Approaching New Girls – How Often Is Best?

Albert asked me, “Hey, Jesse! How often should I go out to approach girls?”

Well, here’s the key. You’re going to need to approach a lot of women.

You’re going to need to approach a lot of women because most girls are going to be kind of average.

If you really want that diamond in the rough, it’s going to be a little bit like searching for a needle in a haystack. You’re going to have to put the time and effort into it and not leave it up to fate or destiny.

I mean it simply blows my mind how guys might approach one girl a month or every couple of weeks and they think that they’re going to land their dream girl eventually. That’s not just enough time being put into it.

Imagine if you were looking for your dream job that way where you just basically sat on your butt most of the time and you just left it up to fate or destiny or maybe you send out your resume to one company once a month. That’s simply not enough volume to get what you’re after. Someone who’s going to on top of it more is going to be the one that gets that dream job or is going to be the one that meets that dream girl.

Okay, so how often should you go out to meet girls?

Well if you’re going out once a week, that’s simply not enough time to build momentum and it’s really key to build momentum.

Let’s take an analogy of going to the gym. Let’s say on Monday, you work out your chest and your triceps, and then you wait a whole week before you go to the gym again and then you do your legs, and then you wait a whole another week to go to the gym and then you do your back and your biceps. Then you wait another week to do your chest again.

Well, now a whole month has passed. You probably didn’t write down what you did on that first day with your chest. You probably forgot how much weight you’ve lifted, how many steps you did, and you’re basically starting right back at 0. You’re not going out to the gym enough to build up momentum.

With approaching girls, it’s really key. You want to be building momentum as well.

So what I recommend for how often you should be out approaching girls is you pick two nights or two days a week where those are your big nights or your big days where you spend three hours, maybe four approaching a lot of women.

Then on the other days, the other five days a week, you might spend 20 minutes going out, meet a girl or two, say hello to a couple of people. They could be really simple approaches but it’s just to keep you in that mindset of meeting people to keep that momentum going.

It’s All About Momentum

It’s really important to keep that momentum going so that when you get back to your big nights, you hit the ground running and it’s easy because if you only go out two days a week, and you’re off the other five, let’s say you’re going out Friday and Saturday nights.

When a Friday night comes around, you’re really cold. You’re not fresh. You need to spend a lot of time just kind of getting into the grove of things, so you’re going to waste a lot of that Friday night, so spend those five days building momentum.

Then, who knows? Just through serendipity, maybe on a Wednesday or a Thursday from those warm-up approaches just to stay fresh, you actually meet some cute girl, you get her number, and something happens there.

So that’s what I recommend: three or four hours on your big days, two days a week, and then to stay fresh on the other days 20 to 30 minutes.

Then if you don’t go out that often, it’s just going to take a lot longer. You’re going to have a lot more problems because you lose momentum.

That is my recommendation for how often you should go out, how often you should approach girls. You will see results if you follow that formula.

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