Here’s a quick conversation tip that will make your conversations just sound a little bit more natural and less forced and less needy when it comes to talking with girls.

Now, this is an issue I don’t see so much on the internet come up but I do see it a lot in real life. In fact, a couple of weeks ago I was training a guy and he was in an interesting conversation with a girl, she was responding really well. He was talking about his car, which was a point of pride for him, and they got interrupted, of course, and then he was needy to get back to talking about his car.

You could sense he was trying to force the conversation back in that direction. He brought it up in kind of a contrived way, and that’s not really what you want to be doing.

I mean, if a girl says, “Oh, please continue talking about your car”, she brings it up; then it’s perfectly great. It’s natural to bring that up again.

But the way he did it, it just sounded a little needy and the problem with that is that you are up inside your head thinking about “Oh, I have to get back to that topic, that was impressing the girl. When can I bring it up again?”

Listen, ideally conversations should be very natural and free-flowing. It’s just like spaghetti coming out of your mouth, it’s just vomit coming out of your mouth where you have all sorts of topics that don’t have to have any kind of logical order to them, and it’s just going from Z to F to H to A to B to D to Y; and it’s just all over the place and you don’t want to be trying to impress the girl being inside your head, “How do I make this girl like me by saying the right thing?”

Instead, you want to have a frame of amusing yourself, of entertaining yourself and bringing the girl into your world about what you find amusing and she’s going to be attracted to you for you; not because of a particular conversation topic or because you said the ‘right things’ that are going to impress her, not at all.

So I see that a lot, people trying to jump back to old conversational topics that were interrupted from before and it just sounds a little bit forced, it sounds a little bit needy, it sounds a little bit artificial, so that’s just something that you want to avoid.


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