Have An Awe For The Game = Better Girls


I want to talk about how pickup really over-delivers.

I’m almost shocked at how many guys just won’t even give a crack at it because compared to almost anything else you can do in self-help, whether it is working in your sense of style, or doing Internet dating, or getting your nutrition down, or going to the gym, nothing delivers compared to pickup, at least what you put into it compared to what you get out of it.

There’s nothing else where you can meet a girl in the afternoon, start talking, chat her up, and then by the evening have her as potential new girlfriend. Nothing delivers quick results like that.

Now I remember back in the late 90s, I attended a seminar on learning how to get a quick connection with people, a seminar on rapport. This wasn’t a pickup seminar, but it was overlapped in a sense in that was some of the same topics. Now back then the technology was terrible.

Looking back on it, some of the things we learned were just silly, useless, and it was very expensive. It was $500 to attend the seminar. You had to pay for hotel, for a plane, but even despite all that, I learned just enough to kind of whet my appetite, to see “Okay, this is edgy. This is new. This is different. This is riding on the edge of chaos of what is acceptable in society.”

So that really piqued my interest because back then I wanted to be a video game programmer. I wanted to learn how to do 3D graphics, and all this stuff, and I would spend my days programming but this really caught my interest and now over 15 years later, I’m still teaching it because I just find it so interesting, so fascinating. There are so many new things you can learn. You’re learning all the time.

It’s really interesting, and again nothing will give you the same kind of benefits whether you want to just learn a quick trick to get Suzie at work, or whether you want to immerse yourself to make a complete transformation from head to toe and make this a complete lifestyle change for yourself.

In my own case, I might hit the beach one early morning, feel the cool breeze on my skin, take off my shirt, listen to the ocean waves, meet up with a couple of buddies. We start chatting up some girls. We hang out with those girls through the day. We talk to some other girls. We’re having an epic blast. It’s a lot of fun.

Whereas before, I’d be too inside my head. I’d be too scared to even entertain the idea of going to the beach or let alone taking off my shirt, let alone talking to some girls, let alone even talking to girls in my social circle without being completely awkward.

So just for myself, it’s a complete transformation from how I was over 15 years ago to today and you’re almost constantly thinking to yourself nowadays, I can’t believe I learned how to do all this off the Internet. It’s really amazing.

It’s really almost just about having self-respect for yourself, enough self-respect for yourself to go up and talk to some girls, get into a nice conversation, getting to a nice, calm, easy vibe with the girls and start having fun.

Don’t Take Pickup Advice For Granted

I think today guys almost take it for granted, all the content at their fingertips.

There’s so many YouTube videos out there.

There’s almost this deluge of information, just video after video after video, all this content, all this information for free at your fingertips.

If you want to go even deeper, you pay for a course and you just get inundated with this 20-hour course, which is completely awesome. But guys, the newer guys coming into this completely take it for granted.

Back in the last ‘90s, just to learn one little tip of information, I’d have to take a $500 seminar, fly out somewhere, get a hotel, meet up with some guy; 99 percent of it was crap. I tried to pick up one or two things that seemed really good, that seemed effective, I’d be so excited about that. For example, like embedding secret commands in a conversation that I’d go out and try it. I would take it really, really seriously.

Everything I learned, I will get excited about. I’d almost have awe and wonder for. I’ve have awe and wonder for the other guys that I meet and their stories and it was just super exciting. I mean that’s one reason why I stayed in this for over 15 years because it excited me so much.

But guys nowadays is like they’ve lost that sense of wonder, they’ve lost that sense of awe partly because there is so much information out there, they’re taking it for granted when they really shouldn’t be taking it for granted, when they should be taking this as like, “This is amazing. I’ve got to go out and try this stuff in the field. It’s not enough to just watch it. I want to try it. I want to make this work. This is a super exciting time to be living in. I have so many options at my fingertips.” That’s the kind of attitude you want to have that’s going to motivate yourself, and that’s going to bring you success with women.

I hope you enjoyed this little peep talk, guys!

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