How Much Do Looks REALLY Matter To Girls?

Last Saturday I watched the Mayweather v. Pacquiao fight with 10 or so buddies and their various girlfriends, wives and kids. I’m not a big sports guy, but I did get to eat a bunch of steak 🙂

And I met this Mexican guy who came to the U.S. with $200 in his pocket and built himself a $10k a month business. His hot wife was there too, with a tiny waist and popping butt and a great face.

But he was UGLY… it looked like someone had smacked his face a couple of times with a boat paddle. Or maybe Floyd gave him an uppercut to the face. And yet this hot chick married him before he had become a financial success.

How the hell does that sort of thing happen??

I just shot a video about why looks DO matter… and yet why they DON’T.

If you want a unique take that will help the most amazing girls see right past an average guy’s looks, then be sure to watch this.

And frankly, some guys *really* need to watch this video if they EVER want a pretty girlfriend.

How Much Do Looks REALLY Matter To Girls?

I want to talk about do looks matter, and I want to put this issue to rest because there’s guys that say looks are everything and there’s guys that say looks don’t mean a thing, and there’s all kinds of grays in between.

I really want to get to the bottom of this issue.

The issue is, are you balding at the top of your head?

Have you got man boobs coming off your chest or are you skinny like a stick?

Are you super short?

Have you got bad skin?

Have you got bad breath?

Do you not know how to dress stylishly? All that kind of stuff.

Do looks matter? Well the short answer is yes, looks do matter.

Do Looks Matter

For example, a lot of scientific studies have been done where people in the work environment will project onto good-looking people qualities or characteristics, positive qualities and positive characteristics that have nothing to do with their good looks.

So, they’ll rate a good-looking person as being more charismatic, or more successful, or more intelligent, even when they know nothing about the attractive person in comparison to the less attractive person.

Your good looks, a guy, who is good-looking, is going to be treated differently than a guy who’s not as good looking and actually kind of becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy because when you’re good looking, people treat you as if you’re going to be successful. Because you’re treated in this more positive light, a lot of times more attractive people actually step into success because they’re kind of handed success a little bit more easily than unattractive people.

How Good Looks Can Hurt Your Game

However, there’s a couple of reasons why being better looking or good looking can actually hurt you.

First of all, a really good-looking guy really isn’t incentivized in the same manner to really hit higher levels of achievement when it comes to women.

For example, a good-looking guy who gets laid relatively easily while he’s young, a teenager, maybe he bangs a couple of girls in school and they’re 7’s or even 8’s, and he gets one of the girls pregnant or whatever.

Let’s say he just doesn’t get them pregnant but he has some success here and there. He’s not going to be as needy to succeed with the 9’s and 10’s or the higher caliber quality of women because he’s already getting sex.

How Attractive Women Have It Hard Too

It’s kind of like if you let’s take attractive women for example as an analogy.

A lot of attractive women are emotionally stunted.

A lot of really beautiful women, their personalities are not that great or intellectually they’re a bit stunted. They’re not as intellectually curious.

Why is that?

It’s because they have everything in life handed to them. They don’t need to do well in school, to do well in their teens and 20s.

I mean they’re already treated as special, as higher up and high value whether they do well in school or not or whether they work on their personalities or not, or whether they’re kind or generous people or not. A lot of attractive women are intellectually and emotionally stunted.

In the same way, a lot of really good-looking guys just don’t feel that drive to succeed. They kind of lack motivation in a way. I feel like, “Hey, let’s go pick up girls. Let’s get the really hot girls.”

They might be like, “Hey, I’m already getting some sex. I’m already happy with my life. Everything is great already.”

Regular Guys Have More Leverage To Succeed

One of the advantages to be not good looking is that it gives you more leverage to really push your comfort zone, push the boundaries of what is really possible, so you often see the really hot, hot, hot girls with more average-looking guys.

It’s not necessarily like disgusting slobs that don’t take care of their appearance but usually see the hot-caliber women with more average-looking guys.

Guys that because they didn’t have the best looks, they were more driven to succeed. They were more driven to learn game.

Maybe they were more driven to become an entrepreneur or achieve in different ways, maybe become more of an athlete or just work on their personalities or what have you.

You’re going to see less attractive guys actually getting the higher caliber girls even though the more attractive guys have it easier with the 7’s and the 8’s early on in life.

That’s one of the advantages to being less attractive.

The Hierarchy of Success With Women

Now less attractive guys go in two directions. Most unattractive guys say, “I’m not attractive. I’m never going to get the hot girls. I’m not going to try. I’m not going to push myself.”

It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, and nothing comes of it.

You see tons of unattractive guys without girls or with ugly girls, so it kind of like becomes a polar – I don’t know the words for that – but most of the unattractive guys are here at the bottom.

But there’s a few unattractive guys that use that as leverage to really push themselves and they get the hottest girls often.

Then you have the attractive guys, more attractive guys kind of in the upper middle class so to speak with women.

That’s usually how it breaks down.

What Good Looks DOES Do For You

Now I want to talk about what looks do do for you is what I’ve noticed with really good-looking guys is that in kind of buys you like the first 30 or 60 or 90 seconds.

If you’re a really good-looking guy and you walk to a girl, a girl will kind of just stand there and look at the guy and be like okay, “Show me you’re game. Talk to me.”

She’ll give him of a chance so he can kind be fucking up for 60 or 90 seconds and she’ll just give him more time. She’ll be more amenable to talking to him. That’s the advantage of being with a good-looking guy.


The “9s and 10s” Problem

The problem is well, with 6’s and 7’s, this works really well, but more with 8’s, 9’s, or 10’s.

If you’re a good-looking guy and you don’t have your game on like you don’t feel entitled to have the girl, if you’re nervous talking to girls, if you can’t make eye contact with the girl, if you don’t feel comfortable getting physical with the girl, or if you’re making it all friend-to-friend and not man to woman, there’s no sexual tension or anything, then the 8’s, 9’s, or 10’s doesn’t matter if you’re good looking.

You’re not going to get anywhere with them because they already have attractive guys, particularly with the really attractive girls, they’ve already got attractive guys hitting on them.

They might know an athlete. They might know some really successful, rich guys. They already know other attractive guys.

You’re going to be just one of 10 or 20 different attractive guys and they’re going to test you hard. They want to see basically if you have more than your looks because they’re already swamped. They’re busy, and just being a good-looking guy is not enough.

Leader Of The Tribe vs. Looks

In fact, what’s really attractive to guys is not so much your looks but that this is my theory is that you are the leader of the tribe. You show qualities that would make you the leader of the tribe.

If we go back thousands of years ago to how we evolved in groups of 30 or 100 people, the leader of the tribe had the biggest genetic advantage because he would give orders. He has followers. He has other men that will have his back. He has better security. He has more status. He has more access to resources. He might have the better food.

Even if he is not the best-looking guy in the tribe, that’s the best guy for the girl to hook up with. I mean her children, her offspring are going to have the best chances of survival by getting with the leader of the tribe because her children will be more protected. They will have better food.

The leader of the tribe, even if he is not the best-looking guy is going to generally have his pick of women, and women throwing themselves at him even if it’s like let’s say there’s a better looking guy. He’s lower in status. Maybe he’s younger. Maybe he’s more physically fit, you know those are attractive traits.

Being attractive signifies fertility, for example to a degree, but it’s really the guy that can show that he can lead men, that’s not scared of women, that’s not looking for the woman’s permission, that can hold eye contact, that has the loud commanding voice and the downward tonality. That’s going to be the most attractive guy.

Even if you’re a good-looking guy, if you go up to a girl completely nervous and you’re not showing any of these leadership qualities, the really attractive girls are going to brush you off.

You’re really not going to get anywhere with them whereas if you’re kind of an uglier-looking guy or an average-looking guy and you go up to a really attractive girl and you show all these leadership qualities, that’s going to interest her because that’s unusual. Girls don’t run into that very often or almost never.

That’s a great skill set to have if you’re not the most attractive guy, you can blow out the more attractive dudes very easily if you can develop these micro-mannerisms of being the leader of the tribe.

Do What You Can, And Forget

Now here’s the thing: you don’t want to get obsessed with this.

You don’t want to be thinking about it all the time like you don’t want to be comparing yourself to other men so that when you go out, you’re thinking, “I’m not as attractive as this other guy. I’m not attractive as other guys she probably knows.”

That’s going to kill your game.

First of all, you’re not going to feel entitled to the girl. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy where it’s just going to make you nervous. It’s going to completely fuck you up.

What you want to be doing is change what you can.

You know before you go out and talk to girls, change what you can while you’re at home.

Fix your skin.

If you got some weird mole on your face, get it removed.

If your teeth are fucked up, get braces or get whitening.

If you’re not stylish, buy some expensive clothes and become more stylish.

Get a haircut that’s not from 1800s but it’s from the 21st century.

If you stink, put on deodorant, brush your teeth, and so on and so forth.

I mean you can do a lot to make yourself more attractive. If you’re short, you can wear boots with heels.

You can wear a hat like I’m wearing. That’s going to give you a couple of inches.

There’s tons of things that you can do. If you’re pale like Casper the Ghost, you can put on that instant tanner, bronzer to make yourself a little bit of tan.

It’s endless how you can kind of improve yourself, so if you think you’re 6 in looks, you can actually pull yourself up to being a 7 or an 8 relatively easily. If you’re 8 in looks, you can pull yourself up to being a 9 in looks relatively easily.

Do What You Can At Home– Then Forget

But then, once you do everything that you can, you want to forget about it. You want to stop comparing yourself to other people.

While you’re at home, do what you can, but when you go out to meet girls, you got to completely just be feeling entitled to getting the girls.

You got to understand that you’re enough. You don’t have to change anymore. You can get girls even if you have ketchup stains on your shirt and you’re wearing fucked-up clothes and maybe you’re still a little bit overweight.

It’s more important not the looks but that you’re showing these tribal leadership mannerisms or subtle things about being a leader. That’s always going to trump looks. You got to keep that in mind.

The Company Presentation Example

Here take an analogy again.

Let’s say that you work for a company and you got this business proposal that you want to convince your boss of or all the corporate execs that’s going to save the company millions of dollars. But you got to propose this thing in the meeting. You’re going to give a presentation.

While you’re at home, of course you want to work on the presentation as much as possible and put labor into it and do the best job that you can. While you’re working on that, you’re always going to have doubts. Can I make this better? Can I change this? Can I change that?

But when you actually get into the presentation, you’re giving the presentation, you want to go in with 100 percent confidence.

You want to 100 percent believe in yourself.

You want to 100 percent believe in your presentation.

You’re not questioning your presentation in the middle of giving it. If you 100 percent believe in it, you’re more likely to convince them.

If you go there first and have confidence in it, then you’re going to pull people along with you, and that’s going to give you the best chances.

The best game plan you can have is do what you can to fix things, but then when you’re out there, you got to forget about it.

That’s basically where we stand on looks. You don’t want to be sulking about it and bitching and whining about your looks because that’s going to get you nowhere. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, and you’re just going to end up with ugly girls or no girls at all.

Instead you want to use your lack of looks to be a source of leverage, to drive you and motivate you to improve as much as you can, do as much as you can and force you to work on your game skills and these little micro-mannerisms that being the leader of the tribe. Then you can really kill it if you go down that route.

So, my advice to you is to get to it.

11 thoughts on “How Much Do Looks REALLY Matter To Girls?”

  1. Answer: No, looks don’t fucking matter. My boyfriend is a chubby Asian with a smaller than average penis. Guess what? I don’t love him any less. He’s ‘needy’ and texts me a lot, and I love that. He’s sweet, he’s funny, and he’s honest with me. I love him.

  2. Looks help only in getting sexual real quick with a girl. Thats about it. For the long term though you need personality you need game. Average guys have it easy. Game is made for them. But pretty boys suffer. If you dont have confidence and dont talk then looks do nothing for you. Girls might stare at you because they like pretty things but never unless in a night club, will they ever game you right of the bat. They might start a normal convo with you and give you iois but thats about it. You as the man need to lead. I know this but i still need to act on my own statment. Girls get turned off by pretty boys who look better then them. They want to be the pretty one. You will make girls insecure if your a pretty boy. So your game has to be diffrent. My problem is how should a pretty boy game? What does he have to do and not do. If your a pretty boy teasing a girl is out of the question. So what should you replace it with instead? And if you say “your only talking to me to get in my pants arnt you” in a playful way it could also back fire as they might see you as being full of yourself. Then how should a good looking or pretty boy guy game? I hope Jessie can help with these minorities aswell.

  3. I think it’s common sense to say that looks do matter however, when i see a very attractive woman with an unattractive man I can’t help but to speculate if drugs are involved. I had an associate that sold drugs and had good looking women as girlfriends.

  4. Andreas Huppert

    It comes down to behavior. Looks and money matter if you think it matters. And it matters if you lack balls (I’m not saying I have balls). I would consider myself good looking but I don’t feel like I’ve achieved anything when a girl checks me out. If I had the choice: looks of a model or mind of a badass, I would take the latter.

    1. What the fuck would you know?If I had heaps of money I’d go to hookers. High class hookers. Cos its guaranteed sex, you don’t have to try and theres no way of getting a stupid baby. I trust high class hookers way more than other women out there. You dont have to listen to them whinge or bitch or spend 5 fucking hours in a shopping mall…and you can sleep with as many as possible.

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