How To Open A Woman With A Man

In today’s tip, I want to share you a socially awkward story. It’s happened to me numerous times where I’m with a pretty girl at a social function, and another guy will come up to us and introduce himself, but the way he does it is simply socially inept.

He comes up somewhat in this trance and hypnosis where he sees the woman as having higher value than himself, and all of his attention goes right on her.

He says hello to her. He starts a conversation with her, and you can see his pupils growing large and he has this big anime eyes totally enraptured that this girl even paid attention to him or talked to him back. He barely even acknowledges the man, which is mean in this case.

Keep in mind that when this happens, the guy isn’t like a pickup artist using a tactic to blow me out of the scene or anything.

It’s always with just regular guys that most likely know nothing about pickup. They’re just super excited to be talking to a pretty girl and getting a good response back. They don’t realize the social snafu that they’re making. They simply lack the social experience to know better.

Now the normal thing to do when you meet and greet a couple, a man and a woman together, is to introduce yourself to both of them and speak with both of them and alternate the eye contact with both of them. That’s really the cool thing to do. It’s the polite thing to do.

In fact, what I do is I go a step even further. When I approach a two-set, with a man and a woman, and my mind you I don’t know how they know each other yet. I don’t know if they’re married or just friends or what, I say hello to the man first and make eye contact with him first.

If we’re shaking hands, I shake the man’s hand first. Then, I turn to the woman and say hello, and make eye contact with her. If we’re going to be having a conversation, I speak to the man first.

Now it’s a good idea after that initial introduction to ask them how do you know each other. That way you’re going to know if they’re married or just friends or brother or sister or what, which is very useful information to have to know how you’re going to proceed, but I always acknowledge the man first. That’s important.

What these guys give away about themselves when they pay no attention to the guy and just beeline right for the girl right away and then not even conscious that they’re doing it is that talking to a pretty girl is rare for them.

That’s what they’re giving away, that these guys are not used to talking to hot girls because if the guy was used to talking to a hot girl, he wouldn’t be putting her up on this pedestal.

For instance, if you talk to hot girls on a daily basis and that felt completely normal to you, it was a normal part of your everyday reality, you won’t be so mesmerized by the girl. Instead, you’ll act like a normal human being and properly introduce yourself to the man and make conversation with the group.

My question is to you is that something that you tend to do? Have you ever gone up to a two-set of a man and a woman and just been so inside your head that you didn’t even acknowledge the guy, all your attention right on the girl.

If that’s what happened, is that something that you could be on the lookout for in the future? Has it ever happened to you from another guy where he didn’t do it on purpose? Maybe he’s just oblivious to social etiquette because he’s putting the girl up on a pedestal in his mind and kind of ignores you.

Leave me a comment below and let me know your story.

7 thoughts on “How To Open A Woman With A Man”

  1. this is probably the toughest spot there is and the one I avoid more than any

    i open girls with kids, girls in groups, even sometimes girls sitting down to dinner with family, but a girl 1 on 1 with a guy is something i steer clear of

  2. Roxyie Curone

    Wish I could figure out how to get my husband to watch your videos, lol. How do you get a good idea into a guy’s head so he thinks it’s both wonderfully awesome and HIS idea? I hate manipulation, but he’s not receptive to plugging me in, if that makes sense. He’s a Dominant, so my submissiveness doesn’t allow him to take my advice, when it comes to commanding my obedience. And I think I’ve already said too much…love your vids..subscribed, and yes he will be informed.

  3. Feminist may say “you are patriarchy, you speak to man first, evil!!”but if you talk to girl first: “you are objectifying women, you are patriarchy, EVIL!”I do hear you on the issue of accidentally putting a woman on a pedestal and ignoring a guy. Cool channel!

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