5 Ways Women Love Stylish Men + And Style Tips

There’s never a right answer when it comes to the right clothes a man should wear. But there’s a wrong answer and that is to never dress generic.

Being one of the crowd is the last thing you want to do when meeting women, be it for one night stands, threesomes or a long-term relationship.

So just why is style so attractive to women?

Even an hour ago when I went to lunch I had this really cute girl stare at me as she passed me by… making really strong eye contact.

We need to face the hard truth: we’re still superficial beings. We justify aligning ourselves with better, more attractive people and we try to stay away from poorer, less attractive and uncool people. This may sound a bit exaggerated but those are the traits we are looking for in our social circle. Style is just another way of standing out.


Clothes aren’t just things we throw in the laundry basket at night, they cover our body and tell a story about us, a story about how we are about our personality and our intentions.

I’m going to show you how women think about your clothes and also give you some epic fashion tips at the end.

Sexy pose

#1: Attention to detail

When you show a woman that you take care of yourself, you sub-communicate that you can take care of her as well.

This is so true if you take the time to think about it. Women always notice the details not just in fashion but in everything in life, and they like guys who can do the same.

You probably know that the best compliment you can give a girl is to notice something unique about her, such as the way she strikes her hair or how a certain color in her outfit matches her eyes.


Men’s style is a way to give women the opportunity to actually notice a guy.  Sure, the inner stuff is more important but a cool combination of color and accessories is a good start when she doesn’t really know you.

If you ever wore a tie or a pocket square, you probably got lots of compliments from women. The funny thing is, not all accessories will gather compliments. That’s not our goal, anyway. Leather bracelets and casual rings, for instance, are towards the casual spectrum of things and they create a “bad boy aura” to whoever wears them. Women won’t compliment you on them but they’re sure as heck going to give you some pretty strong sex-signals.

Sensual couple

#2: Commonalities

One of my favorite openers a few years back was to wear a pink tie and a blue shirt and ask the girls what they thought about guys wearing this color combination. 99% of women loved that as conversation.

A style conversation to start things off for the first moments, is non-intrusive and it resonates with the vast majority of women. Even the girls who aren’t dressed to stand out love it.

Wanna hear the sweet part? A conversation about style can quickly and easily escalate to sex-talk. Style is a way to send sex signals to the opposite sex, in a socially accepted way. It opens up so many possibilities.  But, to get there, you need to have at least the basics handled.

The reason is, you can’t talk about style with a girl and tell her how you match jeans with a black shirt and how you never wear accessories. You need to be at her level and show her with your knowledge of clothes and, of course, to not forget to keep it cool. The last thing you want to do is spend a whole hour talking about shoes, right? You’re not her girlfriend, you’re a man who likes to dress to stand out and has plenty of other *manly* hobbies.


#3: Confidence

You probably know the story about peacocking- how peacocks and fish stand a better chance of mating when they have bolder colors.

While you don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard, you still want to stand out. Do you know someone who has a motorcycle or do you have one yourself? While riding one is a sign of confidence, making too much of a big deal out of it will turn people off.

It’s the same with style. You want to show that you’re not afraid to be judged, yet you don’t want to take things too outlandishly far.

How much flare is too much? That’s for you to decide. You have to master the keys to style first. Color, print and the set of stylish items, these are the 3 things to focus on one at a time. Once you master those, you’ll then have to combine all of them. These combinations are what will get you those lip-biting sexual avatars that women crave so much.

#4: Not being cheap

Being stylish doesn’t mean spending big money and attracting gold diggers. But you still don’t want to appear “cheap”.  Wearing quality clothes shows women you’re willing to invest in your personal image and, if you know where to look, you won’t end up spending too much on clothes.

I remember this funny commercial on TV where a guy took a girl to his place and he was so cheap that, when the lights suddenly when out, he told her he set them up this way every hour at the same time, so he can save energy.

You do NOT want to shop for name-brands like Prada and Gucci, but you do need to invest a small percentage of your income into your personal image.

#5: Success

Wearing stylish clothes is a sign to women that you can either provide or that you’re a good lover or that you’re ambitious. Even if you’re not at your dream job right now, this doesn’t mean you can’t dress for success. Clothes will help you achieve that mindset that will get you there.

This last reason might seem a little vague but let me put it another way: it’s all about potential. Women are always looking for guys with potential, regardless of whether or not they actually achieve it. Remember Hank Moody from Californication? Though it’s just a TV series, this happens a lot in real life.

You’ll get there when you get there but, for now, you might as well dress like you’re already there. Take your time to visit as many stores as you can, keeping track and notes of how much everything costs and the quality of the garment.

My Best Style Secrets

Here’s some of my best tips to dressing dapper.

My first tip is to take all your clothes to the tailor for adjustments. Except for the ones that are too small, of course! I know it doesn’t sound like much fun but your clothes will fit you a lot – and I mean A LOT – better.

The second thing you’ll want to do, when you buy new clothes, is to try bolder colors. This will help you tremendously when meeting women.

Instead of buying something black, how about brown, dark blue or gray? Instead of getting a white t-shirt, how about a bright yellow one? I know it may seem like a lot but adding drops of colors here and there will make the world of difference.

To make sure you color-match your outfit the right way, just wear black, white and gray with the colors you chose. These three colors are called neutrals and they work with pretty much any other color.

Another way to dress boldly is to buy patterned fashion items that incorporate a neutral and a bold color. A few examples…

  • A white shirt with thin blue stripes
  • A navy blue pocket square with yellow dots (yes, navy is a neutral too)
  • A dark-brown tie with yellow stripes

You can also do a what I call a “partial match”. For instance, if you’re wearing a red shirt, how about matching it with a pair of dark red chinos? There’s still a match here – red – but it’s gonna look much better.

Similarly, you can wear a pair of light purple chinos with a dark purple tie. Since we’re talking about casual attire, the color-matching rules are pretty loose.

Ok, we’re down to my last tip.

Standing out is all about wearing an interesting item, an accessory.  Accessories don’t have to be anything crazy. Just make sure you wear at least one when you go out.

Scarves, bracelets, watches, belts with interesting buckles, tie pins, ties, pocket squares, hats, cufflinks… you don’t have to have one of each, though. Just try all of them, then stick to the ones you’re most comfortable with. Stay stylish,

George, The LifeStyle God

12 thoughts on “5 Ways Women Love Stylish Men + And Style Tips”

  1. Hey Jesse, I had a date with a girl two days ago and I tried to do things you said.It goes perfect! Also thanks for your tip. What about the second date? we are going to date again on Tuesday. We are going to cinema, any suggestion?

  2. One special area to consider with regards to Style is Fragrance. One side-hustle that has been successful for me is Fragrance Sales. First this is a great opportunity to meet ladies. Also it can produce a weekly stream of income; currently I have 2 clients for $5 or Trade, somewhat regularly. A big key is to experiment with Fragrances, add Parfumier to the List O Hustles, by obtaining FREE department store samples to mix with Money Drawing oil, OFF, and other sundries. Bug-Repellent Polo smells great and pays for the OFF with one $5 sale. Creating a unique smell differentiates one in studlynesse. It’s like wearing a tee shirt that becomes an icebreaking conversation piece.

  3. Hi Jesse ! PLEASE ANSWER MY FOLLOWING QUESTION: i really wanted to start my daygame but i am thinking about it: when i open a girl say: hi u look so gorgeus i wanted to meet you.. etc. what should i talking about with her? or just simple go for the number? pls help me . ty bro

    1. Watch how he goes directly up to women un-apologetically. None of that Indirect B.S. of trying to be her friend.

      Women want to be claimed and banged no matter what all the feminist and media claim.

      Watch his video’s, this is how I overcame most of my fears about approaching women. 😛

  4. Great tips Jesse.

    Your correct on when it comes to style.

    I see too many men wearing Gucci, Prada, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Vercase, and other luxury brands only to find out that it still doesn’t get them more ass.

    Don’t get me wrong I do buy some luxury brands but I find that the super expensive crap is mostly for gay men and makes you look more like a whip then a man.

    Second, I notice when I wear hot cools like hot pink, yellow, powder blue, and lime green dress shirts with white pants and caramel color Steve Maddens I’m always getting looks from women.

    Third. Tight clothing that fits also gets the attention from women, and the funny thing is that, I’m tall and skinny. 6′-2″ / 145 lbs.

    Forth, I can care less if a woman shops at Neiman Marcus. I live in San Diego and I find that the white chicks that live in the poorer area’s have more booty 😯 and wider hips than the skinny rich girls that think their so fabulous. These poorer blondes are always wearing the super short booty shorts with the flip flops and are easier to approach. Worst of all their nearly the same level a beauty than the rich well to do chicks. 😎

    Lastly, if your looking to meet hot chick I would advise going for the women that are in their late teens, early twenties that live in middle class to working class area’s.

    These women are more open to meeting well dressed men and have more thicker curvier bodies and better personalities.

    I’m sorry but when I see a hot blonde with a skinny waist & phat ass wearing booty shorts with a undersized top. I got absolute ape A$$…… 😛

  5. Jessie Robinson

    What’s your oppinion on necklaces/chains. I wear a silver chain often and I have a black onyx stone necklace. Both seem very sexy to me.

  6. Great tips in this article. I wrote a piece the other week on simple peacocking and just wearing an interesting piece of item to compliment your wardrobe.

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