Strippers Teach You How To Look Good To Girls

A couple of years back, I stumbled upon a forum that was for strippers and exotic dancers where they were exchanging tips among themselves about how to make more money off of their male customers, how to get more tips and cash spent on them, how to seduce the men to want to spend money on them.

It had a lot of really interesting parallels to pickup forums, a lot of the same similar advice, and I want to read two snippets here that I took off that forum.

One woman writes that,

“A successful dancer, she works out, she gets her hair done, her nails done. She always has her makeup on when she walks inside the door. She always has a clean, sexy, seductive outfit on. Her shoes are always clean and comfortable. Of course, her feet are always done. Her skin has always a lotion and she wears tasteful perfume. She has nice jewelry on or accessories.”

Now of course that’s really obvious advice for a dancer because as men we’re such visual creatures that a woman that pays attention to her appearance, often the little details like her nails and how her hair is done and her makeup and having sexy shoes is really important and a really important aspect of seduction.

Whereas women are not as visual creatures as men, it’s very important to be neat, and well-groomed where you’re taking care of your bad breath. That’s a big, big no, no. That’s really going to turn off a woman.

Neatness vs. Core Looks

You might be shorter than you like to be. You might be kind of overweight. You might not be the best-looking guy but if you wear some really nice clothes and you are well-groomed, well-shaved, and your breath isn’t stinky, and you put some antiperspirant under your armpits, that goes a long, long way to attracting women.

You can be a tall, buff good-looking guy but if you’re just sloppy about your appearance, you’re going to develop a little bit of initial attraction but over the course of 20 minutes, a girl is going to realize, “Okay, his breath kind of smells. He doesn’t look like that well put together.” It’s going to be a turnoff.

Even if you’re shorter and not quite as good looking but you’ve got a really nice outfit on and you look really clean cut and good, even if you go for like the spiky hair or some kind of crazy outfit, it’s still really important to be neat. You’re going to last longer in the interaction. It’s going to move along much closer to having sex than even the big, tall good-looking guy who is sloppy about his appearance.

Do Your Best At Home, Then Let Go Out The Door

Now another snippet that I found, another girl writes,

“Be prepared. Make sure your hair, makeup, and outfit look presentable. But if they don’t, say you have a horrible oozing zit that you just can’t cover over or you don’t have the time or money to touch up your roots, then relax about it. Stressing out in the dressing room for an hour makes you less money. Remember the longer you’re out on the floor, the more money you’re going to make. People like a nice smile and good conversations skills better than visual perfection. No one is perfect but everyone can be nice.”

That’s a really important advice for men as well where you want to do what you can about your appearance, but you also want to let it go. When you’re back at home, maybe buy some boots to make you an inch taller if you’re kind of short. Look around the different stores. Get some nice clothes. If you got acne, buy some medicine for the acne. If you have problems with your teeth, go to the dentist. Get these kinds of things handled and fixed. If you have a bad breath, buy some mouthwash that will take care of that, and so on and so on.

When you’re actually going out and meeting girls, when you’re actually in the moment of doing that, you don’t want to be thinking about your appearance. You don’t want that to hold you back because that will crush your confidence. It’s going to make you very nervous like you’re not entitled to have these women if you’re thinking about your looks.

Instead, you got to be thinking, “I’m the king. I’m the prince. My looks are 10/10. I deserve these girls. I’m entitled to have these women. I trust that I’m good enough as me to attract these girls and that’s all it will take to win these women over.”

Because if you’re stuck inside your head, that will completely destroy your confidence.

Pickup Is A Trick On Yourself

Actually pick up is kind of like psychological trick that you have to play on yourself. Now most people, the average person, they’re sloppy about their looks. They’re not thinking too much about their looks, and then when they go and talk to that girl, it’s all inside their heads is their looks. “Oh, my gosh! Do I look good enough? Do I have bad breath? Am I wearing good clothes?” And everything.

Well you want to do the exact opposite if you want to be successful with women, which is you want to pay special attention to your looks in your day-to-day life when you’re not in front of a girl, you know your teeth, your skin, your clothes, your grooming, how you smell.

Then when you are talking to a girl, you need to shove all those thoughts outside of your heads. You’re just perfectly zen about it, perfectly calm and confident. You don’t have these nasty mental thoughts weighing yourself down, so it’s almost like the complete opposite thoughts of what the typical person is doing.

What The Common Man Does Wrong

Typical person again in their day-to-day life, they’re not thinking about their looks. They’re sloppy about it. Instead you want to be diligent about that and then when you’re talking to a girl, instead of thinking about your looks, you need to be zen. You need to have a quiet mind about that; instead thinking that you are the king, you’re the prince, that you’re the best-looking man on the planet and no one can compete with you.

That’s like a psychological trick that you got to learn if you want to be successful with girls.

That same advice applies to dancers. If you’re a dancer and you want to make money off of men, do what you can about your looks, work out, go to the gym, if you’re a woman buy some sexy outfits. If you have acne, do what you can about that when you’re back at home.

But then, when you’re out on the dance floor, you want to let that go. You want to be carefree. You want to be in the moment. You want to be having fun. You want to be enjoying yourself. If you have a big zit on your face, you’ve got to pretend that it’s not even there and you want to make the most money possible, you got to just go with the flow, pretend. At least fake it until you make it that you are 10/10 and that’s how going to make the most dollars.

Same thing for a man. If you want to get the best-looking girls, the most girls, the best kind of responses, you’ve got to do the same thing.

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