How To Qualify Women – 10 Simple Lines That Girls Always Fall For

Here’s some qualifying lines I use a lot and that hot girls ALWAYS seem to fall for.

Qualifying women simply refers to the idea of throwing tests at her that she has to pass in order for her to win your approval.

She’ll be looking for your acceptance of her. The only way she can get her social value back is by winning your acceptance and winning your attention and respect.

That means if you start qualifying her and testing, she’ll be eager to pass your qualifying tests to win your acceptance.

For example, you could say to her, “You know I like you, but you’re not a stalker are you? You’re not the type who checks her messages five times a day, will call me in the middle of the night are you? Will I be safe around you?”

When qualifying a woman, you establish that YOU are the chooser and that SHE is the chaser. She must work for and win your approval and acceptance of her.

You can qualify a woman on just about anything, but what often works best is screening her based on completely trivial qualities.

For example you could say to woman,

“I can just tell you would be so much trouble for me. I can see it in those eyes. You just look like a handful. How do I know you won’t just drive me up the wall?”

Or you could say,

“You look young for me. Hmm, what else do you have going for you that would make up for that?”

The key is to sound playful and not too serious. Wear a smile on your face. If she already likes you somewhat, she’ll start trying to prove her value to you.

You can also qualify a girl for qualities that you’re seriously looking for. For example, perhaps you want a bi-sexual girl that will eventually have threesomes with you. You can tell a woman, “I only date bi-sexual women.”

Or tell her,

“I only date highly creative and intelligent women. Are you creative?”

Or say,

“Do you work out? I like to be with women who take care of themselves.”

The hotter the chick, the harder you may need to qualify her. On an extremely hot girl, don’t be afraid to pummel her with screening criteria. Qualify HARD.

As long as she feels that she had to WORK for and EARN your approval and attention, she’ll have dopamine hormones flooding her head – the hormone responsible for love, desire, and wanting to chase a reward.

How Make Her Quickly Qualify Herself To You

If you’re passed the hook point and SHE wants the conversation to continue, she’ll start giving you reasons that she’s unique – in effect, she’s trying to make you LIKE her MORE. She’s gaming YOU by qualifying herself to you.

Of course you can qualify a girl right off your opener, by going up to a girl and telling her,

“Hi there! You’re absolutely adorable. But do you have anything more going for you than your looks?”

But qualifying HARD really shines, really has its full potential AFTER the hook point and the girl is already investing in you and investing in the conversation.

And the hotter the chick, the more you’ll want to qualify her. On an extremely hot girl, don’t be afraid to pummel her with qualifying criteria. Qualify her HARD. Really make her work to game you hard. Make her work hard to win you.

And the funny thing about hot women is, that they are so used to being chased by the guy, that when she does start gaming you, by asking you questions and qualifying herself to you, she’ll fall for you even HARDER – because it’s so rare for her to do that, so rare for her to actually game the guy. That’s why in their own way, extremely beautiful women can fall HARDER for you than you’re typical woman.

Also qualify the girl based on your personal standards. Maybe you don’t like girls that smoke. Qualify her on that. Be open and authentic about it, challenge her on it, tease her about it, don’t hide it just to try to impress her. Be a challenge based on your personal standards and challenge her. Speak your mind. Have the balls to the show the girl what you like and what you dislike. And stand behind what you say.

So that’s it – qualify her, qualify her, qualify her. And sit back, and let her do her portion of the talking. Make her work for it, make her invest, make her game you. And you’ll get that second date outside the club.

After She Qualifies Herself To You, Accept Her

After qualifying, it’s critical to ACCEPT HER.

You see, at some point after fighting for your approval, the girl has to feel that she’s proven herself to you. But she’ll only feel worthy of you if you ACCEPT her for passing your tests.

So if you say, “I only date bi-sexual women,” and she starts telling you about how she’s thought about being with a girl before, that shows she wants to win your approval. That’s good behavior on her part.

Reward her for her good behavior.

You: “I only date bi-sexual women.”

Her: “Oh… you know, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be with a girl.”

You: “Wow, so you don’t listen to all the stupid rules society places on women. See, I knew you were cool. We can hang out then.” (squeeze her hands)

RAPID ACCEPTANCE is when you reward a woman right away for her good answer. For example,

You: “What’s your favorite show on television?”

Her: “Desperate Housewives”

You: “Wow, I *love* that show. Oh my god, I can just imagine us ten years from now fat as cows on the couch watching marathon reruns of it.” (hug her)

You can also use DELAYED ACCEPTANCE.

With delayed acceptance, you drag out the qualifying process and make her really work for your approval. You leave her hanging in suspense for your acceptance.

For example, I met this cute girl at the bookstore the other day. After talking a bit I found out that she was a fundamentalist Christian. I started to GRILL her about her beliefs for 20 minutes straight, questioning everything she believed in.

Once I realized she wasn’t going to budge I said to her,

“Wow, you know what… you actually stuck up for yourself. That’s really amazing. I thought you would have folded right away. Most of the girls I meet are really flaky… but you’re not like other girls. You are SO awesome.”

Then I gave her a hug.

At that moment when I hugged her and accepted her, after the heavy qualifying, she was practically in love with me. She invited me to a party and gave me three phone numbers to reach her at.

When I met her at the party, she introduced me to about twenty of her cute friends and stuck to my side like glue. She had that starry look in her eyes whenever she looked at me.

All this from a girl whose beliefs dictated I would probably rot in hell… all because I made her work – and wait – for my delayed acceptance!

You can also delay acceptance by STACKING qualifying criteria, and giving her acceptance only at the very end.

For example, you can give her five or six qualifying tests she must pass all in rapid fire succession – that she lives too far away, that you don’t want to get involved with a girl unless she’s devoted to you, that you don’t normally date girls you meet in clubs, that she’s probably the jealous type, that she will probably stalk you, and so on.

Then, instead of giving acceptance on each individual point, reward all of her good answers with a grand, universal acceptance at the very end once she’s jumped through all of your hoops.

Tell her,

“You know, when I first met you I thought you were just like all the other girls. But you’re not like other girls. You’re x, y, and z. I’m so glad I met someone like you… I feel like there’s a special connection between us.” Then hug her or squeeze her hands. “Doesn’t that feel awesome when you meet somebody like that?”

Not too long ago I qualified my honey-hot hairdresser HARD. She worked out two hours a day and it showed – she had the tightest legs in a mini-skirt I’ve ever seen.

I kept qualifying her and she kept trying to win my acceptance but I wouldn’t let her. Whatever her answer was, I didn’t act overly impressed.

After my haircut was finished she talked with me in the sitting chairs for an extra 15 minutes trying to win me over. Finally, she told me what great massages she gives. I told her that I didn’t believe it. She offered to prove it by giving me a massage at her place in the nude.

It’s not that rapid acceptance is better than delayed acceptance of visa-versa. Both work and compliment each other. Use them in combination.

27 thoughts on “How To Qualify Women – 10 Simple Lines That Girls Always Fall For”

  1. Lol i´ve heard guys talking like this that get instantly slaped on their faces or get a drink threw at them.

    You do this with a debilerated sexual open minded girl to. But with a ¨The Whole Package¨ she would feel ofended when you throw something like: ¨What are you more than your looks¨ simply because they implicity and naturally show their value. What you have to do is use that to unharmfully understimate them and encouraging to try qualify even more; something like:

    You: – So you got a degree and a graduated _X_ carrer?
    Her: – Indeed, i´ve done X and X, and still managed to X.
    You: – Touché, but will you just stop there or have something bigger than that in mind?¨ (with a neutral face like it doesn´t impress you.

    That´s how you make herself qualify to you, at least when it comes to high value women.

  2. Haha these are really funny. As a woman, I feel like these men with no game you teach, really just need some advice on confidence. Living life with direction, purpose and interest is sexy…. These lines will work on a lot of *girls* because you’ll give off a jerky bad boy vibe. But really, all you need is some good Ole fashioned self assurance, and gentlemanly confidence to attract quality women.

    Do men really like being chased by women anyway? Or just insecure men?

    Isn’t half the fun, the hunt?.. But I suppose you’d need to embody the hunter first 😉

    1. lol I like the girl to chase me only so i chase about 20-30% so they know i am in to them but give them uncertainty to keep them chasing. I do this because as long as they are chasing me they can not dump me or throw me to the curb.

  3. Miss B. Having

    Thank you so much. I had a great time reading that and I’m female.
    I instantly believe that this technique will work with most women. Just not with me, I’ll never prove anything. I don’t have to.
    Anyway, was fun reading it.

  4. What if the girl doesn’t want to prove her values for me.
    What if she doesn’t seem pretty much intreasted in me
    How to flirt that kind of girl?? :/

  5. wow jesse thats sum deep stuff. what do you say to a girl in college? Its a small college i sit by this pretty hot girl but she acts a little stuck up. i make some small talk but she always talking to her other (female) friend that sits next to her. i dont want to make it to obvious that im interested in her. when i do talk to her she pretty short with me and hard to get her to say more then the bare min. do you have an advise for this problem?


    1. It’s obvious that she’s not attracted to you bro, try to be a leader either in your academics or any area of your strength and do everything confidently, talk slowly and never show fear. Then you can move on to show your desire in her by maintaining eye contact and smiling confidently as you do so, you can then move to what is thought in this article. Best of luck bro

  6. If I start the qualification process pre-hook, do you think it will be easier to hook if she starts to qualify herself to me? Any examples?

  7. …Wow. All I can say is WOW. As a woman, I am not only disgusted that you’re essentially trying to manipulate and guilt a woman into wanting to FUCK you (it’s not even about dating), it’s also sickening that you “men” do not even acknowledge or CARE that you have to do all this to sleep with a woman you do not even deserve in the first place. This is amazing.. THANK GOD my husband doesn’t play these kinds of games.

    1. your husband already has you, why would he need to execute any kind of dating advice? don’t get it.

      “manipulate a woman”… women “manipulate” men as well with makeup (false illusion of youth), high heels (false illusion of height), fake breasts (false illusion of fertility) and a hundred other ways. Instead of “manipulate” think of it as DOING WHAT IT TAKES TO SPREAD YOUR GENES.

      Get over it. 🙄

    2. your husband does it too.
      he is just natural good at this or maybe learnt this stuff somehow before he met you.

  8. Main thing I was doing wrong with qualifying is that I would do before the hook point.I kept doing that repeatedly for years,and never understood why the girl never try qualifying to be accepted by me.

    For instance,I’d say to her(before the hook point):”You’re really cute,but cuteness is common.Every girl is cute to me.Anything different about you though”?The girl most times(if before hook point),would say “NO” LMAO.In essence,she’s shooting me down and letting me know that she won’t be willing to prove how much I should want her.

  9. Jesse–just bought your hypnosis series…have noticed amazing improvement in my vibe and reaction from the ladies! You definitely know your excrement 😆

      1. Yo Jesse, I’m new to the game and you said qualify girls right?

        So if I say to a girl, besides being gorgeous, I only like bisexual girls.

        Is that right?

  10. Yeah i agree with chris! A material on marriage n how 2 keep that one girl interested always will be awesome!
    Love ur stuff so much!

  11. Increadibe advise. I would love to use it.

    Jesse, I was checking your courses, althouth they are great but I would love to see/buy your book about relationship. What if you are married? How can I apply this fun, epic, animal element in my relationship? and how can I keep my woman interested in me whole life?

    That’s the thing which am trying to look for, but alas.

    Anyways, you never fail to impress me with your unique, applicable tips. 😉

    1. Chris, for relationships check out the Blissnosis program. The key is not so much keeping her interested in you (that’s a scarcity mentality as well), but keeping yourself interested in the girl… that’s the challenge.

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