Breakthrough Tool For A Sexier Shave – And Look More Handsome!

In this daily tip, I want to share a quick, fast way that you can become instantly more attractive to girls very quickly. This is a very easy tip to implement.

What research shows is that men with a little bit of stubble on their cheeks and on their chin around here, that 5 o’clock shadow but a little bit more than that like a light stubble is more attractive to women than actually being clean shaven. It is more attractive to women than having a full big beard, and a lot of research studies have borne this out again and again.

I personally think it’s because if you have a neat level of stubble on your skin that is even and smooth and sculpted, that is a sign of wealth and health because go back 100 years and before.

Most men would have this big, scraggly beards on themselves and hairs going out all over the place or maybe they cut it themselves somehow. But it’s not going to look neat and trim. If it’s going to look very neat and trim, that means that you came from an upper class upbringing. Maybe you had servants to do it for you. You certainly have another pair of hands to do it for you.

Today when you have a nice, neat trim layer of stubble on you, it subconsciously looks more attractive to women. Kind of like the male equivalent as if when women do their hair up and they have their curls done or they have it straightened, it just doesn’t look like – it’s almost not natural.

It’s almost supernatural because it would be so rare to happen in nature. It would be more she’s from an upper class, so she has servants to help her out. Same kind of thing.

Now here’s the problem. I found out it’s very difficult to get this neat even shave every single time. I found that either I’m usually cutting myself clean or I’m using a machine that doesn’t get the same results every time, but there is a solution to this. It is called the Conair for Men.

This is a little device. Pretty nifty. I think I got it for $25 or $30 on, with free delivery. Basically, what’s great about this machine is that you turn it on, but it’s got a little reader here that tells you first of all how much battery you have left, but also the number of millimeters that you are shaving.

It goes as low as 0.4 mm, so very, very close shave. You can move it up, get it to 0.61 mm, 1.2 mm, 1.4 mm, 1.6 mm, 1.8 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm, and all the way up to 4, actually 5 mm if you want a longer shave.

I usually set it to 1.8 mm, and that’s where I have it. I have just set it to 1.8 mm, turn it on, and just go all over. Because it has a reader here, I’m not guessing the length. I’m always going to have every single day the exact same length of stubble hair. I don’t have to think about. It just electronically tells me.

It’s very light, so it’s very good for travelling if you travel, and the outlet either has 110V for the United States or 220V for Europe. It’s great for traveling in that regard as well. It takes all electrical outputs.

Definitely use this because it will save you time. You’re not guessing, and you’re going to get a nice clean perfect shave every time, which is going to make you look like upper class, like you can take care of yourself, you are putting work into it when really it just takes you 30 seconds and you look perfect every single time.

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Until next time, guys! Jesse Charger out!

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