Thailand Nightlife and Beaches Review – How Hot Are The Girls!

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Hey guys, this is Jesse Charger here, and in this video, I want to talk about Thailand.

Now, I spent about two weeks in Thailand in 2013, and I hit a bunch of different cities pretty quickly, and I want to give you my overall impression of the country, especially when it comes to women and dating or hooking up with girls.

Now, I’m not going to go into specific details about particular places like bars and clubs because they tend to change from year to year, and I wasn’t there long enough to give like a definitive review of the country or cities, so I want to keep it to my general impressions.

The Costs

Now, one of the things that you will enjoy about Thailand is that it is extremely inexpensive. Taxis are super cheap. I think wages there are very low. So for example, you can get around in a taxi for a dollar or two. Depending on the city, prices vary as far as hostels and hotels, but it’s still very cheap. Bangkok is probably the most expensive, but you’re going to find it very affordable compared to Europe or even the United States.

Food is very inexpensive. If you’re coming from Europe, you’re going to find that the food is ridiculously inexpensive. If you’re coming from the United States where food is already very, very cheap in the US, you’ll find that food in Thailand is slightly cheaper than even the United States.

So, if you’re on a budget, you can certainly get by. For example if you’re outside of Bangkok, on a $5 a night hostel and a couple of dollars for food, so certainly $10 a day, you can manage and get by very inexpensively.

For example, I was staying at a hotel in the city of Chiang Mai during low season, $20 a night, huge room, full air-conditioning, breakfast included, very nice modern hotel. This gives you an idea of the prices. Of course, in high season, it’s going to be more expensive. When you’re in Bangkok, it’s going to be more expensive as well.

Ease and Convenience Report

The country is very convenient. It’s like built for tourists.

There are 7-11 convenience stores everywhere. You’ve got familiar chains like McDonald’s and Burger King and Kentucky Fried Chicken and Starbucks. There is ATM machines everywhere, so you don’t have to worry about getting your money out.

A lot of people speak English or at least enough. People can speak a little bit of English that you can get around, no problem in all the tourist areas. Anyone involved in the tourist industry is going to speak English. It’s almost kind of like a second language there, so it’s super easy to get around. It’s super easy to have access to money and your funds. There’s a lot of hotels and hostels and restaurants catering to foreigners and tourists. You don’t want to let the exoticness of it scare you off that it’s in Asia or something.

It’s a no-brainer to pull it off. Taxis are very inexpensive. It’s a very easy tourist city.

Now, some of the downsides of the economy is, well, it’s like a laissez-faire capitalist economy, so you can buy things very cheaply like clothes and electronics.

The Chaos

On the downside, everywhere you go in Thailand is kind of a chaotic mess. Like in Bangkok, it feels polluted. There’s just the buildings don’t match each other. A lot of the construction is ugly. The traffic is a snarly mess.

If you kind of like clean, orderly, maybe some of the cities in Europe for example Amsterdam or Stockholm, if you like that clean orderliness or even Tokyo, Japan, which has a very clean orderliness feeling to it, you’re not really going to find that in Bangkok.

Some people, that’s going to turn them off. Some people are going to love that. For me, it’s not exactly my thing. I like to see order in a city. I like to see cleanliness. I like to feel like it’s not polluted. I like to see a lot of green spaces, so I like that modernity in cities. So, it’s not particularly my thing. Even Chiang Mai, which is a smaller city, you’re out in the country, you don’t see all like these massive buildings, it still feels just a mishmash of construction and craziness and the sidewalks are like broken.

It feels like it’s kind of a barely functioning mess, chaos, but it’s cool in its own way. So, you should just be aware of that.

The Islands

Now, one of the things where I think that kind of laissez-faire capitalism really has screwed up the country is in the islands.

For example, the area around Krabi, the islands off Ao Nang like Ko Phi Phi. I was there in low season again, and when you get to an island, it’s tropical beach. There are dozens and dozens and dozens of little motor boats bringing tourists over and just like anchoring off the beach, and the beaches that were these pristine paradises are now noisy. You can smell like diesel fuel. You can even see like diesel fuel in the water in some cases. It feels noisy, crowded, and polluted just because of the crush of tourists that are going to some of these more popular islands. I was told that it is nothing, that in high season, it’s ten times worse.

So, if you’re looking for a pristine tropical paradise, those days might be coming to an end or are already over.

From my understanding, ten years ago, you can still get away from it all on some of the main islands, but now, there’s no like environmental regulations. So, it’s like every man for himself, every little businessman who drives a boat can get in there, and it’s kind of a mess now. In fact, if you want beautiful islands and you’re an American, I would actually recommend you go to Panama or Costa Rica. Much closer, much more unspoiled, more environmentally regulated, so it’s a tiny bit more expensive, but you’re going to have a better experience.

The Partying

Okay, now I want to talk about the party vibe. Is it good for partying?

Thailand what’s cool about it is it does have a very laidback party vibe to it. Girls are on vacation. They tend to be more uninhibited. They’re not near their parents. They’re not near their normal social anchors.

So, it’s almost like being in Las Vegas and what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas kind of attitude where the girls are just a little bit more wild, a little bit more carefree, a little bit more adventurous, and so, it kind of has this atmosphere of possibility in the air, which is pretty cool. A lot of the girls are using it as an excuse to drink a lot of alcohol, which they use a lot of excuse to have sex. If she’s somewhat drunk, she can have sex without feeling ashamed because it’s the fault of the alcohol, and a lot of the girls are looking to hook up, have a little romantic adventure. Maybe even if that’s not in their mind at the moment or when they go, they’re just more prone to fall into that role of having the romantic adventure if they meet a cool guy.

There’s lots of nightlife around, even on the small islands. Bangkok has good nightlife. Chiang Mai has good nightlife. Even in the low season when there’s not too many people around there, frankly in any of those places, I did find okay nightlife, and from my understanding, it’s much more busier in high season.

How Hot Are The Girls?

Now as far as the girls, personally I don’t find Thai girls particularly attractive. My take on them is that they are very tiny. They are very short. They don’t have breasts. They don’t have ass. They don’t have thighs. Their faces are not that great. I think if you’re into Asian girls, Japanese girls are maybe a little prettier.

Full disclosure, I’m not really into Asian girls, so it doesn’t help, but I didn’t find the Thai girls particularly attractive. Maybe if you have an Asian girl fetish, I don’t see why you wouldn’t like Thai girls, but if you’re not really into Asian girls, they’re not a super turn on. I think the tourist girls, the European or Australian girls are a lot hotter frankly.

Another problem with Thai girls is that I think the Thai language sounds very whiny and strange and kind of harsh on the ears. So, when a girl starts speaking in Thai, it’s a little bit of a turnoff compared to say Japanese, which to my ear sounds like a very elegant, pretty language to listen to. Thai sounds kind of like scratching your fingernails on a chalkboard a little bit. So, it’s kind of a turnoff.

I’d say it’s like the top like a really hot Thai girl to me, I would rate her at about 8 out of 10. That will be like the super ultimate Thai girl. I would say most Thai girls are like 5, 6 like completely forgettable and average.

Funny thing is that whenever you see an advertisement like on the television for a beauty product or for some food products, the Thai girl always looks like she’s half-Caucasian and half-Thai or almost like half-Japanese and half-Caucasian. So, they don’t even use the look of their own people in their advertisements, and the prettiest girls you’re going to see in Thailand are those girls in the advertisements that look half-Caucasian in my opinion.

As far as the European girls and the tourist girls and the Australian girls, it’s like everywhere else, most girls it’s on a bell curve. Most girls are going to be 6’s, 7’s, and 8’s.

There’s going to be that occasional 9 that you can find, possibly a 10. I did see a couple and talked to a couple there when I was there.

Now, you might rate them actually higher because for example if you’re at the islands, they’re going to be in bikinis. If you’re not used to seeing girls in bikinis, you’ll probably going to rate the girls even higher. A lot of the girls are pretty friendly because they’re on vacation. They’re open to meeting people. So, that’s kind of feed into your ego, and you might rate them higher for that because they’re just kind of more fun and more open than maybe back home. So, instead of a girl who you would normally rate as a 6 in normal clothes being at home, you might rate her as 7 or 7-1/2 if she’s in a bikini and being friendly to you and drunk. So, it’s kind of play tricks on your mind a little bit in the rating system, but I would just rate them as normal and average with the occasional super hottie thrown in.

But just to dispel any idea that it’s full of 9’s and 10’s and perfectly hot girls, it’s not. They’re normal girls.

9’s and 10’s

I would say if you are really after super hottie 9’s and 10’s, it can almost be more fishing to go to just anyone Caucasian girls, to go to Europe. This is particularly advice for Americans.

Just go to Europe, and you’re going to be surrounded with a lot more Caucasian, European girls trying to get into some exclusive clubs dressed really nice, and that’s maybe like in some ways a more efficient way to meet the 9’s and 10’s than trying to go to Thailand and trying to meet the 9’s and 10’s. Thailand is more just about having fun, go with the flow. Don’t be super picky about the girls. Just go whatever is happening.

Sexual Competition In Thailand

Okay, so one thing that I actually forgot to mention about the party atmosphere is that I think one reason that the girls are more uninhibited and fun is because they have competition from the Thai girls. There’s actually a lot of Thai girl prostitution in Thailand, and you can have a girl for like as little as $20 or $30 and even a top-end girl for about $100, and that in effect sort of lowers the price of pussy, lowers the price of pussy where a guy can feel like there’s always options around.

For girls who want to be kind of prudish, the tourist Caucasian girls are going to be kind of prudish, guys can always turn to Thai girls. Basically, the Thai girls are bringing down the price of sex and creating more competition from the girls. It kind of creates a virtuous cycle where if there’s enough slutty girls, all the girls will try to compete to be slutty and sluttier, whereas normally back home, girls will not put out or be more resistant to putting out because that keeps the price of pussy high for all girls, and they can get more.

A girl can actually theoretically get more like a higher value guy if guys think that pussy is scarce, but in Thailand, sex seems more available because of all the open prostitution, very cheap prostitution there. Even if say most guys are not even partaking in it, it still brings down the price of pussy by putting more competitive pressure on the tourist girls.

So, you kind of have this vibe that sex is easily available, and I think that also feeds into the guys’ egos. Guys are going to feel that vibe, and the more alpha bold side of their personality can come out a little bit, so the guys become cooler because they feel like sex is easy. So, they become cooler dudes than when they were back home, which makes the guys more desirable in fact and just creates this virtuous cycle of easier sex than where you would find in your home country.

Guy-Girl Ratios

Now, as far as ratios, I was there in low season, the nightlife wasn’t that hopping at all. There was a little bit, but I would say that was 50-50 guy-girl ratio, not bad. I have been told that in high season, in some places, it can kind of become a cock farm where just groups of guys are going to descend on a place and there’s it could be even as bad as five guys to every girl in some places.

I think what happens is what when a place becomes popular and it becomes known for being cheap and a place to hook up, with how things spread on the Internet, how word gets around on the Internet, groups of guys will suddenly descend on a place in groups.

The thing is most guys will not cold approach. Most guys hate cold approaching. Most guys hate going to a place by themselves. Likewise, if they’re going to travel, they want to be surrounded by their friends. They want to have that safety net. So, when word gets around that there’s a paradise with girls and it’s cheap and it’s easy and convenient, then, you’re going to get the masses, the hordes of guys coming over. Once it’s okay. Once it’s socially permissible for them to go, and they’re going to go in their group, and what they’re going to do then when they get there is not to approach girls. They’re just going to drink like crazy because they would never approach a girl.

So, you get all these like pussy boys coming over. A lot of them are kind of jacked alpha guys, but they don’t know anything about pickup or the game, and they’re basically pussy boys underneath, and then, they kind of flood the venue with dudes, with this stag party kind of feels, and then, that kind of scares off the girls.

In some cases during high season, you actually have to get away from some of the main islands. You can actually do pretty well going on to some of the more secondary, less well-known islands that are more for the adventurous type that are quite not as well developed, if you want to escape the crowds that are moving in.

Where To Meet Girls

Now, where to meet girls?

For example, in the city of Bangkok, the city of ugly chaos in my opinion, but there’s some excellent malls like the CM Mall and the MBK Mall where you can walk around. These are very upscale malls, not MBK. MBK is not so much upscale, but these can be very good places to meet Thai girls. The Skytrain, which is like this public transit system on these big ugly concrete supported by ugly concrete pillars that rides above the highway, you can meet girls there.

Again, Thai girls didn’t really turn me on, so I did a little bit of experimenting, talking to Thai girls, but I wasn’t particularly motivated, and also hopping from city to city so quickly, I didn’t have so much time.

Chiang Mai is a very laidback and relaxed city where you can like ride elephants and pet tigers and do zip lining from tree to tree and go on bicycling through the rainforest sort of thing. You can meet Thai girls just kind of walking around. There’s a nice pretty mall in Chiang Mai as well, upscale mall where you can meet girls as well. It’s not a problem to meet girls in other words, no matter where you are. Not too many people are using cars. A lot of people walk around, and even if it’s hot and sweaty, there’s always kind of like a really nice mall that you can find to walk around in air-conditioning.

Who Should Go To Thailand

So, who should go?

I would say for Americans, Thailand is almost completely on the opposite side of the Earth. It can be a long tiring flight to get over there. I would say if you’re from the U.S.A, I would actually recommend Central or South America over Thailand. I think the girls are hotter. You have more girls with curves, and I think South American and Central American women are just prettier in general.

If you want adventure, if you want easy adventure where everything is handled for you and there’s ATMs and everyone speaks English, go to Costa Rica, go to Panama. It’s right next door. If you want wilder adventure, go to Brazil or Peru if you’re feeling a little more adventurous.

If you want rainforests, again Costa Rica is great, if you want to do like zip lining from tree to tree that sort of thing.

If you want European girls, you might as well go to Europe. I wouldn’t travel all the way to Thailand just for European girls. I think it’s just better to go to the source. That way you could hop over to Eastern Europe. You could hop over to Western Europe. The downside is it could be more expensive because Europe can be quite expensive, and even Eastern Europe is more expensive than Thailand.

So, I guess if budget is a really big thing for you and you can get a cheap flight over to Thailand, Thailand is not bad if you’re on a tight budget. If you have a little more money to spend, I would actually recommend Europe, and if you don’t want to travel so far, I would recommend go to South or Central America.

European guys, you’re closer to Thailand. You’re far from South America. You’re about same equal distance. Then, it’s up just to you, kind of depends on if you’re really more into Asian girls, go to Thailand. If you’re more interested in South American or Latin girls, go to South America or Central America.

Thailand again is very cheap, even more cheap than most places in South America, so that could be a factor in determining your budget. So, it’s kind of up in the air for European guys.

I would say too, I haven’t really traveled Asia that extensively, just because Asian girls are not particularly my thing, but I have been to Japan. For me personally, I would recommend Japan over Thailand, but it will completely come down to personal taste. Thailand has nice beaches. It’s more tropical. You’re going to find more girls in bikinis.

On the other hand, Japan feels more modern. It feels more organized. It feels cleaner. It feels much less polluted, which is much more attractive for me. I like that they have bullet trains, so you can get around very pretty Japanese gardens. I think the girls are cuter. I think the culture is more interesting in Japan, with the whole manga and anime and video game culture.

Basically, I kind of think that you get what you pay for whereas Japan is far more expensive than Thailand of course, it’s a better overall experience if you can afford it. If you can’t afford it, go to Thailand. Thailand is a perfectly fine second choice backup. It’s much more affordable.

So let me know what you think of the video. Leave me a comment below, and I will catch you in the next installment. I will catch you later.

23 thoughts on “Thailand Nightlife and Beaches Review – How Hot Are The Girls!”

  1. Thailand is also easy to plow foreign girls here, bc they have ZERO interest in Thai guys. (think broke, small cock, short and ugly)

  2. I live in Bangkok. Nightlife is lame as fuck. Old man bars or hookers. Even ‘normal’ clubs are 50% freelancers. Gotta meet girls online or during the day..Full of average looking to cute girls. Not hot like Colombia, Ukraine, Moldova, or Romania……but they LOVE foreign guys. Easy..Cheap as fuck here. Lunch is .60 usd. Cabs are almost free! Better than Western Europe which is the lamest on the planet, unless u like competing with poseurs and paying 6 euros for an orange juice.

  3. the girls are incredible. I spent three weeks in pattaya on walking street when I was in the Army. 7-11 and KFC are everywhere. Singha and Chang are both great great beers too. hope you had fun.

  4. You really didn’t stay in Thailand long enough to judge the girls. The country is very diversified and girls in BKK with Chinese blood will have whiter skin and generally several inches taller with some exceptions in Chiang Mai are much different looking than the girls you will meet at tourist hubs like Pattaya. And as far as the language goes there are a dozen dialects and central Thai is beautiful and softly spoken. And as a matter of fact most Thai’s speak softly and look down on other Thais who speak loudly as being crass or lower class. When I think of annoying Far East languages I think Viet Nam then Chinese. One of the coolest words in the worlds language for the word “yes” is a Thai word “chai” pronounced “eye” with “ch” at the beginning as in (ch)ange. Thai language is also far less rude than Western languages which are more direct to the point, and easily construed as snarky even if the intention is there where Thai language deliberately goes out of the way to appear rude or snarky. And as far as finding 9’s and 10’s they are definitely there by the hordes some look Chinese, some look mixed like you have no idea where or which country they come from which I find to be extremely interesting but you don’t know where to find them. And if I tell you where to go I would have to kill you 🙂

    Yes Japanese girls overall are cuter except parts of BKK and Chiang Mai but if you don’t like short girls avoid Japan because they have a lot of shorter ladies segment vs segment. But who can afford to stay in Japan for very long? I can stay in THailand for 6 months on 10,000 dollars if I stay up country. If you have cheap places to stay in Japan point me to the article. I do like your website!

  5. Thailand seems like it could be beautiful, I like to travel. When I discuss people or things that I generally don’t prefer, I generally keep it positive, like saying “I prefer x,y and z,” and this tends to be more prevalent in non-Thai women or whatever. It came off a little harsh the way you expressed it in your video. Traveling is fun though Asian might be too far for me. Been to 5 different countries, hoping to travel more.

  6. what I have observed and experienced is that Thai girls have those compact, heavy butts and good thighs so it can makeup the shortfall in the ‘upper region’ unless ofcourse you WANT the upper rack full. secondly they have the RIGHT ATTITUDE TO SERVE U, i.e. they try to give u value. what u say?

    1. You can find enthusiastic girls anywhere— so that in itself is probably not a super solid reason to seek Thai girls– unless Thai girls are the only ethnicity that will sleep with you

  7. Yup, I’ve been to Thailand twice and pretty much everything Jesse said is spot on. I disagree a bit with the Thai girl looks, as I personally found a decent amount of girls there pretty attractive (I was in Phuket). But that\’s me.

    Few tips though for getting girls in Thailand :

    1) Learn a little Thai before you go or take some quick classes once you get there. You don’t even need to know a lot, a few hello how are you type phrases and some others that are common.

    You say these to a typical Thai girl, even if she knows English, and it immediately separates you from about 95% of the other tourist guys, and makes you a bit more special. They are more into you and open up a bit more after that. It is the single most effective thing I’ve found for separating yourself from the typical foreigner.

    2) A lot of guys pay for sex down there, but don’t go there with that mentality. Personally I don’t thing Thai girls are that hard to get (if you’re att racted to her). You can meet them pretty easily in malls (a lot of the time they aren’t super busy and you can just chat them up).

    And if you do happen to meet a thai girl and aren’t super attracted, just friend her. So many thai girls go out in groups with their girlfriends to the bar/club at night, it’s almost like a ritual. You can then have her introduce you to her other thai girlfriends, if you happen to see one you like….you’re in.

    3) What Joel said is 100% true…sure a lot of thai girls don’t have too much money, but you’d be surprise. A lot of girls there clean UP. Many travel to a different western country, make loads of money there and come back to thailand and they are basically rich.

    If you go down there and start talking to a girl, make it clear to her early on you don’t have too much money and are just traveling, and don’t buy her a bunch of drinks/food/gifts or any of that. You know what may happen? If she likes you…she’ll end up pa ying for YOU while you\’re there : )

    I remember the shock of my life when this girl I gave a few english classes to (and was also a bartender) invited me to hang out and when went back to her place. I was fucking shocked…her place looked it was straight from mtv cribs. Keep this in the back of your mind every time you think you talk to a girl.

    And as for the downsides, definitely. It’s not that clean. It’s very hectic. People trying to get you for money all the time. Very hard to find clean beach areas.

    But overall, if you’re on a tighter budget and you\’re attracted to asian girls, and like Muay Thai (thai kickboxing), like me…it’s a cool place to go if you can avoid the usual guy tourist stuff (like paying for sex and drinking all day every day).

    1. ” I disagree a bit with the Thai girl looks, as I personally found a decent amount of girls there pretty attractive (I was in Phuket). “……YES BUT..If you think about WHY they are attractive, isnt it because they display western facial caucasian FEATURES???…It took me a few months over there in Thailand, to realize this to be true..So Jessie IS spot on there.. But one thing about MOST thai women is they watch their weight, and have amazingly thin, tanned, brown bodies..(with small- medium sized B-C cup breasts).Their small petite sized bodies are kinda the thing that turned me on in a sexual way…And if you looked hard enough(1 of 10) had a cute face too..I see so many,many Thai women here in Sothern California(san diego) that there is NO NEED to travel to thailand anymore…UNLESS , I’m in the mood for some really cheap sex…LOL..

  8. Is It Bad to Pay For Sex in Thailand?

    Short Answer: HELL No!

    Long Answer: Keep Reading…

    Coming from the United States, we are bred to think that paying for sex is wrong. Only losers and celebrities pay for sex. And if you pay for sex, you are supporting the mafia who kidnaps children and forces young girls to get addicted to hardcore drugs. That’s about right, isn’t it???

    Well, not exactly.

    Am I against the Russian mafia kidnapping children for slave labor? Fuck yeah.

    Do I support that by going to Thailand and paying for pussy on occasion? Nope!

    Here is a list of why it is not bad to pay for sex in Thailand:

    1- A Woman’s Right To Choose
    I firmly believe that a woman has the right to choose. If she wants to have an abortion, let her. If she wants to work 60 hours a week at a factory in Bangkok making 300usd a month, go right ahead. If she wants to freelancer herself out at night, fuck guys that interest her, and make more money than she knows what to do with….so be it.

    2- This is Not Slave Labor
    Even the most hardcore whores who work in Pattaya Thailand have the right to walk away at any time they want. Maybe she started after high school because her older sister bragged about how much money she made. Maybe she started at 25 because she got tired of her Thai husband continually getting drunk and beating the shit out of her because dinner wasn’t perfect.

    No one is forcing these girls to do anything they don’t want to do.

    3- These Girls ACTUALLY Have Money:
    Let me tell you a little secret that most foreigners don’t know; the whores you fuck probably have more money than you. These girls are cleaning up. The cost of living for most Thai hookers is ridiculously low. And when they want something on the expensive side, they find some foreigner who will buy it for them (examples: cars, homes, shopping sprees, etc…).And they are 95% successful!!!

    4- They Are The Con Artists, Not You
    If you think by paying for sex you are dehumanizing women in the prostitution trade, you are wrong. More times than not, you are the one getting “played”. A hookers strategy for making money is very,very, simple:

    Meet a foreigner who will pay for sex.
    When he goes back to his home country, she pretends to be in love with him
    She convinces the man to send her money back to her in Thailand.

    She is doing this to 5, 10, or even 20 men at the SAME time. I’ve met girls that will just go down their Skype list saying the same thing to her foreign “boyfriends” until she makes a thousand USD in one day!!!!!

    “My mom is sick”
    “I need to pay rent”
    “My sister’s baby is very sick”
    “I love you and I wait for you, but I need money”
    “My family’s buffalo died, now my family can’t eat”

    The story will change but the ending will always be the same, “I NEED MONEY! ,PLEASE SEND!!!”

  9. Have made one trip to thailand..You are spot on, regarding opinion of thai girls.

    For example, the prettiest thai girls have a bit of caucasion-ness in their faces….But other than that-IN GENERAL, the thai girls are not that attractive in the face dept.Maby a 5 out of 10,,,.

    Now the upside of thai girls are their bodies are fairly good as they are short, thin ,spinner bodies(good for throwing around during sex) and most seem to have darker skin like a permanent Tan…Some guys think their skin looks dirty but other guys find the tan better than pasty white skin of europeans..

    Other downside like you said is the small breasts(although I saw a lot of implants, when I was there….

    Thailands BIGGEST advantage is the cheap sex. Obviously….Even the nerdest of nerdiest can and WILL get laid for $30..Where else in the WORLD can you get that??..

    I am surprised you didnt mention the fact that you reallly dont want to go trolling around thailand looking for a potential girlfriend or wife..Why?..Because the typical thai girl is looking for a sugar daddy/husband..Wanting money from YOU to help out their family situation(sick mothers medical bills, house repairs, on and on and on)..Thai girls are NOTORIOUS for this.. Or mabe just the girls I ran into… If you are looking for girlfriend/ wife material.. DO NOT look for them in the prostitution areas of town… look for them at some place of respectable business (no, NOT a brothel..LOL) or a school…anyway thats my opinion of thailand..

    oh and yes, I also HATE the thai language and the SOUND of it..It is NOT sexy sounding at all in any, way, or form…

  10. Interesting video Jesse. But when are you going to do a thorough video on Brazilian Women. Yes I’ve read both articles but, I wanna hear more specifics.

  11. LockedandLoaded

    why such a long video for thailand and not for the european countries? i have absolute no interest in southeas asians or any sort of asians for that matter. bring on the videos about the hot europeans please

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