The Best Way To Learn A Foreign Language To Get Laid Overseas

So you want to meet women in a foreign country, but you don’t speak the native language… how are you going to get laid if most of them don’t speak any English or very little English?

Is it possible to do day game or clubs and bars in these foreign countries, and attract women that you can’t communicate a word to?

Or if you want to learn a little bit of the local language, what’s the fastest, most efficient way to do it for the purposes of meeting women and pickup?

So those are some of the questions I’m going to answer in this lesson, and having travelled a good deal myself, I think I have some good tips in this area.

Be The Bad Boy

So let’s say that you land in a foreign country and you don’t speak one single word of the language.

The first instinct is not to approach any of the women or talk to any of the women, because you don’t speak the language right? You can’t communicate them? And if you talk, you can’t attract?

But actually you can generate a lot of attraction even without being able to speak any of the words, and probably more than you would back home with English speakers.

And the attitude you should have is, “I’m not going to try to speak their language. But THEY can try to speak to ME if they want!”

And then you just go up to a girl and talk to her in English, and you don’t even try to communicate with the girls in a way that they can understand.

So you don’t speak slowly, you don’t slow down, you’re not speaking in a way that they can understand you, you just speak normally with smiling, eye contact, and breaking and neutral rapport tonality, and you just go on and do a lot of the talking in English.

And you use pushing and pulling, and get physical with them. Spin them around, grab their hands, hug them, and pull them into you. Dominate them. Just like you should run game normally.

(P.S. and for my complete formula of gaming foreign girls, check out Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control here)

Because in English, you have so much control of the language that you will sound competent and alpha which is attractive to the girls. And you just need to SOUND confident and SOUND comfortable.

And you try to get the GIRL reacting to YOU an trying to understand YOU and keeping up with YOU. So even though she can’t understand you, SHE’S the one reacting and YOU are the one leading. And pretty soon the girl is the one chasing you for an outcome.

And some girls will not go for it, but a lot of girls, particularly is they can speak a FEW words of English will really go for it. So you’re going to get zero or one responses, but when you get those positive responses, the girls will really like it and start chasing you down and be really into you.

So the answer is, that if you don’t speak the language, do what you normally would do. Dominate them. Speak with break rapport. Get physical. Make them try to keep up with you.

Why Language Is Important

But still, there are some good reasons to learn the language anyway.

Like, let’s say you meet a girl like this, it’s still better to pull her aside one-on-one, and vibe with her in some word exchange, even if it’s just sharing different words and exploring the language together.

That is bonding and connecting with the woman, and it will make you feel like a real person to her. And for that, it’s very useful to know like a 100 commonly used words in the language. And it will allow you to feel more connected to the girl.

Also, I know that MOST guys are purely low-key and conversational when they meet women. They don’t come in particularly strong, and they’re too afraid to get physical.

And with that style, if you don’t speak the language at all, you’re going to feel really intimidated and probably not approach any women.

So, if you are gaming purely conversational, then knowing some of the local language is going to be essential.

Learning The Native Language

Okay, so in either case, you DO want to learn some of the local language before you go.

So here’s how to learn enough to get by and woo the women in the most effective and efficient manner.

Now, I hate learning languages. In high school, I think it was my least favorite subject and I pretty much blew it off. I ended up taking Latin instead of Spanish or French because we could do a lot of goofing off in Latin class.

BUT classroom learning is, in my opinion, the very old-school way to learn a language at the beginner level.

The Pimsleur Method

The way to go now, is to use the Pimsleur courses.

So pimsleur is basically a set of audios that you listen to, there are 90 lesson in Spanish, 90 lessons in Portuguese, 90 lessons in Russian. And each lesson is about 30 to 45 minutes long.

And you just listen to these lessons, and you repeat back what they tell you to say, and by the end you’ll have a pretty good working use of the language. It’s very painless, a very organic way of learning in the same way that young children organically learn a language, and there’s no studying, no homework, and no real tough brainwork.

And Pimsleur teaches you just to SPEAK and UNDERSTAND, NOT to read and write. Which is perfect, because this is just for speaking and understanding girls in conversation. You don’t need the language to write essays or book reports or something.

So by focusing ONLY on speaking and understanding, Pimsleur focuses only on the part of language you need to meet girls.

And what you’re going to learn is every-day language to meet people, to greet people, to order food, to ask for directions, to travel around comfortable in a foreign country, and to communicate in everyday situations.

You will not be able to read or write, but again that’s not what you need. You just need some conversational fluency.

And with pimsleur, you’ll learn about 300 to 400 words and be able to use those words, really, really well and quite surprisingly fluently.

And really, you don’t need that many words. In the English language, if you know 1,000 words you can read a newspaper, and if you know 2,000 words, that’s up to 80% of the words used common use.

So with Pimsleur, with 300 to 400 fluently under your belt, it’s a pretty damn good start. And you just do 1 45 minute lesson a day for 90 days, and you are there. Enough to easily hold very decent conversations with women.

And the best thing I like about the Pimsleur programs is that they’re really, really convenient. You are listening to an audio, and just repeating back.

So I do it while I’m outdoors taking walks, when I’m driving, when I’m at the beach with my MP3 player. So I can fit in learning new languages without having to schedule any new time for it. I just fit into things I’m already doing, and it’s like I can kill two birds with one stone. Get some outdoor exercise, AND learn Spanish or Russian. Easy. Simple.

And then it’s great, because you have enough language to open a girl and have her easily understand you, and then you can vibe with her, and you’ll know enough to talk, but still stumble around a little, and it’s really CUTE to the girl that you’re speaking her language with your sexy foreign American or British or Australian accent, and foreign girls really fall HARD for that.

The Rosetta Stone Method

Okay, now Rosetta Stone. It’s a popular teaching program. Basically you sit in front of the computer as Rosetta Stone is a computer program, and you do little games that match pictures with words.

Now I personally don’t like Rosetta Stone because it forces to sit in front of my computer, and needing to do a lot of writing already, I don’t want to be in front of my computer extra hours.

The other thing is that you learn a bunch of vocabulary words with Rosetta Stone, but you don’t really learn how or practice using the words in sentences, and how to speak conversationally with them. So it’s like you just learn a bunch of random words, and a lot of the words you use aren’t really useful for meeting women. Like learning the word “garden plant” and “fire truck”, you know you can of waste a lot of time memorizing words that aren’t particularly relevant to your goals.

So my recommendation is to do the 90 lessons of Pimsleur first, so that you can speak the language conversationally. And it’s the easiest and most fun, and really all you need for the purposes of meeting women in foreign country.

And then, once you’ve exhausted your Pimsleur lessons, if you still want to learn MORE of the language, like you have friends now or a girlfriend that speaks a different language, THEN you turn to Rosetta Stone to expand on your vocabularly so that you can get from the 300 to 400 words mark up to the 800 to 1,000 words mark. Rosetta Stone is a great vocabularly builder in other words to build on your Pimsleur foundation.

So there, that should equip you to speak to girls in foreign countries, girls that don’t speak any English. And you’re all set.

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  1. +1 for Pimsleur. I’ve used it twice to bone up on my Spanish, and it makes good use of my time in the car. Thanks for the review on Rosetta Stone.

  2. Guys need to stop being lazy when it comes to learning new languages.I’m fluent in Spanish,which I learned literally by myself by going to a library to pick up an HB9 librarian years ago.A Spanish text book caught my eye,I borrowed the book,then it’s been on since then.

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