How Girls React To Dick Pics

Why should I even have to make this video? It should be pretty obvious to most guys anyway, that sending a picture of your dick is not necessarily the best move to make if you are interested in seeing a girl or even getting her to bed, and I’m going to go through the exact reasons why that is in this video.

Now, there is an exception. There is a special case where sending a girl a picture of your dick can actually work. But to even understand why it can work you have to understand the general reasons why it is not a good idea.

We’ll get to that to the end of the video; that special case where you can actually send a girl a picture like that.

Now, I think the reason that men think this is a good idea is because they are basically just naïve. The number one thing that a guy wants to receive from a woman is sexy texts, sexy pictures, they’ve done studies on this on, OkCupid. That is what guys want to receive from women.

So, the men get a certain visual reaction, they have a certain response that is highly desirable when they get sexy texts and sexy pictures and they very naively assume that that is what women will respond to. So if they just send a disembodied picture of their dick, that women will have a good reaction.

Women respond differently than men

But research shows that women’s brains respond differently than men’s. Women’s brains do not light up the same way when they look at disembodied dick pics. So it’s just a very naïve move that men make.

We men we make all sorts of naïve moves, like just supplicating to a girl, buying her things, trying to get into her pants by being super nice and taking her out to expensive dinners;

and on a subtle level, women kind of feel like you’re trying to buy sex from them, that you are not really an alpha male, that you’re just a beta male and you’re coming from a lower position than she is and that you’re trying to impress her and that can subtly turn the girl off. That’s another very naïve mistake.

So even if you think that sending dick pics as a man is like a really funny thing that only losers do, we’ve all done things,  very naively, that probably has the opposite effect on women than we originally intentioned.

Why it doesn’t work

Right of the bat you are communicating to a woman that you’re kind of naïve, you don’t really understand how their brain works, that maybe on a certain level you lack empathy for what women respond to and you’re going to get the reaction that maybe you don’t necessarily want to get.

Maybe an emotional reaction from the girl, like she laughs at it, or she thinks you’re naïve or she thinks you’re kind of dumb.

Really hot girls in particular get a lot of dick pics, if you ever go through a hot girl’s phone, you’re going to see that they get dick pics and it’s not going to make you stand out in a good way because it’s just something that every other guy does.

Every other guy is trying to suck up to her, every other guy is trying to impress her and this is basically like a dancing monkey routine. What if you send the girl a pic of your disembodied dick, and she says “Okay, I want to see you do ten jumping jacks. Send me video of doing ten jumping jacks”.

So the guy sending the dick pics is going to be in that mentality of, “Okay, now I’m going to send her a video of me doing ten jumping jacks.” And then the girl says, “Show me a picture of you licking water out of a doggy bowl like a dog.” Okay, he’s going to do that next.

It’s like a very reactive frame of where you’re coming from of wanting to impress the girl and the girl is leading. So, you don’t want to be a dancing monkey to the girl and a dick pic is basically falling into that frame.

A basic rule of thumb of online game is not to get sexual with the girl but you’re doing online game specifically for the purpose of meeting her in person, in reality, having her stand there with you as quickly as possible. That is the purpose of doing online game; it’s to meet her and then run the seduction, get her horny when she’s actually there with you.

So if anything is going to get in the way of that like sending dick pics which might cause a strange emotional or negative emotional reaction from a girl, it’s something that you want to avoid.

The one exception

Now, I did say in the beginning of this video, that there is a reason, there is a circumstance, where sending a dick pic to a girl can actually work or at least it’s acceptable. So let’s cover that reason right now.

If sending a dick pic is part of your inherent personality, it’s part of your sense of humor; for example, you send a prank dick pic to a girl, you send her a picture of a big black dick and you’re a white guy and that might be kind of funny, that can work. If that is part of your sense of humor, if you would do it anyway, if it’s not to impress the girl but to amuse yourself.

If it’s not about doing a dancing monkey routine or it’s not coming from this naïve place of thinking that the girl is going to sexually respond to it, then you can do it because then you can make the argument that’s part of your personality, it’s part of your humor, you want to be bringing the girl into your world and you don’t want to be censoring yourself.

If it’s an issue of “Oh this would be so funny, this is part of my humor”, this is something you would naturally do; “but maybe I shouldn’t do it, maybe I should censor myself and not show the girl my real sense of humor”, then make the argument yeah you should send that prank dick pic.

If it’s again, something that you might even send to your guy friends or your female friends, then you can send it to the girl.

But if you turn it into a routine for example, you’re like “Oh, the one girl responded really well so the next ten girls, I’m going to prank them with this dick pic prank”, then it’s not spontaneous. You’re using it as a routine, you’ve fallen into the trap of trying to impress girls with it and suddenly now is the case that you don’t want to be doing it because you’re doing it for the wrong reasons.

So, it could be acceptable if you’re doing it for that one specific reason.

But, most likely, that is not your sense of humor. Most likely, you are not the kind of guy that is going to send dick pics to amuse yourself and prank girl and have fun with it. I don’t know, maybe you are but most likely it’s just something you want to avoid, you don’t want to do it.

So that is my manifesto on the dick pic.

And below, write me a comment of what you think. What are your reasons for sending dick pics if you like to send dick pics? What kind of reactions have you gotten from girls sending dick pics, good or bad?

And then maybe you can think of some reasons not to send dick pics that I did not state in this video. So, leave your comments below, let me know.


4 thoughts on “How Girls React To Dick Pics”

      1. still a bad idea, because it sends the wrong message about your psychology. For example, wanting to IMPRESS the girl, that’s a bad frame to be coming from right there.

      2. Always a numbers game anyway, but since many women are interested in size, it gets that question out of the way and can incentivize them. If size is one of your assets, I say lock and load, works for me. If you have wash board abs ditto, etc.

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