Sexy Hands and Fingernails for Your Woman: Your Complete Guide

Manicured fingernails look superbly sexy on a woman.  In the same way that women have often look at a man’s shoes to cue her to his genetic fitness, manicured nails really grab our attention.

Unfortunately, in the same way that most men do with ratty sneakers on their feet, most women don’t bother with their nails at all, and the resulting look is rather mediocre.

So first I’ll give you some pictures to inspire you. And second, I’ll guide you to getting your girlfriend or wife really hot and sexy fingernails and manicure.

Hot nails are a sign of health, youth, and fertility. Older women look instantly younger with a nice pair of nails, and nice nails make younger teen girls look blazingly hot.

Long red manicure

Nails are a sign of health, youth, and fertility and hint that the woman takes care of herself.

Sexy french manicre

Nice nails, particularly when they contrast the woman’s skin (white nails on tan girls, and red nails on light skin girls), draw visual attention to the woman. For instance, when she puts her hands to her face, you’ll easily notice the colorful motion of the hands, and be drawn to them.

sexy finger nails

Getting oral sex from a girl with manicured nails is hotter. Why? Simple because we men are visual creatures, and we want to see long, smooth, feminine nails instead of masculine-looking finger nails.

beuatiful woman nails

Attractive finger nails means more sex. When your woman is looking for feminine, you’ll simply want to boink her more. Pretty simple.

classy french manicure

Manicure nails makes a woman look sophisticated and classy. Since most women DON’T do their nails and thus look “average”, the woman that does her nails will stand out as being “upper class”.

attractive nails

Hot fingernails makes the woman HERSELF more hot, sexual, and naughty. When a woman is getting more visual attention from men, she’ll simply feel more confidence and be more horny. She’ll want to romp the bed a lot more.

painted nails pink

Hotter hand jobs. Getting a regular old hand job becomes exciting again!

Option #1: Press-On Nails

Press-on nails have a few advantages. They’re cheap and your girl can easily buy them anywhere and put them on herself with glue. But I don’t recommend them for your woman.


Press-on nails are cheap and fast, but tend to look fake.

First, they won’t fit your woman’s hands exactly, and thus they don’t look that natural. Press-on nails have a tendency to pop off, and the glue can also cause damage to her fingernails underneath.

In addition, press-on toenails are impractical so her fingernails and toenails will never match.

Press-on nails are best if you’re on an extreme budget or are lazy and want a “quick fix”. But like any quick fix, you get what you pay for.

Option #2: Painted Nail Polish

Painted nail polish nails generally suck too.

painted nails

This where the girl simply applies a coating of paint on top of her natural nails. While it’s also cheap and quick, the results are generally mediocre.

First, painted nails chip quickly and the paint will generally look unevenly applied. And painted nails do nothing to extend the nails longer and more feminine.

Painted nails are generally popular with teenage girls, but teen girls are generally on a budget, but want to avoid the fake look of press-ons.

Option #3: Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails look more natural than press-ons because they’re fitted to the woman’s hands at a salon, and they look smoother and longer than painted nails because they’re a hard overlay on top of the natural nail.

acrylic nails

Here’s an example of acrylic nails, with the nails already begun to grow out.

Once the Acrylic material is applied to the nail at a salon, the acrylic hardens when exposed to air, and it provides a canvas for applying nail color.

But while they look superior to press-ons and painted nails, acrylic nails come with their own set of issues.

First, they cost $25 to $40 at a salon, and require periodic replacements because as the woman’s nails grow, the acrylic is pushed forward and begins to look unnatural.

But the real problem is that removing acrylic nails and putting new ones on, tends to greatly weaken the woman’s natural nails underneath. With time, the woman’s natural nails get ruined.

Acrylics are also very hard, and don’t feel natural, although they look more natural than press-ons.

Option #4: Gel Nails

Gel nails are superior to acrylics and are the best option for a woman.

gel nails

Gel nails provide the strength of acrylic nails, while keeping the natural feel and appearance of regular nails, and do less damage to the nails underneath. Yet most women aren’t aware of his option.

gel nails hot pink

Here are some more advantages of gel nails over acrylics:

#1. With gels, you can paint over a red for example with pink, and use nail polish remover later to remove the pink. So the woman can change colors anytime she wants without needing to visit a salon.

#2. Gels do less damage to the nails underneath during removal, than acrylics. Gel is not as harsh.

#3. Gels are slightly less expensive than acrylics, generally.

#4. Gels are odorless, while acrylics of a strong chemical smell.

#5. Gel nails look for natural and are softer than acrylics.

#6. With gel nails, it’s easier for the manicurist to file them to make them look natural, as they’re softer.

Some more tips about gel nails

Be aware that there are “hard” gel nails and “soft” gel nails. Hard gels need to be filed off by a professional. “Soft” gels can be soaked off in acetone.

But “soft” soak-off gels are the way to go for your woman. There’s no damage to her natural nails underneath and soft gels don’t require any filing.

Also gel nails should be applied by a professional, and not at home. Most gel nails require UV light to harden them, and it’s pretty easy to fuck it up yourself. Just be sure that the salon isn’t doing acrylic with a thin gel top coating- you want to make sure your woman is getting 100% soft gel nails and not acrylic.

Is it worth it to get your girl sexy nails?

Long red manicure

Of course, your woman’s gel nails don’t stay on forever. They start breaking off and chipping after 3 weeks. She’ll need to do maintenance about every 2 weeks to keep them looking sexy and perfect.

So while they’re the most superior solution, they take more time and money to maintain them than press-ons or painted nails. But you get what you pay for.

It’s totally worth it though if long, colorful, and perfectly formed fingernails are a fetish of yours.

Also look into gel pedicure toenails. Hot pink gel toenails can look amazingly sexy… especially when they match her hot pink pumps!

hot pink pedicure

How to get your woman to do her nails

This is easy.  All women like the feeling of status and being pampered.  Tell her that you’re going to treat her to the nail salon “to be pampered” as a “gift”.  Do this around Valentines, her birthday, or just make up some excuse to reward her for something good she’s done.  The vast majority of women will take you up on the offer without an argument.

At first, tell her to get a french manicure.  That’s a more conservative look that most women will go for.  Explain to her the reasons she should insist to the pedicurist that she wants soft gels.

Once she gets used to having nails, next time you can suggest to her to get hot pink or hot red if you want her in more daring, sexy colors.  It’s better to suggest daring colors once she’s more used to having the gel nails though– take small steps here so that she has time to acclimate to the new, sexy look.

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16 thoughts on “Sexy Hands and Fingernails for Your Woman: Your Complete Guide”

  1. I have had a long nail fetish since I was very young. As soon as I started noticing girls, I always was drawn to those who kept their nails long and yes, a young woman with long nails can absolutely seduce men. I absolutely love them!

  2. Long nails on women is sexy and fun as hell. Nothing beats long red nails on a woman. Getting a blowjob from a woman is amazing. My ex would gently scratch my cock as I was cuming in her mouth! It gave me the most amazing orgasm. She also enjoyed scratching her nails up my inner thigh to my cock to wake me up for a 3 am romp. Of course she would rake my back with super long red claws as she was orgasming, making me cum.

  3. Long nails on women is sexy and fun as hell. Nothing beats long red nails on a woman. Getting a blowjob from a woman is amazing. My ex would gently scratch my cock as I was cuming in her mouth! It gave me the most amazing orgasm. She also enjoyed scratching her nails up my inner thigh to my cock to wake me up for a 3 am romp. Of course she would rake my back with super long red claws as she was orgasming, making me cum.

  4. Long acrylic nails are so hot. I love longer French pedicured toenails on my woman too. I pay for the pampering …she loves the ME TIME and getting away from the kids and feeling feminine. It’s a win-win for both of us. I love this article!!!

  5. My girlfriend always hass long acrylic nails because I always tell her to go and put them on because when we have sex and she scratches me with her nails it really turns me on

  6. Good looking women with manicures that aren’t garish or overdone have an advantage over women who aren’t manicured. The vast majority of men notice your nails, and that’s your advantage. I’ve been using my hands to seduce men since I was 14 !!

  7. Nothing turns me on more than sexy nails, well kept. Long, short, polished or not. I’ve met other guys like me to so I know Im not alone.

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