Make Hot Aloof Girls Horny In 3 Minutes

I want to share a little technique with you that gets girls horny in like 3 minutes flat. It’s really amazing.

But the reason that this actually works is because so few guys actually do it, so few guys actually pull it off. Even guys who study pickup don’t really do it most of the time.

But if you can do it – I’m not saying it’s the easiest things but if you can do it, you will get girls dropping their panties really fast.

Play to WIN

And the issue is this: most guys are, instead of playing to win, they’re playing to not lose, which means they’re just being overly platonic, really friendly, looking for you know friend-to-friend interactions instead of man-to-woman interactions with sexual tension because they want the girl to like them.

This is like probably the second biggest problem I see next to approach anxiety when I’m doing one-on-one training with guys is this issue of they have approach anxiety because they want to be liked by the girl. Then when you push them to go up to the girl, then they’re just being super friendly and they just don’t to lose instead of trying to play to win.

How to know if you’re screwing it up

Here’s how you know you’re doing it. It’s when you go up to the girl and you’re just thinking inside your mind, “Okay, how am I going to get this girl to like me? How am I going to get approval from this girl? Is this girl going to accept me?”

That’s how you know that you are not playing to win anymore but you’re just playing to not lose, and it’s going to mean that you’re not very conservative, bland vanilla interaction with the girl. It’s where you’re trying to avoid pain, you’re trying to move away from pain rather than take risks and create extreme pleasure and create emotional spikes in the girl.

You know that you’re playing not to lose rather than to win when your interactions end with the girl is saying, “Thank you! Goodbye now!” Or, “It was really nice meeting you. Okay, goodbye!”

That means things were going way too platonic. You were being way too safe and not taking risks.

I mean it’s very similar to approach anxiety and that with approach anxiety, you see the girl that you want to talk to and you’re just thinking to yourself, “Okay, how am I going to get approval from this girl? How am I going to get permission to talk to her where you’re putting her up on a pedestal?”

This is the same thing but inside the interaction where you’re talking to the girl and you’re saying, “Okay, what can I say now to get approval? What can I say now to make this girl like me?”

They’re very similar and it’s the two biggest mistakes I see when I’m training one-on-one with students: approach anxiety and then with their inner set, it’s almost like approach anxiety within the set where they’re just playing not to lose.

Create polarity in women’s responses

Remember it doesn’t matter how many people you get on the fence about you. It matters more how many people you can push off the fence.

Okay, it’s kind of interesting if you get 10 out of 10 girls thinking that you’re a friendly guy, but that’s not really going to get you results. It’s not going to get the girls into bed.

If you piss off 9 out of 10 of those girls but one of those girls just wants to rip your clothes off because she thinks you’re like a sexual god who doesn’t give a fuck and it’s not putting her up on a pedestal, that’s a better night in terms of results.

But the fact is most guys are simply not polarizing enough to do that. They’re just splaying it way too safe and they’re being way too friendly to create that sexual tension that’s really needed.

Winning happens in the bedroom

Remember, in this game the way to win is when you get your penis inside the girl.

I mean it’s cool to make friends but ultimately you’re not going to be watching videos and going through all this trouble just to be a male friend, hang around some girls.

The win is getting your penis inside the girl and that is the objective, especially with the really, really hot girls like the 9s and 10s. If they sense that you’re no longer playing to win, that you’re just playing not to lose to get their approval and make them like you, then you’re going to lose them because they can almost sense that because they get it so much from guys.

Those hot girls are constantly being bombarded by supplicated guys that just want their approval and they will sense that. They will feel it, and you will lose that girl.

Tips: How to play to win!

Here’s a couple of things you can do to play to win.

Take some more risks. You know just break rapport with the girl more when you are being overly nice to her to help escalate things along. For example, leaning in to kiss her, even if it’s going to be kind of awkward and weird, you take that risk and whatever kind of response you get, at least it’s better than having the girl say to you at the end, “Okay, bye! It was nice meeting you. You were such a nice guy.”

At least if you kind of lean in and kiss her, you’re going to get a polarized response. Either she’s going to think that was too extreme, that was creepy, or something, or she’s going to be like, “Wow! That guy took some action. He likes me!”

She’s going to feel that sexual tension, and she’s going to respond really well. She’s going to respond in a sexual way, or saying something obnoxious that might make the girl feel momentarily uncomfortable, but it’s either going to make her feel a little bit weird about you or at least feel some sexual tension around, at least feel that emotional spike of, “Okay, this guy doesn’t give a fuck. This guy has some balls,” which is going to make her feel horny for you.

Don’t be like everyone else!

Now the reason that most guys are not very good with women is because they are risk averse. They rather not try at all rather than to possibly try and possibly fail.

If you can actually step up to the plate, you will really stand out because so few guys will do that, even guys who study pickup.

Because you’re going to stand out so much, women are not really used to a guy that’s playing to win and doesn’t really give a fuck about her approval, who’s not putting her up on a pedestal in that subtle way, you will get them horny very quickly, especially with hotter girls that are not used to seeing a guy do that.

You want to make it epic. You want to play to win. You want to play to be awesome. You want to push it all the way. You want to push your comfort zones. You want to take those risks and you will win. You will succeed.

24 thoughts on “Make Hot Aloof Girls Horny In 3 Minutes”

  1. Just make sure u only kiss her after several meet ups. If a guy tried to kiss me on the first date, I’d be really disgusted and turned off.

  2. Jesse,woody plz tel me about how to atract women who are more than 5 yrs oldr than me,plz dude,I request Thee

    1. you should ask a woman. We give you better answers, I promise! Some of this stuff is true, but a woman knows what she wants from a man.

  3. Jesse – I love your work and have purchased one of your remarkable training kits selected out of at least 50 other so called guru’s. Do you have any video’s of you interacting with girls. I’d love to see you in action and your hot gf you must have. Keep all your brilliant work coming – CR

  4. hmmm jesse i think u totally mean i need to dont care about their approval and just seem like i want them for sex? is that what u mean in this topic?

  5. Great video. I’m really into this girl at work, she’s a server, I’m a line cook, and she’s almost 20 years younger than me AND has a boyfriend (but lives in another city). Usually things like that would make me back off and move on but this girl is SOO fine and just I really want to fuck her. We’ve flirted around and shit but she’s flirty in general so I can’t tell if she’s into me. Just last night at work there was a moment where she was in the cooler getting something and I made a joke about her trying to get me alone in there and for a split second she just stood there with a kind of “well what are you waiting for just take me now” kind of look. Of course I hesitated but then when I went for her she just laughed it off. Then later on she slapped my ass when I bent over a little, to which I slapped her back of course and she wasn’t bothered by it. I’ve hesitated asking her out or even for her number, mainly from the age difference and the stupid self-talk saying she’ll say no. I kind of get the vibe (mainly from the previous interaction) she’s not looking to date and just wants to fuck. I feel I should escalate the flirting a lot and touch her sexually as often as possible to see if she’s into it. I’m to the point in my life where I know I need to get bolder with women in general so I just want to say to her “let’s fuck”, but I still puss out. Even when the worst she can say is no I still hesitate, plus at work it’s hard to get much alone time as it’s busy and there’s people everywhere. I NEED to fuck this girl, any suggestions on what to do would be amazing. Just found this site today but already a fan! Thanks Jesse.

  6. You are totally right man…
    I can see myself in your words…
    Like you said I always try “not to loose” rather than to win…

  7. I like to play sometimes kinky games, and so far I have found girls only in kinky scene. I do not like kinky parties, but I have a feeling that many many girls would love to be submissive. We are not talking about extremes, but some bondage, blindfold and rosy butt 🙂 Have to respect everyone’s boundaries.
    Once in a normal bar I told a girl that she seems like needing more discipline, and she would stick to my company. There is a very thin line separating a provocation her imagination in the right way from being a creepy pervert 🙂
    Jesse: when you talk about bold action, does proposing implicitly a naughty play qualify? How would you proceed?

  8. You are totaly right about “”to be too much friendly””.

    But my ultimate goal is different “”penis in”” is off. I like the touch and go, tamper with the hot chick and make them drule for more!

    I am prudent since I love hot married womaen who needs the attention.

    They just need the sexual attention and the rise of sexual tension they do not experience at home.

    I do this with my wife and she is very responsive and reacts accordingly.too!

    Its safe fun and I do not cross certain limits.

    I would like your opinion on this!!!

    Good philosophy my man it works…


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