How To Sleep With Leggy Pin Up Girls

One of my favorite “hot looks” for a woman is the pin-up girl look.

And there’s nothing hotter then romping a girl with those pinup legs and fashion style.

First, I’ll explain what makes the look, and then I’ll touch on how to sleep with pin-up models and girls.

What pin-up looks like

It basically comes down to shapely, and preferably long legs and a particular makeup style.


Dani Daniels- showing off her legs in a pose

First come the legs. Pin up is all about a leggy girl showing off her legs, and I for one find shapely and long legs to be the sexiest trait on a woman.

Legs are also the last part to age on a woman, so even a 50 year old woman can look hot if she’s born with nice legs and keeps them in nice shape.

The second element is the heavy eye makeup and bright red lipstick.


Here you can see an illustrated pinup girl…

And a real pinup model. Nice how her lips smack brilliant red, and her eye makeup makes her eyes pop.


The third element of the pin up girl is wearing dresses and lingerie that harken back to the 40s, 50s, and 60s. So that her clothing has that “innocent, but naughty” vibe to it.


Betty Draper from Mad Men

The fifth element is that the girl has proper accessories- pink gel nails, and white pearls can flesh out the look.


Do it yourself

There are not many pin up models or girls out there. But because it’s mostly makeup and dress up, there’s no reason you can’t have your girlfriend or wife pull off the fantasy for you.


Dani Daniels before and after- without makeup, and with pin-up makeup

And in this guide I’m going to show you how to do it.

What a girl needs

Not every girl will have the right stuff to pull off the pin-up look. Ideally, she’ll have the following phyical traits:


Model Kelly Brook

  • Shapely (muscular) legs with full calves, full thighs, and little body fat
  • Log legs
  • Full, cupid-bow lips that can show off the red lipstick


She would also have the following psychological traits and habits:

  • Enjoys exercising her legs, with heavy weights
  • Is open minded about dressing up sexy and role playing

P.S. If you don’t have a girl like that yet, you can always pickup a girl easily with my Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control program.

The “Leg Show”

It’s not enough for the girl to simply look the part- being a pin up girl is all about displaying “The Leg Show” for her man.

The greatest appeal of the pin up are her legs, and she should show them off to her man in a seductive display.


Dani Daniels, pin-up girl

Have the girl lean back against the wall or door, and show her legs to you from the side angle.


Have her knock her knees together as if she’s dripping wet.


Model Emily Adison

Have her kick and turn for you.


Have her sit on her fanny and splay her logs open, eagle style.


Or sit on a chair and splay her legs for maximum visual exposure.

Examples of pin up in pop culture


Christina Aguilera uses the vintage pin-up look a LOT in her videos. Notice the red lips, the heavy black lashes, and that 1960s vibe from her video “Your Body”.

Christian Aguilera “Your Body”

Katy Perry also employs the pin up look in her art.


Katy Perry without makeup, and with pin up makeup. Big difference, right?


How To Do It – #1. The Pin Up Clothing

Assuming your woman has the right physical characteristics to pull the look off, here’s how to go about getting her dressed to play the seductive part in the bedroom.


First, you’ll want to buy some sexy, vintage dresses and lingerie for her. There’s a lot of online stores that sell what you’d need, like Betty Page clothing.

Do the shopping together with your woman, because when she takes part in the purchase, she’s essentially saying “yes” to doing the role play with you. Or, if your woman is already kinky and open-minded, surprise her with a present.

If you can’t get ahold of anything vintage, make due with super-short skimpy micro dresses that show off and highlight the girl’s sexy legs.


Model Ember Reigns

#2. The Makeup

Next up is the makeup. Most likely you’d screw this up, so it’s largely up to the woman to apply the makeup herself.

There’s lots of pinup makeup tutorials on YouTube, like this one below.

#3. Exercise Her

Shapely and athletic legs are HUGE for pin-up look, probably the most important factor. It doesn’t mean that the girl needs to be tall (she can be very short in fact), but she DOES need full bodied, toned and muscular legs to really pull the look off.


Sheena Shaw’s athletic legs

The best way is for your woman to do heavy lifts for her legs – squats, lunges, and so on with weights. Cardio and eating correctly for fitness are also essential.

Model Candice Caridinelle is a perfect example of a woman pushing 40, who is also short, that can easily pull off the pin-up look, simply because she keeps her legs in excellent shape by lifting weights and eating right.

Model Candice Cardinelle


So there you have it; many girls can be dressed like a pin-up girl, and with the right eating and exercise habits, she can keep the body necessary to do the job.  If you don’t have enough women in your life, or you need a leggy, fun girl that will enjoy being your sexy dress-up doll, check out one of my programs, like Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control.  Have fun!  😉

5 thoughts on “How To Sleep With Leggy Pin Up Girls”

  1. I completely transformed my girlfriend into a pinup.
    She got the legs so it was not difficult. 🙂
    Today she ALWAYS wears the highest heels, BIG earrings, LOT’s of hair. Long RED fingernails and lips. All clothes are MINI. And that’s just for the day. For the evening and night she wears lingerie.

    She now wears push-up bra’s because fake tits would ruin her sport program. She’s got some colorful tattoo’s and looks absolutely stunning. At 43 she looks like 30. She eats only biological food and quit smoking and drinking.

    I also like to dress her up like a rap girl. I live with her for almost 10 years. I Fuck her 4-5 times every 24h + a few blowjobs and wanks.
    A dirty mind is a joy forever, but you can certainly pump it all up a bit!

  2. Great read.

    My chick is mexican and can to the pinup look really well with her hair and makeup… only part is, is that she’s 5’4″ LOL!


  3. Pin up girls aren’t about legs, they’re abou curves. They tend to have body fat that most fashion models don’t have.

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