Get Ripped Eating Fatty Foods

What kind of fats should you eat, how much fatty foods should you be eating, if you want to get more ripped?

Guys typically make one of two mistakes; either they cut down on fats too much or they focus on just eating protein and carbs, and the problem with that is that you’re not going to feel satiated, you’re not going to feel full after your meals. So you’re going to feel hungry even if you’re eating enough calories.

That will wear down your will power so eventually you’re just going to be like “Oh, fuck it, I just want to binge eat”, and you’re going to eat a whole ton of fatty foods and you’re not going to be able to maintain a nice physique that is ripped and cut; and basically you’re just going to be miserable if you try to cheat yourself on eating fats.

The other problem is that guys are like “Okay, I’m going to eat fats but I’m just going to eat carelessly. Pizza and hamburgers and French fries; I’m going to be careless about it”, and that could also make you hungry, because let’s say that you have a target of eating 1,800 calories because you might want to lose a little bit of weight or you want to maintain your weight.

Well, if you’re eating junk food like French fries, you’re very quickly going to hit that 1,800 calorie target even by lunch, for example, if you eat a bunch of French fries, and then you’re going to be hungry.

You’re not going to have a full feeling later on in the day because now you can’t eat as much, or you’re just going to have to overeat and you’re going to lose that nice physique. So, you want to put fat into every meal but it has to be the right kind of fats.

The Fatty Foods I Eat

Typically what I do is, I usually do a lot of my shopping at Costco. They have guacamole in bulk and then I’ll just put guacamole on a lot of my food or I’ll eat avocados. I like to buy avocados, cut them up, that’s a really fast way of getting good fats.

Another way is eating black olives. I like the Costco black olives because they have less salt than at other stores, and that will give you a really nice full feeling after you eat.

Also I could throw in some chocolate bars with 70% or 85% cocoa. Not the Hershey’s but the darker chocolate.

And you can throw cheese onto a lot of your foods, that will give you that satiated feeling. It could be low fat cheese but I often just buy shredded cheese and put that on my food or I’ll just eat plain cheese slices.

Another thing I buy at Costco are these big boxes of mixed nuts. That’s unsalted cashews, unsalted almonds, mixed in with some other nuts, and that’s a great way to add fats.

So, say I’m eating, and it is some turkey and mashed potatoes, well there you’ve got protein, and your carbohydrates and  I want to throw in some fats because I know if I don’t eat the fats, I’m going to get hungry later on, I’m not going to feel satiated and my willpower will wear down.

Very quickly I can just cut open an avocado, I can grab a big thing of mixed nuts, I can open up some black olives, I can put some slices of cheese there and within a minute I’ve got that handled. I’ve got my fatty foods there.

So that’s what I’ve been doing to kind of slim down, I’ve lost about 15 pounds over the last couple of months and that’s what I would suggest for doing your fats.

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