How To Find 10 New Hot Girls Every Day (The Easy Way)

Now we all know that we want beautiful women in our lives – maybe you want to sleep with beautiful girls or maybe you just want a beautiful girlfriend that’s amazing.

But we also have background beliefs that sabotage are our conscious goals.

For example, maybe your brain comes up with 100’s of reasons not to approach a girl… for example, she’s not cute enough, or she’s too hot looking, or she’s with some friends, or she’s too old, or too young.

How I Psych Myself to Failure

I know for myself, I tend to psych myself out, because, say I go to a mall or club, and I see 100 different girls, there might only be one or two girls there that I actually would want to put the time to get to know them… I can be pretty picky.

However if I were to follow that logic and only be interested in the top 1% of cute girls, I’d never be able warm-up, I’d never be able to build a little bit of momentum, I’d never be able to practice, and I’d become really outcome dependent… and unhappy.

Because I’d only feel motivated by such a small population of women, that I’d never take any action.

And then, if I were to see a really hot girl, I’d be too stuck inside my head to actually go up and talk to her.

How My Brain Works When I See A Girl

So say I’m in a large bar, and my brain will go “not hot enough”, “not hot enough”, “not hot enough,” “not hot enough” – “okay now this one is really cute”.

But then I’m stuck in my inside my head, so that even when I DO go up and talk to the girl I really like, it doesn’t feel natural, and I’m not my best, because I’m all stiff and inside my head.

So a better mindset to adopt, is to fall in love with ALL women – or the majority women at least.

So I’ll see a girl that technically I wouldn’t want to invest a lot of time into, or wouldn’t want to pursue a relationship with, but all fall in love with her somehow.

How To Appreciate Feminine Energy

Maybe I’ll pick out something about her that I really like about her, and fall in love with that.

Or I’ll imagine that she’s the mother of my children we just haven’t seen each other for a long time.

Or I’ll imagine that she’s an old ex-girlfriend of mine and she’s really horny.

Or I’ll just generate feelings of lust for her for no particular reason.

And then I have the drive to go talk to her. So I’ll get these like butterflies in my stomach or feel my heartbeat as I go up to talk to this average looking girl. But this has a lot of advantages to not being so picky.

How ‘Falling In Love’ or Lust Works To Your Favor

First of all, I can talk to far more people and feel motivated, so that I can build up momentum and help pull myself into good states and into that good happy mental place.

Because normally I’m doing a lot of work and I’m stuck inside my head and I have to kind of pull myself out of that work state, and get into a more social state.

Not being so picky also takes the pressure off of me, because I’m not outcome dependent on meeting the one or two hottest girls, which is really a self-sabotaging feeling and leads to anxiety and hesitation.

Talking to a bunch of different girls is also great social proof, in that when I do talk to the hot girls, they’ve already seen me talking to others.

It also makes pickup more fun. Because when you can keep falling in love falling and in lust with girls, that’s a good happy feeling. And it feels like this abundance is around you. Even though you’re technically cheating, and making yourself going into that state by internally generating the feelings, rather than looking for your environment to do all the work for you.

Another benefit, is sometimes you will be pleasantly surprised.

Often you begin talking to a girl that you’d normally would have little interest in, but she turns out to be really cool and have qualities that you like about her that you couldn’t pick out just from her superficial physical appearance.

A lot of times the coolest girls or the girls that are the most fun in bed or isn’t the 10. Sometimes she’s the 8. Sometimes she’s the 7.

So just by being sociable with everybody, generating that falling in love feeling more often, you get to have a bunch of awesome experiences you wouldn’t have encountered otherwise.

So to wrap this up, if you’re being very picky… that will sabotage your results in getting the really hot girls.

So to get around this picky persona of yours, use the mental tricks to fall in love with every girl you’re talking to – and paradoxically, that will allow you to be a much cooler guy that the 9s and 10s are really attracted to.

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  1. That’s a very useful trick, as that’s a big stumbling block I had, but I will definitely try this to help my volume of interacting with at least 10 girls aday, as I really am looking to find some horny f**k buddies in London.

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