7 Tools To Give Girls Bed-Breaking Orgasms (including my $1 Orgasm Trick)

Here’s 7 tools I like to use to make women have hard, wet, bed-breaking orgasm.

Grab a couple of these and a girl will never forget you… even if she’s a total hottie and you’re ugly, she’ll keep coming back for more of your fun and the hot pleasure you deliver.

Tool #1: Orgasms Sounds- $1

sounds-of-orgasmsSomething so “stupid” and simple, yet it works!!!

Because of the law of state transference, women laugh louder at a funny movie if other people are laughing, and she’ll cry harder at a sad ending if her girlfriends are crying with her.

Well a great way to get a woman to orgasm harder is simply to put orgasm sounds going off in the background!

I know this sounds straight up ridiculous, but sometimes it’s the easiest and cheapest things to implement that work the best.

Simply grab some of the tracks from Amazon at this link below,

Orgasm Sounds- Amazon.com

And create a new playlist in your MP3 player or smartphone.


Do NOT use this on a girl you haven’t slept with before to “get her in the mood”, you could weird her out.  BUT if you’ve slept with a girl before,  try adding these erotic sounds and watch her cum faster and harder than before.

Tool #2: Wall dildo- $30

dildo-with-suction-cupEvery woman has the secret desire to be bent over, dominated, have her hair pulled, and be roughly fucked.

And every woman has the deep, secret desire to dominated by TWO GUYS.

Of course, most women don’t follow through on the fantasy.  There’s lots of social shaming by society, and there’s also the risk of certain STDs if everyone involved isn’t careful.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t fulfill this deep fantasy women have quiet easily and cheaply.

All you need is a dildo with a suction cup at the end.  Show it to your girl, and tell her you’re going to use it on her (but keep the “how” a surprise).

During the sex, grab the dildo and attach it to a wall.  Back your woman’s pussy up against it and command her to start thrusting on her.  Then put your woman’s mouth on your cock.


Start speaking out the fantasy to her, like so, “Oh baby, that’s SO hot… you look so beautiful having TWO MEN like this.  It makes me so hot that you’re cheating on me with another dick.  Orgasm on that other man…”  Just make some shit up.  The woman will go crazy and have a really hard series of orgasms.

Another variation is you take your woman into the shower, attach the dildo to the wall, and make her push it into her ass.  Have her anal grind on it, and then fuck her pussy, so it’s like she’s taking a double penetration (DP).

dildo-in-showerTalk dirty to your girl like, “Yeah baby, one man in your ass, one man in your pussy, you like it from two guys don’t you.  Everyone thinks you’re such a nice, sweet girl, but I know the truth, I know how bad and naughty you truly want to be…”

Be careful if your woman is new to anal.  It’s okay if the Dildo is just poking at her, like it WANTS to go in… it doesn’t actually have to go in.  Just the poking sensation will make her go nuts.

Here’s where you can buy. Wall Dildo- Amazon.com

Tip: A neon-colored dildo will get less resistance.  The really realistic looking ones can unsettle a skittish woman, and neon ones look more like toys.

Tool #3: Pink Platform Pumps- $30


There’s something about hot neon pink platform pumps that makes another side of a woman’s personality come out.

Our surrounding environment always brings out different aspects of ourselves.  Sitting on top of a peaceful mountaintop will bring out a different side of you than a hopping nightclub for instance.  Being surrounded by a bunch of pretty girls at a dinner party will bring out a different side than if you were at home chilling with your friends.

Likewise, you want to create an environment that will help the woman to have wet orgasms.

One of the simplest things you can do isn’t lighting or having a great bed or playing the right music.  It’s simply to tell her to put on a pair of pink platform pumps.

pink-heels-turn-onI don’t know what it is, but a woman will instantly go from proper Catholic school girl to being a pussy-wet nymphomaniac in a manner of seconds with these on.

Even more importantly, they’ll turn you on, and you being hot and turned on will make the woman get hot and turned on.

They don’t even have to be comfortable at all for her.  She isn’t running a marathon here.  All she’s got to do is stand there… and be bent over, have her hair pulled, and roughly taken.

Here’s the link, Pink Platform Pumps- Amazon.com

Tool #4: Bed Restraints- $30

girl-restrained-on-bedWomen want to feel owned and dominated by their man.  They want to completely surrender themselves.  And they want all responsibility for the sex to be taken off their shoulders.

By allowing a woman to feel helplessly fucked, you can make her orgasm wetter and harder.  A simple psychological trick to achieve this is to simply strap her wrists and ankles down to the bed.

Here’s the link to buy: Bed Restraints- Amazon.com

Tool #5: Sex Doll Vagina- $100


No, this toy isn’t for you to get off on, although you could do that too.

The purpose is to give a woman the fantasy of licking out another girl’s pussy and anus to make her cum harder.

Show your woman this toy, and tell her you want to use it with her.  She’ll assume you’ll want to use it to have the fantasy of two women at once in a threesome, but she’ll have assumed wrong!

Put your girl down on her hands and knees and get from behind her and thrust into her – doggy style.

Then put the toy pussy in front of her face, and command her to lick it and eat it out.

Pace the fantasy by saying, “Yeah girl, you’ve always wanted to lick out another girl’s pussy… well now you’re getting exactly what you’ve always wanted.  Lick it out!  Lick it!”

Although at first using a toy like this could seem a bit oddball, your girl will quickly fall into the fantasy and get really into it.

Sure it’s a tad pricey, but the quality materials means it will actually feel quite realistic!

Here’s the link to the toy: Sex Doll Vagina- Amazon.com

Tool #6: Classy Gown and Restraints- $100


Here you’re using two contrasts or opposites that, when combined, I’ve found make women orgasm wet and hard.

Women love to feel elegant in a beautiful dress.  Why do you think they like bride gowns so much?  They want to feel otherworldly, like an angel.


Then combine that fancy gown or elegant bridal dress with being handcuffed, restrained, and forced into doing dirty, naughty sexual acts on a man.

Buy the dress for your woman.  It doesn’t even have to fit all that well, she’ll appreciate that you put the time into getting it for her.

Once she’s dressed up, look her over.  Spin her around like you’re examining the goods.  Pull on her hair and start fondling her roughly.  Even though she’s in an elegant dress, start speaking to her and fondling her like she’s a cheap girl.

Then cuff her, restrain her, and have your way with her.

Being dressed up so elegantly while being sexually used will really get most women off and cumming hard with good orgasms.

Here’s the link for a sample dress: Strapless Gown- Amazon.com

And a link for the restraints: Sexy Restraints- Amazon.com

Tool #7: Tantra Chair- $300


A Tantra Chair is certainly a luxury item, but cool for the following reason…

If you want to put a woman into a particular mood quickly, you want to establish ANCHORS.

An anchor is an event, a sight, a smell, or a sound that brings a person into a state quickly, which is learned over time.

For example, war veterans might go into an instant state of panic when they hear a car misfire.  That shot gun sound is a learned ANCHOR that sets them off in a panic.

Likewise, you can set bedroom anchors that instantly put a woman into the mood to be dirty and naughty.

Put your Tantra Chair in a closet, hidden out of site.  But whenever you’re having sex with your woman, take it out and bend your woman over the Tantra Chair and have your way with her.  Then put the chair back away after sex is over.

With time, she’ll begin to associate seeing the chair with “It’s Fuck Time”.  At that point, you can simply pull out the Tantra Chair as a signal for her that it’s time to boink.  And she’ll associate certain feelings and behaviors with the chair, and quickly “snap” into the mood for sex, making her orgasms come to her more easily.

Here’s the link to grab a Tantra Chair: Tantra Chair- Amazon.com

So there you have it – 7 tools I use to give women bed-breaking wet orgasms.

And if you’re interested in the REALLY advanced stuff, check out my Blissnosis program.  It’s packed with information on how to sexually dominate, lead, and train a woman to be your perfect, fun, and adventurous sexual companion.  Click here to grab it right now.

Here’s Jimmy’s experience with using the program:

Jesse, after 10 years I have finally have been able to get my wife to orgasm, she has claimed she was never able to orgasm even by masturbating, and I have tried hard in the past and she was never receptive.

Our Sex live has been up and down but this past 2 months I have opened the doors to her sexually and we started dirty talking, and getting rough. Hair pulling, spanking, hands tied up I want to dominate her and get her to do everything I tell her to do, I have a little forced sex fantasy and hope to get her to participate

I am pushing the limits now and are having really great success. Shes now cumming almost every time we have sex. After reading some of your tips on commands and dirty talk, last night I got her soaked and had her riding me like crazy.

I was telling her to put her mouth around my hard cock and suck it like a good little girl. Telling her she was the best cock sucker ever, grabbed her hair and fucked her face.

Asked her if she she liked it hard and rough. even got her to repeat it. I kept telling her, that her pussy was mine, she loved it, pulled her hair back and she came hard.

Then my favorite was when I asked her if she was my little slut, and she said “Yes, I am , pound your little whores pussy. make your whore cum…” That sent me over the top.

Considering she replaced the word slut, with whore, was her own thought not mine.

I even had her sucking my dick while she was fucking a big dildo, had her pretending it was big black guy. Had her yelling out, fuck me with your big black cock, while blowing me

I am so excited to take it to the next level and to make her my little slut in the bedroom! Its helped a lot.

Thanks, Jimmy

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  1. Girls like dirty talk seriously, I use to fuck my wife without orgasm for sometime,then later I changed the game and started talking dirty to her calling her the she was a whore and is being fucked in a club and she strips naked in front of men drinking wine as a club stripper spreading her legs wide and showing her Pussy to the audience mostly male.From this day she screams with powerful orgasm after hearing all this filthy dirty talks and she needs even more,im calling her you are a whore and filthy slut who wants dicks in her ass and Pussy at the same time ,
    She loves being fucked and degraded like a whore and filthy dirty bitch being fucked like a dog while slapping her ass like a bimbo .

  2. this is so unrealistic and absurd !!
    Such bad advice for most boys out there. Women are not sex object whores that all want to fuck two guys at once. They are not some object you can shove massive dildos into and they will enjoy it. Most women want to trust someone and feel secure. They want to connect with you and have a meaningful time together.

    1. Girls like dirty talk seriously, I use to fuck my wife without orgasm for sometime,then later I changed the game and started talking dirty to her calling her the she was a whore and is being fucked in a club and she strips naked in front of men drinking wine as a club stripper spreading her legs wide and showing her Pussy to the audience mostly male.From this day she screams with powerful orgasm after hearing all this filthy dirty talks and she needs even more,im calling her you are a whore and filthy slut who wants dicks in her ass and Pussy at the same time ,
      She loves being fucked and degraded like a whore and filthy dirty bitch being fucked like a dog while slapping her ass like a bimbo .

  3. A cock gag and a thick, black, realistic butt plug will also work magically for the orgasmic “airtight” sensation.

  4. I love this I wish my man would be like that in our bedroom I have to tell him too spank me & stuff I want it too come out of him not wait till I tell him.

  5. How can i get “professional quality” head from my wife ? She tells me to shhh and let her do it her way,but im bored.She also wont swallow or even catch it ,she says the cum consistancy makes her puke!! Help me Jesse

    1. I suggest the restraints and a bucket to catch her puke when you shove your cumming cock down her throat and make her take it!

  6. Is this a joke? Most of these things would send me running, especially the fake vagina…
    legit you can make a woman orgasm without any weird shit by just rubbing her clitoris

  7. People these days

    That’s fucked up ^ I don’t think I can ever listen to the nation anthem or eat chocolate ice cream ever again……. Sincerely grossed out.

  8. Harrison Richard wyener

    Sometimes I tell my wife to get the ice cream scooper from the kitchen and she puts it in her ass while we recite the national anthem. Turns me on like crazy. Chocolate ice cream yum. God bless Quebec

  9. I believe i can make it out with girls so you know very well from women.
    I search and i find you after smany hours of personal quest i look forward to meet you one day to come in Greece man.
    Thank you for your time and I have a great appreciation for your personality with greetings from here.

    Cheers and take care 🙂

  10. jesse wow you are incredible that made me orgasm just reading this you see my husband is a bodybuilder 21 nch biceps 56 inch chest and sexy thick enormous muscular thighs to die for and the most mesmerizing eyes and what a cock on this living GOD I ENJOY YOU JESSE GET BACK YOURS MARY

  11. Hi Jesse!

    I love your site!

    Quick story, dated a guy for 5 years, recently broke up. Been texting a guy I’ve know for almost a decade, and I’ve made it clear I want really rough sex. We finally met up and the sex was explosive. Insane. Hands down, the best sex ever, putting Christian Grey to shame. We’ve been booty calling each other for the past 5 months, and I am obsessed with the sex. I’ve never been with a guy that I’ve known so little about outside the bedroom, but can read my body so well. And not to mention, he doesn’t think I’m a total freak for wanting to get thrown around the bedroom.

    The problem is, now that my itch has been scratched, I’m like a nympho. Masturbating 5+ times a day does nothing, and all I can think about is him commanding me to strip and it’s like Pavlov’s dog – I’m a bitch in heat. 🙂

    The last time, we both admitted it’s the best we’ve ever had. Any suggestions on how to a) get him to do this like, all day every day? and b) turn it into something more?

    Hot and Bothered Submissive

  12. So happy I found this site! I really want to share this with My husband. He’s awesome in bed but who doesn’t want to know more info especially about sex, seductive skills and just flat out fucking! I know I do whether it is for men or women. I enjoy reading all these articles because it turns me on and makes me so hot and horny thinking about sex all day. I really wanna know, is there a website similar to this site but for a woman? I love to learn and would like to have some new tricks up my sleeve to show my partner. Love it when he tell me “Mmm, do that again!” Or, “fuck where did u learn that?” Any suggestions from anyone would be nice.

  13. Ive taken a nice long double headed dildo and surprised my girl with it. I tied her wrists and ankles to the bed using sportsheet restraints (which i secretly installed under the matress). This drove her crazy!

    Then i pulled out and lubed up a long pink double dildo and started to fuck her with it. I moved to the other side of the bed and fucked her mouth with my cock as i fucked her pussy with the dildo. It was super hot looking for me, and got her really turned on.

    Then i removed her double dildo and fucked her really hard, while she was tied to the bed. This was an explosive session. Its not an every day scenario, but wow was it hot.

    My next plan involves a latex dress, handcuffs, platform heels and lots of her spending time on her knees. :).

    My gf is the most demure, intelligent, sweet professional you could ever hope to meet. But dominating her sexually really works.

  14. As far as toy suggestions, I really couldn’t come up with any since the ones I’d used on my GF are already on the list.

  15. Pretty revolutionary bro’. I’ve dabbled in a bit of those tools as far as introducing my GF to some of them, but I ran out of good ideas until I read this post.

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