31 Tips For Nightclub Pickups And Fun Club Girls

Trust me guys, night club game is fucking easy breazy if you know how to play the game. I hope some of these things are helpful to you.

First, Some Quick Tips For Working Night Clubs:

  • Ultra playful, chilled out, body language, attitude and vocal projection.
  • Entering the set with an explosion.
  • Make the social circle fall in love with you while you neg the friend you want.
  • After you give her some time and say, “Ok, now you can talk to me.” Mini venue change.
  • Own the sets. Own the men and you own the women.
  • Dominate the FRAME always and show no reactivity whatsoever, like a stuck up super hot babe.
  • Tell amazing stories with cliffhanging components, open loops, and that demo’s your personality and shows higher value.
  • Always escalate the interaction physically and close the space in seconds to show alphaness, sexual awareness and confidence.
  • Make eye contact with the entire group more than the friend you want. Pretty soon you will change the dynamics and make the group march along with you against your girl who will be tongue tied and so attracted that you just walked in there and took over her whole army with your one man army.
  • Be social, extroverts, talk to everyone. Walk and talk like you own the fucking place. Forget going in there in sarge mode, or us against them.
  • Always smile when you approach
  • Bust balls, usually only to 9 and 10’s and be playful when you do it, and also bust and then go, meaning don’t wait for her reaction. Just stack the next thread. So she doesn’t have time to respond.
  • Touch escalate and initiate immediately to get her used to your touch as soon as possible and a great way to test for attraction. I would squeeze hands when talking to a girl, massaging palms, finger to finger play ,hand hold and see how she responds.
  • Always have powerful vocal projection and body language. Don’t peck in or lean in. Make people lean in to talk to you
  • Peacock with some cool pieces of clothing or jewelry.
  • Do takeaways and back turns, to get her chasing you. Chasing leads to sexual attraction.
  • Push for the isolation when you see the window. Usually after you have befriended the peer group.
  • Walk and talk like you already are a Cegas pimp and you want to see if these girls got what takes to please you.
  • Learn to merge sets. If you open a two set, you should merge them with another two that now you can isolate the friend you want since her friend will now have company.

Nightclub Rule #1. Be Social With Everyone

Do not go in there with battle mode or Sarge mode.

Listen, there are two types of guys. Guys that get pussy and guys that don’t. The guys that don’t get any go in, with a “Me versus them, battle on” mentality. That is the wrong concept.

Or they think, “I will only approach women tonight.” Once again, wrong concept.

I would like to state that these mentalities still are those of one who is introverted and NO INTROVERT can become a master of girls. You must first become extroverted and social to EVERYONE.

Last night my and my wing rolled and chatted up everyone, from bouncers, hired guns, guys, groups, and lone wolves. See, this puts you in a social state, and gives you another very important power called the power of having been social proofed.

There is a term called “Flash Game” which means when you go into a bar or club, talk to hot girls or just any set of women and get them laughing, giggling and you will warm up the adjacent sets because they will see that you are pre-selected.

That is what me and my wing did last night and you won’t believe the IOIs and “come fuck me” eyes we got. You can also build a jealousy plot line. Meaning, talk to one girl and get her attracted slightly then say, “honey, be right back. We have a lot to talk about. But I got to go say hi to some friends.”

Then you go and open a set within viewing distance to her. She will get jealous if she is genuinely attracted to you. This happened last night with a 6-set of Italian chicks celebrating a birthday party. The target would not stop staring at me and later when I re-engaged, she was like “Baby where did you go. I was looking for you”. It is amazing the power of social proof and pre-selection.

Rule #2. Use False Disqualifiers

I would say to the target “OH MY…..Too bad you’re not my type, because you are really fuckin’ hot.” She would be like, “What??? Well honey what is your type?” See how immediately she starts qualifying to me. I had this happen each time I delivered this false disqualifer.

Rule #3. Touch Quickly

Another major realization is in clubs, women love to be touched so you must initiate and escalate touch as soon as possible. I have a set number of touching routines or moves I do. If I get a good response I will then screen, or pull for isolation as I did with a hot British nurse last night to the couches within 5 minutes, because I got some really steamy touch happening with her.

Rule #4. Give Your Friends Props

I also befriended her friends and asked them if it was okay if I borrow her. They said “yes” because I won them over and gave a great accomplishment intro to my wing. So naturally if my wing is a high value guy, then I must be too, so they don’t mind hanging with high value guys.

Guys if you go out with a wing, give him a great avatar or accomplishment intro. It will make the difference between isolation and being nexted.

#5. Talk To The Guys Too

Talk to everyone, including mixed sets with guys. I would go up and put my hand on their shoulder and say, “HEY Bro, get this man.” This would do two things.

#1. Disengage him, show him that I am alpha and build instant rapport.
#2. Shows the women around that you have a stronger social value structure than most men she meets, more than the guy and when you own the guys, you own the women as they will certainly follow you.

I also always ask, “Hey guys how do you know each other.” Must do that, before you screen or give IOI’s to the girl, because you need to know the relationship dynamics between the members in the group.

#6. Be the Bad Boy

I always put on the show and act and persona that I am a VEGAS PIMP.

I act cocky, have a loud dominating vocal projection, grab girls, pimp talk them, push them away, tell them they have to earn me, tell girls I am an asshole who is not nice, but a lot of fun, tell them that I think girls here are not up to my standards. Go up to hot girls and ask them where I can go to meet really hot women. This would immediately make them attracted and qualifying themselves to me that they have what I want.

#7.Re-engage sets

I’ll do one initial round of building attraction, then go game adjacent sets, social proof, then re-engage sets. If I would see my girl being gamed by another guy, I would just leave it as he is probably going to tool himself. And low and behold many guys blew themselves out last night, and then I just had to go in and say hey babe and they were so excited to see me.

If a girl on the other hand was being talked to and approached by a nice guy, losers trying to buy her a drink and she wasn’t feeling them, I would say, “HEY BABY, come here,” and took her by the hand and away. After that the chicks jaws dropped and then they were all re initiating me and touching me.

#8. Come With A Stronger Reality

These tall 6′ 6’’ guys were trying to buy these two girls a drink and I went up to them and say, “Hey man. Can you buy me a drink to. You’re such a nice guy. Isn’t he such a nice guy,” I said to the girls in a sarcastic way. They got it and started laughing. Bottom line here. As long as you are more alpha and maintain the frame, not even a giant can stand up to you. Always come with a stronger reality.

#9. Misinterpret Everything As A Come-On

If a girl complemented me on my glasses, I would say, “Yeah you like me. You don’t like my glasses, that was just an excuse to talk to me. By the way my name is Maax if that is what you are wondering.” They would be like WTF in a good way and we would chat. Always keeping in mind that you have to be ultra high energy, vibrant and playful.

#10. Open With Authority

Do not open with boring shit like, “Excuse me, or can I ask you a question” but rather, “HEY GUYS CHECK THIS SHIT OUT”

See, when you come into a group you come like a steam roller and topple what they are saying with your upbeat, ultra positive, cool, powerful opener and body language.

Then you can start to play them against each other… nickname them, make friends with the group, all while negging the friend you want. You make eye contact with everyone in the group, always have a playful smile, tell them cool stories, show them cool things, tell them about your cool trip to LA or Europe. She’ll notice.

#11. Use Push Pull

When you neg a friend, it is to disengage the bitch shield, not to insult her character. Then you can pick her up and accept her for something else. Pretty soon you are making her security in herself ride on your wave of push/pull, negging/acceptance, screen/accept.

#12. How To Wing Properly

Here is how you pickup with a wingman.

The wrong way: You approach in tandem or together. Makes you both look like a bunch of fruitcakes that need each other. You both look like you have no confidence and convey low social value.

To add to this tandem approach, the PUA will talk to both friend while the wing will just hang around often behind the set. This lowers his social value and the women will see that you are hanging with a guy with low social value, so you must be of low social value and you are GONE! Or they will say, “Okay we have to go to the washroom,” or to the bar or some excuse to get away from the boredom-bringing, low value males in the club.

So here is the way to properly wing:

Let’s say you see a two set. I will approach the two set ALONE and then I will do an “accomplishment intro” for my wing that will join me in a few minutes.

I will say, “Guys I’m going to introduce you to my friend, X. This guy is Mr. Socialite on Campus, and he always has an entourage of women around him. What a loyal guy he is too. Always there when I say ‘Hey man we gotta roll.’”

This does three things:

1. Gives him instant social proof and thus high social value
2. Conveys he is an alpha male, as he is surrounded by women and that he is pre-selected.
3. He is loyal to me. Conveys that there must be something special about me, that I must have high value for someone to be loyal to me.

And because I am hanging around with a high value guy, I MUST BE HIGH VALUE and all of this is conveyed by my accomplishment intro.

So guys, have an accomplishment intro for your wings.

Second, after my wing comes in, he will engage the obstacle and tell her how cool I am. I will do the same to the friend. Then we will switch and my wing will talk to my friend and tell her how cool I am. I will do the same with the friends. Then we will switch back.

This way, when my wing goes back to interact with the friend, she knows she is talking to a high value guy, because I massively beefed up his social status and she will then infer or rationalize that I too must be of high value and will not drag the friend away from me.

Now in case my wing and the friend aren’t getting along, or the wing screws up and the friend brushes him off and goes back to the friend, she is totally diffused because of the good things my wing told her about me when we exchanged partners. This is exchange theory and works like magic.

For more tips from M.C. Maxx, visit Maaximum Seduction

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  3. I hear some guys say that routines(whether canned or not)can be antiquated and outdated.Bullshit!

    It’s unlikely that every girl you approach would’ve already heard your opener from another guy in the previous week.Very unlikely even in the smallest town.

    Hey Jess,do you go clubbing?You don’t strike me as the club-type lol.

  4. Pick up tits are never outdated.So whether these tips were from 1885 or 2005:they’re still applicable to right now.

    A lot of newbies never heard of these tactics and insights.

    For advanced PUA’s like I am;I’m spiffy to 100% of what McMaax wrote,but it’s refreshing to get a reminder.

  5. Jesse, what the hell is this stuff? This is pickup 101 copy and pasted from every 1990s dating site out there!

    This is not your usual stuff and it’s cheapening you, at least in my eyes!

    Maybe MC Maxx is your buddy but he gotta go!

    1. hehe, these are Maax’s tips back from 2005… quite a while ago, right? But I thought I’d pull it off the Lounge as some guys might find some of his tips revealing or interesting. Thanks for the feedback

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