Testosterone = Get Laid Like A Rockstar With This Crazy Trick

You want to meet more girls, get the girls really deserve to have in your life… but you just lack the drive, or energy, or the will to make it happen?

Are you afraid you’re never going to the girl you want or get the girl you deserve because of that lack of will or energy or motivation?

Are you afraid you’ll never live the life you know deep down you deserve to be living?

Well that drive, that motivation comes from a special, natural chemical inside your body – and without that chemical you’re going to feel depressed and lethargic and the lazy and unworthy of women – and with more of that chemical, you’re going to feel assertive and confident, motivated, and energetic.

And that natural chemical is testosterone.

Testosterone… The Overlooked Factor In Success With Women

Testosterone is so critical to getting beautiful girls.

Testosterone is at the heart of having sexual polarity – it’s what makes you as a man, a man.

It makes you feel motivated to get off your butt and go out and do what you need to do to make things happen with girls.

Testosterone gives you a sexual energy and drive to take action.

Testosterone makes you feel dominant and allows you to take charge.

Testosterone makes you unreactive, so that you can persist in sets and go for what you really want and not take shit from girls.

Testosterone gives you confidence, increases your assertiveness, gives you energy, and increases your sexual libido, so you have that sexual drive to work at a higher level and pull the girls that you really want.

Testosterone gives you a sexy masculine voice with a loud projecting, downward tonality.

More testosterone leads to more muscle mass and better posture.

And when you’re lacking testosterone, you have a low sex drive, you lack the energy, you lack the motivation, you lose muscle – you just feel emotionally dead inside – and you’re more likely to experience depression, and lack of focus.

In short, you just won’t feel that good and you won’t feel manly.

Are Your Habits Killing You?

Now, not having high levels of testosterone comes down to lifestyle habits.

Going to the gym and lifting heavy weights is awesome for increasing testosterone.

Working on your posture and consciously standing up straight increases your testosterone.

Eating a clean, healthy diet of lean meats and vegetables and slow burning carbs increases your testosterone.

Getting sunlight increases your testosterone…

Yelling and being loud and unstifling yourself and unstifling your voice, and unstifling your body, and moving increases your testosterone.

Thinking positive thoughts – you know that positive self-talk you say to yourself… increases your testosterone.

And of course, approaching girls and pushing through your comfort zone and taking action, even when you don’t honestly feel like it– but taking action nonetheless– increases your testosterone.

And doing all those things creates an upward spiral of feeling awesome and feeling great and having a high amount of this feel-good chemicals that will sustain you.

The Downward Spiral (Avoid At All Costs)

But what most guys do, is go through a downward spiral.

They have many negative self-reinforcing habits that sabotage and build on one another so they’re in this pit that they can’t easily crawl out of.

Let’s look at the modern man.

He gets up, he eats an unhealthy breakfast, walks a few steps over to his car, he gets in, he drives, he parks the car, he gets out, he walks a few steps to work, he plants his ass down and starts working, he’s all stressed out, and at the end of the day he takes a few steps, gets into his car, gets home, walks out a few steps, and then plants his ass down the couch to watch television.

He’s not moving physically, he’s not eating good foods that will sustain his body, he’s not pushing his comfort zone.

So over the years is testosterone drops and he lacks sexual energy. He lacks motivation. He doesn’t feel like a man anymore.

And how are you going to attract really hot girls when you’re this neutered androgynous person that feels low energy all the time? You’re not going to be able to do it.

I mean just look at the vast majority of guys who do well with women. They hit the gym. They lift heavy weights. They’re physically fit. They push their comfort zone on a regular basis. They unstifled themselves physically and emotionally, and they think positive thoughts with conscious effort.

So are your habits helping or hurting you?

Are you on an upward spiral of positive self-reinforcing habits, or are you in a negative downward spiral of negative self-reinforcing habits?

The No-Nos That Lead To Failure

Do you experience chronic stress in your school or work which releases adrenaline and cortisol and suppresses testosterone?

Are you drinking a lot of alcohol, which impairs your nervous system and suppresses testosterone?

Are you smoking marijuana, which suppresses the pituary gland?

Are you sleep deprived, which suppresses testosterone?

Are you experiencing relationship troubles from friends or family or girlfriends – that suppresses testosterone as well.

Do you have bad posture?

Do you think negative thoughts?

Are you overweight?

Do you lead a sedentary lifestyle where you’re mostly on the computer, or watching television, or playing video games?

Because if you are sedentary, your brain thinks, “Man everything is good, I don’t even need to physically move and I’m being fed– so let’s scale back on testosterone production.”

Are you too comfortable in your lifestyle and not pushing yourself – where you never need to step up as a man which requires increased testosterone production?

So look at your overall habits of your lifestyle… and you want to start engineering changes on a deeper level.

And the guys who are really good with women have good lifestyle habits down that nurse them and support them and help to keep their testosterone levels high.

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  1. Some things that you should avoid are estrogen-like substances, that inhibit the testosteron receptors on the cels. Some examples: soy bean contain fitohormones that mimic the effect of estrogen; plastic, specially when in contact with hot liquids (coffee, tea…), releases substances that mimic estrogen; many agrotoxic also have this effect. So take care!

  2. as a vegan. which has been proven over a meat eater we have high rates of tetsorome. also u dont need meat to build muscles. meat can actually slow down your mucles gains. so u will build bigger and stronger on plant based

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