction. How do we do this without creeping her out? Multiple threading.

Here is what most men do:

Guy: “Hey girls, what color do you like pink or blue?”

Girl: “I like blue.”

Guy: “But why, blue is boring.”

Girl: “Yeah, but it is also…”

See how the guy is talking logically and boring her. He is setting up a very bland, friendly frame with her. So what he will do is sequence into asking her for her number… but with no sexual innuendos being implied, no flirtation, and no playfulness. She will feel awkward and will think he is socially inept.

Remember, you must turn the conversation from the opener into things that will make you flirt with her, turn it into a sexual direction, and make you close the space with her and touch her. Here is how it works:

Guy: “Hey girls, what color pink or blue?”

Girl: “Blue.”

Guy: “Oh my god… you are conservative aren’t you…? Goody two shoes…”

Girl: “Why do you say that?”

Guy: “I can see it in your water hands. Do you know you have water hands?”

Girl: “What is that?”

Guy: “Here give me your hands, let me show you… but first let me ask you… what do you have going on for you more than your looks? I mean you are cute but so what…”

See how you are multi-threading from the opener with each thread slowly getting closer to getting her contact info, an isolation, turning it sexual, intimate, and flirtatious?

For more tips from M.C. Maax, visit Maaximum Seduction

7 thoughts on “An Easy Pick Up Formula To Attract Younger Hotties With Frames, Threads, and Nonverbals”

  1. The formula could be easier to listen but in practice it won’t happen overnight, will it? You have to invest your time and effort in getting to know her and eventually win her heart.

  2. Another solid McMaax article.

    Now,my pseudonym isn’t Socialkenny PUA for nothing:I’m a social guy[former introvert].So I definitely advocate working the room and being that social guy in the venue.

    But over the years,some gurus like Speer(who I like and hate at times)talks shit that being that social guy working the room isn’t gonna work[I don’t know where the fuck he got that].

    What’s your take on being social?

  3. Jesse,

    Love the article! I really appreciate how you set that mindset of being the alpha male. I know girls will like you as an alpha but will put us men to “tests” to bring us down to a beta..This article really improves the game and how to stay dominant. This article isn’t really just for Pick Up, i think its also for human nature..
    Thanks bro keep posting, ill be sure to be updated!

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