4 Spiritual Sex Rituals That Build Women To Hot Orgasms

Yes, it feels great to fuck roughly, to talk dirty, to be crazy and wild.

But you can drive women to orgasm by making them feel deeply CONNECTED to you, on a SPRITUAL level.

It sounds a little silly to us men, but women have a deeper emotional capacity for FEELING closeness to a man. So employing spiritual sex rituals can really drive her wild.

These connective, spirit-to-spirit rituals you want to do BEFORE sex begins. So once you penetrate her, she’ll quickly go sopping wet in her pussy and have more of a tendency to orgasm more intensely.

Here’s how it works: A cherishing ritual for spiritual sex establishes a bond and connection with a woman, so that she feels closer to you.

Cherishing rituals are almost like Valentine’s Day gifts, because when a woman feels close and bonded to you, she feels more fully completed, fulfilled, and happy about the relationship.

So if you want to create a strong bond with a woman, mix in this sequence of cherishing rituals from time to time.

Spiritual Sex #1: The Heart Salutation

The first spiritual sex ritual is the Heart Salutation.

Physical environment strongly affects a woman’s mood and a room dedicated for pleasure and play puts women into the mindset of giving pleasure and playing with you.

Prepare a space on the floor or on the bed with some pillows.

Place some candles around and turn out the lights.

Put on some soft jazz or relaxing music to complete the relaxed atmosphere.

Tell the woman that you want to do something that “you read in a book”.

Sit down cross-legged together, Indian style in your ritual space on the floor or bed, facing each other.

Tell her to place her palms together, and point them toward the floor.

Tell her to look you in the eyes and to hold eye contact with you.

Then, both of you simultaneously bring your hands up to your hearts, palms still together like you’re praying, thumbs touching your chests.

Tell her again to maintain eye contact, because you want to maintain eye contact with her throughout the Heart Salutation.

Keeping eye contact, tell her to lean in until your foreheads touch together. This is the “kiss”.

When she leans in with the forehead, tell her, “With the Heart Salutation, we’re saying hello, heart to heart.”

Although the Heart Salutation takes just a moment, the intense eye contact creates an intimate connection.

The Heart Salutation sets the tone of the experience, which is to say that a physically deep and emotionally powerful experience is about to happen.

Spiritual Sex #2: The Melting Hug Ritual

Hugging is effective because it makes her feel energized and makes her body produce hormones like Oxytocin, the same hormones that orgasm releases.

Tell her, “With this connection we’ve experienced so far, do you trust me?”

She’ll say, “Yes”

Tell her, “Okay, come into my arms.”

Don’t lean in to her, but command her to lean into you.

Tell her,

“Just relax and feel your body melting into mine until you become totally absorbed in the connection taking place. Allow the warmth of my voice and the warmth of my arms to wrap themselves around you, making our connection even deeper. Breathe into all parts of your body.”

Go ahead and hug her. Hold it for a few minutes.

With the two rituals done so far you’ve established the basic foundation of trust and comfort with a woman. She’s shared a unique and powerful experience with you.

And whether you’re with a woman for the first time or whether you’re already in a long term relationship with her, these cherishing rituals will build your authority and power in her eyes.

Spiritual Sex #3: Bliss Breathing

Tell your woman that you’re going to do “Bliss Breathing” together.

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Have her close her eyes and turn her attention to her breathing. Have her sit up straight and upright, but relaxed.

Place your right hand into your left hand with your palms upward and with the tips of your thumbs pointed slightly up.

Tell her,

“As you breathe in, hear the air rushing into your head. As you breathe in, feel your body opening up. And as you breathe out, follow the breath out into the room.”

Sitting in silence when concentrating on her own breathing is a powerful experience for a woman and can feel a bit uncomfortable at first. We’re so used to a culture of media distraction that silence itself can feel a bit unnatural.

But sharing the experience of peacefulness with a woman is critical to quieting her mind and building trust with her so that she can experience the new feelings you’re about to give her more vividly and more profoundly.

Tell her,

“At first your mind will be very busy, and you might even feel that the quiet breathing is making your mind busier. But in reality, we are just becoming more aware of how busy our mind actually is.”

“There will be a great temptation to follow the different thoughts as they arise, but resist this and remain focused on the sensation of your breath. If your mind wanders, return your mind to your breath.”

“If you start to feel antsy, this is okay and it’s a sign that the Bliss Breathing is going normally and is working. It shows that your mind is relaxing, and as it’s relaxing you’re starting to let go of thoughts.”

You’ll want to continue the Bliss Breathing ritual with her for about ten minutes or so. This is enough time for all of her tension and stress and problems to fall away.

The inner peace and relaxation of her mind makes a woman highly receptive to pleasurable and new experiences and allows her to go open herself up and go into fantasy. The shared experience also allows her to feel a special connection and bond with you. And once you do have sex with her, it will feel as if it has a spiritual connective nature to it.

Spiritual Sex #4: The Protective Bubble Induction

This ritual is more complex and uses hypnosis, so is purely optional in case you want a challenge.

Hypnosis puts your woman into a deeply relaxed state and quiets her distracting conscious, critical mind that may otherwise resists positive suggestions.

Through hypnosis her subconscious mind will take in your positive suggestions and overtime you can quickly and effectively reprogram her negative, maladaptive beliefs about sex into positive, expanding ones.

In this induction you create a bubble of protection around her that keeps any pathological trances from entering her mind during spiritual sex lovemaking. The point isn’t whether a bubble of protection really exists “out there”, because in trance, whatever she practices seems real to her unconscious mind. With enough belief and practice on her part a bubble of protection will exist enough to keep any negative thoughts from occupying her focus… nagging thoughts, bad feelings, unhelpful emotions, and insecurities.

First, do the Elman Induction on her.

Once she’s deeply in trance say to her,

In front of you imagine red fire leap and dance from out of the ground. Feel the heat… notice how you can feel the heat against your skin, warm, bright, powerful and protecting. Feel how the fire is fuel for the most powerful change.

To either side of you, right and left imagine fountains of blue water shoot from the ground. Water of the deepest blue… water of calm and balance… within this water is all the positive energy of the universe at your command. Feel it spray against your skin like a thousand warm raindrops refreshing you.

And imagine in front of you a field of white electricity, shining brilliantly. Notice how you can feel it tingling against your skin… notice how this energy is free from guilt, fear, or confusion. This is the energy of the natural woman underneath… the kind of woman you really want to be.

Now swirl these energies together… the warm red fire… the refreshing blue water… the rejuvenating white electricity… swirl them all around you until their colors are swirling together… mixing… creating all sorts of colors… swirl these energies together until they create a bubble made of clear energy all around you.

Imagine this bubble of clear energy protects you from any negative or unhelpful emotion or feeling… here the rules of society don’t apply… here you can be or believe anything you want… here any unhelpful emotion or feeling disintegrates instantly when it comes in contact with the protective bubble that surrounds you.

Notice how the negative feeling, “I’m too fat,” (mention her particular issue here) comes flying toward the protective bubble surrounding you and CLAP (clap your hands) gone forever! Notice how another negative feeling comes flying toward the bubble and CLAP (clap your hands) gone forever!

Now this is where you get to feel really good… imagine the energy of the bubble coming down like rain, bathing you in pure, white light coming from the top of your head (tap her head) all the way down to the tip of your toes… filling you with beautiful, relaxing, protective energy.

And if at any time in the future you suspect any unhelpful emotion or feeling or thought has snuck back into your mind somehow, all you have to do is take a deep breath, close your eyes and relax all the way down and you can create the bubble of protection all around you and disintegrate those negative thoughts away and keep them out forever.

So those are some cherishing rituals you can do with a woman to make her feel bonded and connected with you – and make the sex deeper and that more satisfying!

So when you DO penetrate her, to her it will feel like “spiritual sex” – a sex on a deeper level – and she’ll be far more likely to orgasm more intensely. Have fun!

11 thoughts on “4 Spiritual Sex Rituals That Build Women To Hot Orgasms”

  1. the biggest key i have noticed is just to take it slow

    the longer the lead up the more turned on she will get and the easier it will be to make her cum

  2. I really like to fuck my friends wife and even she but I afraid how should I start talking about this to her if she agrees or I am in an some confusion
    I have touched her body and she has not said a word for this but she is not replying the touching
    What to do

  3. As a girl- we love this shit, but if it’s insenceir or you say and do it cause “it’s what I want to hear, or u felt (past tense) it at the moment” it’s devastating and fucks us up sexually because we are being so vulnerable with you and geniuin. Do not use this to play w someone’s
    Feelings not cool

    1. Very good point. Which is why you do this with someone you love and want to share this sacred act of making love…. Sex isn’t a game to everyone and should not be taken lightly. When the time comes and you fall in love, then this will be appropriate and you opening up won’t let you feel vulnerable but safe…

  4. Kaushalya Charan De

    Hello Jesse Charger:

    Thank-you very much for this great article. You should promote this in schools around the world. But, you men should really protect the women you sex, because your semen is very precious blood it should not be wasted just seducing women without any personal connection. Why just sex women, when you can have them as faithful servants, supporters and even fighting warriors, who would give their life for you. I am a women who uses your technics on other women and I offer protection for life, not just to get them in bed . . . . . and they are very faithful to me. You need to take your advice to the next level and be a real Man of your destiny with women. 8)

      1. Charles, you must fill your mind with the deep knowledge of the spirit, through surrendering to a bona fide Guru. Through my spiritual Guru I teach women and men how to truly love themselves, and guess what? I do not have any sex with any of them. It is strictly spiritual.

        Marry your women, guide them to the Supreme Personality of the Godhead and they will never leave or for sake you. . . Everything is in the spirit. Namaste 😆

  5. I don’t know whether this is genius or crazy! Makes sense though. Women’s orgasm is at least 75 percent in her head. Make her trust you and feel safe and protected and she will come every time with a little effort. Not enough men put the effort into this end of the equation and instead focus on the purely physical which will make her come some of the time but she’ll end up losing interest! I wonder how many guys will try this? Would have to be in a pretty confident mind set to pull it off but from a womens point of view I think it could seriously work! Jesse: if you ever get bored of writing for men write a blog for women! There is a market for it! 🙂

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