Vienna, Austria – How Hot Are The Girls? My Review!

Hey guys, it is Jesse here, and in this video, I want to talk about my trip to Vienna, Austria, in Europe and give you just a quick review of what I thought of the city and the women there if it’s worth checking out, if it’s worth chasing the girls down there. Now, I only spent about a week there, but it was enough time to get a general feel for the place, and I was there in April.

Even though it was late April, it was still super cold, so I was wearing my hat, heavy jacket. The girls were wearing heavy jackets, so I couldn’t really see a whole lot of skin, so to speak, and I was pushing myself so hard on my trip because I was hopping from city to city that by the time I actually got to Vienna, I was feeling a little bit under the weather with a slight cold. But nonetheless, because I was on a tight schedule, I just kind of pushed myself through it and still, you know, got to the museums, still got to the nightlife, still checked out day game potential and all that, so I could bring you this review.

Now, some of the pros about the city is that, first of all, the city is extremely beautiful. In fact, it’s so nice looking it kind of makes most cities in the United States look like fucking dumps, to be honest. The architecture is absolutely beautiful. It feels wealthy. There’s a lot of beautiful parks around. You can just walk kind of down any street, and it feels like you are walking through an open-air museum because it seems like a lot of the buildings are made up of white marble or some kind of material that feels like white marble. So, it has that museum feel to it. I kind of get the impression that the quality of life in Vienna is pretty high, and I don’t really remember seeing any poor people or any homeless people or anything like that.

Another good thing about the city is that it is a big city, but it is not absolutely so big that it feels overwhelming and the city is very easy to navigate. It’s also a very walkable city. You can kind of bicycle around the city, and they have a great public transportation system.

Another great thing is that on Friday and Saturday nights, the metro, the underground train system, runs 24/7 all night, so it’s very easy to get around to different nightlife spots. And a lot of the clubs and bar areas are located right in your metro station, so you almost never have to take a cab anywhere, and it’s very cheap and convenient to get around.

Another great thing is that no German is required. Most of the girls speak at least passable English, if not almost fluent English and they’re very happy to speak to you in English. They don’t care if you speak German or not, which is great.

Another great thing about the city is that it’s a very close hopping-off point to other cities in Central and Eastern Europe, so if you want to go to Zagreb in Croatia, no problem. It’s just a two-hour train ride. If you want to go to Budapest in Hungary, no problem. Just jump on a train. In a few yours, you’re going to be there. It’s close to Prague. It’s close to Slovenia. So, you know if you were living in Vienna, you could very easily take weekend or long weekend trips to other cities, which is very cool.

Some of the downsides is, of course, the city is rather expensive, more expensive that you find in Eastern Europe or the United States because we are talking about a Western European city here. Also, after you’ve had your fill of beautiful buildings, it could get, I could see in the future boring being there if you’re there for a long time because it’s very orderly. It kind of feels like a museum, and just like if you spend a week in a single museum, it could feel kind of dull after a while. I got the impression that if you spend a long time in Vienna, it could feel kind of stuffy and authoritarian and just too orderly for a lot of people including myself.

Okay now, onto the girls. Well, I found the girls to be very friendly. That’s a big plus. I think that the girls are just as hot as maybe a country that has a good reputation for women like the Ukraine. I think body-wise, it’s pretty similar. The problem with girls in Vienna is that they lack sexual polarity. They lack feminine polarity or just femininity. It almost seems like they’re not really trying to be that feminine, for example, in the way they dress. You don’t really see girls wearing high heels too much or sexy clothes. I generally think that the sexy girls in Vienna kind of have a very poor fashion sense, so they’ll wear like these funky clothing combinations that kind of look like they’re from a second-hand store or just weird, just weird combination, so just not stylish in general. I don’t really know how to describe it. Whereas if you went to the Ukraine or if you went to Florida, for example, you’re going to find women who have much better fashion sense. They’re more feminine. They really know how to dress a lot better.

Another problem with women in Vienna is I didn’t particularly get the impression that they have great posture. It seems like maybe they do a lot of office work or computer work, and they’re not really trying to work on their posture, go to gym. So, you know, they just don’t look super attractive in that sense either. Also if you like girls with breasts or hips or butts, a little waist and popping hips, that kind of thing, you’re not really going to find that in Vienna. Granted when I was there, it was extremely cold, and people wearing their jackets, but I didn’t get the impression that the girls are very particularly curvy, so if that’s your kind of thing, then Vienna is probably not for you either.

Compared to Eastern Europe, for example, Poland or Ukraine, the problem is that there’s not just so many targets in Vienna. So, if you were to go in the metro in Kiev, for example, there’s going to be a lot of young women because it’s just simply a younger population. Whereas if you go to Vienna, the population is just older, so there’s just not that many young women around in their 20s or early 30s who are taking care of themselves and dressing well. You’re going to get an older population more like late 30s or early 40s on average, and there’s just far less targets. So, in that way, I think there’s a lot of other better cities actually.

Okay, here’s the thing. I was there. It was really cold, and you would think, okay, it maybe better in the summer, during the summer months when maybe the clothes are coming off and women are showing more skin. But I’ve been told that during the summer months, the younger population kind of drains out of the city. A lot of the students are not actually from Vienna. They’re from other little cities in Austria or they’re from Eastern Europe, and during the summer, they’ll go on vacation, or they’ll go back to their hometown, or they’ll go back to their home country to work, so it can actually be worse in the summer and you’re more dealing with tourist girls than any local girls.

And I guess one of the things that I kind of concluded, this is just my pet theory, I don’t know if it’s true, is that Vienna is relatively wealthy, you will find some very hyper feminine women there because they have the money to do their hair. They have the money to do their nails. They have the money to workout. They have the money to eat properly, and the kind of take advantage of that to look very feminine. But also on the other hand because Vienna is a particularly wealthy city, more or less very high middle class, girls don’t really – The other 99 percent of the girls, because they have some money and they’re going to be taken care of no matter what, don’t really feel pressured to look feminine or be feminine. So, you’re going to find them kind of dressing dumpy. You know, whether they dress feminine or not, the state, the government is going to take care of that or there’s going to be a guy that will take care of them because there’s a lack of attractive women there, or you know, they don’t really need a guy to look feminine to. So that’s my theory that wealth means that some girls will take advantage of looking really hot, but most won’t. Whereas, if you go to the Ukraine, which is a poor country, you’re going to see a more – Not every girl is going to have the money to do her hair and nails and all the stuff and look super hot, but there’s more pressure on women in general to be feminine. That’s the problem with Vienna. That’s my pet theory about these countries, as they get richer.

Now, where to meet the girls? Where are the good venues? Well, let’s start off with the nightclubs. Generally in the clubs, I thought that the girls were kind of mediocre and looks again not really trying not dressing well. Same with the guys, though. I didn’t think the guys were particularly dressed well, either, and there were just more men than women. So, it was a little bit disappointing.

Now, as far as pubs and bars, it was kind of a cock farm generally in every place I went. There’s just a lot more guys than girls, sometimes like 9:1 ratio, 10:1 ratio, guys to girls, so not that great. The thing is that most of the guys are not approaching the girls, so even if there’s a couple of girls there, you can really take advantage of it. If you approach the girl, you’re not going to have that much competition because no other guy is approaching her, so it can still work out to your favor. It’s just that if you were expecting like a 50-50 mix or like really good numbers, don’t expect that in Vienna necessarily.

I would recommend the number one place to meet feminine women is actually in the underground metro train system where you’re going to have your best bet to find hot girls, particularly if it’s a Friday evening, Saturday evening, Friday night, Saturday night. But just any day, anytime that’s where you’re actually going to find the more attractive girls that are dressing in heels, and they’re taking care of their bodies and they’re eating right and they’re wearing makeup and all this other stuff. That’s your best bet is day game, or evening game, or night game, but in the train stations and on the train.

Personally, that’s what I observed. Again though I don’t want you to give the wrong impression that the train stations are overflowing with hot girls. That’s not true at all. It’s just girls here and there, and for every hot girl, there’s 200 regular average dudes that are of course would love to fuck her, but it’s not really a problem because no guys are really approaching these girls. So, if you approach the girl, you really don’t have much competition, so it’s still in your favor. I wouldn’t let the numbers throw you off too much.

So, just in general conclusion, I would say that Austria is not like or Vienna, Austria, is not the best place to meet girls. I can think of like 20 other cities that are better off the top of my head. Countries I’d rather go to: the Ukraine or Poland or Florida in the United States or California or Sweden or any place in South America or Italy. I can think of a number of places that are better, but Vienna is by no means the worst either. You go to a small town, it’s going to be even worse. I mean, Vienna, at the end of the day, is a big city, and there are targets there. There are attractive women there. A little harder to find them, but they are there.

So, I wouldn’t go out of my way to go visit Vienna, but if it’s just for girls, but Vienna of course is a beautiful city. You just go see the city and the city will knock your socks off. It’s a gorgeous city, so it’s worth to spend three days at least to go walk around the city, go see the museums. You’re going to have a great time there, and then girls are kind of secondary.

So, if you enjoyed this video and if you enjoy my videos in general, then you’re going to see a link here, to click over to my free video course. In my free video course, I’m going to show you on video how to pick up girls from A to Z, how to develop arousal and attraction quickly with women and not beat around the bush but get girls into your bed, get a girlfriend relatively quickly like within the week. So, just click on that link that you’re going to see. That link is going to take you to another webpage where you can just punch in your email address, and then you’ll be getting the videos, a new one everyday or every two days, and it’s going to be a great course.

Also, leave me a comment. I read all the comments. I really like to hear from you, guys. Tell me how I can improve my videos. Tell me what you like or just give me a shout-out. That’s awesome, too. So, until next time, I will see you later.

41 thoughts on “Vienna, Austria – How Hot Are The Girls? My Review!”

  1. Foreign Love Web

    I do not find Austrian women that attractive either.

    But, the food I had at the Vienna airport was good. I do not think that I have ever tasted a good hamburger for years or at all in my life.

    I would say that Austria is good for traveling, learning the culture, and eating delicious and healthy food. But, if you go there for the women, you might be disappointed. Go instead to Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, or even Italy (its neighboring countries) for dating, sexual contact, etc.

  2. Ukraine has the ugliest Slavic women of all the Slavic countries. They’re still ok on average because Slavic women tend to be better looking compared to many other races. Nowhere in Eastern Europe will you find as much Semitic admix, large noses and long narrow faces as much as you will in Ukraine though.


  4. i don’t care what the others think about your comment, but as a man i am living in Vienna for 10 years, you are the perfect observerer…. The viennesse people has their own clan and the girls even find their relatives charming, it is unfortunately still from second world war mentality. if you want to find a sexy young cheek, almost all young population use drugs from 16 to 22… they are just interested in drugs, and if you are even a monster you can pick the best girl if you do something illegal. so shitty city, not for normal boys. austrian boys would get offensive about these comments, because they are experiencing different results then other people. but even an austrian boy a smelling shit bag, girls will be interested in them (or nordic countries boys), the reason : there is no reason for that, they tought to be from their childhood to be like that. so go find the girls on another city, wien is not worth for it, it is good for families to live there, otherwise it is a open air building museum, that just feeds the poorest east europeans or middle easterns for the sake of elevating their incapebale austrian person, just because they are austrian. it is the new metamarphose of their habits after 2nd world war to cope with the new regulations in the world. if you ask them they are very liberal and open minded, but probably it is more closed community then saudi arabia. find another city for yourself 🙂

  5. At least 80% of the females in the world, must severely die.
    Can surely confirm you that after visiting Austria 2 years ago and living in Israel for 25 years.

  6. I don’t know how in the hell I ended up on this website but as an Austrian girl I can kind of confirm, we tend to have less fashion sense. Iove this comment section by the way, I expected it to be alot of horny guys but it’s seriously observative. In a weird way, Idk…

  7. First, it’s rude to talk to girls in public transport.
    Second, there are lots of sexy dressed girls in clubs.
    Third, Vienna is a hidden place, one needs to know where, when etc.
    Fourth, once you have the reputation of pickup artist, bartenders (specially where the beautiful girls go) will friendly ask you to leave and never come back.
    Fifth, once you have a good reputation, you will be introduced to girls, by friends.
    We are a little bit 1900 here.

    1. It is just as rude to hit on girls and young women in public transport everywhere else, I believe. Especially in ‘cultured’ cities, such as your Vienna or my native St. Petersburg.

      But is still a no-no to politely approach a lady after a mutual eye contact which indicated a clear romantic interest?

      It is entirely natural that busy women don’t dress ‘sexy’ when they go to or from WORK. Especially when it is cold like heck. I really wonder why these American ‘women experts’ don’t get it. Perhaps they got too used to Ukraine, Romania, or similar poor countries where nearly all women prostitute themselves to rich men and foreigners at all times.

    2. “once you have a good reputation”
      You can’t get any sort of reputation if you don’t talk to people though. Yeah, maybe trying to get laid instantly is a bad idea and taking it easy is the way to go in Vienna. But still, you need to get to know new people and so a lot of PUA methodology still applies.
      Not that I would really know what I’m talking about. I find it extremely difficult to talk to people around here, since most even avoid eye contact and if I do talk to some, they usually seem surprised/shocked.

  8. Well… I gotta say I’m honestly struggling to find the right words right now.
    So you said: “Whereas, if you go to the Ukraine, which is a poor country, you’re going to see a more – Not every girl is going to have the money to do her hair and nails and all the stuff and look super hot, but there’s more pressure on women in general to be feminine. That’s the problem with Vienna.”
    Or short “The problem with Vienna is that there isn’t enough pressure on women to be feminine”!
    Ouch, such retarted opinions hurt.
    Ps: You kinda remind me of the guys in a series called “Auf Brautschau im Ausland”.

    1. Majority of young women in Ukraine (not a xenophobic statement, but a well-known fact) just NEED to get married to lift themselves and ideally also their families out of relative poverty, which was a rampant issue in that country even in tsarist and socialist eras. There are not that many opportunities in Ukraine, but women do have this advantage of being women. This is why they have “more pressure […] to be feminine”. It was always like this there. Ukrainians do look sexy, before their thirties, but I dare you to let them wash the ton of makeup off even for once. Your impression will become different immediately.

  9. Who on earth goes on holiday to pick up? How very sad indeed!!!

    Austria is a very classy, formal and respectable country, where etiquette is extremely important and part of their culture. Unlike most countries where girls dress like whores and show off way too much skin, Austria girls/woman actually value themselves and dress appropietly. Being better off financially doesn’t mean you need to flash and show you have it. Only new money does that, Austria is a rich country with old money.
    I think your best to stick with East European countries because Austria is way to classy for you.

  10. perhaps, in Austria, the was that the women dress IS actually the style there. You seem to forget that peoples ideas of “fashion” vary country to country.Normally, it’s easy to forgive a certain amount of ethnocentrism, but you, sir, are not ethnocentric- you’re just an asshole.

  11. I’m on Vienna now and i gotts say the girls there are unfriendly and disrespectful.
    Mayne because of the mothet fucking Femimism.

    Anyway, they all need to die.

  12. You more the less nailed it.
    I am living in Vienna for 20 years now.
    The local girls are neither very pretty, nor very charming, nor that interesting. As you noticed, they dress awful and behave very non-feminine (almost like man). Most of them are chubby, wear glasses, rarely wash their hair and avoid wearing make-up.
    We, the locals, thus prefer eastern European girls (from Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Czechia,….). Those look distinctively better, dress very tastefully, know how to walk on high heels without looking awkward, behave very feminine, are a lot of fun to approach and date and know how to make a man feel like a man.
    The little drawback with them is that they expect you to be a pretty generous gentleman, while Austrian girls as a consequence of the ultra-feminist education our government kindly provides since 1968 even insist on paying for their own drinks.

  13. Girls Form Eastern Europe..often dress themselves like prostitutes.maybe you Call that feminin…i Call it cheap…poor girls..

  14. As an Austrian girl I’m pretty offended at this. I don’t have a lot of money, but I certainly know how to dress myself, eat well and work out. And I can say the same for all my female friends. When I go out on a Friday night, I am overwhelmed by the hotness of most Austrian girls. You were looking in all the wrong places.

  15. LOL, man wtf where you?? I just moved here, everytime I leave my place I see at least five drop dead gorgeous women, in fact the hottest women I have ever seen. You went to the wrong places man, you were right about the metro though.

  16. That was very educational ,thanks ,I was thinking about going to Ukraine ,but Russia changed all that ,what other countries have you been to in Europe

    1. Welcome to Ukraine! Especially to Kiev)
      I live in Kiev, but i often visit Europa. I have been go England,Germany, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, France and Austria) Vienna ,which i true love,is the best city! I have been living there for 1 month. I noticed that guys are more attractive than girls…. But everyone is friendly and kind!
      I think that the girls from Ukraine are one of the most beautiful, they are friendly, kinnd,easy-going and good housewife. But it’s hard go find normal guy here…. In Vienna it’s more easier )

  17. ust saw your review of your trip to Vienna and wanted to give you some of my impressions of the city. I’ve studied in Vienna for 2 years (I’m originally from Stockholm, Sweden).

    You’re right about the fact, that in summer, the chicks are mostly abroad. Because Vienna is a multi cultural city and many students are from Hungary, Germany, other European countries I was very happy about the mix. One evening I met girls from eight different countries (not including Austria).

    About the metro I agree. Most young people use the metro as their favorite transportation. In the evening you take the metro and just talk up to a group of girls and you’ll definitely get invited to spend the evening with them.

    You said, that there are no other men approaching. Maybe you’ve met the wrong guys, but at least during my time in Vienna there were some (not as many as in for example Miami) guys who tried to pick up the girls. So I wouldn’t say that there are no other guys, but that the guys aren’t so trained or maybe not so confident as in other cities.

    “It’s not all about the money, money, money..” Vienna’s a rich and expensive city. I also worked their for a year and the salary was perfect. I lived with two girls in an old big apartment for not much money. The girls were open and so I could connect to a large social circle from the university. That’s similar to Stockholm and other countries in the north. It’s the “easy going” attitude of the people.

  18. hey jesse just wanted to say thanks for the appraisal of austria. i like your concise pragmatism. i am new to this medium, i look forward to more of.your enlightening demographics:-)

  19. hey jesse just wanted to say thanks for the appraisal of austria. i like your concise pragmatism. i am new to this medium, i look forward to more of.your enlightening demographics:-)

  20. You failed to mention what the girls look like. Blond Germans? Brunettes with light skin? Redheads? Tall?
    If yes to any of these then it’s already worth a visit. Anything to get a break from the Latino invasion of south Florida!

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