Cuban Girls Super Guide: 10 Tips To Get Laid in Cuba

The U.S. government has eased up travel restrictions to Cuba and American tourists are beginning to flood in.  Here’s what you need to know if you want to get laid with a Cuban girl.

A Brief Intro to Havana

The city is falling into decay and disrepair and many of the cars are from the 1950s.  You don’t see shop signs or neon lights, and it’s almost hard to locate the stores since they don’t advertise in any way.  It almost feels like you took a time machine back to the 1950s, and yet it’s still more weird than that.

havana streets

The food is very bland, but there’s live music everywhere.  In some ways it’s a lovely city, in other ways it’s a tragedy.

The people are quite poor.  People make about $20 to $30 a month, and have to hustle in other ways to make ends meet.  You’ve got families of 8 people cramped into small 2 bedroom units.

havana streets two

However, the people are friendly and there are a lot of tourists around, so it’s a cool place to be.  I always felt safe as well.

Jesse, how hot are the women in Cuba?

Miami Cuba model Claudia Sampedro
Miami Cuba model Claudia Sampedro

The women in Cuba are alright, but honestly you have better options if you’re after quality of beauty

I spent a year living in Colombia and Brazil, and in my opinion the girls in Colombia and Brazil are significantly hotter.  My theory is that women in these countries have more money to spend to keep themselves looking good.  After all, a woman in Colombia will have more than ten times the income as a woman in Cuba (yes, Cuba is that poor).

But if you specifically want *Cuban* girls, you’re almost better off finding them Miami neighborhoods like Hialeah, Kendall, and Little Havana.  They’re hotter for the most part, and you’ve got the convenience of the United States.

Miami Cuban model Mayra Veronica
Miami Cuban model Mayra Veronica

The girls are also very short… just 5 feet on average.

On the upside, Cuba is very multiethnic with a lot of diversity and variety.  You’ll find white Latinas, brown (mixed) Latinas, and black Latinas.

But do I recommend going to Cuba, just to meet the most beautiful girls?  Not over the other places I mentioned.

So, what is the nightlife in Havana like?

Havana nightlife isn’t good for hooking up.  Some of the venues are full of tourist girls getting hit on by legions of horny Cuban men, and many of them have some game from tons of practice and trial and error.  And many of the tourist girls find it exotic and romantic to meet a Cuban man- it’s part of the adventure, and the validation of being the prize feeds their egos.

As for women in the clubs, they’re mostly prostitutes.  Normal girls just can’t afford to go.

So I’d rate the night life as poor, and I’d recommend you meet a Cuban girl during the day, and then take her out at night for dancing.

How to meet Cuban girls during the day

Again, I’d recommend Colombia, Brazil, or Miami if you’re into Latin women.  BUT since you’ll be in Cuba anyway, you’re best off to meet women during the day time.

The famous Malecon Sea Wall
The famous Malecon Sea Wall

Normal Cuban girls like to party outdoors with their friends.  If you’re in Havana, I suggest going to Malecon (the sea wall) or Vedado (the central business district) which are good places to start.

If you want to learn more about the best way to day game Latina girls, I highly suggest you watch my Girlfriend Express video.

Do I need to speak Spanish to get laid?

Yes, you DO need Spanish.

Normal girls don’t speak English in Cuba, and if she speaks English then she’s likely to be running a scam on you or is a prostitute.  It’s not always the case, but you’ll really be struggling without some basic Spanish (I suggest doing the 90 lessons of pimsleur and you’ll be good to go in 90 days).

The Police And Girls

Remember, Cuba is still a police state, and one of the rules is that girls are not allowed to be seen in the company of tourists.  A girl can even be arrested if they’re caught walking with you.

The police also regularly raid clubs with undercover operatives to watch who girls are talking to and question couples.

And by law a girl has to register with the hotel when she visits, information which is sent to the police (more on where to stay to avoid this later).

In other words, you’re dealing with additional hassles.

How expensive is Cuba?

Cuba has two prices- one for the locals, and one for the tourists – and tourist dollars and Euros represent hard currency for the government.  So many things are not as cheap as you’d expect them to be, as the Cuban government is keen on milking every dollar they can get.

As a result, hotels, food, and drinks at the better facilities cost just as much as in Western countries.  And while many things are certainly very cheap, overall it isn’t a cheap place to live.

Where to stay

You can have two options on where to stay.  There are tourist hotels, but these are a real hassle for bringing a girl over- many don’t allow it at all.  You’re better off in staying at a “Casa Particular” (a private home).  The government now allows a Cuban family to rent out one of their extra bedrooms to tourists, and often the family will cook for you.

Whether you can bring female guests over if up to Casa Particular, and while some will be cool with it, others won’t be.  So don’t stay with a family with kids, and ask the owner if it will be alright.  Even so, by law, the visiting girl still has to register her stay.

Is Cuba Dangerous?

No isn’t dangerous, and one reason is an economic one.

Tourist dollars represent big dollars to the Cuban government, so the police give tourists extra protection—the police crackdown extra hard Cubans hassling a tourist.  Tourists get more police protection than the Cubans themselves.

My Final Verdict…

Here’s my final verdict: Go to Cuba if you’re looking for an adventure and new stimulation, with girls as being a side interest.

However, if your focus is specifically to meet beautiful Latina women, consider a change of destination.

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    o.Ella es la persona más horrible que es jugando con su emoción y la mentira y todo su miembro de la familia están todos en esto. No pierda su tiempo y dinero !! Garantía del 100%. ¡Has sido advertido!

  2. Jajaja. What the F#!K is wrong with you people?! You have to be Cuban to understand, but Cuba is the #1 place in the WORLD to get girls. You dont get laid there, its because your a big idiot. Whores are everywhere and you choose what you want. Even the normal ones on the street fly to you dude. This article is the biggest piece of shit Ive ever seen. Where else can you screw every night all night 7 days a week for as long as you got a little money in your pocket and dont flash it around? The quality of women there is the best. You pick what you want. Two women together for the whole night? Twenty bucks. What else you want dude?

    1. You are absolutely right, the guy who wrote this artical has got to be the worst person in the world to give advice on woman . Cuba is the best in the world for getting laid . Iv been to a lot of South America also

      1. The girl/woman will take you to her home. You will meet perhaps her family but won’t socialized or bother you mostly because of language difference, but they all need the money. If you are not foolish nor violent with their daughter, you will be safe. They are bad Cubans for sure, so be careful but most are descent.

  3. Hello everyone! If you happen to meet this girl in Cuba by the name of Denis Saray Diaz Perez on her 20’s curly hair her moms name is Milna and her sister name is bebita please keep far away from her as they all are running a scame on foreigner to retrive money to supposedly fix her house but the money is use in many ways. Denis Saray Diaz as a pimp in which she is living with.Please don’t take her seriously she is the biggest whore there is and liar as well. You been warn!!

  4. OK… So. Don’t eat anything and you won’t have to shit in the bucket. 2. Uhh.. 3. Same as 2. And number 4. ??? I think I better ask someone who really know where to chill in Cuba.

  5. There is some good and some bad information here. I don’t agree at all with the poster “2 Coins In” He got the WRONG GIRL, as most do. The first street hooker he saw. Avoid the girls with the $1,200. smart phone, Gucci Handbag, 2k in gold Jewelry and 1k in clothes.
    Yes if you get a hooker, they will bleed you dry. How did she pay for all of this?
    BUT there are good girls, girls NOT from Havana, who will hook up with you in Havana and ask you for NOTHING !
    I have been going to Cuba with my wife for 10 years. OK lots of changes in the past 2 to 5, not the same place. NONETHELESS, I recently divorced from my wife. I went solo to Cuba in Aug 2016, with my wife, never had an issue, (Girls) alone I was accosted by 35 girls directly a day, at least that many more discretely.
    Many of these were very young, and 3/4 professional “Jineteras”, or hookers. These girls will take full advantage of you.
    In the heat of passion, and how hot they are, I picked up 4 right away, (Separately) two only made it to the bar, and I released them. Two made it back to my private apartment, separately of course.
    Jinetera numero uno (#1) agreed on 50 CuC, we got to my place and she demanded twice that, (100 more CuC for sex) I had already paid her 50 CuC as agreed. She made such a scene and said SHE was calling the cops, I was glad when she walked out the door.
    Jinetera numero dos (#2) agreed on 80 CuC, got to my place, and I had already paid her as she insisted. She promptly took her clothes off laid on the bed, then said “WheW look at the time, gotta go”, got up, got dressed and walked out the door. I was speechless, and looking back I was supposed to beg her to stay, then more money, I am sure.
    The next day, a watch, travel clock, two pens, a sticky note pad and some odd jewelry, GONE !
    REMEMBER, a hooker, is a hooker! LA, DC or Boston, IF they can get your money and NOT put out, they will!
    Lesson 1, NEVER pay first, and 2, never agree on more than 30 CuC, if they won’t take it, they are “PRO” whom you DO NOT WANT! Never take two back, one will F___k, the other steal you blind. AVOID as well the “Havana Honeymoon Surprise” waking up the next morn, and all your things and luggage are gone! This happens with a sleepover.
    The new, or non pro hookers girls will take this, AND LESS gladly ! as little as 5 CuC!
    Take a smart phone, which will not work in Cuba, BUT the camera will. ALL CUBANS have a government ID book, much like a passport book. They are required BY LAW to have it at all times with them. Look at the cover, if it says “Menor” (Minor in Spanish) this is a child!
    Proceed with caution!
    Beware as well, all family members, mothers etc, WILL lie about the girls age, beware as well a 14 yo, will carry her sisters 22 yo old ID ! This protects YOU 100% ONLY if you have the ID photo, to show the police on your phone. The police WILL let you go, and charge the girl.
    In Cuba 14 yo girls can have more piercings and tattoos then a veteran sailor, AS well they CAN look 22 !
    Take a photo of the picture page showing the name and ID # as well as photo of the chica, (Girl) THIS WILL keep her honest and from robbing you, let her know you are doing this, THEN protect your phone. There is more than one case of the Honeymoon Surprise, where they did just this, and then left the phone on the nightstand, it was stolen with everything else.
    After my experience, I was done with the hookers (Jineteras) of Havana.
    Then It happened, while out walking, I saw at 200 feet away, three woman walking my way, one about 40, in the center and the two girls, age 17-20 half black flanking either side.
    The one on a scale of 1 to 10 was a 254 1/2 !!! NO BULLSHIT ! She stared at me and I back. They strolled by and disappeared at the 16th century convent on the Plaza de San Francisco.
    To my amazement they came back into view and returned, stopping 5 feet away, and all acting like they were talking, while the girl stared at me. At this point my friend appeared who I was meeting for dinner and drinks. That sucks! I thought you will never see her again!
    We walked some distance to a bar, were seated inside when about a 1/2 hour later, the girl blindsided me, stuck something in my pocket, then fled before I could speak to her.
    She ran out the door, turned left and I was in hot pursuit, but she was gone. No sign of the other two. My friend who knew nothing of the encounter while waiting for him, asks “why you and not me?”. I tell him the story.
    So I wait 3 days to call, and was not going to, figured another hooker, more drama, and more stolen stuff, sorry, NO THANKS !
    But her beauty got the best of me, I called, met her, she wanted 50 for sex, I said 40, she said OK. We went to my private apartment, 4 hours of VERY intense foreplay she insisted on, then 4 hours of sex. She was so tight, it took 15 to 20 min for her to let me in all the way, and many tries.
    Once inside I was promising her anything she wanted in 7 languages I did not know I could speak, NEVER in my life was ANY sex like that, NEVER ~!
    5 foot 8 inch, black girl, long naturally curly jet black hair down to her butt, I am above average height, and she in front of me, her ass is in my stomach. THE LEGS ! OMG !
    The stature of this girl is commanding. At 1:30am she says she has to go, college classes in the morning. I go to pay her, and SHE REFUSES the money ! I say “no baby we agreed” she says “no NO! dinero” and bolts out the door yelling back “Llamame Manana” (literally call me tomorrow)
    The next day she moved into my apartment for the duration of my stay. unlimited sex, she NEVER asked for a dime, stole or even touched any of my things, other than she used my tooth brush, which I found HOT !
    Day 3 she says “Casa mi tia” (literally house of my aunt) then NOW! in English. There I am greeted by the whole extended family, fed a feast, feed 4 bottles of rum, shared among us, and told I am accepted as family.
    I did of course take her out for dinner every night, and ONE drink, that’s all she drinks, one drink.
    I have lived in Central America, there as Mexico, as Cuba, this culture family rules, one aunt, one cousin who does NOT accept you, = NO RELATIONSHIP!
    Sorry that’s the way it works, and I speak some Spanish, am able to read Spanish, and write basic letters, instructions. IF you can not do this, you are at a disadvantage, but can still get laid.
    Treat them with respect, learn the culture FIRST, then go. If you are a looser, freak or do not respect woman, stay away please.
    If you have nothing to offer them, woman as everywhere will not accept you.
    Told as well, at the aunts house, the reason the girl did not take my money, because she only wanted to meet a older “White” man, who would take care of her, love her and offer a better life. She felt the only way to do this was the way she did, then show me the goods, IT WORKED !
    I offerd to start sending money, they refused! NOTE: that if you do this and the girl pulls a card out of her bra, with all the wire transfer info pre-printed, it’s the wrong girl!

      1. Harvy Walibanger

        Spoon, just checked this site, do not look often to see an comments on my post, new to this page so not sure if you are talking to me (Harvy) ? If so what’s on your mind? Thanks

    1. Excellent bravo bravo!!! Love your story homie. I will take a trip there this year for the first-time. I have learnt something new today thank u.

  6. Ok I put my 2 coins in, I came back from Cuba at the end of May, Great place ectra ectra where not here for the site seeing aspect, the women well they do dress sexy a little raunchy, its nice seeing them in there smallest and tightest i dont mind, but dame This place is poor, I know as well as staying in a Nice Casa (Home) on the Malecon I stayed in a Chicas house and dame it gives you a reality check. Flushing toilets, Shower, sink reality check, They either have a hose or bucket. Anyways, I don’t speak a word of spanish, it didnt stop me i whipped out my phone everytime i saw a nice Chica and google translate done it for me, i picked up some words along the way.

    But there are very much other nicer places to find latin women number one, number two the women look at you like you have a bank in your pocket and will ask you for money constantly, i slept with this one and she kept asking me for money money money, i got fed up so left her, number two most good looking if not alright looking women will sell themselves, its survival literally so at night most in their shortest and tightest are Prostitutes.

    Dont go cuba for the women, its not really worth it and there are nicer ones in other places in the caribbean or south america, BRazil And Colombia

    1. Thanks for sharing that’s very nice of youthe information regards to travels to Cuba I am planning to go to to see some old building and history and old classic cars and sexy Cuban girls.

    1. You best bet is a female donkey, which will permit you to put your soft little pecker into the donkey butt hole….

    2. I know a lot of decent cuban girls,( I am an american living there) but the same thinking they have, that they might taken as prostitutes.

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    1. Just got back from Havana. Didn’t find it particularly difficult to have fun with the locals. Guys really weren’t cockblocks and women were fun and “accommodating.” You do need to speak Spanish and be smart. Cubans are highly educated and interested in the world and culture. Being able to hold your own intellectually and having a modicum of wit is important to them. It will evaporate once the Miami springbreakers show up, but for now it is simply a lovely place.

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