10 Tips To Spot Scam Pickup Programs And Keep Your Money


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I want to give you a few tips in order to not be bamboozled and lose your money to a fake or false or phony pickup product.

Now, there are two kinds of pickup products out there.

There are real pickup products made by real guys that really go out and meet real girls, and then, there are Internet marketing products that have a thin veneer of pickup around them.

Real Pickup Guys vs. Internet Marketers

Basically, these Internet marketing products are made by guys that just sit in a chair, don’t actually go out and meet real women.

Maybe they have a passing theoretical armchair interest in girls, but they don’t really have any real experience. They’re just scraping the other free content off Internet, slapping it together in a quick product, and they spend all their time on Internet marketing to lure you in with a quick fix magic bullet and get you to pay them $79.95 and part with your money, and then they run off.

Now, a guy who is really into pickup, he’s going to actually go out there and meet girls, and of course Internet marketers are not going to do that.

The guy who is really into pickup, he’s going to base his product on his real experience and his love for the sport, and what he’s really doing as an outflow, as an outpouring of his energy, and what he’s really interested in.

Just like if there was a guy who just loves snowboarding and he’s spent the last 10 years of his life snowboarding every weekend, he might want to share his experiences. He might want to share his love, his passion for the sport, maybe help out new guys that are into it, whereas the Internet marketer has no love, no passion for that sport. It’s just that he only sees it as dollar signs, as a way to sucker people into giving him money.

The 90 / 10 Rule

Now, the guy who is really into pickup, he might put 70 percent to 90 percent of his effort into the pickup program, his creation. It’s his baby. It’s his expression of who he is, and maybe 10 percent into Internet marketing just to get his name out there so people can see it and discover him.

Whereas the Internet marketer, it’s flipped. He might spend 70 percent to 90 percent of his time solely doing the Internet marketing and only 10 percent of his time on the program because he’s not interested in the program. To him, the content of the program is a cost. It’s a cost that he has to shell out, maybe pay someone to write it for him.

So, he has every incentive to make it short and little and lame as possible. He doesn’t really care. Once he’s got your money, he can run off with the money. He doesn’t really care about the program.

The guy who is really into pickup, he might see marketing as necessary evil. It’s not a high priority to him because he’s actually going out. He’s a busy guy.

Whereas the Internet marketer, he sees the program as a necessary evil because he just wants to spend all his time doing marketing.

The guy who’s really into pickup, he loves the output, he loves creating value. He loves helping people out. He loves seeing people transform.

Whereas for the Internet marketer, that value creation, that content creation again is a burden. It’s a cost of his business that he’d rather not deal with.

The guy who’s really into pickup, he wants his students to succeed. He might have like a forum to help people out. He might give free coaching for people who purchase his programs. He might do phone coaching.

Whereas the Internet marketer once you purchase his program, he wants to have nothing to do with you. He never wants to see you again. You are simply a prospect, and after making that purchase, now you are a burden. You might be asking him for support, that’s a cost, so he never wants to deal with you again. That’s the big difference.

The guy who’s really into pickup, he’s going to make more realistic claims. He’s going to say something to the effect, “Yeah. I might have the fastest way to getting laid, but it’s going to take you some time and effort.” So, he’s going to be real with you.

Whereas the Internet marketer, he doesn’t care about reality. He just wants to sell people the quickest solution. He wants to button push them, hype things up saying,

“Learn this 5-minute where it’s like having a pussy magnet in your hands. You just point this pussy magnet to the girl, and she’ll just dump on your dick. Point it at the hot model, and she’ll jump on your dick. Point it at your ex-model, and she’ll jump on your dick. Point it at your friends’ wives, and they’ll jump on your dick.”

He’ll make like extremely ridiculous claims that don’t pan out in reality.

Just like the Internet marketer will say stuff like, “Oh, you want washboard abs? Well, just take this caffeine pill.” Of course, that’s not going to work.

Whereas the guy who’s really into pickup, he’s going to make more realistic claims about what you can achieve and not just sell some trash ideas to try to make you buy.

Niche Jumping

What these companies do is that they’ll just go from niche to niche to niche to niche.

So, the Internet marketer might start off with creating a business program, and he’ll work on that for six months. And then, he’s thinking to himself, “Okay. How am I gonna make money? I’m going to dating niche, so I’ll just slap together some crap real fast.” He’ll pitch that for six months until that burns on, and then, he might jump over to dog grooming, dog grooming product or whatever it is.

These guys have no investment in your success. They have no investment in pushing what can be done in pickup to the next level. They don’t care about that.

They’re just looking at the dollar signs, and these guys will self-rationalize their behavior to themselves because no guy wants to think, “Oh, yeah. I’m just an Internet marketer. You’re scamming people.” People want to see themselves as the good guys.

So, I’ve seen this happen where these Internet marketers will start making rationalizations to themselves.

One is that, “All people are just stupid. I’m the only smart guy because I outwitted all of them. I outboxed all of them. I made the money, they deserve to be fucked over.”

So, a lot of these guys generally knew their customers as being dumbasses, and in more general terms, they view humanity in a very dim light as well, or they will say to themselves like, “People pay for the experience of purchasing the solution, not the solution itself.”

Basically, they’ll tell themselves that people just want that feeling of parting with their money. They don’t really care about making progress or the solution, and they’ll tell themselves things like that, so they come out like a chimp.

Just like if someone is sending spam mail as their profession. They’re professional spammer. They might come up with reasons. “Oh, humanity is dumb. They deserve what they get. They deserve to get my spam. I’m really helping people.” They’ll make all these rationalizations as to why they are the good guy.

Is Internet Marketing Good or Bad

Now, where do I fall down on Internet marketing? Well, I am not against Internet marketing.

There are plenty of guys that you have never heard of that are great. They can really teach you a lot of things. They are natural. They can even be good teachers. You have never heard of them, and you will never hear of them simply because they don’t do any Internet marketing. They remain completely anonymous.

So, it’s a good thing to have a little bit of Internet marketing, put your name out there, so that people can find you.

I even view hype like a little bit of hype as a necessary evil that can actually be a good thing because a lot of guys are coming from a very low form of consciousness. They don’t want to put in any time or effort. They just want the magic pill solution where they’re going to get laid in five minutes. They don’t have to change anything about themselves.

So, from certain angles, you can kind of draw those people in like say, “Hey, I’m gonna get you laid in a couple of weeks.” You can draw them in, and then, once they get inside of your program, then you feed them the real medicine.

Then, you say, “Okay, it’s actually going to take you time and effort. I’m going to help you get there. I’m going to help make the changes, so it draws the person and transform yourself.” So, you can actually draw in people that are in a form of low consciousness state and actually pull them in, give them the real medicine, and then really transform them. You can transform people that normally would not have found you would not have been transformed otherwise.

So, a little bit of Internet marketing can be a very good thing.

The problem is when it becomes the all-encompassing thing when the Internet marketer doesn’t care about you, doesn’t care about the product. He doesn’t care about the program. He doesn’t care about transforming people. He just wants to take the money and run.

Now, how can you tell them apart?

Well, has the company been around for more than 10 years like Seduction Science, for instance, or is it a fly-by-night operation? That’s pretty obvious.

Does the guru show videos of himself?

Does he actually put up videos or is he just like there’s no picture, no videos, no nothing, or maybe it’s like a grainy single photo? That’s a way to tell if they are an Internet marketer and scamming.

Is the video sales letter made with cartoon animations?

That’s a very big giveaway. If you see cartoon animations making these incredible promises, you see these funny-looking guy that looks like Papa Smurf or something, he’s bowling and he looks like Average Joe and he points the pussy magnet at a cartoon girl, a fantasy girl with big boobs, big cartoon girl, and she jumps up on his cartoon dick? That’s a total giveaway that this is just Internet marketing.

Is the story too good to be true?

Are there big promises like promise is the marketing copy or is the video sales letter telling you things like, “I learned this trick in five minutes where I just point the pussy magnet at a girl, and she jumps on my dick.” If it sounds too good to be true, obviously, it’s too good to be true because there’s no trick that’s going to make a loser guy or just Average Joe fuck supermodels one after another with a five-minute trick. It simply doesn’t exist.

Do they give a hero’s story like a ridiculous hero story in the video sales letter?

Hero story is used a lot by Internet marketers. Basically, it starts off with, “I sucked with girls. I couldn’t even get a date. I couldn’t get girls to even pay attention to me.” And then, I went up on a mountain, and I discovered these little secrets. And after I discovered the secret, I came down from the mountain, and I was getting laid like crazy. I was fucking supermodels. I was fucking my ex-girlfriends. I was fucking my friends’ wives.” And all this other stuff like some ridiculous story. A hero story going from zero to hero. That’s a giveaway that it’s Internet marketing, and its’ completely fake, and it’s not a real person behind it. It’s written by an Internet marketer.

Is the guy actually interested in teaching students?

Is there a way to follow up with students or is it just a one-time shot deal? So, is it like you pay $79.95 and there’s no follow-up, there’s no additional coaching, there’s no forum, there’s no back and forth with the guru? Before you can actually communicate, you’re communicating, there’s a forum, there’s support, the guy is actually genuinely interested in you succeeding.

Usually if the guy has actually created his own content and he’s passionate about what he’s done, he gets excited when new people come in and are following him and trying out his content. That excites him because he must see people enjoy the same experience that he’s enjoying.

Just like if you are a professional snowboarder and someone comes down the hill and is interested n learning from you, you’ll get excited teaching that person whereas the Internet marketer doesn’t feel that excitement at all. You are just a problem to him after you make a purchase. He wants to have nothing to do with you because he’s not interested in the subject.

Is the course complete?

This is a big one. Do you pay – Are you paying for the course or is it like you pay in installments of $69.95 or whatever?

So, you’re going to pay for the secret tip, and then, they’re going to give you another secret tip every month for $70. They kind of artificially break up the course over 12 months of payments.

Basically, they want to extract $1,000 from you over the course of a year, but they don’t want you to feel the sting of $1,000 all at once. They kind of want to hope that you won’t notice that they’re taking the money. So, they’re going to break the course up into these artificially segmented modules instead of giving it to you all at once. It’s another giveaway that it’s pure Internet marketing.

And just generally, what is in their heart?

What is in their heart? Are they there to create value? Are they there to actually help students? Is the guy creating this program genuinely interested? Is it his passion? Does he love giving that outflow of energy in creating his videos or is their heart just in seeing people as prospects, taking their money and running?

So, you know, you’re a pretty smart guy, probably. So, you’re probably know a lot of the stuff, but still it’s kind of good to remind yourself, that’s kind of why I’m putting out this video just to really solidify some of these ideas because you might know them vaguely, but it’s good to really get them solid.

Now myself, personally I really hate to do Internet marketing. I feel like it’s a waste of time. Maybe if I have a list of 10 priorities, it would be my tenth priority.

There’s a lot of other things I got to do. I’d rather, you know, go out and meet girls. I’d rather go on date to dates. I’d rather create a video for you guys. I’d rather write down some of the things I’m doing and develop a program out of that.

There’s a lot of things I’d rather be doing than Internet marketing, but again, I kind of forced myself to learn a little bit of it simply because I need to put myself out there a little bit and sometimes I want to draw in the people who are in that lower consciousness state of their looking for the magic pill, and I can actually get them through the door and then feed them the real medicine. I can actually reach people that I wouldn’t normally reach otherwise without the Internet marketing. So, it is an important tool, even though it’s not like the top thing that I’m looking forward to do.

Ideally, I kind of think that people should just come to my site, realize that it’s quality stuff when they see it, and avoid the crap, but I know that this is not an ideal world.

A lot of people are coming from that state of low consciousness, and a lot of people are busy. They don’t have time to evaluate all the programs, so to me, Internet marketing is a necessary evil, and I try to enjoy it when I can and learn it here and there.

Now, I do offer a free course. You’re going to see the link right here on this video. So I suggest that you click on that link and punch in your email address, and this free course is going to detail a lot of what I do and the game, complete plan from A to Z for you in the free videos.

I also have a YouTube channel where I put out additional videos and you want to subscribe to that as well because you’re going to get videos that are not in my free course. When I create them, you’ll be notified immediately by YouTube.

You also want to leave me a comment. I read all the comments. I love giving comments. You might just want to give me a shout out. You might want to give me some positive feedback or maybe where I can improve things. I’m always trying to improve my videos, and just say hello. I love to hear from you.

So, I hope you enjoyed this video. Hopefully, it will help you from being bamboozled or if you know someone, a friend, who’s new to the game, you can show them this video to help them, guide them, steer them from not stepping on a landmine, some of this Internet marketing bullshit that you’re going to find out there.

Jesse, out.

22 thoughts on “10 Tips To Spot Scam Pickup Programs And Keep Your Money”

  1. RSD’s products are 90% of the time, a waste of money. They could sell you a valuable 100 page pdf book with actionable techniques for a small amount of money. But instead they sell way-overpriced useless video “courses” with their instructors talking a lot of nonsense. Moreover, they give the best advice for free on the free youtube vids to lure you in and get you to drop cash. Then when you view the actual product it’s mostly useless trash.

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  5. There are some attention-grabbing points in time in this article but I don’t know if I see all of them heart to heart. There’s some validity however I’ll take maintain opinion till I look into it further. Good article, thanks and we wish extra!

  6. Top Pick Up Coaches:

    No1. Any true natural or high level player you can hang out with in your day to day life.
    No2. Jesse Charger.
    No3. Alan Roger Currie.
    No4. Jason Capital.
    No5. Richard La Ruina
    No6. Christian Hudson.

    All of these guys are great people to learn from. Jesse is probably one of the lesser known coaches and yet his material in my experience has been the best. In terms of shifting the paradigm of picking up girls from being a pick-up schemer to an un-caged beast, Jesse had a big impact on my life. That’s no BS – the first recording on ‘Reckless Disaster’ remains one of the most motivational and inspiring things I’ve listened to. It was a quantum leap away from anything else I’d ever heard and incredibly liberating.
    I honestly think Jesse undersells himself compared to other coaches who frankly don’t have the levels of insight that he offers. I got laid with about 10-12 girls within a year after Reckless Disaster, including a model with a rich boyfriend, a 3sum with two foreign chicks. I noticed that my girls started coming a lot harder and having more respect for me as a man after I started to use some of the sex material on this site. As well as meeting girls on my journey I also made friends with some other really top guys. My current GF is a straight-up smoking hot 20 year old who shares most of my main interests in life.

    That isn’t exactly a superhero story but is still great progress and a lot of the mindset I had came from Jesse. That beast confidence to push things along until I either got laid or the girl rejected me started with Jesse.

  7. Hey Jesse,

    You forget one important thing: the top guys are not alone, the work in teams. They go out, shoot the product and pick up girls while their team does the tech work and customer support.

    As a side note, I worked with successful marketers who picked-up girls every night even though they WEREN’T in the seduction niche. Just because they could and just because they had teams working for them, teams they would only have to manage. So, doing market research during the day and screwing hot girls at night.


  8. I have seen many of the internet marketing scams you mentioned in this free video. At the moment I am reading your stories as they offer some interesting insights into the pickup community. Some of the scams you mentioned do offer some worth while information but most of it can be found for free with a bit of research. For example, the idea of mirror neurons and sharing emotions. Many people realize certain emotions can transfer but do not understand how. The how takes research to understand whereas in pickup the basic and how to make it work is all one needs to know. Your stories have offered expanded insights into how this process works from your perspective. So far your stories have offered solidification as to how the information you and other marketers sell.
    Thank you

  9. Im trying to check out your class , but it wont let me. It says that im already subscribed and I havent gotte anything.

  10. I wish this was the first lifestyle and dating program I discovered, it would have saved me loads of time. Now I’m changing my life so my true instinct and nature are always in control.

    I have been practicing game one and a half years of trying again and again at bars, clubs, shopping malls and so on. I had many nights that I felt like shit, and over time, more and more nights I would win the girl over. I would figure this out or die trying.

    A week ago I brought home a lingere model. My first ever 9+ girl. Then I surprised even myself – and walked out on her when she lashed out at me. That made her respect me, and kind of a little too attached for comfort. One of my other girls is a millionaire. I would have never believed I could do this two years ago.

    Everyone that’s still grinding through the first steps of their game – keep your spirit up, it gets better! See you all, I got to shower to go out again tonight.

  11. I fell for this. guy too my ££££ and I never heard from him again despite one of his offers being a months worth of contact and question answering lame. what works is the basics and putting them into action. love the site,Jesee and long may it continue.

  12. Since there is no video of you actually approaching and getting girls (only videos of you ‘lecturing’ in your living room) does that make you a scammer?

    1. Good question you bring up.

      First off, I don’t shoot videos from my living room or hardly indoors at all- that’s pretty obvious if you look at any of my videos. This video here for instance was shot on a beach.

      Also, I started back in 1999. And I’m nearly 40 years old, so call me old and old-school conservative if you will. I’ve come from a background where it would be uncouth and distatesful and immoral to put unsuspecting girls on video.

      Some of these guys putting girls on videos have gotten sued, and mass petitions being signed against their companies. Really, it’s not worth the hassles.

      On top of that, you have to have someone follow you around with a hidden camera, or attach a hidden camera on yourself. To me, that’s simply creepy.

      It’s a bit like saying you won’t trust your accountant until he puts a hidden camera in his office and secretly films his clients and puts them on youtube for the world to watch.

      99% of the guys who do game simply won’t do it.

      It’s fundamentally unethical in my opinion, creepy, legally problematic, and also logistically a hassle. I hope that answers your question!

      1. Props to you for answering the question when you could have just deleted it and nobody would have known. P.S. I submitted a comment on an RSD video (by Tyler/Owen) questioning why it was edited to make the approach look authentic when it was not, and he deleted the comment, just like that!

  13. Yes, I got a PUA product which was a book – too long and complicated and once I asked for my money back (100% money back guarantee) they sent me a LONG email asking me whether I was about to give up on my game with women: “… Are you sure that you are willing to give up on your game and admit defeat in picking up women. Did you really use all of the tips and insight in the book (300+ pages long – a lot of the advice talked about your clothing appearance). If you really want a refund, take a snapshot of the deleted product in your recycle bin and then delete it completely from your computer.” Then I decided not to ask for my money back and instead treat the $300 as money that I spent to get rid of them and learn a valuable lesson from.

    I’ve found your Non – Verbal Sexual Mind Control Program product to be really helpful when I actually put it into action and spent time reflecting on my performance and using your advice! I should continue using it when I go out into the field and practice my game because I honestly have had far more overall success with your program than I have with most other programs I have come across.

    I do have a question though that’s unrelated to this blog post. Apart from the importance of breaking rapport tonality and neutral rapport tonality, I’ve read about the authoritative tonality in a body language book where your voice rises from low to high in pitch midsentence then drops to low pitch at the end of the sentence. Do you think this is useful as well in game with women?

    1. Thanks for sharing your story Mike.

      As for your question, you are asking me about rising your pitch in MID sentence right? First off, it’s going to put you inside your head. Second, I don’t see how or why that would make a difference- sounds like B.S.

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