8 Unique Sunscreen Tools To Stop Getting Burned!


I want to share with you my eight top tips very unique ways that you probably not thought of, of keeping the sun off of your skin because it’s very easy to go outside, spend time at the beach, go on a walk, go the park, go to the park, go for a morning run.

You just get too much sun because you simply don’t have the right tools, the right equipment for keeping the sun off your skin. Of course, that leads yada, yada, yada to skin cancer and all that.

But seriously if you’re light-skinned and you’re not protecting your skin from the sun, you’re going to show wrinkles and also fine lines and sun freckles and sunspots much earlier than someone who has darker skin.

It’s very important to keep your skin protected, and here’s eight quick tips that I’ve discovered over the years through trial and error and spending a lot of time at the beach that I’ve found have really worked for me, and some of these are really brilliant.

Noir Medical 2% sunglasses

This is a pair of medical sunglasses. They’re wraparound, so they don’t let light in but more importantly, they only let 2 percent of the light in. They’re much more powerful than anything than you would ever buy at the store. You can get them at noirmedical.com. That’s right. I’m going to link it below.

Then what I love about this is that I can spend all day in the brightest setting at the beach, and I feel like I’m in my living room. These are amber colored 2 percent, so they make the colors pop. They look really beautiful. They make the beach look more beautiful than under normal sunlight, and yet it’s like I’m just in my living room.

It keeps my eyes cool. It keeps my eyes protected. I can be out all day. I’m not squinting. That’s another thing with normal sunglasses. They don’t do a good enough job to prevent you from squinting, so I tend to squint a lot. That’s going to cause fine lines around your eyes over time, so these are incredible.

You don’t want to wear these driving. They’re too dark. It’s too dangerous. You want to wear a pair of driving glasses for driving. But it you’re just outside at the beach, spending a lot of time outdoors, these are incredible. You have to get one of these and they’re not tat expensive. About $50, very affordable, $50 or $60.

Colombia Silver Ridge Lite Shirt

Okay, so my next tip is this shirt. It’s made by Columbia. It’s called the Men’s Silver Ridge Lite Shirt. There’s a woman’s version, too. This is made out of polyester. Now it’s a collar bottom down shirt. It looks like the one I’m wearing but this one is cotton. This is not comfortable. This is not comfortable if you’re going to spend all day outside, outdoors on a boat or at the beach and it’s hot and sweaty out.

You absolutely want to be wearing a polyester shirt. It’s very, very thin polyester shirt and it’s got these breathing pockets. It’s really incredible. You can spend hours and hours at the beach, feeling very comfortable and what’s best of all is it’s SPF 50. It’s designed to keep the sun off your skin. It’s long sleeved, so you get incredible sun protection.

I like to wear this at the beach. It looks like I’m wearing a dress shirt at the beach, which you would think is kind of strange. It would be kind of strange but it’s beautiful shirt. I get compliments on this shirt because it looks like – I don’t know. It’s just a strange thing. I would highly recommend buying one. They come in all sorts of colors. I’d recommend white. White is going to be the most reflective. It’s going to keep you the most cool.

Outdoor Research Sun Runner Hat

The next tip, very unique tip that you’ve probably never seen before is this hat. It’s made by Outdoor Research. It’s called the Sun Runner Hat. I’ll provide the link below. Okay, so normally, this just looks like a normal hat, right? It looks like a normal baseball cap, but it is so much more than a baseball cap because you can add this protector, which will protect your ears, your neck, the sides of your face. So if it’s sunny out, you just pop this. Boom! Now you are protected! Your face is very protected.

I’ve done a lot of traveling. For example, I was recently in Italy during the summer. A lot of very hot sunny days, and I didn’t want to look like a strange weirdo having my whole face protected, so this is perfect because if the sun is out, I put this on. If I’m in a shade or I go in a building and I want to look like a normal human being again, I just un-pop that, and it comes down, right? I look normal. If I’m back in the sun, just pop this back up, clip it on again. This is incredible for traveling especially since this can just fold off when you’re not using it and you put it in your pocket.

This is my favorite tool. I could not live without this. I use this all the time. Again, great for the beach.

Outdoor Research Sun Gloves

The next tip is that when you are driving you are often getting sun on your hands because you’re holding that steering wheel. This is also by Outdoor Research, these gloves, they are SPF50. They will protect your hands while you’re driving. They’re driving gloves. They have this little rubber here to give you a really good grip on the steering wheel, but I use it more than that.

Sometimes when I’m at the beach for a long period of time, I pop these babies on. You combine it with this shirt and this hat and you are 100 percent protected from the sun. You can be out all day and you will feel like you are in your living room.

Pick up a pair of this. I’ll provide the link below.

CVS Suntan Lotion

Now we will move on to our sun tan lotions. Not all sun tan lotions are the same. You can go to ewg.org/sunscreen. They will tell you about different suntan lotions. Different suntan lotions actually have nasty, nasty chemicals. You’re putting this stuff on your skin and your skin absorbs the chemicals over time.

There’s a particularly nasty chemical called oxybenzone. If you go to your drugstore or Wal-Mart or any store that you’re going to find sunscreens, you’re going to find that most of them like 90 percent of them contain oxybenzone.

This one is from CVS. If you’re in the United States, you’ll see CVS all over the place. It’s SPF15. This one does not have oxybenzone. I’m not sure if the SPF30 does or not but I know the SPF15 doesn’t. This is my go-to suntan lotion. It goes on really smooth. It’s really nice. Again go to ewg.org/sunscreen and you can find out more about it.

Sunology Zinc+Titanium Lotion

Now the ultimate in sunscreen technology is any sunscreen that is made out of zinc and titanium. These zinc and titanium sunscreens don’t have any nasty chemicals in them and they’re going to give you the maximum protection. The only downside of zinc and titanium is (1) they’re incredibly expensive, and (2) they don’t go on quite smoothly as the commercial brands. But the technology has come a long way. In the last 20 years, they’ve gone a lot smoother than they used to.

Now dealing with the price issue, if you want to get it cheaply and not spend a fortune to get zinc and titanium, I would recommend Sunology from Costco.com. If you want to join Costco, order this online on the Costco.com website. I think it’s free shipping, and it comes out to like $14 for three of these little bottles and each bottle has about 2 ounces, so you’re getting 6 ounces. That’s about as cheap of a place as you’re ever going to find it, but there is a cheaper place if you’re willing to buy in bulk.

Blue Lizard Lotion

Blue Lizard sells. It’s an Australian company. They sell zinc titanium sunscreen. You can buy it by the galloon on eBay, and it costs about $100, $120 per gallon and that’s the absolute cheapest way to buy it. I bought a gallon before. It’s an incredible sunscreen. I highly recommend it.

If you’re out at the beach a lot, spending a lot of time outdoors and you want to have a lot of zinc titanium, you can try it for yourself. Buy the Costco version or if you just need a ton of it, buy it on eBay. Buy Blue Lizard zinc titanium sunscreen by the gallon on eBay.

SunBuddy Back Applicator

Now the final, final tip is this little contraption. I love this. This is called the SunBuddy Back Applicator. So I was a little bit skeptical at first. I though the head was pretty small. Is this really going to work to apply suntan lotion to my back?

But I’ve been using this for a while now. It works really well. It’s great for applying. What I like about it, too, is it folds up pretty small. It’s made out of plastic. It’s very light, so it’s good for traveling and I do a lot of traveling. It fits really easily into a bag. You can take it into an airplane.

You can use this when you’re on the beach by yourself and no one is there to apply that sunscreen to your back. You don’t have to become a contortionist to make it work. You can just use this. I’ve also used this to apply sunless tanner lotion. You can use it as a multipurpose tool for applying anything to your back that you can think of. It’s pretty awesome.

Those are my eight tips for enjoying the sun without getting burned, without damaging your skin over time because a lot of times, you’re not going to get burned, you’re not going to notice any noticeable damage but it just builds up over time.

A little bit of sun does imperceptible damage that builds up over the years, so you want to take precautions. If you have the right tools, if you have the right equipment, like the stuff I’ve just showed you, you can really minimize the damage of the sun.

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