Habitat Adaptation Gets These Guys The Best, Hottest Girls


I want to ask you a really important question…

Are you going to be weeded out of genetic existence?

Are you not going to really get the girl that you deserve to have or that you really could get because you were failing to adapt to the current environment, to modern capitalism?

Let’s take an example. Let’s say you were in a cold environment, and over here it’s like snow on the ground and you move a little bit to the south, and you got some brown, green forest. You got polar bears, and you got brown bears.

Well, the polar bear, white polar bear is going to be better adapted to the snowy white environment because he can blend in with his white fur against the white snow and better sneak up on prey.

Whereas the brown bear is going to be better adapted towards the forest environment, the greens and the browns, because he can hide against the trees and be camouflaged basically and sneak up on prey.

But let’s say the weather is getting colder every year and that snow is moving farther and farther and farther south. Well it’s going to push out the territory of the brown bear because the brown bear is going to stick out like a sore thumb against that white snow and the polar bear is going to be able to outcompete it. The polar bear is going to be better adapted towards that snowy white environment.

Well in today’s society, our environment is rapidly changing very fast with modern capitalism.

We basically have this caveman brains that are suited towards populations of maybe 30 people, or a hundred people, or a couple of hundred people in a village. We have these caveman brains and nowadays, there’s millions of people around or even if you’re small towns, still thousands of people.

You go to a club, and there might be a thousand people in there dancing to loud music. That would be very strange, very bizarre to our caveman brain. It can feel scary and weird. You almost feel like you’re under threat if you’re not used to it.

We’re used to having to scavenge for our calories to get our food, to really have to work for it, but now there’s high-calorie foods like ice cream and potato chips all over the place right at the tips of your fingers. So we indulge in all these greasy fatty foods like a can of soda might have 20 or 30 grams of sugar, which should be more sugar than our caveman selves would have all day normally.

Our environment has adapted but we’re kind of stuck with this caveman brain from 10,000 years ago and our brains in our bodies aren’t adapting to the environment fast enough because evolution does not work that fast obviously.

What you see are guys that fall for all kinds of temptations and addictions under modern society that we wouldn’t normally be exposed to. For example, drugs and alcohol or just smoking too much marijuana or smoking too much cigarettes, you know bad habits that reduce your chances of getting girls because they take up your time, they take up your mental energy. They’re distractions, but also other things like I think a big one are passive entertainment like watching television.

People watch way too much television because it feels easy. They’re entertaining. Our caveman brain likes that but it’s not a good adaption to modern society because for every hour of television you’re going to watch – I mean it’s okay to unwind with a little bit of TV once in a while if it’s good and quality, but you have people watching hours and hours of this stuff.

Those are hours and hours of your time. You stop when you could be improving yourself or become more attractive to women or working on your social skills or developing a hobby that really pleases you and suits you and can maybe tie into getting girls somehow like learning how to dance for example.

Guys who are watching way too much TV and it gets worse because now we have video games. I used to be a video game programmer, by the way. Guys get sucked into playing games because developers want to make it addictive. They want to addict you. They make money by having you sit there all day or in all of your spare time, playing that game and things are just going to get worse.

I think Facebook recently bought Oculus Rift, those VR glasses for a couple of billion dollars not too long ago, and the new games you’re going to see in the next 5 to 10 years are going to be virtual reality where you turn your head and you’re going to see everything in the game in 360 degrees. It’s going to be really awesome. It’s going to be very tempting.\

I’m probably going to want to play that stuff, but I don’t even carry a smartphone. I don’t play video games. I don’t have an Xbox or anything. I don’t have any games installed in my computer because these are really addicting. They’re temptations. They’re designed to be addicting.

As these kind of like a caveman as we are, we’re not really adaptive to say no to them, right? We’re not adapted to play like 20 minutes of them and say, “Okay, that’s enough. Let me go do my other stuff.” Our brains get addicted, so we want to play for hours and hours, and a lot of guys, it’s basically going to come down to a lot of guys are not adaptive to modern society with all the temptations, and they’re not even aware of what’s going on. They’re not even like conscious that they shouldn’t be doing this stuff.

Successful guys are going to be the guys that say, “All right, I’ve got this caveman brain. But I’m not going to be tempted by all this bullshit that marketers want them to play all day, or beer companies throw at my face, so I should be drinking alcohol a lot, or these celebrity gossip magazines, I’m going to read celebrity gossip magazines and lose 45 minutes of that. I’m going to watch silly videos on YouTube and lose 45 minutes on that.”

I mean it’s kind of a death by a thousand spoons. Everybody wants 5 minutes of your attention. There’s all these distractions that really don’t improve on your life. All these potential addictions you can fall into that have nothing to do with getting girls.

You’re going to have two camps of human beings: there’s going to be a small group that’s adapting to modern capitalism, and says, “Okay. I’m not going to fall for all of that bullshit. I’m not going to get distracted by all that bullshit. I’m going to like really hit it hard with maybe my business or my career or my hobbies, or getting girls or hitting the gym, or preferably all those things combined.”

Then you’re going to have the masses that are 90 percent, 95 percent even, that fall into really hard addictions, and I think as VR gets, bigger, you’re going to see more of that. You’re going to see more – this is going to become a clear example as time goes on between these two camps of people.

This the minority that can adapt to modern capitalism and not get hoodwinked into it or not get taken over it by these means and these other people that all the stuff becomes like a virus in their mind, and they’re almost like plugged into the Matrix and they can’t get out of it.

My question to you is, “Are you going to be one of these guys that actually goes out and kill it with girls and take some necessary steps and take some massive action in any case necessary to get better, are you going to be hitting the gym?

Are you going to be eating healthy?

Are you going to be working on your social skills and building up a group of social friends, and all of that stuff outside of this matrix of passive entertainment that’s addicting, that’s designed to be addicting, these video games or drugs, or smoking or alcohol?

What camp are you going to fall into?

Kind of think of it it’s like we’re back to that snowscape and the forest on the one side and the snowscape is rapidly taking over the forest. The earth is going cold. It’s going white. Are you that white polar bear that can adapt to that or are you going to be the brown bear that’s going to extinct.

But it’s not all genetics, you know. You can make a conscious decision.

With human beings, it’s not so much our physical traits that we were born with, but if we’re going to make a conscious decision not to fall into this bullshit and garbage and actually not taking the easy choice but actually take the right choice.

That’s what it comes down to: people who are well adapted to modern capitalism and modern society, they see the easy choice.

They see the right choice, and they choose the right choice whereas most people chose the easy choice, easy option, and they fall by the wayside. They become spectators in society, and they lose.

They become losers. They lose out. They’re not making the big dollars. They’re not getting the hot girls and so on.

It’s a choice.

It’s a set of habits you have to design and create around your lifestyle and I suggest you get to it.

9 thoughts on “Habitat Adaptation Gets These Guys The Best, Hottest Girls”

    1. Btw, every SINGLE hottie not only owns a smartphone, but also spends HOURS a day on chatting/facebook/instagram and taking selfies. So to a certain extent, you have to become a slave to the internet in order to f*ck hotties.

  1. Great post. You can already actually differentiate yourself from most people simply by not falling into all of these addictions and pitfalls. This site is one of the few websites that doesn’t waste my brain energy.

    One point I would make though is that the increased availability and beauty of women themselves are things that our caveman brains are not wired to deal with. 10 000 years ago women were really not hot – they were hairy all over including legs and armpits, they didn’t exercise, they had bad teeth and bad breath, they smelt bad generally. Yet the species survived through the fact that as men, we simply have a very high desire to mate.

    Nowadays modern women are looking absolutely fine – they wear perfume with pheremones in it, they wear lipstick, hot clothes, they work out. Much of their dress speaks directly to out primitive brain and gets it all wired up and excited that there’s hot, young, sexually available woman in the vicinity.

    As men we still have that same, down to-fuck caveman brain. This can be a real distraction as you go about your day-to-day life or if you are wanting to concentrate on your business.

    1. Hey Joseph, you bring up a good point about balancing killing it in your career with chasing tail or spending time in relationships– it can be a tough choice. It’s a good topic for a video too

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