How To Make Girls HAPPY To Meet You- A Little Positivity Trick That Works!

In this video, I want to share a simple exercise that you can do to help increase, help spike up your positivity and stay positive throughout the day.

Now being in positive, vibe-positive mood, having positive energy that you’re giving off is very important in attraction because of the law of state transference. State transference basically says that whatever you’re feeling, that’s what the girl will tend to feel.

So, if you’re feeling kind of blah, kind of down, and you go up and you start talking to a girl, she’s not going to really feel much off of you, and you’re not going to spike her emotions, so you’re not really going to spike attraction very easily. But if you are feeling up, upbeat, positive, very good about yourself, you feel entitled, you feel happy, you’re going to transfer those emotions on to the girl, and she’s going to be getting value from you. She’s going to enjoy being around because when she’s around you, she is going to feel good. So, it’s far more likely she’ll want to keep talking to you.

Now most guys are going around, maybe out of the 1 to 10 level of positivity, 1 being depressed and 10 being super happy and positive, most guys are like 5 or 6 or 7 throughout their day, just kind of average, but that’s generally not ideal for talking to women. You want to be as positive as possible, at least have that good energy feeling coming off of you for state transference.

In this exercise, which I’m going to share with you today is a simple way to just generate positive emotions. You can do this exercise multiple times throughout the day to boost up your positivity. So, when you do talk to girls, you’re going to be in a happy, good fun mood, and you’re going to state transference that mood on to the girls.

Okay, so the first step is just to loosen up your physiology. Maybe you’ve just woken up. It’s early in the morning. You really haven’t been moving. You’re feeling kind of stifled. Your voice, your mouth, your expressions haven’t been moving around much. You haven’t used them, so you got kind of loosen up to make yourself feel better.

This is a principle that your emotions will follow your physical emotions. So, for example if you just force yourself to smile and do jumping jacks, for example, even if you don’t feel like it, once you do those physical emotions, then your emotional state will catch up your physical emotions, and then, you’ll start feeling better and more positive. So, just you know loosen up your shoulders just a little bit, you know move around.

If you’re at home, you can do some jumping jacks, force yourself to smile, get that smile up, start talking, maybe sing your favorite song or just some nursery rhymes or something nice and loud to get that voice moving, and just physically pick yourself up. So say emotionally, your positive state right now is 4 or 5, you can just bring it up to a 6 or 7 automatically just by spending a couple of minutes to just loosen yourself up.

For this next part of the exercise, I want you to imagine something that would make you very happy and make you feel positive and make you feel excited. So, for example, you’re going to close your eyes and imagine a future projection or a story projection. I’m going to speak one to you right now.

Close your eyes. Imagine that the other day, you saw the most beautiful girl that you’ve ever seen. She had incredible legs, incredible breasts, beautiful eyes, beautiful smile, beautiful hair that went down to her waist, beautiful skin, beautiful skin color, perfect body shape, tight light waist, tall, slender, with nice curves, very positive energy coming off of her. She looked right at you, and she gave you a big smile, and you just thought to yourself, “There’s no way I can let this opportunity pass me by.”

So, you went up to here, and you introduced yourself, and she just happened to be single, and she was so impressed that you came up to her because she’s so beautiful that guys are too intimidated even to do it. You came up to her, and you asked for her phone number, and she actually the next day calls you back, and she invites you over to her place for dinner.

So, you’re going over to her place. You knock on the door, and she opens it up, and she gives you a big smile. She has this beautiful sexy accent when she speaks to you. She’s wearing a very sexy dress that shows off her curves and her cleavage. She has this beautiful white smile, beautiful eyes, beautiful hair. She actually did everything up for you, dolled herself up even more just to impress you, and you have a wonderful dinner. She’s a great cook. It’s one of the best meals you’ve ever eaten.

Then, she invites you up to her bedroom. You guys go up together. She pulls you in close. She takes you by the collar, and she starts kissing you gently and softly, and it’s very erotic. She tells you just a moment. She goes into the bathroom, and she comes back out of the bathroom wearing just a bathrobe, and then she removes the bathrobe, let it fall to the floor, revealing her stunning body in the most elegant, classic, the most sexy lingerie you could imagine.

Just imagine that you are on your way to a date and you’re super excited. This is your dream girl. This could be your soul mate. This is a girl you could have a wonderful connection with, and she’s madly in love with you. She is just inherently attracted to you, and you are super excited. You are giddy with excitement. You are feeling very positive, childlike. This could be your chance.

Now, let’s go on a second future projection of positivity. Imagine now, just closing your eyes that you have just won the lottery. You have won $100 million, and you are now super excited, super giddy about what you can do with this money, not necessarily to buy cars or houses or material possessions, although you could do that, but more just the adventure that you can go on.

You’re excited and giddy and happy about the adventure that you can go on to different countries, and meet exotic women and eat at the finest restaurants and stay at beautiful hotels and go to beautiful pools and spas. Go to beautiful beaches and experience life to the fullest and do see all the places that you’ve never seen before. Go travel to Rome. Go see the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Go to South America. Go see the Great Wall of China. Go to Japan. Sample all of the most beautiful women in the world.

Devote yourself to improving your body. Hire a personal trainer so you’ll look fit, feel great. Devote yourself to feeling positive and awesome every single day. Devote yourself to become a master of attraction where you can pretty much go up to any girl that you see and have her become intrigued or fascinated by you at least and just feel that giddiness and excitement of having just won the lottery and can’t wait–

You can quit your work. You can quit your job, or you can do the job of your dreams. You can’t wait to go tell all your friends and family about what has happened. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and you are brimming with excitement over it.

Now for the next part of this exercise, I want you to take those positive feelings that you have, maybe you’re feeling like a 4, 5, or 6 out of 10 before the exercise, but this positive feeling about your dream girl, about winning the lottery, imagine that they are completely real for the moment. Hopefully, it has brought your state up by a point or two.

Now, imagine that positive giddy excitement feeling that you’ve created through those hallucinations of your mind, but imagine that they are truly real. Imagine that it’s a ball of fire. Imagine that it’s a ball of energy that is electric static coming off it, and it’s almost hard to control like it wants to expand on its own.

Imagine it has a color, maybe that color is red or orange or purple or yellow, or maybe it’s swirling with all kinds of different colors. Maybe it’s a white light like a small sun. Maybe feel that it has warmth, feel that it has heat, and it’s right in the center of your belly. It’s inside of you.

Now I want you to imagine doubling the size of the ball and feeling that positive giddy energy radiating through your body. I want you to triple the size of that ball, that beautiful ecstatic giddiness, what the future holds, that the future is full of possibilities, that this is going to be the best day of your life, that these upcoming weeks are going to be the most exciting days of your life having won the lottery, and what you can do with that money to go travel and go to exotic places and that you’re going on a state and going to have the most incredible sex with the most incredible woman you’ve ever meet. I want you to triple the size of that ball of energy.

Now I want you to move that ball of energy of positivity, of sheer positivity up, up, up your torso through your chest, out through both of your arms, and out onto your fingertips. I want you to feel that energy just radiating off your fingertips.

Now I want you to move that energy back up your arms, back up through your chest, up your neck. I want you to feel that energy pouring out. It wants to come out of your neck. It wants to explode. I want you to move it up to top of your head.

Now I want you to pull that energy back down. I want you to twirl it around. I want you to make it even more intense, even more hot than before. It just wants to explode out of your body.

Next, I want you to align your physiology with this ball of energy. So, you know I don’t want you to be slumping over. I want you to stand up straight like a superman champ. If you really were feeling this, how would you stand? Like Superman: stomach in, shoulders back a little bit. Imagine a string is pulling you up by your nose that you stand up straight.

I want you to be smiling, feeling that good energy, just smile it out, a big open wide smile. I want you to have loose shoulders if you are truly feeling this incredible positivity that you’re going to have, loose shoulders. You’re going to have ballistic shoulders that can move around and you’re not physically constrained. In fact, I want you to jump up and down a few times like you’re a little kid that wants to jump upside down, all around like when you were 3 years old at the excitement of what you are about to experience. Just un-stifle yourself physically and get that energy out of yourself.

For the next step, I want you to imagine that ball of swirling light that has color and energy and heat and happiness and positivity and giddiness and excitement for the coming days. I want you to feel that at your fingertips. I want you to extrovert that ball of energy out. Just imagine that you are in a bar or a club or a bookstore or your school or work or anywhere where there would be pretty girls. Imagine that the place is chock-full of pretty girls, and you are walking by and the beautiful girls are walking by you and you just extrovert that energy out to her. You just give her with new physiology standing up straight and feeling un-stifled and good and loose, and you just extrovert that ball of energy out. You just shoot it out of your fingertips.

It’s like electricity coming off your fingertips, electricity coming off your heart. You’re bathing the girl in your warm light. You are making it more intense, more hot where you are an abundance of this energy. You are not scarce. You are not looking to accumulate possessions or buy things to feel positive. You’re not looking for positive reactions or have the right girl to feel positive.

You are already an abundance of positive energy. You can share and give as much as you want to anybody you’d like and this feeling positive, radiating warmth because positive energy is healing to people, and it’s very scarce.

Most people can’t self-generate it, but you can generate as much as you want and bathe other people in this positive energy.

Imagine the girl walking by. She feels this positive energy coming off of you. She looks at you and she gives you a big, beautiful smile. Imagine walking past the next girl, and she gives you a big, beautiful smile. Imagine bathing the energy on the next girl, and the next girl, and the next, and the next. You can bathe the whole room. You can make this ball of positive energy huge and just encompass the entire room in this swirling ball of energy, and you can control everybody’s emotions with your never-ending well of positivity.

Now for the next step, I want you to lay down a blanket of relaxation over this energy because it’s very good to be very pumped up, but a pumped up state that is a super spike is hard to maintain. So, to have you know a nice, clean high of positivity that you can maintain throughout the day, I want you to lay a blanket of relaxation over this positive energy. That’s a little bit more chill, a little bit more sustainable, won’t burn you out like a bright light bulb, but I just want you to imagine this blanket of relaxation where you can slow down your heart, you can just relax, you can take a deep breath. You can take as many deep breaths as many as necessary, and you just lay this warm, relaxing, warm, blanket on top of you, on top of that burning bright ball of energy to cool it down to a nice little ember that you can project throughout the day.

It doesn’t need to be super hot. It doesn’t need to be super big, super intense, super energetic, but just keep it there as a nice relaxing ball of positive warmth that you can project onto to everybody else throughout the day and that you can maintain self-generate all day long.

So, that’s just a little exercise that you can do throughout your day to increase your positivity. Maybe if normally you’re 4, 5, or 6, with a little time, your baseline state of emotions of positivity can raise to a 6, 7, 8, and then eventually up to you can have spikes of 9’s and 10’s in terms of positivity.

Now, when you first start out, it’s a little bit difficult because you’re not used to self-generating positive emotions. You start feeling bad automatically, but as you do this exercise more and more, what you’re going to find is that it’s a lot easier to go into that positive state. You do it much quicker, and you’ll be able to hold it longer.

When you’re first starting out, because you’re not just used to it, you’re going to feel really positive, but you’re going to fall out of it easily. It will also take you a little bit of time just to get into a positive state, but the more you practice the exercise, the faster you’ll get there, the longer you’ll be able to hold it. This is a very useful skill because most people are looking to generate their positive emotions through external stimulus, maybe buying something, or achieving something, or maybe getting a good reaction from a girl or a good reaction from their peers.

It’s much better if you are not dependent on external circumstances for your positive emotions, but that you are a never-ending well of self-generating them and you can generate them anytime, so that when you do see that pretty girl, you are ready.

You are already in a positive state. You can go up to her. Talk to her, really project your emotions through state transference onto her, and get that positive reaction back, you know, where you’re just bathing her in your positivity, and she will feel that you are offering her value because most people really can’t do that. It’s a very unusual and rare skill that you have that you can use to attract women.

So, I hope you enjoyed this video. My name is Jesse, and I will see you next time.

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  1. Love your website. Now I can reject guys who use your techniques and vernacular twice as fast as usual. Thank you.

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