13 Real Stories of Sheet-Ripping Dominant Sex… From My Readers!

Real Reader’s Story #1: Katie

Katie: Jesse, I have been this guy’s girl for 5 years. I would get so irritated if he would try to have sex with me, I started being mean to him even.  He started getting to the point where he was just being overly nice and would do anything for me. I liked that part, but was overall annoyed by him.

Then one day I am doing my makeup and had an attitude with him. He came in grabbed me by my hair and said in my ear “Did you forget who’s the man and who’s the woman here?”  I shook my head no.

He said “huh?” I said “No I didn’t forget”. He told me to get on my knees. I did.

Then he made me look at him and say sorry for talking back to him and I won’t do it again. He made me say sorry with his dick in my mouth and said he couldn’t hear me. I tried to say it clearly so he could hear me but every time I tried he put his dick in my mouth again. He would put it as far as he could and hold it there then give me a second to breath. Then he came on my face and told me to lick his balls and dick clean.

When I was done he told me to go wash my face and don’t forget again that I am his. He made me tell him I understand all this while I was still on my knees and look at him when I said it. Then I washed my face and never denied him again.

I’m waiting for him to get off work right now because he always likes dinner ready and oral sex while he eats his dinner. So I am about to touch up my makeup.

He ALWAYS respects me in front of others. No one would live to see the next day if they disrespected me in front of him. But I can’t help it now. I have to do whatever he wants! He always makes me tell him that while I’m on my knees in front of him while he’s sitting on the couch. And I have to look at him while I say it.

~ Katie


#2. “She was kneeling at my feet taking my…”

Anonymous: Jesse, I have to admit when I first got your stuff a long time ago I thought it was bullshit.  But I kept thinking about it, and all the things I wanted to change about my relationship.  My girlfriend had recently moved in and she had all kinds of habits I didn’t like and it caused a lot of arguments.  So I decided to give it a try.

I started telling her rules and correcting her when she didn’t follow them and reminding her of the rules.  When she did something I liked, like working out or cleaning/cooking, I praised her and told her what a good job she did following the rules and how I was proud of her.

Initially I didn’t think it was going to work.  She’d just get mad and tell me not to tell her what do to.  But I just kept at it.  I also made sure a few of the rules were things she loved doing, that way she’d follow some rules anyway.  Then when she did them I didn’t just thank her but told her how proud I was of her for following the rules… making the praise about her obedience and not what she did.

At first she laughed it off but after a couple of weeks I stopped… and noticed she seemed upset I didn’t tell her she’d done a good job.  That’s when I knew it was working and all your tips were right on.

I told her I was glad she followed some rules but I would only be proud of her if she followed them all.  It was slow going but soon I noticed she was starting to follow more of my rules, even the ones she didn’t like, like super high heels and slutty clothes at home.

Once I felt she was trained to be fairly obedient I started introducing other things like deep throating and anal… things she’d previously insisted were degrading and she’d never do.

I was sure to tell her they were new rules and how proud I’d be of her.  Before long she was kneeling at my feet taking my dick down her throat like a champ and letting me fuck her up the ass.  Then I worked her up to expecting it more often and getting rougher with her until I was finally able to be a bull and just fuck her however I wanted.

It’s been a difficult thing, training her, but once she responded positively it was pretty smooth sailing from there.  Now my girlfriend is a real mistress…sucking my dick on demand, taking rough anal and dressing sexy to serve me dinner.  Now I’m the boss and she follows my lead.

I’m sure some people will bitch and say it’s not in a woman’s best interest to be trained like this…well that’s not what guys care about… it’s in OUR best interest as couple.

~ Anonymous

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#3. “A girl in sexy lingerie wanting to serve me dinner…”

Matt: Jesse, I’ve used tons of your techniques, especially the ones about dominating your girlfriend and introducing rough sex and anal.  It’s taken quite a while and lots of training but I have the perfect mistress girlfriend now.

She works in a high stress job and used to come home stressed out and sex was more about her and only when she had time.  Now she regularly leaves work early and I come home to a girlfriend in sexy lingerie wanting to serve me dinner.  She goes to her knees whenever I say I want a blow job and she knows sex is going to rough and she’ll be taking anal when I want her to.

Your ‘training’ tips have helped me teach her submission and lets me channel my male aggression and dominate her.  We’re both happier now

~ Matt


#4. “His every sexual need is met…”

Anonymous: My boyfriend didn’t tell me about your site when he first discovered it. Once he felt he’d “trained” me enough he showed me your site.  It’s amazing, so many things on here my boyfriend uses regularly.

My boyfriend tells everyone about your site.  I’m so different from how I was when I first got together with my boyfriend and so is he.  He’s a real bedoom bull now, regularly insisting on things like anal, deep throat blow jobs, very rough fucking, etc… things I never knew women needed to do for their man often.

I would have never thought of myself as submissive until my boyfriend “trained” me…now I can’t describe the pleasure I get from knowing his every sexual need is met.  Submitting to anal, getting on my knees for him and taking him into my throat, dressing in sexy clothes and serving him dinner… it all makes me feel proud that I do a good job of meeting his needs.

In your article you write, “You show women your masculine aggression. You throw women down on the bed and ravish them without regard for her pleasure. You talk dirty to women while you roughly take what’s yours and fuck them.”  This is exactly what makes a woman understand her own needs… her need to be with a bedroom bull that takes control.

You’re teaching men how to introduce women to their real needs.  Keep up the good work.

~ Anonymous

#5. “Train me into being the mistress he deserves…”

Emma: Jesse, in response to your article that a woman should cut back on her work hours to sexually please her man… my boyfriend and I decided to give this a try.

I quit my high-stress long-hours job about 8 months ago.  We do have less unneeded toys (due to less money) but we’re so much happier.  Now I have a small part-time job I love and great hours.  I’m able to take care of my boyfriend in the mornings before he goes to the office and I’m home several hours before he gets off work.  It leaves me the time to keep the house nice, get all the chores done and work out to stay in great shape.

I find myself thinking of ways to make sure my boyfriend is happy.  I make sure to have dinner ready when he comes home and he loves coming home to me in sexy lingerie ready to serve him dinner and eager to meet his sexual needs.  And his self-esteem is through the roof as he feels like a provider and respected for his dominant role.  My self-esteem is even better now too.

Needless to say our sex life is amazing and way more active.  He is so dominant now; he’s really embraced being a true bedroom bull (and not just in the bedroom).  I find myself so much more submissive now.  Seeing how hard he works to provide for us makes me eager to show him my love and my respect for him.

This obviously isn’t for everyone (and that’s fine, to each their own) but I say give it a try. I never thought I’d love focusing on making a nice home for my boyfriend and focusing on his sexual needs instead of a career until we gave it a try.

Before my boyfriend discovered your site and your training methods I used to laugh at women who were all about their boyfriends or husbands and didn’t want their own career… now I’m one of those women, focused on my boyfriend’s needs as the most important thing.

I find it so much more emotionally satisfying than any relationship I’ve ever had.

The change in my boyfriend is amazing too.  He’s now so confident, dominant, and sexually commanding.  He says he’s never had a happier relationship, never been able to let go and channel his natural male aggression into a sexual relationship before.  He was one of those guys that were taught to never be too rough and to always put a woman’s desire first instead of putting his needs first and taking what he wanted.  Now he’s confident in his ability to take charge, lay down rules and be the boss.

And I have to say, the look on his face when he looks down at me when I kneel at his feet to take him down my throat… he looks so powerful and confident that it just spurs on my submission (which I never knew about myself until he started with your training methods).

I know we wouldn’t have gotten to this point without the complete change our relationship went through when my boyfriend discovered your methods to train me into being the mistress he deserves.

~ Emma

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#6. “Women really do crave it…”

“Your job as a Bedroom Bull is that of the boss and the enforcer, and to make your woman feel discomfort and pain in the process – but to enjoy it overall” —Damn straight.

My girlfriend was against anal so I started with your affirm training tips, getting her to agree and beg me while fucking her.  I moved her up to rough sex, again training her to beg for it.  That’s when I started talking to her about anal, while I was fucking her and teaching her to beg for it.  Once I felt she was ready I moved on to anal sex, reminding her how she’d begged for it.

Let me tell you, women really do crave it.  It was fucking amazing for me, the best feeling of dominance ever.  And being fucked up the ass made her totally submissive.   I make sure to do it often so the lesson of submission stays strong.

~ Matt

hair pull

#7. “Women love a man to take charge…”

Paul: Hi all, I’ve been a dominant man for a long time and I’ve turned every “normal” girl/woman I’ve been seeing into a submissive and I’m not kidding every one of them says I’ve changed their lives!

Don’t get the wrong idea I love and respect women and treat them with the respect they deserve and show them love affection.

But then my darker side comes out and I’ll tie them up, spank, whip, cane, gag them, talk dirty, spit in their face, (def ask about the spitting before hand!)… not for everyone but a big humiliation turn on for others.  I advertise myself as a master looking for submissive women to train and I’ve not been short of takers! And they love it time and time again coming back for more.

These are women who are intelligent and good jobs, even dominant in their work place, but love a man to take charge and punish them. Password for safety is a must and makes them feel safe and like another said you must stop at that point. Good luck all and play safe!

~ Paul

#8. “She adores the treatment…”

Anonymous: There is nothing like getting your girl into some sexual spanking, if you manage to have them in the mood, she ends up loving it as much as you. And then, the sky is the limit…

With my girlfriend we have games if she’s behaving wrongly and then I have to punish her for the misbehavior.  It’s natural at some point so she accepts me as some kind of jury.

When she wanted to be on a diet, she even suggested me to control her, so we agreed on a weekly target. We made a ritual of the scale moment, women love this kind of stuff.  She has to paint herself, pink as primary color and use a micro dress, and an exceptionally short skirt.

If she passes the mark, I invite her for dinner, if not, she is my submissive slut. She doesn’t feel guilty with herself, so she adores the treatment.

~ Anonymous

#9. “My man takes what he wants, however he wants it…”

Emma: My boyfriend took me shopping and bought me an outfit, a tight slutty hot pink micro-dress and super high platform heels.  Sometimes out of the blue I will dress up to the nines… the micro-dress, super high platform heels, hair/makeup/nails.  He comes home to find me waiting to serve him dinner dressed like that.

It’s not often we actually make it to dinner… I’m more likely to end up face down over the table getting the roughest fucking of my life!!!  The outfit is like a signal to him that he has total control and believe me he embraces that. He totally loses it… he’s so rough and dominant, taking what he wants, however he wants it.

I feel so thoroughly dominated and used when he’s finished and more often than not I’m concerned the next day that the neighbors heard me screaming in pleasure!

It’s also a great code for your boyfriend to let you know he wants it rough.  When he has a hard day at work he will call me and tell me ‘be in the pink dress when I get home’ and that lets me know what he wants and I can be ready and waiting.

~ Emma

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#10. “Making her beg for it…”

Matt: I did the following with my girlfriend every time I fucked her; got her in the habit of saying yes to everything I did, making her beg for it.  Once I felt like it was natural for her I moved onto rougher sex, again making her agree and begging for it.  Before long she would give in to rough sex with no hesitation.    Once I introduced anal she hesitated but I kept reminding her she begged for it and soon it was a regular for us too.

Needless to say I now have a nice little sexually submissive girlfriend who knows my sexual needs always come first.  Making your girlfriend affirm and beg for your cock is a great training method.

~ Matt

#11. “Surrender yourself completely to me…”

Simone: I have only just, for the first time in my life, fully discovered and admitted I’m a submissive woman.  I met a guy online and had sex on a first date – that is something I have never done before!  All because it became very clear, very quickly that he was an experienced Dom and ‘brought out’ the slut in me!!

He said on our first date “If you go into the rest room, take off your panties, give them to me, across this table, you will be surrendering yourself completely to me and I will own you for the whole night.” How hot is that?!?!  Needless to say, I did just that- the sex was amazing and I’ve never looked back! No more vanilla for me!! Who knew?!?!

In response to your article “How To Get ‘Good Girls’ To Agree To *Anything* In Bed!”, this is all true- or else why would those crap “50 shades books” be such best sellers? All women deep down, want to be dominated in the bedroom! Read any women’s erotica- it is 99% Dom/Sub stuff! We just need to acknowledge our male female gender differences and celebrate them!  Great site Jesse!

~ Simone

#12. “We rarely argue anymore…”

Anonymous: Jesse, I had my girlfriend read this article for me. She was really surprised that a man’s #1 need is sexual fulfillment.  I was totally honest (one of the needs for her) and told her about my sexual wants and how I wasn’t satisfied with our sex life.  We ended up reading through other posts together and she was surprised by how men need to be a bedroom bull but admitted the idea turned her on.

She’s learning how to deep throat, and getting pretty damn good at it.  She’s also learned how to take anal and understands that even if it’s uncomfortable it’s important for a man’s feeling of dominance.  The post on sweet but painful sex was a real help.  She now regularly submits to anal and rough sex and I’ve never been happier with our sex life.   And she’s so sexually satisfied (and worn out) that we rarely argue anymore.

She’s even started doing things like making nice dinners and dressing super sexy for me  🙂

~ Anonymous

#13. “Grabbing her pigtails and shoving down her…”

Nick: I love to do this to my girlfriend.  I have her dress in a bubble gum pink, super short see-thru dress that barely covers her ass, slutty makeup, 7 inch platform heels and her long hair in pigtails.  She knows when I have her dress like this she is submitting to everything I say.

I have her serve me dinner and then afterwards kneel before me.  I roughly fuck her face, grabbing her pigtails and shoving down her throat. I end the night with her in doggie position, holding her head down on the floor, while I roughly ass fuck her.

It’s amazing. Makes me feel totally dominant and in charge!  She doesn’t take the initiative and dress this way herself but when I tell her to she does without question.  And she falls into submission beautifully.

~ Nick

111 thoughts on “13 Real Stories of Sheet-Ripping Dominant Sex… From My Readers!”

  1. as a girl i hate this (personally i’m into BDSM so it says a lot about how bad and degrading this is that i don’t like it , training a girl that doesn’t want to be trained is wrong and i’m not horny any more thanks to these stories that degrade women .

    1. Even as a man, I agree with you. All of this should be consensual, and a dominant/submissive relationship in bed should remain in bed. A woman certainly shouldn’t have to quit her job to get on her hands and knees for a man who is supposed to be her supportive partner.

  2. I am a 19-year-old female and I love anal sex with my boyfriend. I am submissive by nature, so he strips me naked and ties my wrists to the headboard of the bed as I lie on my back in anal-missionary position. We never use lube because we both want to maximize the intensity and friction during our anal-sex sessions. He has an erect penis that is 11 inches long, so when he penetrates my anus, rectum, and colon with it, I can feel the burning pain of my sphincter muscles stretching wide. Once he has completely buried his cock inside of my ass, he thrusts back and forth, reaming me out and I listen to his moans of pleasure, trying to sychronize my moans of pain with his moans as if I were moaning in pleasure, too. But my pain does not matter to me or to him. We only care about bringing him to multiple ejaculations deep inside of my ass.

  3. How do i find a man like this? Im in mesa az and I believe a man should financially support his woman and she should work part time of course or have a hobby but womens main purpose is to cook, clean, pleasure of a man, and baby breeding and rearing

  4. I’m a daddy !!
    I bring out the lil slutty girl from inside of any girl that I ever met. Im 34 . I have few baby girls. Every year I add one just as the number of my age is going up .
    They love how i care about them. How I talk to them. How I comfort them. They usually are between 20 to 25 years old .
    Its kinda therapy .its a nice feeling of being yourself. I don’t charge them .. Or I don’t pay them ! Don’t get me wrong.
    I find them through online dating.
    I give them a certain date .. An appointment and they walk into my room just with their own feet. No pressure .
    They get undress … They kneel down and I grab their hair in my hand and gently pull it back and whisper in their ear : you just want to be my victim … You want to be my lil slut. You came here to drain my balls … Then I start tying their hands . their lil cute wrists together. I love the fear in their face … But then I squat down and rub my finger between their clits … Bring it up to their mouth and give it to her mouth while I grab her throat at the same time and tell them : taste your filth … Who told you to cum ?? ( slap ) … Then I bend them over my sofa which I just bought it for this purpose. I spank them and make them to count each of them and say thank you daddy …
    Oh they love it … I love it too .
    I sometimes cum during the process but I don’t let them go. I cum on my feet and make them lick it …
    Can’t wait for one that comes today. She is 22 … Pretty girl . she has a bf buy her bf is not satisfying her. So I’m the daddy. Its her second time.
    However if you dream this lifestyle , just walk out the closet and find a right man I’m sure there will be one stud in your area that can handle your needs. Sometimes they are dom but they have no clue of how to do it to you.
    You need to teach them … Take baby steps … Bring a lil rope and tell him you like him yo tie your wrists up from back while he fucks you in doggy style.
    Make him sure you really love it. When you cum … Yell out or scream out his name … Show him what a good job he has done to you.
    I think its women that make a dominant bull out of a simple man. That happened to me and fee other dom friends that I know.
    So its all up to u girls.
    Talk to your partner. He won’t do anything til you open your mouth and tell him your darker sides.
    Cheers to happiness.

    1. My god.Your whole statement makes me happier than I could be right now!
      I was reading the entry’s and I was getting fucking mad.All this training shit and taking what you want when you want without even a tiny concern for yourself partner is a loud of horse shit.

  5. I see myself as a sub woman (23 yr old).
    And reading whats written above pissed me right off…
    Like wtf is this training bullshit no confident independent woman will fall for that crap. If someone did that to me ill tell em to piss off and go get a dog to satisfy your low self esteem and the urge to prove ur masculinity, any “man” that tries to do that will instantly be seen as a FUCKBOY to me; and will probably get kicked out.

    Being a dom male does not equal being a selfish sexist cunt.

    Dom males relish on seeing their submissive moan, shiver and drip with orgasms, because pleasure is a mutual thing , giving and receicing. He knows how to work a woman’s body to extract all the points of pleasure for her and him.
    He takes care of HIS sub because she is HIS and his alone; he uses safe words, discusses her soft and hard limits
    (because as much submission goes some things are just off the table and no tolerated meaning if breached it would result in a disastrous off-putting experience),
    he sees what she enjoys and tells her what he enjoys to reach a mutual consentual understanding so that there is no confusion or mistreat, and finally and most importantly proper aftercare, he makes sure she feels safe, loved/appreciated, RESPECTED and takes good care of her, as some sessions can be intense physically and mentally.

    ^ this gives the sub true safety and allows her to surrender completely, with no doubt or hesitancy, she will give him complete control over her body knowing he would not misuse his power ( giving someone that much control makes a person very vulnerable, not weak) without the “training” crap we are not dogs.
    And in counterpart the dom will have complete control over every inch of his sub’s body, making both their bodies explode with intense pleasure that have been building during the session.

    P.S. a D/s relationship ( to me ) exist only “in the bedroom” [doesn’t have to be the actual bedroom if you know what I mean;) ]
    this means during the sessions I’ll be his little slut/whore/cumdump/slave if I disobey I get punished, and all the fun kinks etc… but OUTSIDE that frame I’m not his slave nor his slut, I don’t follow “commands” or “rules” because we are both grown adults with jobs and shit to do daily.

    These are dom wannabes, they claim to have the dominant/sub relationship but have no understanding of the full nature and meaning of the relationship.

    A real man isn’t defined by just having a penis, nor is a real woman by her vagina.
    So get ur head outta ur ass and off your cock, try using your tiny brain and think of the PERSON your fucking.

    And finally, it saddens me as there seems to be alot of you wannabes in the D/s community and it just gives a bad rep and misconception of the true nature of this type of sexual relationship.

    I hope some of you truly read this and understand what I mean.

    1. I think your right, I wouldn´t do the whole rule thing too. If someone would try this with me I would be out of the relationship/ deal, whatever , as fast as possible

    2. My god.Your whole statement makes me happier than I could be right now!
      I was reading the entry’s and I was getting fucking mad.All this training shit and taking what you want when you want without even a tiny concern for yourself partner is a loud of horse shit.

  6. Lol. Submissive here.
    Both your pleasure should come first. If these women only gain pleasure from their partners getting off they probably never had an orgasm on their own. Even I, who is a natural sub(*gasp * no training required) will get tired of a Dom if my partner won’t get me off.

    And my Dom cooks for me all the time & provides after care where he holds me and makes sure I know I’m special. My Dom takes care of me because I’m his. During sex he cares about my pleasure yet he is in control like I want him to be. How does having a dominant male mean my pleasure isn’t as important.

    My Dom makes sure I’m dripping with pleasure when I’m going down on him, while he shoves my head down doing all that stuff you selfish sexist lovers want but He Wants me to finish too. he’ll simply tell me to *** on his ****. He’s in control of every inch of my body but he’s not fucking selfish. So you’re wrong if you think she won’t leave you when she finds someone that can make her cum. Being dominant should not be neglecting the subs satisfaction (or never going down on her)

    And women do not exist for your fcking pleasure, we’re not sex objects were not a sum of tits and pussy. if this is a master-sub situation, cool do your thing, but with normals you need to be careful. This sexualisation & idea of women as sex objects is demeaning. I’d argue that a you don’t need to dehumanize a sub in order to have rough sex, but just see her as YOURS, & not a fragile fucking flower either, but a woman who wants to know your darkest urges and needs. She doesn’t exist for your pleasure, she wants you to not hold back your pleasure, but for you to let go & stop treating her like a demeaning “princess” but a woman capable of meeting your dirtiest need.

    outside the bedroom you should do shit cuz you love them not cuz you train them like an animal. In real life there should be mutual respect and serving each other’s needs. If someone did that to me id tell them to fuck off, I’m just as busy and tired as you after work.

    And I’m a woman who loves to be controlled in bed, choked, I love anal b/c it’s the submission at its finest, & I follow every single thing my Dom wants in bed, I couldn’t disobey & that’s not b/c of some pathetic idea like “I couldn’t even if I wanted to.” I obey cuz I simply fucking want to.

      1. I agree . I’ve had two great Doms in my life .. I am greatful for them and miss it terribly . Things have to be in line with your needs . You can’t consent to something no healthy for you – but if it is go for it ! Being French vanilla – very into being dominated, but not into 24/7 or pain is a difficult spot to be in .
        Being in a vanilla relationship isn’t working either .

    1. I couldnt say it better myself. This list is demeaning. Training someone like this is basically brainwashing

    2. Thank youuu! You said exactly what I was thinking.

      These are not doms nor real men. Just horny sexist duck boys.

    3. My wife and I have an incredible dom/sub relationship, but only in the bedroom. (I, dom, her sub) I couldn’t agree with you more. Our biggest problem, is that we don’t take life seriously at all: in other words, when something funny happens during a scene, we’d rather laugh about it than stay in character. It’s just who we are.

      I say this because many of our scenes involve me telling her what a worthless slut she is, and that she is just my fck toy, and that she is only there for my pleasure. All the while this is going on she’s having orgasm after orgasm, (usually between 20-30 before she can’t take it any more.) before I have my measly one. Afterward, it always makes me laugh thinking about how she “served” me.

      I love being a “dom” that way, and wouldn’t change a thing.

      1. I think such a relationship is beautiful, but don´t you think you exaggerate quite a bit. I mean… 12 orgasms can be life endangering for a woman, because they loose to much energy and it exhausts the body.
        Just in between

      2. I used to think this stuff was made up until I met a skilled dom , but now all other sex isn’t real sex

  7. Wanting A Strong Hand

    Jesse how do I get my husband to own HIS pussy? I want to be dominated and I ask for sex daily. Nightly I wear stuff to bed that barely covers me. No panties and very low cut. I am extremely attractive (I get hit on a lot) and very successful at work but am wanting him to fuck me like a dirty girl. Even when I deep throat him and want to be face fucked I have to put his hands on my head and then my hands on his to guide him. When I want him to finish in my mouth (yes something so exciting about sucking the taste of me off him) I have to ask him. I have tried to guide him by giving scenarios (pretending I’m a prostitute ordered to his room, schoolgirl play where I get fucked with my panties pushed to the side and still dressed, being picked up at a bar) or things to act out and praise him but I want him to do it on his own. I’ve begged him to fuck me out in public without success.
    Here are my current fantasies. I want him to wake me up before work with a gentle slap to the face and be told to get on my knees and suck him off til I get every drop of cum (I know surprise I love to swallow!) and when I ask him if he’s going to fuck me now – he laugh and tell me he doesn’t know if I’ve earned a reward fuck for later or not. I want him to notice when I wear something that barely covers my ass (after the kids go to bed) and him come up behind me and smack my bottom and ask why I’m wagging his pussy around? Him tell me to spread my legs and when I don’t do it fast enough he pulls my hair hard and says what did I say then start fingering me and telling me to bend over so he can fuck his pussy. I want him to tell me to spread my legs when he wants a fuck because I have a pussy purpose and it’s to please him and get him off.
    I don’t know how to bring out his dominat Alpha Male. I’ve tried not asking for sex but even with masturbating the longest I can hold out is three days. I want to make a clear distinction that I don’t want to be a whore I want to be HIS whore. Please help!

    1. Hi there. You’re probably going to have to be direct with him, and tell him specifically what you want him to do.

      First start off telling him to do the milder stuff, and work your way up to the more dominant and aggressive stuff over time.

      I know… that doesn’t feel sexy. You just want him to do it. Telling him isn’t exactly a turn on.

      But it’s pretty much the only way.

      After a while he’ll fall into the habit and start acting like the sexually alpha guy you want him to be.

      1. A fulfilled whore

        I have finally brought out the bull in my husband! You were right I gave him exact fantasies to fulfill (I would send him a weekly text with a fantasy wish for the week so I wouldn’t know when it was coming) and NOW he is starting to do more on his own. This morning this is what I woke up to. I’m getting wet again just thinking about it!
        He set his alarm a little early this morning. He was so rough with me. I was Actually sore after he got done fucking me. He leaned over and pushed my shirt up and grabbed my titties and nipples HARD really hard (until I was awake and cried out), whispered in my ear while biting my earlobe to spread my legs because he wanted to fuck HIS pussy. I started to take off my panties but wasn’t fast enough and he yanked on my nipple again. I spread my legs as fast I could and didn’t get my panties completely off. Then he started fucking me without waiting for me to be ready. Calling me a whore for fucking with my clothes still on. I was whimpering and ready to come fast. He pulled out and grabbed my titties again and reminded me only he gets to decide when I cum. I begged him to let me cum and fuck me with his big cock he laughed and reminded me how much of a dirty whore I was for begging for cock. He fingered me before letting me have that big cock and had me suck my whore juice off his fingers. I came hard. He fucked me until he was ready and then pulled out pushed me to me knees and told his greedy whore to suck the taste of pussy off him. I did, I couldn’t wait to! He made sure I deep throated his big beautiful cock and rewarded me with the sweetest cum I have ever tasted. He leaned over and told me how lucky I was he fucked his pussy and let me swallow his load. He’s right I’m one lucky dirty whore and I can’t wait for him to fuck HIS pussy again. He is finally the alpha male I have wanted and OWNS HIS PUSSY. He takes it whenever he wants……..now to work him up to anal………

    2. Hi babe ,just come and live with me for a while and I will train you. I assure you that you will love it . Your husband/partner will not believe what a whore you really are.

  8. Idk.. This just sounds like you’re helping guys mind fuck woman like in every article, as a man with four sisters I’m not thrilled this site exists. If you have to resort to subtle mind games without their consent that’s nothing to boast about.

    1. Agreed. I’m a sub but I don’t need mind games. My Dom straight up tells me what he likes and I don’t have to be manipulated into wanting it. I want all his crazy shit cuz I actually like it & he makes sure my needs are met too, but he’s in complete control still

  9. Oh dear. Horrible dom wannabes. This is PRECISELY what gives dominance and submission (D/S, the psychology behind BDSM a bad name). Repeat after me, a sub is not a doormat, a sub is not a doormat. And where is the discussion on her limits? Where is the consent? Mr Charger, I have a lot to say. How about we have a little open discussion…one submissive woman, to one (clearly) dominant man. Surely you wouldn’t be scared of a girl. Just a girl. Completely submissive and harmless. Consider this a pink leather gauntlet, cast down before you.

    And we’ll see who comes out on top.

    1. And this is exactly why you suck. You are a female, but lack femininity. “What’s between your legs makes you a woman. What’s between your ears makes you a lady.”

      1. Lol are you actually defining femininity as submission in all areas of life. In your books women aren’t allowed to disagree out rightly are they. HAHAHAHAH YOUR HILARIOUS. If you want a master sub relationship good for you, I’ve nothing against that but to actually disagree with a woman who asks to not be a doormat. Let me guess you’re the kind of Dom who doesn’t use safe words & after care. Lol.

  10. I think women who let themselves be treated like ‘sluts’ by men who claim to care for them are stupid. My husband and I are in a Dom/ Sub contact and though he is rough he would never purposely hurt or degrade me.

    Spanking and clamps are one thing, but forcing anal on someone for your own pleasure is disgusting. Anal doesn’t even need to be a part of sex. That’s what the vagina was made for.

    Let it be known that I am very submissive. I stay home, I clean and cook everyday. I do some lawn work and I try to please my husband in all ways. I’ve always been submissive but the only time a man ever tried to be this way with me, back in my younger years, he was promptly kneed in the groin.

    There is a difference between being a Dom and being a sexist bitch.

    1. “Anal doesn’t even need to be a part of sex.” – If you have the ‘mindblowing’ insight to acknowledge this, then you should have the mature rationality to accept the essence behind it.

  11. Masculinity is nearly extinct. Boys reach adulthood but not manhood. A very significant love and I were having sex doggie style when I placed my foot on her head, she went nuts! It had excited her so much that she scared herself. Later, in tears, she expressed her wish to just have a “normal” relationship. Being a good product of society, I followed her lead. If the men were able to reprogram themselves to value their masculinity, women would naturally follow suit by embracing their feminimity.

    1. Feminine Belle

      I agree with you. I’m a 42 year old woman raised in feminism by a “progressive” morher that was the main breadwinner of the family. It always struck me that it wasn’t quite right. I used to fantasized about having a rough man dominate me but I couldn’t say it out loud. I was married to have a soft man for 7 years and ended up divorcing him because I didn’t feel like a woman next to him. I keep looking for my dominant macho. I have a very dominant married friend with benefits that has made me feel like a woman in the bedroom but I need a man in every aspect of my life

  12. I have a question. Are all wemon submissive? I’m a submissive lesbian and I really hope there are a few Dom girls out there

    1. No not all woman are submissive but most are it’s their programming since the begin of time and most of them went through a traumatic experience or grew up with no mom.

      1. Ignores may be bliss but you wont have any knowledge.
        And passing on knowledge is the ultimate reason we are surviving and living.

    2. I’m actually bisexual and am submissive when it comes to men but prefer to be Dominant when it comes to women. Keep looking and good luck

  13. LIke Emma, I’ve found resistance from men dominating me in the bedroom. Submitting to a man and providing him pleasure above my own just sends me right over the edge with the strongest orgasms. I have some advice for the men out there; Don’t ask us what we want; tell us what we want and take it from us. Trust me, WE LOVE IT.

  14. I love men’s who takes control in BED . Not in Life . I’m a really dominant women myself and I would never have been on my knees to say sorry . Its kind of disrespectfull . It is normal

  15. I am a virgin and allways wanted someon dominant. But those stories scared shit out of me so … I think it would be better to end up with honest, nice man who will never think about me as a dog who need to be taimed. Maybe it is because I am an inexperimenced tweet, but realy, I do not think I would be comfortable in relationship when man want me to fulfil his needs for him. I know, it can be also pleasure for his women but still… Im just scared of that thinks could go out of control…. and I don’t want to be treated like a piece of meat.

    1. The best way to avoid such a man is to read all of Mr Chargers advice on how to predate on young women and then when one of them tries it on you, you’ll know he’s a sexual predator. A real dom will NEVER train you like a dog or make you or force you or coerce you into doing something you don’t want to do or find degrading or disgusting. He’ll discuss what you need with you in advance. You don’t know yourself what you want, and these things need to be explored together. Mr Charger isn’t a dom and he cannot teach other men how to be one. The advice he gives here is down right dangerous and has nothing to do with lifestyle BDSM or even just dominance and submission between lovers who respect each other. There are better resources on the net and I recommend The Journey of Will at blogspot. That has a lot of advice for a sub on staying safe and weeding the horrible wannabes out from the real men. Above all you must stay safe. And safety, sanity and ESPECIALLY consent is not what Jesse Charger is about. Here’s a tip: go with a man who actually likes women.

      1. Yess! Thank you, I could not agree more.

        I’m really concerned that men actually take his advice:/ it’s so bad this promotes rape and sexual abuse not D/s relationship.

        And did you see the manner in which he replies to comments? He’s a man-child that can’t take criticism, a poor mixture of low self asteem, narcissism and glorified ego. -_-

  16. My boyfriend is so sweet and kind but I love to submit how to make him want me to be this way how to make him more dominant

  17. I am curious.. I know I like to submit but how to convince my boyfriend to be my Master is the question he is super kind and sweet but is possessive and when he wants something it’s I want when I want it if your curious any ideas ?

  18. I have always loved the thought of having a man to please. Always have a hot meal waiting for him. Be ready for anything he needs. Sometimes a man may just need someone to talk to. Other times he may just need someone to take his agression out on. I firmly believe the man is the sole proprieter in the relationship and the woman should support him however he needs it.

  19. I read through some stories and articles, and I have to say, I am getting more and more interested. I would love to be trained to be a sub(:
    Anybody interested?

  20. I don’t get it. I’m a domme woman and these stories sound crazy lmaooo I would never….but to a man yessssss!

  21. YourBlackMentor

    The submission of my Ex reached a new level when I had her get on her knees in the car, blow me, and let me friend play with her asshole while I drove.

    1. Dreaming of a Mastor

      I wish my husband would do this with me… like other girls here, I don’t know how to make him more dom!

  22. I would love a man to use me like this. Sex is about dominance and submission. One person letting another use their body for pleasure. This is what it should be. My pussy, mouth or anything else is for a man to use when and how he wants

  23. las vegas dom 4 fun

    I have a slutty sub gf and she isnt my wife and im not her husband but she does everything I tell her including denying her weak husband sex when he leaves for work I knock on her door she dresses up for me and sucks my cock and takes it in the ass while I humiliate and degrade her for being a cheating little slut. I must say that one day she will leave him and be mine permantly but for right now its to much fun dodging his sorry ass to fuck hers.

  24. Thanks Jessie and gues what? Am yet to experiment what you’re teaching and believe me, I’ll definately narrate to you my experience.
    Thanks for the notice and continue posting to me.

  25. I set the rules .she follows them . the first rule she wears nothing to bed weather I fuck her ir not. she is acessable to me at all times . not even a hair tie. wen I married her . one of the first things I did was to have a load of dirt dumped un the frount yard . and asked her to shovek & wheelbower it to a spot way ifb the back of the back yard. she was in love and there wasent anything she wouldent do for me . it her 2- full days to di it . her body was sore wen she finished . I in spected her work and sence she couldent go back home to moma and she had to please her husband . igave her a kiss snd a hug. then sence the back was private with a high fence u had her remove her cloths and hand them to me. her theigs and bottom were firm .then I asked her to split the pileabd put hakf on each side of the yard . she looked up at me . I told I wint put uo with any vack sass from her like her mom. she would learn her place . thats wat I requested from her. wen she finished that about 10 that night. she came and stood in friunt of me . dirtt sweaty and her was flat to her head from sweat .every nucle un her body acked. I asked her if her oussy was wet. then I asked her to go in the house and to bring me her oaddlevecause I was going togave her grabe her abcles because she was going to reciveapaddling at her nans request . I gave her 12 hard sawts . then pleasure me wuth her mouth.

  26. WideEyedWonderer

    This is everything I’ve ever wanted…and more. I’m a 29 year old virgin who has led a conservative existance; yet all my life I have had overwhelming fantansies and felt so ashamed for having them. I always picture this dark fort where this powerful man lives, and I’m there to be fucked and anything that pleasures him. He often tells me this while he’s fucking me. The part that gets me the hottest is I picture him coming into the room angry from a meeting. I try to greet him but he just grabs me, bends me over and takes me as deeply as he can and then binds me to the bed, fucking me every way imaginable. If I moan too loud he deep throats me to quickly put me back into my place. When he does give me air I’m commanded to call him Master so I do. “Please” I beg for mercy, exhausted, but he silences me and spreads my legs for more. I hope I catch a Bull.

  27. Honestly, I have no words for how perverse and stupid this is. “Training” your girlfriend? Really? One of the most disrespectful things I have ever heard. And how foolish to believe it actually works. If a guy ever treated me like mentioned, I would leave him. I don’t find that hot at all. I am sorry, Jesse, but I hate how you’re claiming that’s what the majority of girls likes.
    And yeah, it all sounds pretty degrading and sexist.

  28. Dear Jesse Charger i must say on this staff i have paid money and you are educating us for free. I really really appreciate your wisdom and goodwill for both Men and Women.

    For Koel, Most women have ego problems but it looks like you have some problems from past related to money. So now you have money, Independence etc because you always wanted these as main goal and you forgot yourself as a woman. We men forget all things when it comes to earn money same case with you.

    Hope this helps but i am sure Jesse Charger can give you more advance tips on this subject.

      1. Cant take no for an answer??

        Stupid selfish prick.
        Man ho.
        I bet your parents didn’t give you enough hugs?

        Kut hoer.
        Val dood.
        Moge de duivel je voor eeuwig martelen.

        Your only writing this to scare people, or to give the wrong idea.

  29. As a submissive woman I must say I really like this thread. Thoughtful and very self assured stories. Remember girls something can be hot due to serving or hot in hindsight even if supremely belittling in the moment.

  30. I stumbled on your site last month and just finished reading 50 shades of grey. I am an independent women and I do not like any man bossing me.But trust me inside the bedroom I have this fantasy to be disciplined, spanked and dominated.I am still a virgin. I am wondering why this submission domination thingy is this much arousing although I never let any man to dominate me..

    1. Koel, Most women have ego problems when it comes to sex, but it looks like you have some problems from past related to money. So now you have money, Independence etc because you always wanted these as main goal and you forgot yourself as a woman. We men forget all things when it comes to earn money same case with you.

      Now you need a real bedroom bull to teach you how to be a good girl. But first you must not listen to Media or Society you are woman and you know what will make you feel better. Do not let other to tell you that Anal sex is good or bad you have to be yourself.

      We all are students of Sir Jesse Charger so please let us know what you think!

      1. I find this staffs very arousing but i know i will never let any man bossing me outside bedroom. A man taking all decisions for me and a man ravishing me on bed are two different things 🙂

      2. You have the the ego problem, Emrran, not Women who work & pay their way. Drag yourself back to the 1800’s. Don’t talk to the lady like that for being inquisitive. You just sound like a sexist pig rather than ‘a bedroom bull’


        Master Roady.

    2. Koel you are right. they are diffirent things but Honey its upto you how you see things. If you take things like feather then they are or mountain then they are heavy as mountain.So i always suggest just go after yourself. Never let any body to tell you what to do. Because You are incharge of your life and responsible for all decisions

      Just like me i never take a woman’s beauty as any spcaial quality or how hot she is, because i believe all women are beautiful and Sexiest. I want things from a woman are very complex and very unique. Make up and Fake body parts are instant rejection for me. Women can not fool me with that. I really like sir Jesse because what he is telling us to do with women I am already that. So this is not a furad blog to mislead people and i am sure about it.

  31. I think some of that is bull, these men (above) aren’t about the woman or about pleasing them, they are about stripping the woman of her confidence and ability to make decisions.
    The above is a description of what you see in tacky porn. Doesn’t sound like the men and women above have any love .. and to me I’d need my master to 100% show me that he loves me and that I am important and that my choices are important. True submission is handing over control in the bedroom and really wanting what is on offer rather than doing it to please and hating it internally. Both should be satisfied.
    The above just states how to screw with the womans mind and bully her into becoming something she’s not.

    1. What about a woman asks a man to buy her clothes, or pay for a car, or move into a house? And he doesn’t really want to, but feels pressured into it. Relationships are about compromise to some extent. If you do nothing to please your man, you’ll probably lose him.

      Then there are plenty of women that get off on being submissive to a strong man.

      If it’s not you, that’s fine- about 99% of men are too timid to do this sort of stuff, so you should have no trouble finding your match.

      1. Too timid? Or they just don’t believe that Women should be treated like that? A dom actually has much respect for Women.. after reading through these stories & comments I don’t think these Men are ‘doms’ at all, they just seem to get off on thinking they are the inferior sex & calling Women sluts.

        As a Dom myself, I find it throughly disrespectful after reading these stories & comments. I would not taje it lightly if I saw a man disrespecting my lady (and other Women) online OR anywhere else. So comments like ‘get fucked like the dirty slut you always wanted to be’ anger me & give real doms a bad name.

        This is just full of Men thinking they are the inferior gender & they aren’t. Doms & subs are equally as strong and important ad each other. I welcome you to visit a Real Doms club & you’ll clearly see what this site is, A joke.

      2. Too timid? Or they just don’t believe that Women should be treated like that? A dom actually has much respect for Women.. after reading through these stories & comments I don’t think these Men are ‘doms’ at all, they just seem to get off on thinking they are the superior sex & calling Women sluts.

        As a Dom myself, I find it throughly disrespectful after reading these stories & comments. I would not taje it lightly if I saw a man disrespecting my lady (and other Women) online OR anywhere else. So comments like ‘get fucked like the dirty slut you always wanted to be’ anger me & give real doms a bad name.

        This is just full of Men thinking they are the superior gender & they aren’t. Doms & subs are equally as strong and important ad each other. I welcome you to visit a Real Doms club & you’ll clearly see what this site is, A joke.

      3. Roady… you.. I could kiss you right now.
        As a sub myself I agree with you 100%
        These boys are just dom wannabes and this site is full of crap.
        And if you read the comment omg the ignorance in some is overwhelming.

      4. I must agree to this write up. A submissive woman does find pleasure pleasing her man if he approaches her in the correct way. It may take some time to train her in the way the Dominant man sees fit however she willingly will follow and be content and very happy without even realizing what is happening to her. After she has had her bell rung a dozen times along with a red swollen ass or better yet had a red swollen ass and has been kept on the edge of an orgasm for 6 hrs until permitted….then ask her who she wants to submit to!
        Anyone who balks about this article has obviously never been with a submissive woman or if a female has never been with a Dominant man in the bedroom.
        A man can be both a gentleman and a Dominant bull at the same time.

  32. My ex boyfriend told me I was strange for wanting to be treated this way so I have felt guilty about it for ages now. All my fantasies are like these stories: I love to cook for and serve males and always hope they will shove me up against a wall or slap my arse and tell me what a good girl I’ve been as a reward. The idea of being forced to have a guy in my mouth, or anywhere else makes me so hot but part of me feels awful for liking something that people say is mysogynistic behaviour and degrades women. I’m 22 years old. Thanks for writing something that makes me feel normal – and really worked up. X

  33. I am very active in a similar forum to this place, but in Spanish, and I get women like Gibson really often.
    She is the typical woman caught, some years from now, in a relationship crisis. She will try to test herself, and know you are a really dominant man. She maybe ask you something unrelated, but you know what is she up to.

    She can be a little bit old and no so good looking, but they probably is an excellent prey. I have met a few of them, and you never regret. One became an absolute slut addicted to my thing. She lived far away from me, but every visit was worth of memories. I liked asking her to come dressed with a micro dress on the plane.

  34. Jesse… I stumbled on your website while doing research for an erotica book I’m writing. Now I am hopelessly hooked and keep coming back for inspiration. Reading anything on your website is an exquisite torture for me. My gut literally clenches in horror… and at the same time I am utterly, rip-roaring turned on. I consider you a genius, darling. You’re the goddamn pied piper I would follow anywhere. So why am I scared to show your website to my husband… ❓

    1. Mrs. Gibson – you want to be owned, spanked, and fucked like the dirty slut you always wanted to be. Nothing wrong with that. Life is too short not to get down and dirty fucked.

  35. I want to steal Emma from her boyfriend. 😈
    She sounds like a girl trained up right, to know her boyfriend’s dick comes before any of her own desires. Perfect little slutty mistress girlfriend.

    1. 26 Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. 27 In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.

    2. God designed sex to be sacred. It is a wonderful gift for a man and woman bonded in marriage. And only when we walk closely with God will we understand its meaning. When the wife submit to her husband in the lord, the husband leads her in gentleness, kindness, patience, love and
      protectio, not for sesfish gain like lust, power, dominance.

      The above view of sex is not right. No edge is too extreme for sinful lust.
      A woman is not a dog needed to be trained nor a sex toy to be played however you like..

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