Julien Blanc on CNN- Here’s What Really Happened

Julien Blanc recently appeared on CNN apologizing for the content appearing in some of his undercover in-field videos, one where he meets a Japanese girl and begins playfully grabbing her on the neck.

He has since been banned from entering Australia and Korea, and perhaps also Canada, Japan, Great Britain, and Brazil and his name is actually being brought up in parliaments around the world.

Here’s a short 3-second clip of the interview for quick review:

So Julien, not only under criticism from the mainstream media and mainstream culture, has also come under criticism from his own fans and supporters for appearing nervous and apologetic in the interview.

I personally think he held himself together quite well considering the circumstances.

I mean, he went into a hostile environment where they wanted him to hang, and there’s hundreds of thousands of people watching on television—that’s a lot of social pressure to stand up to.

I think guys who criticize him for appearing nervous would, themselves, be curled up in the fetal position, balled up and crying if they were under the same situation and pressure.

It’s always easy to play Monday Morning Quarterback and say “I would have done this differently, I would have done that differently” when you’re sitting in the comfort of your chair, writing anonymously on a message board.

Another criticism Julien has come under is that, “He should have been more aggressive with the interview”, or not apologize, or try to takeover the frame and turn it back around on the CNN anchor, or be more clever or more defiant…

Personally, I think any of those would have backfired horribly.

CNN would have just cut the footage up however they liked, to make Julien look like a total douchebag, and then more news outlets would have picked up the story, and things would have gotten even worse for him.

So he did exactly the right thing and he did the smart thing, given the tough circumstances he was under, and I think looking nervous and appearing meek was exactly the right move in this case to take the heat off his back.  It humanized himself to a mainstream audience and he came across as emotionally vulnerable and almost charming.

So what does this mean for RSD?

So what does this mean for RSD as a company, possibly the largest pickup company in the world at the moment?  Does this effectively destroy it?  Or will they bounce back stronger than ever…

First off, it looks like two of their trainers Brad and Alex, have distanced themselves from the company and removed the name RSD from their video channels.  All of their videos have been removed from the RSD website.

So that certainly represents at least a temporary blow to the company.

But aside from that, there’s the argument that “all publicity is good publicity”, and the argument goes that millions of more guys now know about RSD due to all the controversy, the shit storm of negative press will eventually blow over, and the company will soon bounce back stronger than ever.

Well, I think it could go either way.  In my opinion Owen Cook, aka Tyler, is the driving force behind the company, and he’s expressed interest before in getting out of teaching pickup.

I’m guessing that after all this drama, he may say, “Fuck it,” now’s the time to move on, and if that happens, I don’t think that RSD as a pickup company would really ever fully recover without him.

On the other hand, if Tyler decides that he wants to ride the wave of publicity, he wants to rebuild the company, then yes, they could bounce back even stronger potentially, maybe.

But the guy is in his mid-30s, he’s getting older, and he may very well be like, “Fuck it, I don’t want to deal with this bullshit anymore”.  So at this point it’s hard to tell what will happen.

Final message to Julien, if you’re listening

Finally, to Julien, if you’re listening, you did an excellent job in the CNN interview.

A+, given the circumstances.

You held your composure well, and doing this interview will give the witch hunters the satisfaction they’re looking for, and it will allow the drama to pass.

I hope everything gets sorted out at your company.  But whatever ends up happening, you’re going to be alright.

43 thoughts on “Julien Blanc on CNN- Here’s What Really Happened”

  1. Eddie Spaghetti

    haha dude now you apologizing for him too?! what a bunch of bitches you all are :-)))) you are a bunch of boy pimps. you imagine ice t apologizing to anyone? you a bunch of pickup artist fa-ggots go cry in the corner apologize to your mommy for giving you birth –

  2. We went through this a decade ago when the media started covering all this ‘how to pick up chicks’ strategy stuff for the first time. People were saying it’s sick, guys are taking advantage of women, viewing them as objects and they are helpless little angels forced to comply. Forced to comply with what, the social introvert who’s peeing his pants trying to work on his confidence by talking to her or worse, a confident guy who knows how to talk and turn her on? Maybe a jerk who’s misogynistic and a player, but haven’t they been around forever already?Eventually people stopped caring about it. The evidence of guys learning this stuff and using it to harm women never piled up, and it probably got a lot of guys girlfriends and laid, while it made a lot of girls happy with their more attractive and assertive mate. It advanced our society as a whole. Women are pretty hip to when a guy is hitting on her, they are wired to be more socially intelligent than men and this is the modern day response to it.There’s a saying that goes “learning how to talk to women is creepy. You know what’s more creepy? Not learning how to talk to women.”

  3. Oh dear, another PUA scammer defending another PUA scammer. Julien Blanc just like the rest of the PUA industry is A FRAUD. Attraction cannot be taught, you either have the looks/or money to attract women or you don’t.PUA is bullshit, don’t waste your money on this DOGSHIT, and PUA is DOGSHIT!!

  4. Ok… but what REALLY happened?… You never mentioned that…What happened in the interview didn’t happen, or the thing with the Japanese chick didn’t really happen? Shed light on the truth…….

  5. 3:20, he is still going to keep pushing with RSD, you and everyone who knows well RSD, know that its not just about pickup at this time, RSD has evolved and its about improving peoples life and thats something no one would stop helping because that feeling of helping the entire world is just amazing.

  6. monstruo bohemio

    i love julian, he is an amazing dude. mad respect for that dude. but he got cought up in reality, shouldve kept things a little more down low…… he was too honest and cutting edge on his teaching…. mainstream will not take his level of truth

  7. I am really happy that there’s other people who caught on that Julien Blanc was joking as well. And you know I don’t blame Julien for apologizing and I wont criticize him, I just feel like he shouldn’t of had to apologize. It shouldn’t of gotten that bad to be honest. It was taken way to far and I feel like its just nothing short of bullying and intolerance. Especially with how the interviewer was. You could tell that he was “faking” concern almost. That bull crap concern on the interviewers face didn’t fool me for a minute. Please. Media only cares if someone is dead or in Julien’s case witch hunted and then its on because it means money and maybe a good book deal at the end, disgusting. They are always looking for a horror show. Also not every woman likes the same exact type of guy. Women obviously went home with the guy, this means a lot of them or most of them… to some sort of degree like him. Julien has obviously had girlfriends, obviously has friends who are women, has a life, has had many experiences so…. I don’t know. Saying that women only need a certain “type” of guy is sort of demanding. There’s something that makes people “demonize” submissive women and I think that’s wrong. There’s no way of saying how or what Julien actually felt for women or why or what past experiences he’s had. And for that its rather unfair stereotype they placed on it. But oh well. If he apologized then all is well. I don’t hate the guy for it, I just don’t think he should of had to apologize.

  8. Dear Lord. Any man that needs this pudding face to teach them how to meet women should just give up. Clearly they are a genetic cul de sac.

  9. Australia and other countries and CNN (especially you moderator) should be ashamed for condescending this man, after hearing just the reasons behind one of the side to Julien’s controversy. I honestly believe that the ban should be revoked and give this man his freedoms back. Geez what is this world coming to?

  10. Oh, i dont think Tyler is gonna quit RSD. The company he created is creating money like crazy. I even think their numbers are getting higher with this “controversy”.

  11. Give the witchhunters what they’re looking for??Have you dealt with social justice warriors before? These people only take apologies as affirmations that they were right and then they demand fucking *blood*. This won’t end here…

  12. Amen!RSD changed my life and keep changing other guys lives every single day worldwide.All this bullshit envolving RSD was PRECISELY PREDICTED long long time ago when Tyler said how mainstream media see pick up and how they would present it to the world, one more time mainstream media manipulating the informationknowing that the unthinking masses would blindly believe whatever they were told about their targets . This won’t be the end of the company, quite the other way around Pick up will come stronger than never and maybe even become popular, liking or not stupid people will have to deal with the truth about man and woman interaction and social dynamics.From Brazil with love – Gabriel

  13. Soman Rama Krishnan

    The Brits think their men are so stupid as to rape women after listening to Julien. True trust right there. The fact is what he teaches works so good that women are angry about it. ITS A FREE MARKET, but the gov is acting as mommy taking care of her spoilt daughters. It’s a real joke as all they are doing is promoting Julien because now everyone will know IT WORKS! Btw spoilt daughters become real pains when they get older.

  14. This is coming from a female. Clearly you can see he was joking. If they didn’t appreciate it, they should of made that clearly and inform security. Not smiling like your having fun. Next to say that Japanese women are to afraid to say anything and need to be protected by you idiot is offensive. That’s pretty much saying their weak, can’t stand up from themselves and not smart enough to handle foreigners in their country. Now anyone chick who allows herself to be talked into going home with a guy, you just met is a fucking idiot. Any chick that allows a guy slob her down and she just learned his nm 2min before is a idiot. When does accountability step up the plate. A guy can’t manipulate you into going with him nor continue to make out after the initial blindsided kiss . Wants it and wants to go home with themBy saying he manipulated them to go home with him. That’s basically saying women are to weak to say no. That women aren’t smart enough to say no, Look if chicks get pick up by his methods. That’s on her, she’s the one who let him pick her up with those methods.

  15. No, actually, a genuine person would look at the camera and apologize specifically for what he did and try to explain exactly what and why he posted the stuff on his own website but he couldn’t because he knew and everyone one else knows that he’s full of shit and just rips people off. I wish the host had asked him about his credentials. What education and professional experience in sociology and communications or anything for that matter pertaining to discourse. That is my major, so it seems from my perspective that he is not qualified to charge huge sums of money and teach psychobabbleistic cues.He apologizes in the interview several times, tossed out strategically as a way to buff off the heat, but never discussing in earnest, anyone who has knowledge of communication and body cues can see this.The fact that you think he comes off as kinda sorta charming is pathetic and hilariously naive.

  16. The moment you could tell that the CNN interviewer was full of bullshit was when he actually asked Julien:”What are you sorry for? Are you sorry for what your did or for getting caught?”So fucking stupid. Julien’s vids are publicly available on YouTube. It’s not like they had been secret goods of any kind. So how could you “get caught” when you’ve always been acting out in the open? CNN’s full of bullshit. Period.

  17. they wouldn’t have been able to cut up that inerview if it was live.regarding the interview itself, i just watched the full interview a few moments ago, as opposed to five minutes of the interview that was on the internet several weeks ago. the interviewer mentioned they would discuss people’s tweets over the next hour, so i wonder if there is any footage of that, and if julian was in the studio with him at that time.i do think the interviewer was being unreasonable towards julian, making him have to repeat himself numerous times. while, as you say, he did behave himself well by being apologetic, nothing was said about the japanese girls on the street, and the one in the convenience store in his video. it’s one thing to publicize a bad joke like chokinggirlsaroundtheworld, but it’s an entirely different thing to video tape a girl in a culture where such physicality is taboo (not so much for the girls in the club, but the two before mentioned scenarios).also, i’m sad to say that alexander’s voice could be heard in julian’s notorious video. it can be heard in the part where he’s grabbing that girl inside the convenience store. so him distancing himself from all this while still condoning julian’s behavior in the video itself, shows a lack of consistency if you ask me.

  18. Barbara M. Reder

    drama to pass a plus? excuse me what part of the video about japanese woman should we as a viewer understand about julian blanc. I am sorry but the way he represented the japanese woman are disgraceful and i am glad he got banned. Karma is a bitch. I would love to meet his mother because she definately must be ashamed for the choices he made.

  19. I think Julien could have added some clearer emphasis that he does not promote what he is accused for. Yet I think he did well by not creating an argument/disagreeing too much in his situation. If it had turned into him vs them, it would only fuel the fire against him. Angry feminists are biased and are looking for anything that they can use against him. However if he is apologetic, that at least has an effect that helps more than it doesn’t.

  20. That was a phenomenally well balanced account of the situation as it stands. If anything, Julien’s composure and humanness in the CNN interview gave me an even deeper appreciation of the value he’s been offering. Owen’s as well. I feel astonished by the perversity of this media backlash, especially where there has been an almost complete failure to research what RSD does, or what Julien says in the freetour videos and his personal vlog. I would also emphasize that a great deal of the negative publicity that RSD gets has more to do with the dark mental frames of the twisted people who get interested in it thinking they’ll finally get to “fuck bitches”. They enter in and begin what hopefully becomes a long term self-development project where they form healthy values, learn to love life, transcend scarcity and make much more deeply valuable contributions to the world around them. Is it really a bad thing if some of those valuable contributions cum in the form of orgasm? I’m rooting for RSD and very much hope that Julien can figure out a way to transcend this absurd media debacle. The furious clans of feminists who haven’t ever even seen one of Julien’s videos, or who do nothing but cherry pick a joke made in jest as a serious insult and vindictively try to condemn him present a very poor reflection of themselves and invalidate their opinions to anyone who refuses to impulsively make uninformed claims. It’s really really too bad.

  21. I thought he did OK too. At the end of the day he is trying to help people and is obviously against real violence against women. I’ve used throat grabbing to get a threesome with two smoking hot Greek chicks in the past. The day after, some of my high-level, player friends said that they saw how powerful that move was…….

    At the end of the day women are thrilled by this shit……Just look at 50 shades of grey, written by a woman for women – and they’re consuming it like a swarm crack addicts…..

    Obviously play-strangling was done in a dominant, sexually charged way but not with aggression or the intention of causing fear. You also don’t want to actually squeeze the neck at all – just grab it in a pretend way is enough to work in some situations……

    The problem with the mainstream mentality and actions is that they get mainstream results, which are typically very, very poor. If you are going to get elite results with women you are going to have to get used to doing things that make other people and even yourself uncomfortable at times. These actions obey a higher logic than your flimsy socially conditioned emotional response.

    Elite performing athletes do not use mediocre tac-tics or just put in a mediocre level of intensity….It’s the same in game….

    Good luck to RSD – They’re a good company and I think overall they have done a lot of good in the world….

  22. i still don’t agree with anything that RSD teaches – he really wasn’t sorry lol

    though i do agree he did what he should have done in his interview with CNN to make him look better

    they need to respect women, i’ve been to the RSD summit, it IS what they teach

  23. just a normal, confident, man (not the greatest charmer, lacks the refinement, and his fashion sense is dull), under attack by PUPPETS OF E.T.s who want all men AND women to STOP COMMUNICATING with each other, and simply march into “big brothers room” when called (as seen on TV) cause “big brother” is really an E.T. (that’s why he did not show his face in this “reality TV” show, ever).

  24. Wow im a bit shocked. I watch some of Juliens videos and i didnt know he is baned from foregn countries. Some students forget a major thing. Thei forget that you have to test these methods yourself, if it doesnt work do another method. Also there are people with no boundaries.

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