Fitter, Sexier Women- A Solution For America

Imagine an America where all the women are physically fit with hot bodies… instead of flabby and overweight.

Imagine an America where even the older women in their 40s and 50s are rocking hot bodies and keeping up appearances… instead of hitting the wall at age 25.

Imagine an America where instead of men leaving to go to other countries on the search of beautiful women, that single guys actually come to the U.S. simply because the U.S. hands down has the hottest girls in the entire world bar-none.

And as a bonus, greatly enhance both the well-being and happiness of both men and women alike.

Crazy right?

Well, here’s just a thought experiment of how that could actually be possible with a few changes in economic policy.

The Method

The first point is, pay women to work out with heavy weights and do resistance training.

#1. Every time a woman takes an approved fitness class, she gets PAID $10 just to show up and complete the class.

#2. Training with a personal trainer for heavy weights and resistance training is subsidized at 80%.  So if a session is normally $80, she pays just $10, and the rest is covered say by her health insurance company who is reimbursed by the government.

#3. Same with gym memberships, that’s subsidized 80% as well.  So her monthly fee might be on the order of $5 or $10 or $15 dollars.

#4. As for high-calorie junk food which destroys women’s femininity and is a scourge of modern society, items like ice cream, cookies, and frozen pizzas would be taxed and used to subsidize natural foods like fruits, vegetables, and lean meats.

So you no longer have situations where 2,000 calories of fat-saturated potato chips is cheaper than a green salad.

In short, you’re creating a situation where a woman is actually paid to look hot.

Paid to feel good about themselves.

Paid to be physically healthy and in shape.

Paid to have a longer lifespan, paid to have more years to enjoy.

And those subsidies would essentially pay for themselves as you have less people taking diabetes medication, showing up in the hospital for cancers related to obesity, and so on—all this very expensive medical care would be eliminated.

The results of those subsidies would mean that the number of hot women would jump from maybe 3% to 5% of the population, up to 30 to 50% of the population… and you’d have a lot more eye candy.

Guys would feel a lot happier, being surrounded by hot women everywhere.  Thinner, healthier people would mean there’d be a lot more fucking going on, which makes everybody happier generally.

Now, of course this would never fly politically as it’s not exactly PC.  And most people don’t view fitness as something they want or as a basic right, they view it as an ugly task, so there’s no political base to campaign for such policies.

But, you never know, those policies could appear on a city-level as a political experiment one day.

Because right now, our society rewards women for being overweight.

The cheapest, most convenient food is all laden with fat.  And it’s on every street corner in the guise of temptations—fast food restaurants, convenience stores, and grocery stores where entire aisles are stocked with ice cream and potato chips.

So women look feminine from age 16 through 21, simply because they’re young and their metabolism is screaming fast, and they look good despite all the crap their putting into their bodies, despite their bad habits, despite the lack of exercise.

And then in their early 20s, their metabolism slows down, all those bad habits catch up with them, and they hit the wall.  and they have bad posture from lack of muscle, big belly, chubby face, and then they don’t take care of their appearance either, like hair or nails or dress in a feminine way.

But the policies I’m proposing would change everything and bring great happiness to both women and men.

What do you think guys?  Agree?  Or do you see any holes in my plan?  Let me know what you think below, just leave me a comment!   Thanks!

12 thoughts on “Fitter, Sexier Women- A Solution For America”

  1. Well, a lot of American women that are fat or unattractive are already acting entitled and hold the power of sex over the heads of desperate men who have low standards. Because of these dorks who get on their hands and knees and inappropriately put these unattractive women on pedestals, it’s made it a lot more difficult for women in general to see an advantage to brushing up on their appearance and health.Good thing good pickup/Game sets real men aside from the rabble.

  2. Fat is good too:
    Meats, whole milk(pasteurized or raw, but must be unhomogenized), eggs, whole grain porridge, salt, some quality beer(hefeweizen), fruits, vegetables,… etc,… in no particular order regarding the main food stuffs. Let your prudently direct.

  3. Wow, haven’t been to the site for a while. Some great new content here. I’m fascinated by those ideas. It’s to women’s ADVANTAGE to work out and be hot anyway but in my experience most are so lazy that they don’t bother. Deep down they know they can always get dick because men are so horny and most know that they can get a boyfriend too – often a guy who works out himself – without doing anything for themselves – guys generally let women get away with this. Girls these days are considered hot if they are simply not over-weight.

    The beauty of learning game is that you no longer have to accept mediocrity and you can pick out good quality women who work out and take care of themselves properly. Sure you can bang some bigger girls or average girls along the way but you KNOW that ultimately you won’t settle for that so they have zero power to get you in to a relationship……Your eventual girlfriend also maintains her standards if she knows unequivocally that you won’t accept mediocrity from her.

    I think society in general should value health more. I can understand that it takes a rare woman to hit the gym after working 8.30 – 6.00 which are the average hours in professional jobs these days. Maybe include fitness classes as part of a work routine – or simply working shorter hours would be better for everyone…..

    1. I’d happily pay $30 a week to have my GF work out properly……It’s nothing compared to the pleasure you get having a truly hot woman around you…

  4. Stereotypical feminists will hate you now. Though I would enjoy joining this healthy program if it came true, despite being a male and physically fit.

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