Date Models, Celebrities – Learn How to Pick Up ANY Girl

In this post I’m going to show you a trick to pickup ANY girl – even models and semi-celebrities.

What kinds of men get into Pick Up? In 99% of the cases, they’re lonely men in their early to late twenties who’ve decided they want to change their life. Who are the guys who’ve never heard of Pick Up, and will never hear of Pick Up? They’re the men who have established themselves in powerful social circles, and most likely made a lot of money.

What’s the common thread? Both groups of men have 0 game, but the social status guys still get the girls. The aspiring PUA’s will eventually get girls, but starting out as a pick up artist is always an extremely bumpy road. What happens though is that as beginner PUAs start to see results, they begin to revolt against society as a whole, and view social circles as a bunch of nonsense. This is a byproduct of the years of isolation they endured, watching the “popular” jocks get all the girls. It’s completely understandable, but at some point all egos must be dropped.

End Rejection and Get Any Girl You Want

Imagine if you could create a force so powerful, that it could pull every single girl in the world. Single, dating, married – it wouldn’t matter. Models, celebrities – all fair game. This force would be able to pull anything and everything. Well guys, it’s 100 percent possible.

But first, you have to let go of the fact that you got into Pick Up because you couldn’t get girls. View Pick Up as a way of honing your social skills. It’s practice; every approach you do teaches your brain something new, and these subconscious lessons add up over time.

Now comes the part no PUA wants to hear. If you develop amazing game through Pick Up, and also attain high social status by climbing the social ladder, you’ll be able to pull models, actresses, celebrities, ANYONE. I know it’s counterintuitive, and many PUAs rebel against society, but just trust me on this. I experienced the journey first hand, and can vouch for the fact that social status means a LOT to women. I’m going to teach you exactly how to pick up girls of HIGH social status – the real dimes of our world.

Part 1: Your Pick Up and How to Keep it Undiscovered

It’s no secret why the most famous Pick Up Artists all use clever aliases. Mystery, Style, Matador, and Juggler are all hardly your every day name. These guys were smart, and realized that at any given point in life things can go viral. What if all our Pick Up secrets get exposed in a Hollywood movie and girls find out that Day Game is in fact a strategy?

Well the truth is, you shouldn’t care. All the PUAs who preach utter indifference are in theory right. You shouldn’t care about what anyone thinks because we’re all going to die and it really doesn’t matter. They’re teaching you how to pick up girls of through sheer numbers – approach a million, sleep with a thousand. The problem isn’t in our thinking; it’s in the rest of the worlds thinking. Just because we’ve been exposed to the truths of Pick Up, doesn’t mean the rest of the world will buy into it.

You’re Already More Ballsy Than Most of the World

Most of the world would make a mockery out of Pick Up if they found out the details – not because it’s lame, but because they’re too scared. People in general don’t have the balls to rebel against the “norm” and create something new. So that’s why to an extent we have to cover our tracks and be careful. That is, if you want to get the most out of your journey. If you’re comfortable being the known PUA who only hangs out with other PUAs and has no real social status, then that’s completely okay too.

Plenty of people do it – I have friends who approach in the weirdest situations ever. A waitress will be serving a table at a fancy restaurant and the PUA will yell “HEY YOU. You’re cute.” And the whole place is looking thinking, “Wtf is going on, is this scripted?” I’ve even seen a guy approach a married couple, only to find out the guy was a CEO of a Fortune 500 company. There’s a burned connection.

But yeah, you can do that if you want. Or you can get GOOD at Pick Up, while covering your tracks and building a powerful Social Circle. The end goal is to be able to pick up your fair share through cold approach but also to game the hell out of these chicks in your social circle and their friends.

So first, you have to figure out your Pick Up name. Make it completely different than what your real name is, and never share your real name unless it’s absolutely necessary. I’ve approached girls from my town, I’ve approached girls who were best friends with my best friends – it’s pretty crazy how small of a world it is, and it would be social suicide if any high status girl found out you’re learning how to pick up girls of their caliber. If you want, you can use a name that’s similar to your first name, so if you end up getting the date you can tell her she spelled your name wrong. Treat Pick Up like Fight Club – first rule of Fight Club is you never speak about Fight Club.

Two Types of Approaches to Practice

Once you have your name, it’s time to get good. Approaching is the only way to get good at Pick Up. I’m not going to go into detail as I’m sure you’ve read your share, but I personally break approaching down into two categories. The categories are “Inner Game Approaches” and “Serious Approaches”. Inner game approaches are the crazy ones I spoke about earlier – yelling at a waitress across the restaurant.

These approaches build your indifference and make your frame strong as a rock. But the guys who only do indifferent approaches become known as clowns, and ruin their social status. Only do indifferent approaches when you’re with other PUAs, do not do them with your normal friends and DEFINITELY don’t do them around girls who you’re friends with.

The second category is what you want to focus on. They are the serious approaches that will really teach you how to pick up beautiful girls, rather than just playing a numbers game. Pick Up is an art – it has nuances and expression that you can only master through practice. So learn to hone the subtlety of the art. The reason Pick Up works is because it demonstrates confidence. That’s literally it. So use your serious approaches to develop inner confidence that you can carry on into your regular life.

Part 2: Building a Strong Social Circle

Now the second part of your gaming dual lifestyle is the social circle. This is the “Bruce Wayne” aspect while your PUA persona is Batman. Building a strong social circle can take you further than any degree, amount of practice, or luck. It’s sad but true – the world we live in is all about networking. You have plenty of studious Harvard grads who can’t find a job, while guys who happened to know Steve Jobs growing up making a fortune. For those of you who grew up without a social circle, building one up may seem like an extremely daunting task. Don’t worry; I’m going to break it down for you in some simple steps.

The key to building a social circle is to understand why people network and who they network with. People network with other people who can offer them value in life. It’s why everyone sucks up to rich people, or the popular kids in school. I’ve outlined for you exactly how to get people to see you as a valuable person in their lives.

3 Steps to an Unstoppable Social Circle

Step #1 for you is to find your career path. Exploit whatever you’re GREAT at, whether it’s music or math, and make a man of yourself. If you can make it to six figures in your lifetime, you’ll never need to network again. Everyone will be kissing up to you and your social circle will be taken care of. Money isn’t necessary, but I’m going to be real with you: It certainly helps.

Step two is to never talk badly about anyone. People love to gossip, and are extremely jealous in general. De Niro’s line in Goodfellas sums this point up pretty well: “Always keep your mouth shut and never rat on your friends.” Fair enough?

The third key to building up high social value is to always “market” your friends a little bit. Take them out to a sporting event, treat them to dinner, remember to wish them Happy Birthday. It’s the little things that go a long way in life.

Pretty much all I’m describing to you is how to please people. That is in essence what a social circle is. People enjoying each others company. It’s simple, but the benefits are endless, especially with meeting women. Imagine that you create a social circle that includes girls from a gorgeous college sorority. You throw a party and all their hot blonde sorority sisters come. ON TOP of this, you’re a skilled PUA who knows how to pick up girls off the street. You’re looking at some crazy, crazy experiences my friend. You’ll land yourself models, celebrities – you name it. You can take it as far as your social circle goes, because everyone will know that you’re a pimp.

And best of all, no one will know that you put yourself through the PUA journey to get where you are. I constantly have friends that ask me, “How’d you become so smooth? You were always the shy guy back in school.” I just respond by saying, “I guess I matured! People change with age.” It’s a great feeling to be at the top of the social world, and I advise you make it one of your primary goals.

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8 thoughts on “Date Models, Celebrities – Learn How to Pick Up ANY Girl”

  1. Jesse, i have been following you for a long time. I once subscribed to your news letter, but i stopped receiving mail. Suduction science has improved my life with picking up girls

  2. I pretty much went through a similar process. I agree that there is no logic in people feeling suspicious of developing pick-up skills but it’s the way it is and it’s probably best not to make too much of a big deal of it. This really is nonsense though asneveryone knows that it’s an important area of your life, yet you’re supposed to leave it to chance and never develop – yeah right – would you do that with money or health. Once you start applying your beastly pick-up skills in a real social context things just get crazy. A good social group actually trumps pretty much all pick-up so it’s good to work on that aspect a lot, particularly if you want the top, top girls. A lot of girls simply won’t get with a guy who they don’t have some social knowledge of. On the flip side, even if one of her friends happens to know your social group, you’re chances of getting her increases a lot.
    Great article anyway.

    1. Hey man if you’re in High School then the equivalent of money is playing a sport, or making a name for yourself in one way or another. The whole “cool kid” crowd is annoying, and if you’re not part of that don’t fret. Focus on a sport, schoolwork, or a hobby and excel at it. People flock to those who are successful. Then ON TOP of that if you learn game through studying PUA, you’ll be unstoppable man.


    1. Well it is all relative. I said six figures because the average US salary is mid five figures. Adult social circle hierarchies are largely determined by who has what job, drives what car etc etc. It’s a shame, and not something to solely devote yourself to. BUT, if you have a good job, you’ll have a much easier time being accepted by social circles.

  3. Hm this is a very interesting concept. I’ve never thought about this, but it’s like PUA on steroids, lol. Great article Tom – going to go to my HS reunion and network a bit!

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