Leggy Women.. Pictures and Tips To Dating Long-Legged Models

Are you crazy for women with long, leggy legs?  This post is for you!

Sure, there are plenty of tall women that are not particularly attractive.  I also find overly skinny long-legged women a little freaky looking.

But when a woman has SHAPELY calves and full thighs AND long legs, then wow!  Very little else can compete with that kind of genetic ammunition.

Why Leggy Women Are Great

  • Leggy women age better.  Whereas the face and skin shows wrinkles early, and the breasts and butt are the first to sag, a woman’s legs typically resist the signs of aging.  I’ve seen 50 year old women that looked amazing- primarily because they had long, full legs!  A woman with long, full legs will stay looking like arm candy while most of her female peers will have lost their physical beauty.

Great Legs Wallpaper__yvt2

  • Research shows that long-legged women have less heart disease and lower risk of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia than short-legged women.
  • Research shows that tall, leggy women don’t put on weight nearly as easily as their shorter, squatter counterparts


  • Studies have shown that leggy women earn more money in the workplace.
  • High heels help to elongate a woman’s body and they extend her legs visually.  For regular women, heels are key to looking super-hot because their silhouette is otherwise quite short.  But for a taller, leggy woman, high heels do something completely extra and different– almost magical really.  Heels turn tall women into a goddess… something from another world!

An Alternative To Leggy Women

There’s also a way to create the visual illusion of a leggy legs woman with an otherwise short girl.

IF the short girl has shapely and muscularly toned legs, than high heels can still make her legs look pretty awesome.


She’s short, but her legs have great shape and will look hot in high heels.

Take a woman like Candice Cardinelle (5’4’’).  Or super-short Sheena Shaw (5’0’’).

Sheena Shaw is super short, but because of the full thickness of her legs, she looks great in heels

They’re both short with short legs, but they’re both extremely athletic and have full-bodied, shapely legs- and look fantastic with high heels on.

The very short, but toned and athletic Candice

As opposed to a genuinely tall woman with super-skinny legs, which looks pretty mediocre in comparison.

Where to find and meet leggy women

Leggy leg women with shapely legs aren’t common because they’re outliers.  99% of women fall within the bell curve of normal legs.


Still, they CAN be found.

First off, you need to target the right population groups.  Asian women tend to be very short, and if you’re a leg man, you probably won’t be into Asians very much.  The tallest women tend to be Caucasians in countries like the Netherlands, Denmark, Slovenia, and Estonia.


But if you’re in the US or Australia, you can meet leggy women if you just go out a lot.  Meet women out at night clubs and social functions, and you’re bound sooner or later to meet women that fit your criteria.  Just going out (a lot!) solves a lot of the “finding” problem.  The KEY is to be socializing and talking to *everybody* so that when that one leggy girl does come around, you’ll have plenty of social momentum to easily go talk to her and not act like a weirdo that’s needy for her.

Maintaining her legs

The legs show signs of aging last, long after other parts of the body show age.  That’s why leggy women tend to age better- because at age 50, all she has to do is wear heels and micro-skirt, and she’ll STILL be able to turn heads.


A disciplined weight lifting regimen can keep a woman’s legs looking hot-hot-hot even through her 50’s

That only works though is she maintains her leg’s muscle mass.  That means hitting the gym with heavy weight training, or doing other exercises like Pilates.

So if you’re dating a long-legged beauty, encourage her to KEEP what she’s got and get her excited about weights!

Most Guys Don’t Feel Deserving Of A Leggy Woman

Most guys actually prefer short, petite women.  But I suspect it’s because they don’t feel deserving of the long legged ones.


This one is HOT in my opinion – and for your inspiration. I like how she’s bending over and her and super micro dress is riding up over her butt chicks… kind of like she’s super easy access. The ankle bracelet is a nice, sexy touch. This is how girls should dress for the club… tanned, wearing almost nothing, and stilettos on a pole. Agreed?

Most guys prefer the “cute” girl next door rather than the bodacious glamour model… but again, it’s because the girl next door-type fits better into their reality of what they feel is possible.

Most guys also say they prefer small breasted women.

But what men SAY they want, is very different than what men actually RESPOND TO!

When a long-legged woman walks through a room, she turns heads.  Period.  But most men don’t feel they deserve to have such arm-candy, so will rationalize it off.

That’s good for you- hot women are hit on LESS than you think, because guys are just too nervous or don’t feel they’re entitled to be with her.

How to date and sleep with leggy women

A big barrier is just FINDING a woman with great legs.  But going out A LOT, as I’ve said before, can solve that problem.  It’s a game of patience, there’s no easy way to speed up the process.

That being said, even when the woman of your dreams walks by, you’ll be so outcome-oriented that you’ll instantly freeze and let your opportunity slip by.


Imagine having your dream leggy girl to wake up to every morning!

That’s why I created the Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control Program– so that you don’t miss out on that next opportunity again, and are instead READY to get her, knowing WHAT to say, and WHAT to do!

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19 thoughts on “Leggy Women.. Pictures and Tips To Dating Long-Legged Models”

  1. I want a woman with legs up to my chest. Dam when I wear my low rise pants and shirt off with my dick loose we would be one hot couple. And she need to be able to bend in all places.

  2. Have always liked leggy women, when combined with stilletoes and stockings or tights, you have an beatable combination.

  3. You need to go out and look for these type women very often, because, remember the Gaussian distribution applies to almost any quality.
    If you are attracted to long legged AND very good looking women(catwalk models) you have to multiply the individual probabilities. So, lets say, the probability of seeing a long legged women ist 1 in 50 and the probability for a beautiful women is 1 in 100, the combined probability is 1 in 5000. So in order to see 1 super hot long legged women you need to find 100 long legged girls… And of course , among them you ‘ll also have some with pretty ugly faces…

  4. With leggy women I found very helpful negging their butt. No matter how muscular their legs are, they feel usually insecure about it and you can exploit it on your benefit. Just telling them is a beautiful butt, but seems like not that good is enough to have her begging for a first hand test.

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