How Seeing Women As Sex Objects Gets You Laid More

I want to share with you a quick tip for increasing your motivation to go out and meet women.

I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed but when you see a hot girl when you’re out, suddenly you feel very motivated to maybe cold approach a girl or to meet girls maybe for a day or two, but then you’ve kind of fallen into this rut of losing your motivation.

And this tip is going to help you get it back so that every single day you are a hundred percent fully motivated to go meet women. It’s also going to help get better responses as well so it’s like a double whammy here.

Should you view women as “sex objects”

Now, in society we’re taught not to view women as sexual objects which is a good thing, in terms of the work place or professional work environments where it’s important to get things done and it’s not necessarily a place for sexual attraction that could create weird awkward situations.

But research study has shown that men who view women as sexual objects actually get laid more and are more motivated for meeting girls.

That men, when they view pictures of women with their clothes on, see those women as human beings or just other people but when they view women as scantily clad, they view those women as sexual objects to be acted on, to take action on.

So the point of this video is that if you want to have more sexual attraction, if we want to be more motivated, if we want girls instead of just friend to friend but as man to woman to us, we want to start viewing women as sexual objects.

Another way of saying this is to focus up our intent. So when you see an attractive woman and she’s dressed normally and she’s walking down the street, your intent is very unfocused in most cases.

There is some sexual attraction there that’s going to motivate you, where you are thinking with your dick so to speak,  but you also have other motivations. Maybe, I want that woman to like me or it would be cool to show my friends that I’m talking to this girl, or I want to be sociable.

Use Quality Quantifiers to Focus Your Intent

So our intent is very scattered. What we want to do, to view women as sexual objects  to feel more motivated and to have more man to woman interactions instead of merely friend to friend, is to focus up our intent to more of that pure sexual attraction.

So, to do that, we want to view women as more purely sexual objects to be acted upon. And something that Anthony Robbins uses is called Quality Quantifiers, where you’re going to take what you see there as a person, that woman, and you’re going to change things about her in your imagination.

What I’ll do for example, is I’ll see a girl and she’s a 7 out of 10 but I want to approach more girls, I want to feel more motivated because I see hot girls everywhere.

I will, for example, imagine her wearing a white wedding dress and she has very sexy lingerie underneath so that you have that Madonna-whore kind of a set up. So she’s not just dressed up in jeans and some flip flops. I’ll change some aspect about her; that is the Quality Quantifier.

Another thing that I will do to motivate me to feel horny for a girl, to feel  that she’s a sexual object, is for example to put her in hot pink stilettos,  hot pink little miniskirt that barely covers her butt and she’s dressed super hot.

Or I’ll imagine that I’m licking out her pussy. That’s actually what one of my friends does;  he imagines that he’s licking out that girl’s pussy really vigorously and getting her super hot and super wet. That’s a Quality Quantifier.

So you want to use these quality quantifiers to view these women as sexual objects to be acted upon, where you are focusing up your intent, instead of your intent being scattered everywhere, it’s focused on that man to woman sexual attraction, you feel a sexual attraction for the girl, even if she’s say, an average looking girl, like she’s a 6 out of 10 or a 7 out of 10.

Another thing sometimes I’ll do is I will just picture that the woman is the mother of my children, like we are going to have children together. You’re really tapping into that genetic drive of the male self and that can get you horny and attracted and increase your motivation.

So instead of only feeling motivated for 9s and 10s, which you don’t see necessarily very often and then you kind of lose your motivation because you don’t have much sexual stimulus, you’re getting more sexual stimulus throughout your day because you are using Quality Quantifiers to turn these normally average looking girls into real hotties.

So, that’s basically my tip, you definitely want to be using Quality Quanitfiers , to use your imagination to make these girls hotter and not only will you feel more motivated but the girls will feel it as well because when you start talking to them, they’re going to feel that sexual attraction that you have for them, they’re going to feel your  very  focused intent.

And when women feel that they’re desired, that they are wanted, they are going to feel, through the Law of State Transference, sexual desire for you as well.

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  1. I love this piece So what is it about a receding hairline on an older guy that turns you on so much? tactics there are to get laid, some work with some girls and will be bad with others….. that is why you just always have t

  2. Its funny how many different tactics there are to get laid, some work with some girls and will be bad with others….. that is why you just always have to keep trying

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