How To Make ‘Unapproachable’ Hot Girls Easy To Approach

Don’t you hate it when you see a beautiful woman walking by and you just freeze up, you just hang there like you’re frozen and you hesitate. And you know in your hearts of hearts that you should go up and introduce yourself or say hello, and yet your feet are just like blocks of concrete and you can’t move. And then the girl walks on by and you lose that opportunity forever.

And then you’re kicking yourself that you didn’t take action. And the long-term fear here is that you’ll never get the girl you really want or get the girl that you really deserve because anxiety is in control of your destiny and not you.

Well in this video I teach you how to approach those real stunners, those really hot girls that normally intimidate you and cause you to freeze up. So you can get those girls that you really do deserve and not be at the mercy of the fears that control you.

 Go For The Hardest Sets!

So the secret here is that you want to go for the absolute hardest sets.

You see that girl, that beautiful woman surrounded by her group and it looks really intimidating and difficult. That’s the set… that’s the girl that you want to approach.

You see a girl walking by but she’s a far distance from you and you literally have to run to catch her? That’s the girl you want to approach.

You’re at a loud club and nobody can even hear you speak and there’s a beautiful girl there? That’s the girl that you want to approach.

Approaching really difficult sets that are brutal, will make approaching regular girls seem easy in comparison.

How I Died On The Mile

Take this as an analogy… back when I was in high school I really sucked at running the mile.  It took me about 11 min., which was horrible, and I’d be panting and puffing and sweating – it really just killed me.

And a lot of the girls in my gym class would kick my ass running better times!  And I was pretty good at sports in general, but running that mile twice a year was the one thing I hated the most and I couldn’t stand.

But I joined the school cross country team. And the races were 3 miles long. And I really sucked at first… I couldn’t even finish most of time, but gradually I got better and better because I was constantly pushing my comfort zone until I could manage to pull off doing a 3 mile run.

And eventually we started doing 5 mile practice runs. and 7 mile practice runs. And the 7 mile practice runs were absolutely torture.

I Finally Could Beat The Girls!

But here’s the thing – now, when we had to run the one-mile in gym class, it was a breeze. I’d run it in half the time without even breaking a sweat. And I was the fastest in my class along with one other guy who happened also be on the cross-country team.

Literally I could run the mile and finish it and it’s like I hardly even noticed i had done it – whereas everybody else was panting and puffing and complaining and tired.

And it works the same way with women. If you really push your comfort zone and approach on those really hard sets – the equivalent of doing a 5 mile or 7 mile run – then approaching the more normal sets of the more normal girls.. the equivalent of doing one-mile run – will seem easy in comparison.

How To Train Yourself To Make Opening Easy

So this is what I’ll do in one-on-one training with the student – is that I’ll send the student into a really difficult environment… it could be a super loud nightclub for instance.

And there’s lights and noise and loud music and I can’t hear the student speak, he can’t hear me speak, and the girls can’t hear us speak. And literally the only way to get a girl to hear you is to pull her off the dance floor and pull her into a quiet corner or outside.

And i’d just push the student into set after set and usually the student will just get blown out because it’s just a terrible environment to actually get to know girl in. And it just feels socially awkward.

But here’s what happens. We’ll go to another venue, maybe a quiet bar or do some street game. And now the student is not nearly as scared as before.

I ask him, and say he seems a lot less scared than the day before. And he’ll say to me ‘yeah but this is easy, this is nothing compared to what we were doing that loud nightclub.’

So you want to expose yourself to your fears multiplied times ten!

It’s A State Pump

And there’s many other benefits to this. First off, it pumps up your state.

When you approach a girl that pushes your boundaries, that pushes your comfort zone, it’s going to make you feel alive, is going to make you feel good.

In the same way that you feel like kicking yourself when you don’t make the approach, when you do make it, even when nothing comes of it, you’re going to feel 10 times better.

It’s Social Proof

The next side benefit particularly for social parties in social situations, is social proof.

Let’s say you go to the most beautiful, most intimidating girl right away, and say, you just chat her up for a couple of minutes and it doesn’t go anywhere. W

ell the other girls around you are going to notice that you are in her group, and they don’t know your relationship to her… they can’t tell whether you been rejected or not. It just looks like you’re talking to her.

And when other women think that you’re good enough to talk to the Queen bee, to the top girl at the party, they’re going to invest in you as well.

So by going for the most difficult sets right away, it often makes it easier to go up to the rest of the girls in a party situation or a bar situation.

 It’s Success and Sex!

Another benefit is sometimes you have success.

Sometimes the girl just finds you cute and maybe she happens to be single and maybe for some reason she likes your style and one thing leads to another and you get some unexpected success.

Maybe the conversation goes well, or maybe you get a kiss on the girl… maybe you even get her into bed. You can never tell… so it’s a nice little bonus icing on top of the cake when you just approach a lot of beautiful women that you wouldn’t normally approach.

And it just gives you more experience being in front of beautiful women, and with more experience in front of beautiful women, you’re going to be less intimidated by them and it will get easier.

The Key – Making THIS Mindset Shift

Okay so to make this happen, you have to make a critical mindset shift – where is now possibly your mindset is how to live avoiding pain and risking discomfort, to how do I create pain for myself, how do I multiply the pressure and increase the risk?

How can I go from wanting to create positive reactions from girls to creating polarizing to reactions in girls… where some girls love that I’m so done so bold. When you’re getting polarized reactions, that means you’re doing something right.

The mindset shift is ‘I’m scared, I don’t want to create risk, I want everybody to like me, I don’t want to create problems with anybody – to ‘I’m scared but bring it on let’s fucking do this. I want the risk, I want the challenge, I want to create the discomfort, I’m going to face my fears and multiply them by 10 and take whatever action is necessary to do this.’

Now if you want to really get a handle on your hesitation and your anxiety, and go from being a passive spectator to a man that takes action that women are attracted to, make sure to click on the link below to get on my e-mail list… you’ll get a new video every couple of days and I’ll teach you exactly how to get higher quality girls.

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