Mirror Neurons- The Freaky Science To Getting Laid 300% More

Guest article by Robert King, Lead Instructor for PUA Method

Hey guys, want to know how to get more girls attracted to you quickly?

Mirror Neurons!

I’m going to tell you how “Mirror Neurons” can help you get laid.

Neurophysiologists, Scientists that study the nervous system, for years have been researching the cause and effect of how the human mind works.

During the 1990’s, Italian scientists discovered that when a monkey picked up food, it resulted in similar brain activity as if the monkey was just observing another monkey picking up food.

The same parts of the monkey’s brain lit up when the monkey picked up a banana compared to when the monkey just watched another monkey picking up a banana.


A few years later the same scientific group was able to conclude that a human mind responds in a similar way as the monkeys.

Many of the same neurons in the human mind were triggered when either performing an action or observing someone else performing that action.

When Joe sat down on in chair, the same neurons fired in his brain as when he watched his friend Dave sit down in a chair.

The scientists also discovered that this same phenomenon occurs just by hearing the sound of the actions only.  Joe ripping paper would result in the same brain activity as if he heard his friend Dave ripping paper.

And yes, knowing this little fact means you have a MAJOR advantage with women—keep reading!

The Science of Mirror Neurons

When you perform a physical action, your brain fires a specific set of neurons.

When you tear some paper with your hands, then the motor command neurons associated to tearing paper will fire within your brain.  Scientists can actually see this by using electrodes which monitor brain activity.


Most neurons have an associated mirror neuron right next to them.  The mirror neurons get fired when observing someone else do an action.  So watching or hearing Dave tear some paper would result in the associated mirror neuron being fired.

Mirror Neurons are essentially “empathy neurons”.  Mirror neurons take the other person’s perspective, and make us naturally and instantly empathize with what the other person is doing.

Accelerated Learning through Mirror Neurons

By watching someone else do an action, results in the same parts of your brain lighting up and become active.  This allows you to imitate, emulate, and learn from other people just by watching them.  Mirror Neurons allow you to learn something new, just by watching someone else do it.

So when you watch a guy who is skilled at picking up girls, because of your mirror neurons, you will improve your pick up too.

When you watch a guy talk with confidence, that same part of your brain will light up.

When you watch a guy escalate and touch women, that part of your brain will light up.

Even hearing another man talk in a positive way will cause that positive part of your brain to light up.

And the more often a neuron lights up, the easier it becomes for the brain to access that neuron in the future, making it easier for you to access these actions in the future when picking up girls yourself.

In other words, you could literally just watch a video or take a bootcamp and just by observing, become better with women.

A guy could spend years developing his unique style in meeting and getting girls.  But just by watching him, you can become almost as good as him within a few days- and cut years off your learning curve.

This is why video demonstrations can be so helpful.  Watching a video allows your brain to pick up the actions you observe, all thanks to your mirror neurons.

And by watching me pick up a girl from start to finish in this video, your game can improve!


A Mind Blowing Realisation from V.S Ramachandran

It is important to note that watching or observing doesn’t create the exact same reaction in your body.

Yes, watching someone getting a massage would cause the same neurons to be fired in your brain as if you were to receive the massage.  The same part of your brain would light up… BUT you obviously would NOT feel the same touch sensation as the person getting the massage.

The reason why you don’t actually feel the touch is that we all have touch and pain receptors in the skin.  These touch receptors tell the brain if we’re being hurt or experiencing pleasure.  So if you watch someone else get a massage, the same part of your brain will light up but, the touch receptors in your skin will NOT send a signal to your brain.  Your brain will just think to itself, “It is not you being touched”.

Ramachandran speculates that if you were to peel of your skin, and thus lose all your skin receptors, then you could feel the same touch sensations just from observing a massage.  You could watch a person being massaged, and still experience those same sensations as the person actually getting it!


This is because your skin receptors are gone and can no longer communicate to the brain what’s really going on.

(Click here to watch his full talk)

This idea actually relates to a very old Buddhist concept, that we are all “one” and connected to each other in a real way.  We are connected via our mirror neurons and empathy.  When we see someone doing something bad to someone else, then we experience it ourselves.  When we see someone else being kind to others, then we experience this as well.

How can Mirror Neurons help you with GIRLS?

Onto the important part- here’s how Mirror Neurons will get you laid with cute girls!


When you’re chatting to a woman and she sees another couple kissing, then SHE will become more open to kissing HERSELF!

When she sees another couple kissing, the kissing part of HER brain will light up and fire off.

Her brain will also receive new evidence that kissing in public is acceptable.

If you are out with a buddy and he is with his own girl, ask him to kiss his girl nearby to the girl you want to meet.  The girl you want to meet won’t feel the same sensations as the couple kissing, but she WILL become more open to kissing you, as her mirror neurons for kissing fire off.

Here’s a tip: invite a girl over to your place to watch a DVD.  I’ve found that the best film to watch is “Cruel Intentions”.  This movie has lots of seduction, kissing, and sex… plus it has a really good plot.  When watching sex, women become aroused and are more open to having sex themselves.  Any film that has a good plot and has sex in it will be a great choice to improve the woman’s sexual receptivity!

The “mirror neuron effect” is like a nice bonus.  But it won’t get you laid all by itself.  If there is no attraction between you and the girl, then watching “Cruel Intentions” will not lead to having sex with her.  The core fundamentals of being attractive to women are having-

  • Confidence
  • Humor
  • Positivity

Utilizing a woman’s mirror neurons gives you an extra boost though.  If she has attraction towards you, then the effect will definitely help!

The Law of State Transfer

Finally, it’s important to understand “The Law of State Transfer”.

Put simply, how you appear to feel, the girl will also feel.


So if you appear to be relaxed, then the girl will follow your lead and also relax.

If you appear to be scared, then the girl will feel pick up on that and feel scared herself.

And if you feel aroused… then the girl will get aroused!

This happens because her mirror neurons automatically empathize and mirror with you.

So if you want the girl to feel a certain emotion then it is important that you visit that emotion FIRST.

If you want the girl to feel sexual, then you need to feel sexual FIRST.

Start thinking of porn in your mind or imagine her masturbating to you last night whilst you’re talking to her.  You will then start to get turned on and this will result in HER getting turned on!  And when she is turned on, she’ll be far more sexually receptive.

This can also be called “Sexual State Projection”, when you project being sexual onto her.

So as you can see, understanding the Mirror Neuron effect and the Law of State Transfer is KEY to improving your game with girls!

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  1. So can this work on your spouse too? What if you’ve been going through a marital dry spell… how do these techniques translate there?

  2. I need to tell you 2 important things
    1 Jesse charger for president!!!
    2. It would be a great idea if you put videos of your suduction science at work because of these neurons we could watch a couple videos and get the same effect as if we were to read a ton of your tips.

  3. Neuropsychologist

    Great work on the website. I was particularly pleased to see some exploration of mirror neurones which was a nice surprise. I think being relaxed and in control really helps with attraction. Using empathy and expert use of non verbal behaviour really helps build a deeper connection.

    Keep up the good work.

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