13 Reasons Why I Go To The Gym And Kill It Every Day

Here are 13 reasons why I go to the gym every day!

What I’ve noticed is that the guys who are really good with women, the top guys, almost ALL of them regularly hit the gym. It’s just a tendency that I see a LOT. There’s a very strong correlation.

And I know that when I’m hitting the gym hard and I build momentum, that’s when I have spectacular results meeting girls. And when I stop hitting the gym, my performance with women drops off sharply.

This is how you know it’s been too long since you last hit the gym…

In fact, I don’t know how guys meet women without the gym. At this point it’s so integrated into my life and regulates my state and how I feel, amps my sex drive and my sense of entitlement that I don’t know how you guys that don’t workout hard do it.


Bonus video: why I lift weights!

And if you’re not going to the gym, you need to start with no excuses. Here’s why,

Why The Gym #1. “T-Buzz” or “Sledgehammer Arms”

After about 3 weeks of really pounding it in the gym, you build this momentum, at least for me and I’ve been doing this a while now, where I get this kick-ass, awesome testosterone rush or buzz after I kill the weights. Which just keeps me feeling energetic, enthusiastic, motivated, masculine and young throughout the day. It’s the T-buzz that you can only get by tearing up your muscles like a Spartan.

You get this feeling aliveness, of glowing, youth. You feel hot blooded, happy, grounded. Testosterone does all these things for you.

Sometimes I call it having the “Sledgehammer Arms” because I start to feel like my arms are these two huge, powerful sledgehammers that could break through a concrete sidewalk if I felt like tearing the sidewalk apart. And notes that my arms are not even that big, it’s more just a feeling I get.

Why The Gym #2. For Sexual Drive

Particularly if you are over the age of 30, like I am, sexual drive starts to wane. And you’re going to feel like lazy ass and sit on your couch if you do nothing about it, because without a strong sexual drive, you won’t have motivation. You’ll start acting more like a chick.

Testosterone is critical for sexual drive, and you feed testosterone production by hitting the weights hard. Period. And when you’ve got momentum, you can feel a buzz in sexual drive, almost as if you’re a big walking penis, and if a girl got alone with you, she’d be in real danger of being fucked hard for a good hour without mercy.

Why The Gym #3. Freedom From Outcome

When you get really sexually hot, what it does is you stop rating girls with your brain which causes outcome-dependency and therefore approach anxiety, and instead you start thinking with your dick, which is all about taking action now.

In a sense, your standards of what you want to fuck, lowers, it’s a bit like having beer goggles on, but the result is actually a pure positive, because not only are you far more eager to open all types of girls to build momentum, but the really hot girls don’t stun your brain out, because you’re not thinking with your brain, you’re thinking with your dick.

Working out fuels that “I don’t give a flying fuck feeling,” that sexual fury-driven feeling. Alpha, action taking, unreactive. Risk taking, rash, reckless. That’s what you need to open women. So instead of trolling around looking for permission which girl to open, you just step up the fuck, naturally.

Why The Gym #4. Giddiness

Giddiness to go out. Giddiness to go out to the bar or club or mall and talk to people. You know how normally you feel like a lazy ass and it would just be so much easier to stay at home and play videogames.

Well, when you smash your body with the weights, and you’ve got hot blood coursing through your veins, you don’t want to sit down. You want to blow off steam by meeting people, talking loudly, being social, showing off, riding that edge of chaos, having stimulation. You don’t want to stay at home.

You’re giddy to go out. You could call it enthusiasm or energy. For me, I like to think of it as Giddy, almost like a little child itching or giddy to go to the amusement park. I’m like a little child that just wants to go to the candy store.

And when I don’t work out, I don’t have that same kind of enthusiasm, I become more of a lazy ass.

Why The Gym #5. For Champ Posture

Most guys are walking around with shit posture, stooped over. It’s that subtle difference when you pull in your stomach and lift your just like with a puppet string here, that you started walking like a King, and girls notice that you carry yourself like the King.

For me personally what separates a hot girl, from a true 10, is often just her posture. Does she carry herself like a queen, like she’s physically fit in top shape. Are her muscles strong an taut to hold her body like a statuesque goddess. Posture is everything. So you want to stand like a champ.

But the fact is, if you’re not pounding it hard at the gym, DAILY, you’re not going to have champ posture, homey. Your muscles are going to be too weak to hold yourself up properly.

What the gym does, is that I’m continually in front of the mirror. And that’s when I continually correct my posture to stand like a champ. It’s when you’ve got the mirror right there in your face, and the blood rushing through your body, that’s when you start standing tall like Superman. And walk like a King. And when I stop going to the gym, guess what? My posture goes to shit again.

Why The Gym #6. To Feel And Stay Young

Back in high-school, I was bounding with energy. I did cross-country and I would run 3 to 5 miles daily, hit the gym, and still have plenty of energy left over for my school, homework, and program my computer.

And research shows that your teenagers years are your healthiest – when you’re a teen, you’re least likely to catch a cold or get a disease.

As you get older, your testosterone levels drop off. Once you hit your 30s, you slow down. You no longer have that manly, energetic, youthful “buzz” anymore.

Hitting heavy weights is the most reliable way to hold onto that feeling of youth. By hitting weights, your body gains muscle and becomes lean like a teenager’s. You feel bounding with energy and you have more physical and sexual stamina. You get hornier.

You don’t get sick as often. You feel good. You feel young and alive.

Why The Gym #7. Entitlement

Guys freeze up around the hot girl because they don’t feel entitled to have her. He may WANT her, but that’s different than trusting yourself to be “worthy” of her.

So most guys get scared or they come up with complex lines and routines to “try to impress her”. The girl senses this supplicative behavior and loses interest.

The gym however goes a long way to giving you core confidence. When you LOOK good, when you LOOK like you can hold that hot girl on your arm, then you feel ENTITLED to have her. It doesn’t mean being a Beefcake Hunk will make that fear of approaching go away, but it DOES take much of the edge off the anxiety.

After all, when you’re leaner, bigger, and more muscular, you feel energetic. You feel alive. You may even feel like a bad boy or beast or a titan. You feel like a Rock. You feel worthy.

So you’re far more likely to approach the girl *assuming attraction* and not giving two hoots how the girl reacts. You feel worthy to say what’s on your mind or say what amuses you, rather than what you think will impress her. You feel entitled to touch her and make eye contact.

And just having your posture and body eye-fucked by random girls passing you by doesn’t hurt either. I enjoy it when I get that wide-eyed “Jesse, please splay my legs and fuck me” look. It just feeds into that narcissistic fire and sense of deservedness.

Why The Gym #8. To Cut Through All The Crap

When you’re not working out, it’s easy to start over-intellectualizing pickup. It becomes all about tactics, impressing the girl, doing your song and dance, and how to “not be rejected”.

Once you get a bit of raging testosterone, all the intellectual crap is stripped away and what’s left at the core are your caveman instincts to fuck.

You FEEL that girls want to be approached and bent over and fucked raw like the primitive primates they are.

This makes you far more action-taking.

Why The Gym #9. To Regulate Your State

The gym helps prevent you from feeling too high, and helps prevent you from feeling too low.

Think of working out as a temperature regulator, much like the panting tongue of a dog. When you’re feeling the blues, lifting weights helps pull you out of it. And when you’ve got too much energy, the gym is a way to let off steam.

Why The Gym #10. To Build Good Habits

Meeting women requires discipline and dedication. It requires going out even when you don’t always feel like it. It means pushing through bad emotions sometimes.

Going to the gym requires this same discipline and dedication. You won’t always feel motivated. You won’t always feel great. But you go anyway to do what you know is right.

It’s that long term consistency despite negative resistance that makes you go from “average” to “awesome”. And you internalize the evidence that slow, steady progress leads to true results.

And it’s exactly those habits you need to nurture and cultivate to succeed with women. And when you can go to the gym consistently, you’ll go out to meet women consistently.

Why The Gym #11. Grounding Yourself

It’s good to have a manly physical activity outside of your job and outside of girls.

That can be anything that GROUNDS you in your masculine energy of glorious manliness.

Rock climbing. Dirty biking. Swimming. Wrestling.

Or lifting weights, which you can do in any kind of weather.

You’ll have a source of pride outside of just women. A hobby. An activity. So that even when there’s no girls around, you’ve got something that gives you satisfaction just for YOU.

Why The Gym #12. Become A Better Lover

It’s one thing to whack off to net porn for 20 minutes.

It’s a completely different deal to hard drill a real girl with animalistic passion for an hour without tiring out. Or handle two girls for a threesome. It’s as physically exhausting as it is pleasurable.

To go from “good lover” to “great lover” you need stamina. You can’t get tired after the first few thrusts. And women want a man with muscle, it’s a visual turn-on. You need that testosterone to give you passion.

You get all that working out at the gym lifting heavy weights.

Why The Gym #13. Be Healthy

Working out your mind with intellectual pursuits is all fine and dandy. But your mind’s function ultimately relies on the health of your body. And if your body goes to shit, your mind goes down the drain with it.

I don’t understand how people go through life not caring how their body feels or holds itself. Just walk through your local Walmart and take a look at the sad physical state of most human beings.

Particularly as men age and they don’t work out, they start to look like total and complete SHIT. As you get older, you should grow into your GLORY. Unfortunately, most guys devolve into feeble, bent, gnarled up messes. It’s because they don’t have enough muscle mass to hold their bodies together properly.

I want to look 30 when I’m 40. I want to look 35 when I’m 50. And 40 when I turn 60. And getting younger hotties and feel like I’m 25 the whole time. Why not? All you’ve got to do is hit the gym consistently, eat right, and you extend your sexual life by 30 years.

You’ve got to be in that body 24 hours a day after all. You might as well feel good and be healthy.

So there you have it – that’s why *I* go to the gym. You may have your own reasons and motivations. But you need to find out what they are if you’re not already consistently going. And find out those reasons and motivations to go fast. Because lifting heavy weights at the gym, I’ve seen for myself and most guys, is INTEGRAL to their success with women.


34 thoughts on “13 Reasons Why I Go To The Gym And Kill It Every Day”

  1. You sound like someone trying too hard.
    Hitting the gym is about self improvement. I could get girls before started working out and you place such a high emphasis on keepig the habbit mostly for pleasing OTHERS.

    The gyn is about yourself and your friends wanting to constantly improve mind and body for YOURSELF. I guess if you have such a small sense of self-respect, this article relates to you 100 percent.

    SMH betas barkin like alphas because you can move heavy things.

    1. Alan… the average guys is needs motivation to start working out will typically look for EXTERNAL motivators, like getting healthy or meeting girls. Sorry, we can’t all be Zen Buddhas like you man.

  2. As your Muscles And Stenght Grow Your Confidence Grow With It. But Even If You Are A Very Good Looking, Muscular, Tall ect without Burning Confidence Its It’s Almost Usless. You Need Confidence 2 Get Laid Most Of the Time. Sometimes You May Get Lucky And Get Laid Easily Now And Again with 6’s or 7’s But Not Likey No Matter How Good U Look

  3. Hi
    you sound like a dick let alone thinking with your dick. please dont think i think what i think makes any difference

  4. Came across this article by typing in google ‘why go to the gym’ because i’ve become a skinny fuck and i’ve noticed that i’m not banging as much as I used too! Most of my mates go regularly, look good and boss around with complete confidence in their sexual attraction and physical ability. They are usually always happy and for these reasons I admire their willigness and desire to maintain this. However I needed something more to get me focusing on my physical appearance than just my boys saying ‘go gym!’ Thats where this came in ! When I finish work at four i’m going straight to the gym and continue on until the day I need a knee and hip replacements ! I the creator of this page now for all the pussy I’m going to get this summer. HERO

  5. Matt, London, UK

    Don’t know how I stumbled on this website from Google, but it’s a great article.

    The first four points in particular are the reasons I go to the gym. I actually started going two years ago to get strong (not to get big, to get strong!). I presume this website is more bodybuilding stuff but I actually do powerlifting routines focusing on squats, bench and dead. I’m not big, though I do between 100-150kg on each – I don’t even look that strong and still only weigh 70kg but the reason I keep going is purely for the hormonal, mental and physical sides. Not to get big, or to get much stronger.

    The one thing you forgot to mention in the article is Sleep. The improvements in my sleep patterns and how much sleep I get have been huge. The last time I had less than 8.5 hours sleep was before I started going to the gym. Most days I get 9 hours solid and feel fantastic throughout the day. I do evening workout (three times a week), and then eat, then go to bed, and within 5 minutes I’m asleep!

  6. The little voice in the back of my head kept sayin ‘skip the gym today, it’s ok’… but NO! Needed a reason!

    With SAD (seasonal-something-depression) kicking ass in Toronto, sometimes you need a bit of inspiration, with this shit cloudy, cold weather.

    Your article is great! No B.S. content. A+

    Ok, brb, Gym.

  7. how about gay men…those who fuck the hardest are definetely those who hit the gym, I can tell you, but you already know it probably

  8. Sad but my guy goes to the gym regulary, has high sex drive yet gets tired in the middle of us having sex. It’s annoying really. turns me off.

    1. Those pictures you see above are marketing tools and are very far from the truth. Gym is a self full-filling prophecy more so than anything else. His comments about ‘feeling like the Hulk’ etc are simply momentary feelings that you feel when feeling ‘the pump’. You are chiseling your body with muscle that is designed for purely aesthetics rather than functional usage.

      Playing a sport or enrolling in circuit classes at gym is more useful as it keeps your fitness as well as testosterone levels at a far more PRACTICAL level. It keeps your fat levels down and ensures you’re tapping into and using lean muscle. This maintains the level of lean muscle in your body and in turn this muscle requires more nutrients because of its increased usage. The end result? You carry less body fat.

      Girls are attracted to guys within a healthy BMI range, that’s pretty much it. Anymore or any less is simply not as good as you could be.

  9. Devastation im on the testosterone at the moment its time to go rip some panties off, a chick and leave her with post traumatic stress.

  10. So true, great article! The endorphin rush caused by working out feels great, and it has all kinds of great consequences. However, it I think it could have been even better if you emphasized that it is important to exercise smart. If you haven’t gone to the gym in a while, work yourself back into it. Even if you are physically fit, trying to push yourself too hard can easily cause injury… which would definitely take away from some of the points given above. Especially after you’ve pushed yourself hard, and most especially after you’ve pulled or strained something, you need to give your body time to rest and heal. Ignoring that rest period can take away from any positive gains you might have otherwise made.

  11. Fairy Tail Episodes

    Perfect reasons for anyone to hit on GYM !!
    Totally agree with these 13 points.The exact motivation i needed.
    and the pictures were totally accurate as well.
    1st one especially 🙂
    Keep posting..

  12. Jesse Charger. Sadly I must admit the sections of your blog that discuss “preparation paralysis” have hit me the hardest on a personal level. I’ve read an incalculable amount of blogs, books and youtube videos on Game methodology and realized it hasn’t done much. I stumbled onto this site and I’ve improved more in 2 weeks than the last 6 months. I was addicted for a bit and I put about 50 posts to a .txt file and i thumb through them on my Kindle. I hope that’s alright 😀

    But on the topic of this gym post. I’ve been at it for the better part of the year, people comment on my changes, 30 pounds lost, and I’m getting new numbers in my phone. The knowledge is all there, but you have been the primer charge that’s sent me off.

    Can’t wait to hit “chest day” tomorrow. Thanks for everything!

    nando, 25

    1. Nando, great to hear from you. Glad that you realize about the “preparation paralysis” – that’s a symptom of wanting be liked by others as your main driving force, rather than wanting to get laid. Attraction isn’t the same as being liked or trying to impress girls.

      Glad to to hear you’ve lost 30 pounds. Awesome! That’s a LOT of weight.

  13. Even the last pict was great. Anyone who thinks it’s funny just hasn’t been around long enough — their time is comming.

    1. Hi CGood –
      The pictures and his articles are very interesting,witty and specially pictures -very funny :0)…All is time consuming ,you can see someone spent quite a good time elaborating the articles in this light ,full of sense of humour way.I really like it :0)…even if I don`t agree myself with many opinions…

  14. wow what for a killer post again jesse, the post really pumps me up…
    only the last pic is a little disturbing haha^^

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