Kiev Ukraine: How Hot The Girls Really Are, Without Hype!

I spent about a week in Kiev, Ukraine in early springtime.  The big question is, how hot are the girls… without hype and for REAL? 

And how easy is it to get laid there?

Most reviews I’ve read about Kiev where very polarized.  Either it was “paradise” or it was “WAY overrated”.  I wanted to find out for myself.

First, What The City of Kiev Is Like

First I want to give you some of my impressions of the city itself.

Kiev felt very safe to me, so don’t let safety hold you back.  The downtown areas feel enough like a modern city.

Ukraine recently dropped their Visa requirements to Americans, so now it’s super easy to travel there – all you need is a passport!

The drive from the Boryspil airport into Kiev is a tour in gray Soviet Union monolithic apartment architecture, splashed up with color of flashy bright McDonalds along the highway.  It’s a bizarre visual contrast between old and new.

The escalator out of the Metro can be a cool ride- imagine taking a single escalator that rises 20 stories high!

McDonald’s is quite popular there.  I counted at least 8 of them, and you can typically find one without too much trouble.  Stepping inside will make you feel at home if nothing else, and the workers speak English.

English American music is typically played in restaurants, malls, and fast food joints.

Kiev is cold.  Don’t expect nice weather until at least April or later!

Price wise, it’s cheap but not dirt cheap.  Grocery stores are tiny with very poor selection.  Expect to pay slightly higher prices than you would in the USA for food.  And clothing is expensive compared to the USA.  Something you’d buy at the Gap for $20 in Florida costs about $100 at the Gap there- and the clothing quality is cheap and lousy for the prices quoted.  Expect relatively poor selection for all consumer goods in general.

Getting around

Getting around Kiev is relatively cheap and easy.  The Metro system is rather simple, so getting around isn’t a problem.  And many younger people speak a little English, so if you get lost you can ask.

Some street signs however are only in the Cyrillic alphabet, which can make it hard to match what’s on your map.  I’ve also gotten mixed up coming off the metro in spots, as some stations will have many exist that go out onto different streets.  But with a little time and exploration, you figure it out.

And Taxis are relatively cheap for getting around- many speak English.

The Girls

In Kiev, *lots* of girls wear high heels.


Even when it’s bitter cold and icy out, a full 10% of the girls will be braving the ice in heels.  And that number rises dramatically as the weather warms up.


I’ve traveled all over Europe and Eastern Europe, and never seen anything close to such a high percentage of girls wearing high heels – not even close!  The end result: lots of sexy eye candy walking around.


In addition, the girls put in more effort to “dress to impress” on average than in any other country in Europe, Eastern Europe, or the USA.

Some of the girls have very amazingly pretty hair.

It’s very easy to stand out as a foreigner, if you want to.  Black clothing is very popular among Ukraine men.  Wear another color than black, and you’ll stand out from 95% of the other guys.

There’s an excellent Metro system, which allows you to get around for very little money, and where you can also meet girls.

The Cons

Okay… now it’s time to burst the hype!

Here’s the downside.

The girls are all super thin, some almost to the point of looking malnourished.  If you like boobs, hips, or butt, the girls will severely disappoint you.


The majority of girls are pale white with brown eyes and brown hair and stick skinny.  There’s not much visual diversity or variety.

If you like girls with butt, breasts, hips, or exotic looking tanned-skinned girls or ebony girls, you’ll find Kiev pretty disappointing.  Kiev women largely conform to a specific visual archetype- pale, skinny, and brown hair and brown eyes.

Most of the girls are 6s, 7s, and 8s.  If you have a thing for “9s and 10s”, I actually saw more in places like Florida, Southern California, Medellin Colombia, Budapest Hungary, and Stockholm Sweden.  Granted, it was early spring and still somewhat cold- perhaps in the summer heat more “9s and 10s” will be out and about, so I can’t say for sure.

In addition, the city is rather of gray, dull, and fugly.  It doesn’t exactly lift your spirits.  There’s not much reason to be there outside of girls.

Why do Kiev girls have a reputation for being so hot?

Mostly, the perceived beauty is a clever illusion.

First off, so many of girls wear high heels.  This makes these otherwise short girls look very tall and leggy – but it’s largely an illusion.  Kiev girls are not taller or leggier than girls anywhere else.  Still, if you’re not used to seeing girls wearing heels, it will easily fool you’re eyes.

Lots of girls put great effort into their makeup- some look professionally made up.

A sizable minority of girls do extensive hair coloring and hair straightening.

The girls aren’t intrinsically hotter as anywhere else… in fact, if you were take a group of young Swedish girls, Italian girls, or Norwegian girls and put them in tall high heels, makeup, and tight dresses, they’d be hotter than Urkainian women.

But many Western girls are quite lazy and sloppy.  For example, I met a Canadian girl at a hostel there.  She was tanned, blonde, and cute – I’d say having the potential to be hotter than 99% of the sickly pale Kiev girls.  But she had a bad posture from playing games on her phone, and had a tummy from eating shitty food.  I watched as she ate 6 pickles, chocolate, half a loaf of bread, and a beer before going to bed.  If she simply exercised, lost 10 kilos, and wore high heels and a tight dress, she would have blown away most of the Kiev girls – but as it was, she failed miserably.

So what Ukraine girls have is more *feminine polarity*.  They girls look more feminine because they simply try harder at the illusion.

There’s other factors that make the girls APPEAR hotter as well.

The country is quite poor and the girls have to walk everywhere- that keeps them quite thin.

But also, the population is young.  There is simply an inordinate number of younger women walking around, compared to Western Europe or the USA which has much older populations.

When you speak English, girls take notice of you.  I think this feeds into many guy’s egos – guys who aren’t normally used to getting attention from girls otherwise – and then the guy hypes the quality of the women in their stories and field reports, because their ego has been stroked.

Keep in mind too that hotness is all relative.  If you are coming from a small, cold, older and overweight populated city like Strasbourg in Austria, or Pittsburg in Pennsylvania, you will most likely be blown away by the eye candy walking around the streets.

However, if you are coming from a warm, younger city like Miami Florida, where girls already show skin and paleness is a sign of sickliness, you’ll find the girls in Kiev more average looking.

Night Game

Night game potential is average.  I was repeatedly told that Kiev wasn’t the place to go for night life.  That most girls can’t afford to go, and that mingling is not part of the culture really.

In addition, many of the girls in clubs are not “the girls next door” but are hookers.  Other women found at clubs are middle-aged gold diggers looking for a foreigner to marry.  Your best bet is to skip the big-name clubs and bars, find out where the University students are going.

Day Game

Kiev presents many day game opportunities.  Most girls are too poor to drive, so they walk everywhere and there’s an excellent Metro system for getting around.

The standard advice you’ll hear for day game is visit Khreshchatyk street – that’s where you find the most pedestrians.  Here’s a video:

Walking in Khreshchatyk street Kiev, Ukraine

But I actually much preferred the upscale areas around the Metro stations Tolstoho Square and Olimpiiska – I found the girls slightly prettier, higher class, and better dressed there.

How easy are the girls?

From what I understand, it used to be you could walk in, speak English, and as a dirty scruffy backpacker you could get laid like picking up candy.  But those days are long over.

If you can’t approach girls AT ALL back home, then you won’t find Kiev any easier.  The girls will NOT approach you.  It’s still up to you to make everything happen.  If you can’t get laid back home, you might get 6s and 7s at best in Kiev.

If you are looking for a “quick fix” where you don’t have to do any game whatsoever, you are grasping at straws thinking that Kiev will fix your problems, and your results will be severely hampered.

(P.S. Check out my Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control program if you have trouble meeting girls… it will make you into attraction dynamite!)

The guys who will find it easier will be intermediates or guys already getting a little success back home.  If you can approach girls, but your game is sloppy and you get blown out a lot- THIS is the guy who will find Kiev easier.  Because you speak English and dress differently, you’ll stand out from the other guys and girls will take notice of you.  The girl that would brush you off back home may suddenly take interest in you in Kiev.

But keep in mind that the top hottie outliers make up a very small percentage of the girls.  Don’t imagine you can waltz up to the “Perfect 10” and have her fall all over you just because you speak English.  At best you’ll get more IOIs and maybe more up front attention from girls – but if your game back home is weak, you’ll still be limited to pulling the 7s for the most part.

In addition, many of the girls come from traditional families and live with their parents.  So hooking up for quick one night stands can actually be easier in more liberal “mingling cultures” like the USA.

For advanced guys, you’ll appreciate the extra attention you get from girls, but ultimately you should be pulling quality girls from anywhere you go – and you may find Kiev somewhat hyped given the downsides of the city.

The Future

Since the Ukraine has loosened its entry requirements, foreign tourists are beginning to pour in in far greater numbers.  You will still stand out as a foreigner.  However, that window is rapidly closing and with each year it will count for less.  Of course, if you have good game though, it doesn’t matter!

There’s one McDonald’s the size of a small mall there.  It was a madhouse inside- very popular.  As the country grows richer, it will also grow fatter.  People will drive more, people will eat more fast food, and he girls will drive less.  It will still take a good 50 years though to catch up with level of obesity you find in small-town America.   So for now, it’s nothing to worry about.

Jesse, so you recommend going?

Yes I do!  Personally I generally prefer the more classical look of Western European girls (and the ethnic variety) – but everyone has different tastes.  The only way to know for sure is if you visit and see for yourself… and I encourage you to do so!

60 thoughts on “Kiev Ukraine: How Hot The Girls Really Are, Without Hype!”

  1. RichardStrongwood

    All of this is crap. Listen to you sissies, arguing about which country has the best women. You are all….WRONG! I have traveled extensively, and the best women, hands down, are Saudi Arabian girls! I can’t get enough! Sure, they’ll be killed by their own families if they find out she slept with you, but so what? Doesn’t a little risk make things more exciting?

    Plus, they are like a wrapped present on Xmas! You simply have no idea what’s under all those layers of dark clothing. Usually, they are a bit over-fed, and gamey. But, who doesn’t like that? It’s sort of a cross between sweat odor, poorly-wiped bums, and often a bit fishy too.

    Additionally, they have noses which put Jewish girls to shame! If you adore a gigantic man-sized proboscis, you are in for a treat! Oh, and bad teeth too, so you travelers from England will feel right at home.

    …well, until you are stoned to death in the street.

    So, be careful! Be discrete! And bring breath mints for her (and some Vagisil too). Don’t worry about bringing lube, for whatever genetic reason, they have an abundance of vaginal mucus.

    1. Richard! Saudi Arabia people have very strong family structure parents, Sinilings and more . These dirty sex life things only happen in your countries where there no body know about their parents unless they do DNA. 80% of your community contains bastards so it’s only happen in yours

      1. RichardStrongwood

        Keep telling yourself that. There are no women more foul on earth than those women (well, except for the pygmy tree women of the Zamunda rain forests). They can have all of the “very strong family structure” in the world, and it doesn’t make their outlandishly horrid faces and bodies any more tolerable. Not to mention their putrid personalities and extremist cultural indoctrination. No one would want to have any “dirty sex life” with them. Well, except the equally dreadful men there.

  2. I leaved in Kiev for years and married a Ukrainian woman 30 years younger than me. You know little about Kiev, other than they are not giving away girls that look like tens. Kiev is a very diverse city with lots of people from small towns that move there. Many young girls in Kiev can’t find jobs that pay enough to live and turn to prostitution. So be careful of STD’s.
    I worked there and found life much like any large city. I bought a new car for 5,500 dollars it was a Russian made car. People try to overcharge foreigners first learn the language if here for a short time it is going o be tuff for you.

    1. Travelling to Keiv shortly and can anybody tell me where is the best nightlife spots.
      Ps we aren’t looking for a handy ride or hookers just want, just want to have the craic and whatever happens happens.we just don’t want to end up in a shithole.

    2. RichardStrongwood

      “Fyi women are people not 6’s. 7’s”

      …said the feminized beta-male pansy! LOLOLOL! Good luck at the next feminist bi-monthly soirée, where presumably they assign him all the tedious tasks which the women don’t want, and which he accepts happily. And asks for more.

      Some people, are just genetically predisposed to bow.

  3. Your complaints about “pale” “too thin” “aneroxic” are music to my ears. You can keep your curves and non-white women in USA. I will gladly fuck 1990’s supermodel heroin addicts all day long. In fact, it is my preferred type. Thank you sir.

  4. What to tell about a guy who tells “soverweight populated city like Strasbourg in Austria”! Please look at the map!!
    My girlfriend is from Kiev, she is a beauty queen and the smartest woman which I ever met. But guys, it´s hard work to convince them that you are a better choice than a Ukrainian man. And I can tell you only one thing: they are very different!!

  5. What a lot of nonsensical Mumbo. I have been in Kiev for the last 8 days and as with any capital city there are some pretty females but there are also many who are not. Any female will respond if a conversation was initiated but if not why would anyone expect them to do same? In my opinion the night clubs are outdated and are overrated. I’ve visited Sky Bar twice, Shooters and the Carribean Club none of which impressed.

  6. Ukraine is a beautiful country. There are many beautiful girls there from nice families but it is not so easy to get one for yourself. Girls in nightclubs or lacking a proper family around them are often damaged. If one has the time and skills to find and court a great Ukrainian woman she will reward you with loyalty and kindness that few Americans will ever know.

    1. Loyal???? No way especially in western Ukraine, they are next generation of those who did fight for Hitler, were they loyal? Yes to Germans, and still are.

      1. Hitler was 100 times better than dirty evil Americans. Your double face politics killing innocent children, women others.

  7. I never understood the hype around Russians/Ukrainians anyway. Never been there, but I’ve seen plenty while on holiday in other countries and they never stood out to me. I don’t even get the hype around how well they apparently dress – yes they put more effort in than most nationalities, but I find most Eastern Europeans tasteless, they wear embarrassing things and put way too much makeup on.

  8. Sorry but I think the assessment is utterly ridiculous. The world’s top model agencies have VAST numbers of hot girls from the Ukraine/other parts of the Russian world.

    Hungarians are hot. But Florida, and places aren’t even remotely close.

  9. Great mixed comments below. I have been to Ukraine 5 times and visited 12 cities all for pleasure. This was my 51st country and most trips were for beaches and girls. As in most countries you get all kinds, nice girls, gold diggers, hookers etc. In general my experience in Odessa and Kiev was that a vast majority are well educated, in great shape, and quality people. The other cities were enjoyable too but Kiev and Odessa increase your odds. Yes, their economy sucks and women want to be taken care of. I live in Los Angeles and get it. Most Ukrainian women live their life for their man. They take good care of themselves and are proud of it. One can pay for hookers anywhere including here but the normal girls are mostly conservative. You can still have sex without proposing or spending 3-4 months but most look for commitments. In many cases American men have more money then the locals and treat ladies better too. This is attractive for the ladies. A good idea is to befriend some local guys and girls so you dont look like you are only their for strange. This is true everywhere. Odessa beaches are filled with hard bodies, clubs are cool too. So much more to say but I wish the best to all pussy chasing fellows

  10. I shot for perfect 10 and maxim. Ukraine girls are gorgeous fuck easy and are caring and great women. Blow American away especially if your 34 or older. Girls taught to date older men by there parents and society

      1. RichardStrongwood

        I agree…BS. This guys a silly jackass, who dreams of having “shot” for those magazines. But, isn’t it great to have dreams?

  11. Ok guys, i`ve been to Kiev two times now. I don`t agree with all what is said in the text above. If you are a good looking foreign man and you can sing, not getting laid is almost impossible. But leaving that aside. I have to place a warning for all the young men that will think they are in heaven ones you hit the clubs in Kiev. If you are there for one night stands you are perfectly fine. Really!! If you will ever be in the illusion that you will find love in a club or bar, dream on! They don`t care about you, they care about your money. Honest and sincere girls are not going to the clubs. Period! I dated lots of girls there and even had a relationship with one of them for 6 months. Financial security is all they need. If you don`t believe me try it out yourself. Hopefully you won`t get hurt in the process. In short this means that if you lose your job, or get cancer (I hope not) , they will leave you. Even if you have a child together.
    Now here is how it works: If you see girls sitting at a table and have the money to drink a lot, they have rich parents. If they are searching, they search for a rich man. You as a foreign man fits perfectly into that picture. (A medium monthly wage in Ukraine is about 200 dollar per month). Take a microphone in a karaoke bar and you don`t even need to take any other action, they will. If you can`t sing, just make eye contact and walk up to them, be polite and talk.
    To spot a prostitute is easy, they don`t have a table (most of them are poor). They just come into the club, look around and are on the lookout for a foreign man that has no girl sitting next to him. They will come sit close to you and start looking, giving hints. They don`t waste time. If you want it, buy them a drink and bring them to your apartment for 50 dollar and spend the night with them.
    Getting a lot of attention from women is due to the fact they can see really easy that you are a foreign man. Ukraine men in general look similar and have a rather big head with the same hair style.
    Ukraine women are very attractive and highly educated. They can fool you easily, especially if you are searching for real love and think you found it. If something is too easy, it`s probably fake. Seeing young women with old men must ring a bell if you aren`t already in a trance. Remember that and you will have the time of your life in Kiev!

  12. Alright boys, I am now in Kiev, Ukraine (first timer) I went straight to Dniproptrovsk from 12/20/14 to 01/4/15 and girls that lives there looks hot and they do like to wear high heels even though it is snowing. You cannot go straight to this city from the USA and in my case Southern Cali 619. You have to go through custom, pick up for luggage and go to the second floor which is the local airport for their citizen to go to a different local airports. I went on a Dating website to meet girls for fun and I was curious about it. If you are meeting the Ukrainian girls you better pick the girls that can speak english or else you have to go through a translator that will cost you a fortune for two weeks $20 per hour. 5 hours a day with the translator cost is about two hundreds dollars a day that includes taxi, food, translator payment, etc. You are not going to get laid if you she has a translator with her but you can get an actually kiss if you behave nicely as a gentlemen. They are looking for a serious relationship but they will need additional time to know you more even though your time is limited and you have chatted with her online. Your second trip, you might get score with a translator, however, if she speak english its game on, with a nice dinner, and some drinks you can take her to your apartment and have a good time without the cost of the translator but you will need to pay for a translator for one day so you can get her contact number, and it might takes even two days if she like you. However if you are gentlement even with a translator you could possibly get scored but it might takes a few days. (Don’t get the hassle of a translator just wasting your time and money. You rather take that money and go to college to learn how to speak Russian. One you know the language and you are a foreinger like me that is game on. Don’t expect big butts like the writers stated. but for me it a$$ on. I like that body structure since I am not a white boy and there is no racial discrimination with the younger population but I don’t know for the black folks since it might not apply in this case. When you out with the Ukrianian ladies, they will take you to the mall to buy something expensive for herself or her parent depending on the occasion. $100 plus gifts if you really like her, if not just say that you will think about it tomorrows so you won’t waste more money on her. I recommend you learn the Russian language and then you can bring forth your game, get as much a$$ as you want just like a player. Yes I am looking for a relationship bab babb… to soften her a$$ up. Since I am in Kiev today, I will write what I see and explore the city since I have a week left before i go back to Diego.. I am planning to go back during the summer for the different scenery but with a different girl. I understand the writer point of view and the Clever illusion means but again it up to your taste if you want a tight a$$. The Ukrainian female body are slim but they look way better than an asian girl body to a point. Oh in Dnipropetrivsk the cost is almost dirt cheap. I bought a Bucket of KFC that includes 4 wings, 4 tender, 3 chickens, two small fries for about $6 USD. Hah!!. The food in that area is very good and better than FRiday, hometown buffert, Olive garden any US corporate Dine in restrurant. It better than be expensive in Kiev or I will never visit that city again but other cities in Ukriane looks mighty good with an A$$ like that. If you have any questions let me know. Happy hunting season is still open folks, the colder it is, the more time you have with her inside your apartment or hers.

    1. Greetings, also 619.
      Wondering if it’s possible to speak with you about my planned trip to Ukraine?
      Thanks for the information shared.

    2. RichardStrongwood

      His English is literally painful to read. I sure hope English is his second language. If not, it seems that someone missed a lot of school, or is a bit slow.

      “4 wings, 4 tender, 3 chickens” ???? LOLOLOL Three chickens, huh?

  13. I have been to Kiev 4 times, because I had a friend living there and I went to visit him… ok I was more interested at the girl than the friend heheeh

    I was a chump the first time I went with no game and got attention of the girls. I regret that. Now I would have so muh success but it was 6 years ago. Then I got better but it got more difficult there.

    I remember going to a club called the caribbean club which has became a pickup place… full of foreign men now and prostitute…

    I remember the different time I went there…

    first time: ooh you are french wooow
    second time: ooh french nice
    third time: you french ok! no interest!
    fourth time: ooh another french man 🙁


    paradise is over!!!

    but what I like about ukrainian girl is that there are very sweat…. they take care of you… not like most western european women…

  14. I’ve never seen Khreshchatyk street so empty. What was it a holiday? I totally disagree with you about the Ukraine. I think the Western girls are big overweight cows. Unless something has changed in the Ukraine recently, I’ll take the Ukrainian girls any day over the West. You can have those fake tit California girls any day.

  15. dude, you all need to stop hyping up kiev. i’ve been there. on more than one occasion. the girls are better than in some places but on average 7s. easy 7s, but 7s. also, too many prostitutes. all around. the whole town is a brothel. thats the place to go when you are 60. was there for a week last time and didnt even see one 10. now, come to moscow and its a whole other game park. 10s. real ones. all around. jaw-dropping beauty. not as easy as ukraine, and definitely have an attitude, but all the more rewarding.

    1. and ukraine is not going to grow richer anytime soon. if anything, poorer. have you looked at what comprises the economy of ukraine? you should. any no natural resources, which is what is the bread and butter of rich eastern european regions. forget ukraine. its crap. unless you want a mail order bride.

      1. I am from Ukraine …I agree that Ukraine isn’t going to be richer. My country is in difficult situation. . We have War with fucking Russia! i have pain because of it! Ukraine is not crap!!!!!

      2. don’t worry, keep the hope high, your people are educated, must rise, they will find the best decisions in politics, economy, and social uprising but most important is if the nationalism stands in your and new generations heart or not. Russia or any others are different then yours, All is needed that making good choices in politics and educated nation always does that easy as educated persons can not be cheated or manipulated by fake policies.

      3. You know what you have done since 1991 you killed your economy, borrowed billions, and now killing people in Donbass, go to Russia working as a whores and cheap labor, supporting UPA, RIGHT SEKTOR and other perverts

      4. I think Ukraine is very beautiful place and very peaceful but when I visited but don’t know about the present situation and the people are very sweet.

  16. Yes Jesse, you hit the nail directly on the head. I’ll admit that American Women come in more variety & better skin tone then Eastern European Women.

    American Women:

    I find that American women will generally go for “Bad Boys Types” & Men With Deep Pockets” in their earlier years (teen’s and 20’s), but once they hit their 30’s & 40’s. Then they’ll try to run back to the “Good Man.”

    American women are much more sexually liberalized and are easier to have one night stands with. However, AW are extremely masculine so you must be very assertive & unapologetic. AW shit test like no other women Period…

    Case point. AW are better suit for sport fucking & flirting. But you will need extensive game, no exceptions. AW don’t generally respect men in general, especially Black American Women.

    Foreign Women are more suited for the romantic, relationship, nice guy type. The are raised to respect manhood, but are much, much slower to put out in terms of sex.


    American Women- Better suited for short term relationship & fast sex.

    Foreign Women- Better suited for the serious relationship.

    1. David Semasinghe

      Can you tell me a good apartment/hotel to stay when I visit Kiev? I am an American and don’t know the language. I am getting an interpreter, however I would like to do a good place that foreigners stay in and they speak english. I know it may not be the cheapest, but having people who can help me navigate in English would be worth the price.

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