Eastern European Girls Vs. American Girls – 7 Differences

In my travels across Eastern Europe, I noticed at least 7 differences between American girls, and Eastern European girls. 

Specifically, I mean women from cities like Zagreb, Croatia and Belgrade, Serbia and Krakow, Poland and Kiev, Ukraine.  Here’s what I found.

The Lesser Attractive Bottom Half: Eastern Europe Wins

The lesser attractive 50% (bottom half) of Eastern European girls are hotter and more attractive than the lesser attractive 50% (bottom half) of American girls.

The bottom half of American girls are generally fat and out of shape.  On top of that, they dress in non-sexual clothing that is not feminine at all.  Particularly when you go to smaller towns in the USA, the “hot girl” situation can look dismal.

But in Eastern Europe, pretty much ALL the women are at least somewhat bangable – even the bottom half 50% of the population.  None of the girls in the bottom half look like super models by any means – but they’re at least presentable looking.


Average looking Eastern European girls (lesser 50%)

The reason isn’t “feminism” – that’s a false bogeyman.

From my observations on the scene, it’s because the United States is a richer country, and there’s FAR more food temptation everywhere.

In Eastern Europe, most girls are broke.  Going to a place like McDonald’s may be a once a week treat for a girl.

Grocery stores are also very small there, and there isn’t much junk food selection whatsoever.  Candy bars and the like tend to be quite expensive.


Eastern European girls often eat local veggies- not out of choice, out of economic necessity.

Also, most girls can’t afford their own car, so they walk everywhere.  This also keeps their weight off to some degree.


Girls walk to school and work, and take public transit

In the United States, even a girl making minimum wage could still afford to pig out DAILY on crap food.  In fact, eating high-calorie junk is far CHEAPER in the U.S. than eating healthier food.


In the USA there’s cheap temptations on every street corner

In the U.S., grocery stores are huge, and have entire aisles dedicated to CHEAP potato chips and ice cream.


Mountains of crap in every aisle

And to get around most cities and towns, having a car is absolutely mandatory, which allows a person to live a 100% sedentary lifestyle.


As a result of America’s wealth and car infrastructure, far more women in the USA are fat.  This really puts at least half the U.S. girls at a big a disadvantage.

The Top 1% Hottest Girls: United States Wins

I was surprised to find this, but the top 1% of hot girls (the “stunners”) are a lot hotter in the U.S. than the top 1% of hot girls in Eastern Europe.

Meaning, the very best looking U.S. girls are hotter than the best looking Eastern European girls.

This comes down to at least 5 reasons.

The same wealth that makes so many American girls fat and heavy, ALSO allows a small niche of American girls to spend endless money on their looks and to eat healthy and exercise.


A niche of U.S. women can afford to spend time and money on fitness and dress.

In other words, America’s wealth allows a couple smart girls to use money in a *constructive* way to hit the gym, hire gym trainers, work on their tan, get braces, dress well, and get their hair and nails done.  This is simply NOT possible for the vast majority of Eastern European girls.

America’s wealth allows attracts the hottest girls from all over the world to move there.  In the same way the U.S. attracts top intellectual talent from other countries (brain drain), it also attracts top beauty talent.

The United States also has far more genetic mixing than Eastern Europe.


Hot girls flock to the U.S. from all over the world, and there is crazy genetic variety.

In an Eastern European city, all of the girls will look a bit similar – which can get boring pretty quickly.  For instance, in Kiev, 99% of the girls have tiny itty-bitty breasts.  If you want a chest heavy girl, you’re completely out of luck.

But in the U.S., you can find almost every sort of body type and every sort of ethnicity.  You’ll also find interesting ethnic mixes, like half Persian and half French, or half Japanese and half Brazilian.  This extensive genetic mixing naturally means that a small handful of the girls end up, by chance, looking exotic and like absolute stunners.


Freakish body proportions, like big breasts, is more common in the U.S.

So whereas in an Eastern European city, all the girls tend to look like sister clones, heavily weighted toward an average homogenous look, in the U.S. you’ll find a lot more freakish-hot genetic outliers.

So where are the hotter girls?  It depends…

It depends on what you’re going for.

If you’re talking about the average girl walking down the street, Eastern Europe has a definite edge in hotness.

You can easily find more “7’s and 8’s” in Eastern Europe.  (One caveat: that is, if the narrow ethnic look of that city suits you.  If you don’t like pale skinned, waif-like brunettes, you won’t like it no matter what).

But if you’re shooting for “9’s and 10’s” – you can actually find MORE of them in the USA, if you know where to go.

So with U.S. girls, and in most richer countries in general, there’s a larger gap between the ugly girls and the prettiest girls.

While in an Eastern European country, you’ll find a better overall average, but less “perfect stunners” because all the girls are more weighted toward the average middle in terms of attractiveness.

Where will an English speaking guy have more value?

In the USA, you generally won’t stand out.

But in Eastern Europe, speaking English with a flat American accent will definitely get you noticed and win you some brownie points with the girls.

However, in my experience the same is true for generally anywhere you travel.  I’ve found that girls in Sweden and Germany also love to hear a foreign American accent.  And I’ve heard the same about Australian girls- if you’re an American living on Australia, you’ve got a definite advantage.

So yes, Eastern European girls will respond well to an American accent, but that’s not necessarily a different reaction than anywhere else.

Is it easier to get laid in Eastern Europe… or the USA?

It all depends!

You would think Eastern Europe was easier to get laid in, but it’s actually much more complicated than that.

Sometimes in poorer countries, it can actually be HARDER to get laid.

There tends to be more religious shaming.  Also, you find a stronger Madonna-whore dichotomy where prostitution is out in the open, and most “good girls” don’t want to do anything that might make them be perceived as a hooker.  Thus, they’re far less likely to hook up fast.

Girls may also heavily question your reason for being in the country, trying to figure out if you’re a sex tourist, or what your motivations are.

In poorer countries, family plays a bigger role, so the girls are more concerned about parental approval, and most girls stick with their social circles.

In the USA, there’s more of a “mingling culture” where it’s perfectly acceptable to insert yourself into a group of strangers, and American girls tend to be more rebellious.  They’re less concerned about religious or family approval, and there’s less shaming around sex.

If you’re at an intermediate or advanced level in game, the USA can actually be EASIER to get one night stands or “same night lays”.  Particularly when you combine liberal American girls with a city like Las Vegas or Cancun, a guy with good game can slay many more girls more quickly than he might in Eastern Europe.

Also, if you have a fetish for “9s and 10s”, and you want to play in the “big leagues”, the USA is where it’s at.

But if you are looking to traditionally date and woo a girl over a couple of dates – or maybe your game is at a low or intermediate level – then you’ll likely find yourself more options in Eastern Europe.

Which country has smarter, more educated girls?

I found that the top 10% of pretty girls in Eastern Europe tend to be a lot more educated than the top 10% of pretty girls in the United States.

Pretty girls in Eastern Europe will often speak multiple languages and be deeply invested in their school studies. They’re also more curious about outside cultures and countries.


For a pretty girl in Eastern Europe, her education and curiosity about other places is her key to moving up in the world… and escape being broke like her parent’s generation.

In comparison, pretty girls in the USA tend to be airheads (not always, it’s just a tendency, there’s always exceptions!).  Most already grew up living in material ease and comfort, and their good looks brings offers of free dinners and gifts.  Pouring time into their studies doesn’t provide them with any immediate benefits, so they’re not as motivated to excel in that area.

As a result, pretty girls in the U.S. tend to live in a bubble of naivety, spoiled behavior, and just being stupid in general.


Let’s put it this way… finding a stunner 21 year old that speaks multiple languages and is super smart and educated is a rarity anywhere… but it’s particularly rare in the US.  Either girls have brains, or they have looks– but not both.  In Eastern Europe, it’s a bit more common to find both looks and brains in one woman.

Which country has better night life?

The United States.

The nightlife in Eastern Europe is simply not as well developed as in the US, and lacks a mingling culture.

From what I’ve seen, because the US is far wealthier, more girls have the financial means to drive to a nightlife location, pay parking, pay a cover and buy drinks.  Most girls in Eastern Europe simply can’t afford to do that.

In Eastern Europe, many nightlife spots are designed around groups sitting down at tables.  This makes it harder to mingle and meet new people.

Also, the music in Eastern European clubs is pretty shitty in general and hard to dance too.

The U.S. on almost all levels is superior if nightlife is your thing.

Which country has better day game?

Any country in Eastern European beats the shit out of the US on the day game front.

Girls are poorer and can’t afford their own cars- that means they’re all out and about walking to get to where they need to go.

Compare that to the USA, where in most towns and cities you’re largely limited to roaming them mall, or hitting on waitresses.

So if you like nightlife, the USA is your best bet.  But if you like day game, Eastern Europe is better.

The Verdict: So which is better overall, the USA or Eastern Europe?

If you’re at an advanced skillset level, and you can attract the 8’s, 9’s, and 10s in the USA consistently (particularly if you’re doing night life in upscale venues in a big city), then Eastern Europe offers you NO advantages.  You’re better off staying in the U.S.

You’ll only find yourself disappointed by the lack of “10s” and you’ll think that the nightlife scene is lame.

Beginner Newbies- Who Can’t Even Approach A Girl Yet

Now if you’re too scared to even approach a girl, you will do equally poorly in either place.

Eastern European girls will NOT throw themselves at you. YOU will have to approach THEM.  And even after the approach, the girls want to see that you’re a man of action.

So if you can’t approach a girl in your home country, don’t think that going to Eastern Europe will somehow magically make it easier for you.  It won’t.

Beginners That CAN Approach Girls

However, if you CAN approach girls, but your game generally sucks (your approach is very weak and you can’t hold a set), you’ll do better in Eastern Europe.  Your exotic and foreign status means that you’ll hook a girl more easily, even if you’re a bumbling, nervous wreck.

It doesn’t mean you’ll start getting laid with quality girls, but at least you’ll be more likely to catch the odd 7 here and there.

Intermediate Guys

For guys at an intermediate skill level – Eastern Europe holds the most promise for you.

Let’s say you can approach girls, and that you’re generally a “cool guy” who gets a lot right (good voice tonality, etc), and you’re mostly doing day game on 7’s and 8’s, which you then take out on day 2’s and day 3 dates – and your results are very hit or miss for you in the U.S.  In that specific case, you may like Eastern Europe a lot.

You’ll simply find more targets and you’ll generally get better responses.  You’ll find yourself pulling more 8’s than the 6’s and 7’s you’re getting back home.

No matter where you’re living though, check out my program Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control.  You’ll immediately see a boost in your game- it’s like the equivalent of moving to Eastern Europe, but you can stay right where you’re at.

And leave me a comment below.  Have you traveled to Eastern Europe and what was your experience like?

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  1. It is interesting that so many commenters here disagree with the article and put down the writer. The writer has been called stupid, ass, fool, epic fail, misogynistic pig, etc, and the article has been labeled completely false by a surprising number of you commenters.

    I think this must be a matter of perspective and perhaps how good looking one is. Also PC brainwashing and agendas seem to play a part in the negative comments as well.

    I find that most of the writers assertions are actually quite accurate. I have lived and worked both in the USA and Europe extensively and for large amounts of time in both. I am told I am a “good looking” person (at least most women say this to me and I have never had any trouble dating exceptionally nice looking, intelligent, well positioned women, or in other words, HOT frickin ladies!). I consider myself to be American but I also have duel citizenship with a prominent European country and so can travel and work without visas. I have an AS in physics from a well know California college and a BS in physics from a well known California university and have worked as a research engineer/scientist most of my career.

    The writer is basically correct in many of the things said. I agree with virtually every point he makes and have found, through experience (you know, that thing called empirical data?!) what he says to be true. Why people seem to so strongly disagree with this article is beyond me and I can only attribute it to all the PC BS going on around the world today.

    To the author of this article: Good work, you have accurately described things as how they are!

    To all the commenters who disagree with the contents of this article: You are either ignorant and have no clue or you are a brain washed NPC and are just regurgitating all the PC propaganda.

    With all that said, good luck to all the people of this world and may we ALL (and THAT includes the far right and the far left and all peoples of all colors of skin) prevail with the least amount of pain.

  2. Definitely agree with the overall premise, but there are so many variables at play when we are talking about millions and millions of people. Put in the effort and you can find the right one for you.

  3. Foreign Love Web

    Of course, American women are richer and can spend more money to improve their looks and so.

    But, they do not share the same characteristics as most women in Eastern Europe do.

    I still prefer women in Eastern Europe because of their sincerity, approachableness, respect for men in general, etc.

    Most American women want to look sexy so that they can impress men they are interested or themselves.

  4. Foreign Love Web

    A man who is shy, quiet, socially awkward, or lacks confidence would do much better in Eastern Europe.

    I do agree with the author regarding that United States has better nightlife (including possible danger or victimization) and diversity of women (with possible bad attitudes and other baggage that most men do not want to deal).

    But, if any man wants to find stability, meaningfulness, love, peace, joy, and other good qualities, Ukraine, Russia, Sweden, or any other European country is the right place for him to go.

  5. Well I’m American and have been to Europe, including Eastern Europe, primarily all over Ukraine. I’ve never witnessed someone publically make such a complete ass and fool of themselves on an internet post, EVER! Not only is your mind warped, but you have no clue as to what you are talking about… Additionally you are an epic fail and misogynistic pig, and you cannot even get your facts straight about “McDonald’s” garbage food, and the fact that it is cheap everywhere for a reason. As several women have noted, Slavic women have genetics on their side along with just wanting to be healthy and live a healthy life. Unfortunately for Americans the poisoned and programmed addiction food is a huge problem, so obesity is out of control, and just the way the US Corporations want it, because it sells more of their shit.

    There is a very specific reason as to WHY 99% of the models modeling clothing for all the women’s clothing catalogs are from the Eastern bloc… well 3 reasons… First, their stunning beauty to which I’ve witnessed first hand all over Ukraine; next, the huge availability of beautiful women who fit the sizes they want to show in the catalogs; and finally, Eastern bloc women make a fraction of the money American models make, unless of course if they have been identified by a major firm and snapped up.

    Perhaps you should seriously consider keeping your day job, as you suck at writing… As far as your nights… I actually feel sorry for the poor farm animals where you live… Oh and I don’t believe you’re the “GlobeTrotter” Mr. Know it all that you profess to be… Perhaps a Borat version, but even that is a stretch.

    Cheers Borat!

  6. I am an American guy, but this idiot have no fucking clue what he’s talking about. I have travelled many countries, so in my personal experience I have noticed Eastern European girls are more attractive, carry family values, pure at heart vs. American girls majority of the girls will have sex with a guy on a first date. Latest study shows 63% American girls are single. Mic drops!!

  7. wow iam one of those “poor eastern european grls” lol! that text made me laugh so hard! we cant afford car so we have to walk everyday everywhere ?? hahah rather I PREFER SPORT AND ACTIVITY! 90% of people I know in here have at least one car! but you know what we really like to move! i dont like to drive car i prefer go by bike or walk! omG!

  8. I’ve been to LA, SF, Vegas, Spokane, Honolulu, Phoenix, Seattle, Calgary, Vancouver, and the US/Canada for night life is to an extremely poor standard. Having travelled the world extensively, I can assure you that the finest night life to be had is certainly in Eastern Europe and the Balkan states. Whilst the US has some fairly decent night life, I wouldn’t class it as “great”. Further, American and Canadian men have a fairly grotesque dress sense and tend to consistently wear that stupid base ball cap or as I like to call it, a cunt cap. Further, nothing more cringe worthy than hearing sentences from supposedly “better educated people” with the word “like” being used as commonly as a vowel.

    The women? Every where has lovely women. I have seen some gorgeous ladies in the US and EE alike. My personal preference is European ladies all day every day. To the person who wrote this post, you’re an obnoxious little prick and a sexist pig.

    Talking of education and wealth, well, who gives a shit? Superficial thought processes like this is frankly, quite childish and if this is your view, perhaps you are not quite ready to drop your trousers/skirt and act adult.

    Back to my beers and ready to hit Prague night life, Prost!

    1. Hahaha… you forgot to say the unoriginal “Backwards Facing Baseball Caps.” and when I see these poor women walking around with these clueless dweebs, I wonder why they hitched their wagons to such bad taste copycats with no originality… It must be that “Alpha Male, how stupid can I look syndrome.” and they all drive Jeep Wranglers with the canvas doors and windows removed to show their John Wayne wild west macho side… Poor Saps!


  9. I was leaving in Croatia, came here as intermidiate got between my level between intermidate and advance.
    Yes the ONS here was rare mostly you get laid out of dates.
    But girls here are more hard to get than any other places , cause (post-war, family, religion, society).
    But if you don’t have game in Croatia you’ll suck balls. For sure
    The girls are extremely hot, most of the have boyfriends so you must aproch a lot and expect lots of flakes.
    One of my pals is advance and he had a hard time here, he ended up hating zagreb.

  10. This can be innocent fun as humans we are all sexual beings, although i may not agree with him i feel as though you people are worse with your violent and just overall negatively look on this

  11. You’re a disgusting pig. Love isn’t based off of a woman’s breast size or their ethnicity and weight. Looking at you, you’re describing females around the world at either such high rates or low ones when you are an easy 1 in the scale of attractiveness. Women are people, not objects whose worth is valued by their body and face. If you are going to subject the majority of women you’ve observed in Europe and America, then please, let me subject you: a man lacking intellectual potential, a man who can be placed under the “50% lower half of ugly men”, and a woman subjecting pig. Please, I, and many others, think it would be best if you weren’t to put any more content like this on the internet again.

    1. So you hate men. That’s terrific. Go date a woman. If you really think that an education would make your vagina tighter or help you give better oral sex, then I might see your point.

    2. I agree. This guy has no idea what this is going to do to him longterm to degrade and generalise women like this. I think there might be some good things about this guy, but until him or anyone into pickup realize what’s truly important, they’re going to play games with their own mind, wills, and emotions. Its all a downward spiral that seems on top of the world. It comes crashing down into soullessness. It doesn’t have to be that way, but anyone who values a woman at her sexuality will never know the true fulfillment that goes beyond sexual pleasure. I have hopes for this guy because he is a human being with his own wants and desires, I hope realizes what’s truly important before its too late. There’s such a deep and beautiful fulfillment beyond pickup. Sometimes you’ll see what looks like an AFC who finds it. Seeking other girls doesn’t exist to him because he’s so deep in fulfillment and true pleasure. I honestly hope that for this guy. Because if someone like him is making posts and leading a way for people to follow him, someone like him could lead the way to the right direction if he truly experienced the pure unadulterated love that changes people. It all starts at the cross of Jesus Christ.

      1. The cross is a pagan symbol the romans used a stake or tree.gezz i thought all true christians knew that. Iam sovereign integral and even i knew that love

  12. As for those American “stunners” you describe, I suppose it’s not really because of diet/exercise, but because it’s much more common to get plastic surgeries in US. Women in Europe don’t usually consider this, either because it’s too expensive, or just because it’s not all that popular and the risk of getting a shit job is huge.

  13. Guy, you really need to spend your time thinking about other things… this is just sad. Go to college/volunteer/travel/help someone/do SOMETHING to stimulate some personal growth. You can become more than this!

  14. Who the hell is this american pig? One word for you ” СУКА” from Russia with love (actually I’m serb lol)

  15. I’m from Eastern Europe and I can tell you that the only times I ate McDonald’s was when I was a broke student and couldn’t afford real food. Mcd is cheap my friend. You can get full for 5 euros while for healthy food you need to spend much more. And also veggies and fruits at the market are more expensive than the ones in the grocery shops, because they’re real and cultivated by the people who sell them. But we prefer to spend more money, because it’s for good. I don’t know if you can find any real veggies and fruits in the USA at all…

    And rich girls here also can afford beauty treatments and nice clothes. That argument about is invalid as well.

    1. Seriously don’t be stupid. We have so many farms here in the USA that produce REAL fruits and veggie, I know … astonishing. Please educate yourself before making an ass out of yourself.

      1. If you have so many good farms who eats their produce? Obviously not Americans, who most of them are as fat as a balloon. We´ve all seen Ma´am Obama try to convince Americans to change their eating habits by growing a garden in the White House´s back yard so don´t come here trying to “educate” us. We only have to turn on TV to see American´s ballooning wastelines.

  16. Eastern European women sill follow traditional, natural cuisine to a greater extent. McDonalds and Starbucks is not popular here because it tastes weird, and while like the good fatty food with plenty of veggies and fruits. We do have some heavier women and men, but it’s actually the too thin women that get demonized especially in some rural areas because it’s considered a sign of sickness or weakness. Sure, some of this is changing depending which region, country you live in. American women are perhaps a bit more depressed, perhaps the life is still more hectic over there than in the EE. in the EE, Thanks to various regimes including the so called democratic ones, we’re a bit obsessed with food.
    American women are cute and pretty as well. I’ve been to the States. It is a bit alarming the number of obese individuals, but just try to slowly but surely to get healthy and lose some of that weight. I think you also have way too many food additives in your food in order to make it cheaper.
    Some Slavic women were soldiers in world wars, so It’s a bit different as to what we perceive ‘feminism’ to be about. Asking from government these days to babysit citizens is considered a form of enslavement.
    Also thanks to some pagan traditions staying alive in EE, even though most of traditions are lost or destroyed by institutionalized religions, there’s a certain meta-physicial connection we feel with our lands and what the earth provides us with.
    While its true that due to starvation, forced upon by regimes, in some parts of the EE, the gene pool had to adapt or perish over generations, some of our women and men eat more and don’t gain anything to be quite honest. It’s more complex than that of course, and it varies by region, social and political history etc.

  17. I am a girl born in Romania so let me tell you as someone said above first of all is Education!And let me explain,we dont have beautiful bodies because we are starving!!!Most of us are born like this…model bodies because we have extremely good genetics first of all.Yes we dont eat much junkfood because… personally ..I cannot put such garbage in my stomach! Not to mention the extremely good,tasty,healthy,varied food that we have in Romania!
    Never been to America and is not even apealing to me but many people that travelled all over this planet mentioned that the best ones in terms of looks,values,brains are the East European girls.So might be 🙂

    Best regards from a 9′ romanian girl that speaks fluently 3 foreign languages and lives happilly in Romania!

  18. I got as far as McDonalds is a once a week treat. I live in northern Europe where the standard of living is about twice that of the US and Mcdonalds is a last resort not a treat. people in eastern europe are not in good shape because they are poor. They are in good shape because they are educated. In fact if you look at the US (a country with a very very high proportion of people living on or below the poverty line for a developed country) it is the poorer uneducated people that are over weight, (and vote republican). Keep the cattle fat and dumb. Education Education Education Education Education Education Education. get one.

    1. I grew up in Germany and live in the US now and I can tell you that you’re wrong when you say mcdonalds isn’t a treat but a last resort. People in Europe definitely regard it as a treat and it is more popular to go there. Also, education is definitely better at this point in most places in America than in eastern Europe. I have friends in Romania and they’re not well educated anymore. The older ones that grew up during communism are well educated but that’s it.

    2. No, northern European countries do not have twice the living standard of Americans. They have a higher one but not twice, please educate yourself before making yourself look stupid.

      1. America´s shitty healthcare system, America´s obesity levels, America´s income and wealth gaps and America´s working culture (12-hour workdays 6 days a week) make northern European countries´ living standards at least 10 times better than those in the US. Signed: a proud European.

      2. Not all jobs are 12 hours, 6 days a week. Most jobs are 5 days a week, 8 hours a day. My last job, was 4 days a week, 12 hours a day. As for the “shitty healthcare”, at least we don’t have to wait months for surgery. Socialism is bad. Being European isn’t something to be proud of. The income isn’t that bad either. The people you find complaining about the fake “wage gap”, are the people who purposely choose to stay in that situation. Rather than going to trade school or majoring in something worth majoring in, they choose something stupid like “gender studies”. In the U.S, you can get rich if you work hard enough. Try doing that in the E.U.

    3. I am educated, living in the US , had my education in France, not poor yet but I am fat and certainly not voting Republicans or even liking this country.
      I have a tendency to think that all women coloring their hair blond like Barbie are stupid because I met a couple of dumb ones. However the term stupid is not reserved for the color of your hair, skin, gender….

  19. Who wrote this article? The American, who was never in Eastern Europe? It is written by stereotypes.
    Personally, I think Slavic features the most attractive. They are quite unique and have its own character. What American traits stand out? Nothing!
    You should visit in Europe before you write a comparative article.

  20. dude,
    don’t get me wrong, but eastern europe is head and shoulders above north america in regard to education, attractive people and income level.

    the u.s. specifically are a very poor country, please educate yourself. also, the alleged ethnic mix is a myth, the unitedstatesian population consists of segregated groups.

    but do us a favor and stick to the united states — we’ll take the champions league and eastern europe! 🙂

    1. I believe you are misinformed. America is not a poor country. In fact, our currency is the international default currency. Not to mention the fact that on a global perspective, we are like the international bank loaners. If you have this website at your fingertips, you also have Google at your fingertips — do some research honey.

      1. Default currency!?!?! Hahaha, it doesnt exist…
        Bank loaners (Switzerland, Rusia, and China).
        Thanks to the american google for the information

      2. Russia is poor and the economy is in bad shape that’s why they sleep and pray about USA and were praying that Donald Dump would become a president

      3. Man, if you think the US isn’t broke, then I feel very sorry for you. The only thing USAAmericans have going for them is that they have massive amounts of credit card debt. Most European nations do not. So if you think we live well because we get paid better, then you’ll be tragically mistaken if you come over here….

    2. Been to Kiev, great city and wonderful people, however sure did enjoy trading in my one u.s dollar in for 22 of theirs…but then again our economy sucks.

  21. … I want to cry every day in america i met only 1 pretty looking girl in USA last mont. Home sweet home Czech girls RULEZ

  22. I worked in Europe for several years back in the early 90’s. My initial posting was Edinburgh, Scotland. Though extremely busy, I had time to interact with British Isle women, mainly because I hired a few. The ugliest women I’ve seen were those of the British Isles, including the Scots. When I went to the continent, the difference in quality was stunning. French and Italian girls were the best of the Western side, but it became much better when I got to Poland and the Czech Republic. They were hot as hell, friendly, smart and authentic. It may have had to do with the fact that I was working in media and film which created their attraction to me, and the supposed aura of the business was enticing to them. I had to hire translators, and invariably when I asked the local media outlets for a recommendation, they sent me a female. The best one was a Ukrainian woman, early 20’s, who was attending university in Prague. She was hard working, smart as hell, and very pretty. Four days after we met, we had sex, and did so for the remainder of the assignment, which lasted two weeks. She visited me in Edinburgh and I actually thought she would be a very good wife and mother. But ultimately, I wasn’t interested in that, didn’t get married until twenty years later, so the relationship ended.

    More to the OP’s points, I disagree with his gene pool comment. Eastern Europe has been, and still is, a transit point for various nationalities and people. Northern European, Baltic states, southern European, Asian, as well as Arabs have contributed to the genetic inventory of the nations east of Germany. That was very apparent when I went to then Yugoslavia, which had the finest looking women that I’ve ever seen. The people are big, even the girls, but not fat, just tall and strong. The variety of genetic traits may have been as profound as any where in the world, and the women were a reflection of all that. I will agree with the OP’s observation that if you’re looking for constant sex, that probably won’t happen, even if you’re a ‘rich’ American. Poland, Slavic nations, even the Czech Republic, despite the fact that the Czechs produce more porn than any other nation, are more traditional in their thinking. Not much into one night stands, where a foreign guy will be there and gone. Don’t misunderstand, the girls love sex, but are not into “Wham, bam, thank you, maam.”

    In retrospect, my being employed in film/media gave me a distinct advantage over an American tourist. I didn’t need to initiate conversations, the women came to me, I was paid well, and in my late 20’s, so I was at my physical peak. Full head of hair, over six feet, and in shape from running track in college. I didn’t have problems shagging American women, it’s just that the Eastern European women were better, and at least in the Slavic states, surpassed American women of any grade….

      1. Actually, it wasn’t Hollywood at all. more North Carolina, Raycom Sports to be exact. Documentaries on sports figures, who and what they did, their backgrounds, competitors, you know, the sort of thing that may make you more educated. The women you know seem to prefer bald morons, which seems to be something you know quite a bit about.

        BTW, I’ve never set foot in Hollywood….

      1. Hey ahole, you should get someone to read my post to you so that you can understand what I wrote. I said that I had sex with one woman days after I met her, not in a one night stand. We were very attracted to each other, but we got to know each other after working together. Don’t be a moron, if that’s at all possible….

  23. Hey man what you call an intermediate game its just not accurate, actually with all of your generalizations, I know for self experience that a lot of your game as a male is in the size of your wallet, even If you were atractive, smart , fluently on multiple languages, young and strong, if you dont carry the greens you will find trouble anywhere to hook up, so basically you are wrong in the whole article, summing it up: If you want to hook up an got money go us, if you have money but you are not as good with girls try europe, if you just dont have any money think about getting in love with someone.

  24. Immigration in the US and in all the western world has spoiled the game because girls are more cautiaus than they used to be as lots of immigrant are disrespectful and violent with them and they get scared by men. When you look at America and western Europe in the 60s, you see sexual freedom, peace and love, because people could afford it, they felt safe, criminality was low and the future was bright because the economy was not burdened by mass immigration. Eastern Europe is exactly in this position at the moment. People are optimistic and trustful, economies are rising, it’s getting better every year, and the consequence is that people have more sex. Girls in Poland are incredibly warm hearted, friendly and they sexually adventurous because the game hasn’t been corrupted and they feel safe. And yes, girls here are beautiful.


      1. Eastern European Claire

        thats right…I feel sorry for her … I believe that poor woman is fat, ugly, drives an old car and works in mcdonalds… and with her attitude… ups…

      2. Eastern European Person

        Have fun trying to beat up an Eastern European girl, you dumb bitch. You might die on the stairs of the ER, waiting to be taken in, cuz that’s how it goes in my country. You don’t know what self sufficient is, you can’t handle what EE women handle.
        How about you take your green cards, cut them in pieces and shove them up your ass, I would NEVER live in that America shithole.

    1. hehehe…

      biatch, you know how that song goes…

      “American woman… stay away from me…”

      by an American singer and songwriter… hehe…

      you have no clue how a real woman is, if you type all in caps and with such a bad mouth.. go visit Easter Europe and you’ll understand… maybe, if you have at least an average IQ…


      I’m a man living in the US for more than 20 years and it makes me sick from my stomach when I look around for women… sometimes I can barely stop myself not to puke in front of an ugly fat ass women, looking like big burrito with tires around her belly, in her flip-flops and shorts, with her own car and her own home and her own feminist ideas, yet unable to speak a foreign language…


    2. It’s bad for your health.. being frustrated that much. That Eastern Europe women that you saw in you country is probably much better, prettier, smarter, more feminine than you, and other American women. Maybe some EE woman stole your man, and then you went crazy.. and you are still crazy.
      We (EE women) are smart very, very much. We are beautiful and attractive. We eat healthy food. We have jobs, cars, houses, boyfriends, husbands… everything. We respect and love our men, and they love and respect us too. We travel where we want. We know more than one foreign language (and we have learned them in elementary school). We are natural, and goodlooking. In relation to American women, we are absolute Posh. We know where are we coming from. Our parents, and also we, have more than one house and real estate, and that’s tradition that goes for centuries. We have an education.
      Thank you for being so jealous on us, but you don’t need to be like that, because we know who we are without you. We have selfesteem :-*

  26. you are truly an idiot
    what do you know about the life in eastern europe
    there may be economical issues within that area but we CHOOSE to eat healthier and walk more, life over in EE is more simple but you are far to rude

  27. Girls are better looking in eastern Europe because of genes, plain and simple. Eastern european girls ugly themselves up (they look a lot better without makeup) with makeup and are still prettier than 95% of American girls.
    Americans on vacation will go home and masturbate because they are not going to get laid unless they pay for hookers. Girls here do not want 1 night of sex and won’t give it up to some guy getting on a plane in a few days. If you come here and are disrespectful to our women you will be beaten so bad by random locals who just happened to be there that you will never think of coming back.
    A warning for guys of other races- You have about the same chance of hooking up with a girl here as being struck by lightning unless you are rich and famous. Other races (aside from gypsies) do not exist here and people will not be able to stop looking at you because it will be the first time they saw someone of your race in person (as in not on TV). You will get lot’s of attention, especially questions about your homeland bla, bla because of this but it won’t be sexual attention.
    Westerners who live here, especially Americans, everyone will think you are CIA or some kind of spy for the simple question of “Why are you here?”
    People are very friendly to foreigners but not in a sexual way. As far as the girls running away to the west, they aren’t going to believe you will marry them and take them away after 1 night, they’re just not that stupid. You will have to have known them a long time.
    There are definitely more 9’s and 10’s in EE than the US but it will be very hard for any foreigner (and our own for that matter) to get them. I’m saying this from personal experience as an Eastern european born in LA who has been living in EE a long time.
    EE is more family orientated regardless of religion and the US is more sexually orientated.
    Westerners have better luck with EE immigrant girls living in the west than the EE girls here in EE.The west is seen as both fascinating and strange here, but that fascination will decline quickly as they get to know you and the differences in mentality which cause problems won’t go away. You have a better chance with the ones already in the west who have already somewhat adjusted to the western mentality.

  28. I dunno what u refer to as ‘Eastern Europe’.. but you don’t know what THE FUCK you’re talking about :)) 10’s are WAY hotter in Eastern Europe than in the US (at least in Romania)…and money-wise, we’re in fucking 2015 not the 90’s..people aren’t as poor nowadays, in fact, the only places in wich you’ll se more luxurious cars than in Bucharest is probably Dubai, London and Moscow, so chill..hot women tend to have rich boyfriends here, ergo they have shitloads of money -> they dress real well and expensive, and they probably drive fast cars and don’t eat at McDonald’s, so i can ASSURE you..perfect 10’s are WAY H O T T E R here then in the U.S. 😉

  29. hi im from eastern europe and here all the hot girls are also smart,we can be poor part of europe but our girls unlike american are harder to get even for us europien man,and we are not as religious as americans here in euro even believers doesnt go every sunday to church

  30. We aren’t poor our health system is better. If i would eat from McDonald at least 2 times in a weak i would fell weak and sick. I would wish for some home cooked potatoes and not those deep fried lab made ones. A good glass of freshly milked milk since milk in the store has that taste of non-nature, lab. And the veggies i Personally like to eat only tomatoes and onions.Plus America is really polluted I dislike the smell of Ljubljana and that is just a small capital city. The part of getting laid I was actually really surprised that you thought poorer people are an easier catch for the bed. Poor people are more religious and usually wait to have sex after the marriage (plus they still have self respect ). I never want to go to America cities are way to big(which means that it is way louder and polluted) , if anywhere I would visit the country side, bu what do I know i’m just a 15 year old guy that must learn 3 languages (slovenian, english, german) in school and doesn’t really care about this as long as I still have my beautiful nature (i don’t live in a city) and culture

  31. LOL the guy mustove just been a tourist for like a day here. God I love these oblivious-ass articles that describe absolutely nothing of the actual Eastern European reality. For starters our meals are 70% meat, the rest are veggies – especially potatoes, pasta, pies. Second – everyone hates foreigners, especially the girls. You get beaten on the street just for looking at someone, having a different skin colour, walking differently and so on. You tell a girl that she looks nice you’re gonna get a fucking face fisting for sexual harrasment and any guys around her are gonna jump in to help her, especially if you’re a foreigner – they look down on you. Dont even think about coming near here. They may look good, but they’re not interested in dirty fucking foreigners with their inpure blood.

    1. ^ in certain EEU countries there seems to be a problem with neo-fascism/nationalism. Lithuania, for example. Avoid those countries if you can figure out which ones they are because apparently this commenter is right, at least pertaining to those particular places.

      1. Where at, in Lithuania? Because living in Vilnius (and staying for a few weeks in Klaipeda) with my filthy west coast American accent for going on nine months has gotten me threatened by nationalists a grand total of zero times (I did have this one big Arab looking dude chesting up on me, but I doubt he was a nationalist). The nationalist dislike I’ve seen here pertains mostly towards Russians, and I haven’t even had any problems with the Russians here either

    2. Which country is this? Because anecdotal evidence (including my own) across the internet suggests that this is bullshit. I might believe there are packs of hardcore nationalists in a few places, or that one might occasionally run into trouble with Russians in places with a whole lot of them, as a westerner. The entire region? You’re just being silly.

  32. I’ve developed a kind of antipathy toward the seduction community over the years… but I really enjoyed reading this article. I’ve been meeting with some European girls online lately (Poland, Warsaw, Czech), and I totally agree with the fact it’s a lot more common for a European girl to be very attractive and very, very smart at the same time.

  33. I honestly believe that European girls have larger breasts than American girls. In America, most girls think that having a butt, or having big breasts makes you fat, but in Europe, it is embraced.

  34. American women(the decent ones who are not a hot mess) feel a sense of eentitlement that they deserve some prince charming. A superiority complex/feeling. This is far worse than any other country’s women. Very socially awkward culture these days anyway(fb, twitter, s.phones) makes ittough to meet decent women anywhere

  35. You make it seem as if every country in Europe is third-world lol I vacationed in Italy, Romania and Greece and the people there can afford fast-food as easily as anyone else, they just tend to prefer more gourmet stuff with less calories.

  36. This is so dumb lol. As an American whose lived in Europe and the Middle East I tell you there is good and bad women everywhere. The things men in the west complain about women, going after money, being bossy etc., I knew just as many men in those countries saying the same damn thing. Americans always seem to think the rest of the world is some other planet lol. Anyway, case in point, my neighbor is an American guy married to a 300 lbs. Serbian woman, who, through the walls, I hear him constantly screaming at for cheating on him and spending the rent money on herself. He also told me last week he doesn’t want to buy Halloween candy for the kids because she eats it all before they can hand it out. So there you go. Happens everywhere. Americans need to get a life and get out in the world and realize people basically have the same issues everywhere. If women don’t have those issues, it’s probably because they don’t have the option to, in other words, they kiss your butt because there’s no other alternative, once she has a choice, she’s basically gonna be the same way. So here’s a clue for all you men out there, pick a woman with good character, no matter where she’s from and treat her right. If she’s not good to you, it probably has nothing to do with where she’s from, you just have shitty taste. Sorry. No woman wants to be your slave, so get over yourselves.

    1. P.S. I modeled from the age of 19-25, I’m now 31 and have 4 degrees and I am a therapist. I’m married to a European man (from France) and we’ve both been around the world a time or two. So yeah, I’m American, attractive and educated…Sorry…

  37. I lived in North America for over 5 years including Toronto, New York, Washington, Miami, Montreal, but I have never felt like I can fall in love with any women = not attractive. Eastern Europe = I fall in love once I am at a terminal with girls from there.
    N/A = garbage, even the n/a models are less attractive than my eastern Europe girls.

  38. My experience was strictly with Romania, but this is what I found out. In such a poor country, any woman who was smarter (meaning educated) and knew multiple languages left the country to find better opportunities elsewhere. This left the less intelligent and uneducated behind. On top of that, the uneducated didn’t know English (though many knew or understood Italian, which you’ll find out why soon) so communication was naught. However, Italian business men were a common sight. They had money and any hot lady who was uneducated flocked to them at their table in clubs. That was their ticket out and they tried to take it. Plus the Latin based background of the 2 languages (Romanian and Italian) allowed for an easier transition of communication between the two cultures. As an English speaker, the one person I met was an educated Romanian woman who was home from her studies in London, and she gave me the low down on everything I’m telling you here.

  39. Sorry dude, but you are wrong a lot. You’ve never been to bucharest for ex. There the nightlife beats the shit out of any us city. And that is a promise of a person that’s seen vegas and bucharest.

    1. I concur..
      Bucharest was once called “The Little Paris” for a good reason, it’s intense nightlife being one of them…

      I should know, I was born there and now, ironically live in Las Vegas… hehe…

    2. Wish!! You’ve seen one u.s city. That makes you an expert on the states huh, you’ve probably never been to New York city huh?

  40. Could really go for a novel here, but let me just try to stick to a few points I think are important. Being from EEU myself and having spent half my adult life in the US I think I definitely see some differences. Talking mostly urban folks, EEU women are far better looking and far more accessible than Americans. They are not nearly as prententious and hypocritical as Americans. Apart from familial and religious pressures they are sick of it and want to live and be free at once, as opposed to Americans who seem to have too much freedom and it sorta got to their head so they lost their identity as “women” thus get less and less attractive by the decade. Looks is one aspect where they keep losing, but the more important is the lack of tenderness and feminineness most guys are after. Of course there are exceptions, too, but few and far between. As for some of the positives for Americans I experienced they take care of their men better when it comes to intimacy and tend to look at them more as equals, whereas EEU women always have a certain inhibition then can’t seem to shed and keep despising their men secretly even though they are in a most intimate relationship with them. These are some nice little paradoxes to unfold another time…

    1. Hmmm…so “prententious and hypocritical’ on the one hand (agreed!) or tender and feminine, but secretly despised on the other…which to choose????

    2. Interesting comments. I agree with most of it. The feminist movement has ruined most relationships since there are really no roles anymore. I hear women all the time complaining about where can you find real men but they don’t seem to understand the real men have been basically neutered into lap dogs. can’t have it both ways but the american women certainly try to.

  41. Great article!

    My Wife’s family immigrated from Sweden to the U.S, and since she has family in Sweden we visit there once a year. Since I also have family in Italy so I try to visit them when I can.

    Honestly there are major differences between American, Italian, and Swedish Women.

    Swedish Women:

    Swedish Women tend to be alot more mature than U.S Women. All the Swedish Women that I have met seem to know what they want out of life, there is no BS them. I have found it very common for Swedish Women to be very carrier and family orientated, so a Swedish Woman that is married with Children, having a career, or both in their mid 20’s is very common. My hypothesis as to why this is may be due to the fact that Swedish Women seek approval of their Family more so than U.S Women.

    Swedish Women are on in the most part more easy to approach. You can walk up to a Swedish Women and strike up a conversation. You can even flirt with a Woman from Sweden and she will be flattered and not take offense to it even if she is not interested. If a Swedish Women is interested in you or not, she will be straight forward without playing the mind games that American often play.

    Swedish Women are more committed when they decide to date.

    The average looking Women in Sweden is equivalent to a well above average looking Women in the U.S, and the it seems to be alot more 10’s in Sweden walking around than the U.S. Also, Swedish Women tend to take better care of their appearances.

    Italian Women:

    Italian Women are the same as Swedish Women in the sense that they are more easily approachable and are flattered by compliments. Women from Italy are very, very family orientated and seek approval not only from their Family, but also from their communities. My theory as to why this is due to the their very traditional and often have religious backgrounds.

    Italian Women are also very committed when they are in a relationship.

    Italian Women also take better care of themselves when it comes to appearances. I have found that Italian Women in appearance have a much broader spectrum than Swedish Women depending on where you go. Even so the average Italian Woman is equivalent to an above average American Women with Less 10’s walking around.

    Both Italian and Swedish Women seem to have found the perfect balance in dressing classy and still being sexy.

    Women in the U.S:

    In the U.S I have often found that American Woman don’t really know what they want. It seems to be a new trend that American Women don’t marry and have children until they are in their early 30’s. In some cases have Children but are not in a committed relationship. Yes there are some career driven Women, but they often sacrifice a Family life for their successes. Most American Women are very rebellious.

    American Women are not as approachable than their Swedish or Italian counterparts if you are not in their ” inner circle”. If you tried to strike up a conversation with an American Woman they will take it as you are trying to get into their pants, and in some cases snub you. Women in the U.S also like to play mind games, if they are not interested in you, they will not say so, and they will still flirt with you to get you to buy them another drink.

    Dating an American Women is a constant uphill battle. they say what they don’t mean, and mean what they didn’t say. They will date you as long as your convenient for them.

    As for looks, we have a much broader spectrum of looks in the U.S. We have the bleh, ok, average, rare above average , and 10’s being extremely rare. Most Women in the U.S pay less attention to their appearance. Hate to be blunt, but most American Women don’t dress classy, and go as far as leaving little to the imagination.

    Yes there are exceptions to what I have stated above, I am only speaking of averages, and what is common in each Country.

    1. I do agree a lot with what you said about American women. You described their pretentiousness aptly. They don’t seem to have any pressure to act and look acceptably, lack some very basic manners and eventually probably will be unhappy themselves after making so many men unhappy – without any apparently good reason.

  42. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,
    welcome lovely Eastern European girls,
    You are bery beautiful
    I invite you visit Our New Egypt and You will enjoy here in Egypt.
    Rgb from egypt

  43. OMG! This is so full of crap its just amazing! LMAO!
    You seriously have a lack of information, you are very subjective and this is just so funny! And besides I really doubt you have been to all the Eastern countries here. What you are talking about here is a general stereotype!

  44. Are you kidding me? We do not eat healthier because we are poorer! And we definitely do not eat only vegetables! For god’s sake, most of our meals are based on meat.

  45. Hi there,

    Im a 14 year old girl and i live in Europe. I personally think that this is just not true. For example:
    I live in Holland myself, known for the big amount of bikes. And its not that we ride bikes or walk to our destination because we don’t have enough money to buy a car, we ride bikes and walk because we don’t have such big distances. And i don’t know exactly what types of girl you are looking at, but it looks like you only look at the “good” neighborhoods in the US. Because, just like in America, we have the “good” neighborhood/country’s and the “bad” neighborhoods/country ‘s. So its not totally fair how you look at the situation. And about the body types
    and ethnicity’s you are even more wrong. We have all kind of ethnicity and body types here. In my school for example, we have all different people. A lot of them are mixed (including myself) and its not like we are all pale with straight thin hair and micro breast. We have girls who are Indonesian + African, Brazilian + Dutch, Japanese + African, etc. And no body type is the same here.
    I apology for my maybe harsh talking, but i just get really mad at people like this. Always go out from stereo types and all that stuff.

    Greets to all y’all people ;p


    1. just remember that the article is about “Eastern European” girls vs American girls. Netherlands shouldn’t be considered apart of this debate; like the UK, France, Germany, Norway, and the USA, Netherlands and these countries have dramatic diversity compared to Eastern Europe.

  46. Good article! I agree with much of it except the hotness and the breast size factor. I lived in Dnepropetrovsk for two months in 2011 and spent a week in Kiev; Ukranian girls definitely have large boobs, not enormous ones like fat girls do, but C cups are prevalent.

    The ladies in Dnepropetrovsk were a hundred times hotter than any U.S. city I have been to. I’ve been to 25 states in the U.S. and nothing compares. Not even close.

    In Dnepropetrovsk there were “10’s” all over the place. I went for a walk during rush hour in downtown Dnepr one night and counted 45 super models in 15 minutes. It was absurd.

    Interestingly, I wasn’t that impressed with Kiev. I rode the subway and was in the center of the city and it was just an average city. Dnepropetrovsk was off the charts though, as far as the attractiveness of the women.

    I’d say half of the ladies under 30 years old were attractive to super model. Heidi Klum types were everywhere.

    Vogue magazine could easily recruit cover girls there, all the time.

  47. This article is totally biased but, of course, so are many other articles. In my opinion, these are not facts but strong opinions from your perspective. Yet, I find your opinions very interesting.

  48. really? you think they walk because they can’t afford a car? and eat local veggies because of economic reasons?

    That’s really stupid.

    The “europeans” earn their money by working hard.
    ah, crap…i don;t eveb wanna lkhcw;odhcbdjhNCxkaS

    1. Good response. More effort should be made to determine the reasons why a group of people do certain things… and to determine what it is they do in the first place.

  49. Oh and one more thing. We r not as poor as you describe us to be.we walk because its easier to get to places and because a lot of people do it you do it too. Buses don’t run as frequently as in the US (I’ve visited the us once but Ive been living in Canada since 2008) and so seriously we rather walk that wait 15 20 mins for a bus. Also our cuisine has a lot of vegetable containing dishes in it. What do Americans have? All I think about when I think about american cuisine is fries and gravy . like I didn’t even know what gravy was before coming to Canada…they also make us take gym all throughout highschool and if I’m not mistaken even university. In Canada gym is not at all required after grade 9 ….I dunno. Get your facts a bit straight. But you do make good points on a lot of the other stuff..

    1. Americans don’t eat fries with gravy. We have gravy, but rarely consume it except for Thanksgiving holiday, Christmas holiday, and occasional special family events. Otherwise we consume fries weekly… but with Heinz ketchup at McDonald’s or any of their MANY competitors like Burger King, Hardees, Arby’s, Jack in the Box, White Castle, Culver’s, Dairy Queen, Sonic, (are you vomiting yet?)
      Seriously, gravy with fries is a purely Canadian thing.

  50. I can’t say that I agree that girls in America are hotter (but then again I’m a heterosexual girl so what do I know…) But in any case just go on Google and type nikoleta lozanova or Andrea. Or even better go on YouTube and search for calavera & manya – I feel and check the girls there. I in no way think american girls are hotter than EE girls. ….

  51. Europeans are generally way more interesting then american, they have more heart and are more independent. European women are way more beautiful as well. I consider the top 1% of american women to be ugly because they are fake in both looks and attitude.

    Liking European women more then american is an acquired taste, its like a fine wine.

    1. Caviar Banana

      It’s just not true. I thought this way, but after a recent six-month surfing trip to California I changed.

      Orange County. UGH!!!! The women there were awful, so shallow, with dour or blank expressions… they look straight through you.

      But, San Diego, my god, they were so much more friendly, open, culturally aware and open to communication.

      So, my point is, don’t assume that an entire country is balanced one way, when infact there are major differences within just tow counties!

  52. Hey dude. tnx 4 the friendly advice. I live in california for 2 years now. I moved here from iran. it seems like I aint into american blondies. And they ain’t either into foreigners. I met this girl online from georgia. she’s just my type. She looks just fabulous. And she doesn’t know I have a crush on her and still likes me (I THINK JUST AS A FRIEND). I need to find a way to date her. soon. help.

  53. Croatia isn’t Eastern EUrope. And we have all the things US have. You should visitthe countries first. We do have fast food restaurant, public transport, every family has got a car or two, iPHone, ipod, computer.
    You are really uneducated person in economic and geographic area.

    1. ur right. USA is an economy moster but he doesn’t have to judge dat harsh. I’ve been to turkey which is mostly in Turkey and it looked just fine to me.

  54. I’m a bred and born Russian female who is now living in the US, and I have to say that what you said about us Slavic women is inaccurate to a degree.

    First, most of us walk to places because it’s easier to get around cities that way. Just like NYC and LA, it’s mostly easier at times to take public transit or walk to get to places. Also, we eat a lot of vegetables and fruits because that is in our traditional cuisine, and not because “we can not afford it.” Also, we do not “put out” more than American women because we are taught better. It’s trashy to have a lot of sexual partners here.

    Btw, the average breast size in EEU is two cup sizes larger than the American size. And I’m talking about natural, not fake. So back your shit up.

  55. you guys suck, really. i live in uk and I had smart asses like you tried to pick me up or so and none have ever stand a chance. don’t try to read on the internet about how get a polish girl. We are just like every other woman. nothing different. If you want sth easy you will get shit and that’s everywhere, like anything, good things don’t come easy!

    1. Caviar Banana

      I’m dating a Polish dentist, she’s classy. Has some EEU values though that are kinda cute and funny.. so I bust her on them often.

  56. I think european girls look better(also better faces), you just like big boobs. By the way, that girl from the picture is fat but i noticed that lots of americans like chunky females. 🙂

    1. that’s why I hate it here at high school. there’s no girl that fits my preferences. full of bad shaped girls. Plus as I see here, none of dates lasts so long cause american girls just like to make out with different guys. My view of US chicks was different back then in iran, but now I see the reality every one talked about and how they’re not good for marriage.

  57. Maybe there’s more variety in the USA because there are no real Americans there? lol USA is basically all the girls from all over the world ghettoed in one spot. So you bet your ass there’s a variety. Good for the kind of people who don’t have one type. Europe’s for the kind of people who know what beauty is, not a quick fuck.

  58. I don`t don`t quite understand why some people get offended when men look for forgeign girlfriends for anyway ? My mom dated and married 2 men from holland so why should men get the cold shoulder for because they like women from other nations ? My friend is from Bulgaria, and she is really beautiful too. She has blue eyes of the blueish skys and her hair is long and brown, and she looks as if she could be model. Even though is she is with someone, she stills talks to me time to time. I haven`t been able to speak with her in last few days,and it really hurts me. I feel awesome whenever I talk to her,and she said she feels great when when she talks to me too. She said I am wonderful guy and like it whatever I talk to her. I don`t understand why some people make it such big issue for whenever men from states talks to forgeign chicks for. I mean if you like somebody,why should it matter what country their from ? Love is love right ? If I had money, a passport,and ticket, I`ll be in Bulgaria right now to go visit,and see what the country has to offer. I like American women too. I don`t think their all fat and spoiled. Yes, there are some who do whine alot and some who have weight problems, but that`s only certain portion. I do tend to be more attracted to forgeign women though due to their accents,and their exotic. But that`s just me. Everyone has different taste in different things. So why judge a person because their love is on the other side on the planet ?

  59. Love your website. Now I can reject guys who use your techniques and vernacular twice as fast as usual. Thank you.

    1. Well said! Besides, any female with a grain of sense could easily spot a guy with only one interest in life anyway. Number one: he would be dead boring simply because his brain has usually dropped by a couple of feet or more and isn’t able to function normally! 😉

  60. I got kicked out of the mall after doing daygame there like 6 months 2-3 days a week 30 approachs per week.Got all flakey numbers.But I did get pretty good at getting numbers.So Im going to look for another mall and game at the beach.Like 20 or so about 4-5 fake numbers too.

  61. This happens to be the most ludicrous article I have ever read in my whole entire life. It dehumanizes women, it’s racist and non-the less it lacks factual information and works on stereotypes and assumptions. You surely are a pathetic little boy with a big ego!

  62. Jesse, I have no wtf you’re smoking on. But Happierabroad.com is loaded with a dozen of men that will disagree with the sh*t you just said about American women being more open. American females are paranoid to sh*t and they are extremely unapproachable. Why else would there be so many young single men in the states? A lot of men travel abroad to find wives, because American women are definitely not marriage material. You go on and on about a woman’s appearance but mention nothing about attitude, personality, and good character. Most older men strongly prefer Good girls, I hate it when stupid men make it sound like the only thing a female is good for is F*cking and that’s about it.

    If you want real love, America is seriously considered one of the WORSE nations in the whole world for men that want a family or a serious relationship. Feminism truly is the main reason why women here are harder to date. Clearly females in the States have extremely unrealistic standards too. Only on American dating sites would women bring up a man having to own a damn vehicle as a requirement to date them. I don’t want a “Mixed” female in the first place. I’d rather have a full blooded Russian wife or girlfriend with a Russian Accent them some dumb half Russian half Mexican that not only acts ghetto, but is too much of a B*tch to behave like a real woman.

    if anything most men that have traveled claimed that women abroad are WAY easier to talk to than American women are. Why? Because obviously if a 60 year old wants an 18 year old girlfriend he can seriously get one in Europe. And I have to disagree with that whole concept that women abroad are poorer. That’s a load of BS. It’s also obvious that if a woman looks too good in America, chances are she has a stupid ego and self entitlement issue. Not to mention women in America will actually strike and hit men physically and then on top of that expect them not to retaliate. That type of childish behavior is the main reason why I hate American culture so damn much. I’ve yet to read a story about an Eastern Europe female getting pissed at a guy over dumb sh*t and setting his personal belongings on fire.

    1. I've_got_yellow_fever

      I agree with his comment. In Asia, I can date a new, nice woman every night, aged 25-35. They know how to treat a man and have family values. They’re easy to get in the sack. In America, I can’t even approach women. They’re all standoffish & expect too much. Online dating in America is ruined by all the creeps, too. Dating in America is a joke unless you’re a baller. I want to try Eastern Europe for it’s gorgeous women!

  63. Comment:
    Well written and damn accurate. European women dress for their men and embrace their femininity. CAUTION: They understand men extremely well and will see through any bullshit very quickly. Be genuine and direct from the start. They know you have a ball sack and unlike American women they expect you to act like a man, not some hybrid gender confused pussy! This is why I love Europe, a man can be a man.

    I travel internationally and I date a girl in the Ukraine. She’s off the scale in looks and brains. We met in coffee cafe’, she spoke some English and I knew some travel phrases in Russian. She was definitely attracted by my English and that is how we got our conversation going. Let me say this about “family values”.. they love it and love a guy with kids. Really,, these girls aren’t players that American girls are. They are also very loyal in a relationship… Old school values apply here. If you’re looking for a quick fix then you might as well pay for it.

    I have to add something about their intelligence. They are all very well educated. Better bring you game and be able to hold a conversation on intellectual topics. They love the arts and literature.

    Just say’en guys.. European ladies are a whole different ball game. Better dress for success also. Don’t wear tennis shoes. Sport jacket over jeans looks good for most occasion. Dress European, show you have some class because Europe is still more conservative than the U.S.

    1. I am Eastern European, and live in the U.S.

      I see a guy with kids from another women as a man with baggage.

      I see it as a hurdle, not as an asset, and most Eastern European girls I know feel the same way.

    2. David I loved your reply!!!! 🙂 I find a lot of what you said true. My ex boyfriend NEVER understood why I would spent hours in the mirror before we leave for an event or why I would go to the gym fairly often…its a cultural thing. I do believe girls should look like girls but should also be smart. I can’t wait to actually finish with my BSc and move on to masters. You’re absolutely right about the intellectual conversations too….well said David !

  64. Hi, have you ever met a mail ordered bride from Poland? I happened to meet a few Russian and Ukrainian ones but not a single one from Poland. Are Alabama girls just like New York girls? Do French girls walk more cause they are poor? Do they eat more vegetables cause they are poor? I am EEG and trust me, I can afford McDonald’s. It’s just that it is not part of my tradition…….. ;o) Some observations spot on tho.

    1. They are poor in their mind and don’t know what is real good food..what a stupid observation that eastern girls Can not afford mac donalds and other gurbidge..they don’t want to eat that gurbidge cause they have great natural food and also restorantes about that idiot who wrote this don’t know and ever see…also night life is so amusing and only weekends but during whole weak..and everybody has a car or use taxi ,yes they take care about their looks very much and education..:-))) you make me laughed what insaine story i have read! And about breast,well to go on estetic treatments are very popular and you have a lot of silicone huge or bigger breast..but it is nothing nice in that ,classy or beauty..and who sead they don’t have or don’t like money..they know to live,enjoi and love..something what superficial “poor person” wrote this such a crazy story..he night wants to be fun for US ..but who is smart and informed its sad and shame actually ..but he is not the only one ,its 90% of them..yeap,thats why shrinks earning well there..:-)

  65. Love this site,but I have an important question. English teacher x says Russia and Ukraine etc are all played out. is this true?

    1. I am an American in Prague, and would rate Russians and Ukrainians women high for sex and a certain sweetness. Also add the various central Asian countries of the former Soviet Union. Polish women are very good looking, but haven’t had luck there, on my bucket list. Czechs are little too proper and conforming. Slovaks are warmer people.

  66. Hey Jesse, Did you travel to europe by yourself or you had company of your friends? Did you know anybody in the country you were visiting in advance to help you find an acomodation and induction into their culture generally? Is it safe to travel these eastern European countries alone? Which one is the best eastern European country, name only one. I might visit that one in February or March.

    1. Akbar, it’s safe, you can go alone. If you’re nervous about being alone, use hostels. There’s no “best” per se as each country or city has its pros and cons, it depends on your budget for instance.

    2. It is safe as long as you don’t joke out of our tradition, culture …
      Anything that you think its funny, disgusting, weird … just keep it for your self.
      And don’t just try to hit on women that will get you in a lot of trouble.

  67. Hey Jesse, I love your breakdown of Eastern Europe vs America in terms of girls. You can really tell that you’ve experienced both and some spot on comments about both.

    Even though I think Eastern Europeans have more potential in terms of genetics (if that makes any sense) I often find that American girls really know how to make what they have work.

    That said, when you travel all the girls look so exotic that it’s hard to resist!

  68. what a piece of trash and racist article against eastern europeans blabla bla they are poor etc. You dumb americans should stop writing your opinions about us and leave us alone with your idiotic blogs to make money with advertisements.

  69. I simply love Eastern European girls. This weekend I will fly to Gdansk to visit a girlfriend there and to spend the weekend having sex and eating delicious polish food 🙂

    In my opinion most of them (of course not all) are much more feminine then western women. They also care more about their looks and how they are seen by men.

    I totally agree with you that it isn’t automatically easier to have sex in Eastern European countries than it is in Western countries like the USA. Even if those girls are maybe poorer, the social pressure and family pressure is higher.

    It is funny how most western women argue that men who like Eastern European women just can’t get western women. That’s not true. There are just too many stereotypes when it comes to foreign dating.

    And also the stereotype that all Eastern European women are gold diggers is just a lie. There are good and bad women in every country.

    I admit that I have a weakness for Eastern European girls and I am looking forward to this weekend 😉

  70. Love your website! Just discovered it today and I’m hooked. I agree with the article. I might want to add, being a foreigner living for half my life in the USA, that I also find American girls a little more spoiled. Simple example, try taking an American out on a date to a McDonald’s and you’ll get slapped like you pulled a wrong move on her. Whereas EEuropean girls tend to appreciate more gestures. This is generally speaking and in no way a rule of thumb. Heck I’ve had a similar experience but with Chili’s WTF!?

    1. It’s their way of testing you. If you react and try to kiss their ass and get their approval, it shows to the woman that you think she’s higher value and that you’re an easy pushover. Simply ignore her, remain unreactive, and American girls will quickly drop that act. You can in fact take out very snobby girls to Burger King and they will love it, as long as you remain unreactive and tease her.

  71. awsome……im from mumbai,india.now im totally changed jesse after reading ur articles….i expect u 2 put magical formula that drives girls crazy 4 boys….keep it on…..be rich finally its ur business.

  72. Are you fucking kidding me? The US has better nightlife? Eastern Europe is NOTORIOUS for crazy parties and huge festivals full of crazyness and booze. Nightclubs stay open well after 6am and you can drink anywhere unlike here in the US where most places close at 2am and you can’t buy alcohol after that. The US PALES in comparison to Europe when it comes to nightlife and getting laid. That and the fact that Eastern European girls are 100x prettier and sexies than American girls and dress way sexier.

    I usually agree with your posts Derek, bu this one was plain stupid! It doesn’t seem you have been to Europe that much my friend.


    1. Thanks for the comment Ric. You’re sort of correct, but also sort of wrong.

      It really comes down to the city, and the season as well. Most of EEU nightlife sucks in winter (which is quite long), whereas in the USA it’s partying all year long.

      Many EEU cities plain suck for nightlife. Zagreb, Croatia for instance. And places with a nightlife party reputation like Belgrade I found was overrated.

      Sure EEU has some big party events, but that doesn’t mean a city is consistently good.

      EEU girls aren’t x 100 prettier– right there that number is obviously an exaggeration. It all comes down to city. Take a big capitol city like Belgrade and the talent will be higher than a city like Baltimore, Maryland of course. But women flock from all over the world to South Beach, Florida for example, and if you go to exclusive venues, the talent will be prettier and better dressed than in an EEU city like Belgrade. It comes down to location, the season, and venue.

      Basically if some guy thinks EEU is better, that’s a perfectly fine opinion. I’m just throwing cold water on the idea that EEU is some kind of paradise by exaggerated reports that typically serve the reporter’s ego more than speak a level headed observation.

  73. and there you have asian girls who mix high education (at least korea and japan…), high income levels, fit bodies and virtually no religious prudity.
    hell, only fukushima prevents me from staying there!

  74. Hi Jessie,

    Great article! Love your website! I especially like the articles you’ve posted about the importance of eliminating porn from your life. I’ve grapple with the porn thing ever since I graduated from college back in 2001. I’m 34 years old now. I think your advice is great. Unfortunately, I walk away from your articles and say to myself, “Easier said than done.” What I like about you is that impart a lot of optimism for us guys out there who are adrift. There have been countless times when I’ve thought of ending it….(my life). Why? Because I often ponder deeply about my life and my feelings and have often said, “You know, maybe I’m just ugly and women don’t find me attractive….I guess I’ll just jerk off to porn.” I’ve never had sex with a woman before. I’ve yearned to know it feels like to “stick it inside.” Before you know it, you’re addicted (to porn) and entrenched in the proverbial porn trap.

    Life is so gritty sometimes. There are times when you just want to quit life, but you can’t until you’ve done all you can. One thing that has always scared me about women is that a woman will just not like me for who I am. I used to have this mindset, “I’ll buy a BMW and make sure I have a big salary to impress a woman.” You know what? That got me know where. Instead, I ended up driving a BMW and pissing away money on maintenance costs…..uggh.

    Jesse, you offer a breath of fresh air for me. Thank you.

    1. What a load of crap!!!! I have been living in Prague Czech Republic since 2008 I work with women from different parts of Eastern Europe . And obviously your opinions & observations are typical of a tourist and not from a permanent resident in Eastern Europe.One thing is for sure & and I totally agree on is that Eastern European in fact all European women are a lot smarter than USA women, sure if you asked the average American women were is Warsaw, Budapest, Bucharest, Prague they just simply would not have a glue.I suppose when the former USA president George Bush did not even know where Iraq , Afghanistan was before he invaded them what do you expect !!! An Irish woman leaving in Czech Republic .M.A.S

    2. Hi there,

      Im a 14 year old girl and i live in Europe. I personally think that this is just not true. For example:
      I live in Holland myself, known for the big amount of bikes. And its not that we ride bikes or walk to our destination because we don’t have enough money to buy a car, we ride bikes and walk because we don’t have such big distances. And i don’t know exactly what types of girl you are looking at, but it looks like you only look at the “good” neighborhoods in the US. Because, just like in America, we have the “good” neighborhood/country’s and the “bad” neighborhoods/country ‘s. So its not totally fair how you look at the situation. And about the body typesand ethnicity’s you are even more wrong. We have all kind of ethnicity and body types here. In my school for example, we have all different people. A lot of them are mixed (including myself) and its not like we are all pale with straight thin hair and micro breast. We have girls who are Indonesian + African, Brazilian + Dutch, Japanese + African, etc. And no body type is the same here.I apology for my maybe harsh talking, but i just get really mad at people like this. Always go out from stereo types and
      all that stuff.

      Sorry if i made some mistakes in grammar or words. English isn’t my first language so its a bit harder..

      Greets to all y’all people ;p

      1. Btw,
        I actually don’t know how i ended up on this site, but i saw this and i just got kinda mad.. I know that you’re not specificly about Holland, but I’ve been through a lot of country’s in Europe and i (with my personal experience) find it not 100% true.


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