Champ Posture: The Fast Fix To Getting Laid!

I want to share a quick tip with you to help improve your looks to better attract girls.

Now, looks you want to do what you can to make corrections, to fix them and it is an easy thing. Of course when you go out into the field, you don’t want to use looks as an excuse not to take action to just twiddle your thumbs and do nothing, which unfortunately a lot of guys do.

But you do want to change your looks, improve your looks in small ways, in easy ways if you can do it. I mean why create more problems for yourself than you have to? So if it’s an easy fix, you should do it.

This fix is the posture fix.

Posture Is More Important Thank You Think

Now guys tend to underestimate the importance of good posture when it comes to attracting girls. In fact, posture is incredibly important on a very subtle level. On a purely visual level of course, it’s going to add an inch or two to your height because most guys are stooped down very subtlety. It’s about an inch or 2 inches. You don’t even normally notice it. You might not even feel it, but it’s there, but if you crack that stoop, you’re putting an extra inch or two onto your height. You’re going to add a hat, maybe some boots, or some heels, you can add 3 or 4 inches to your height.

If you can be an inch or two taller, then hell why not? It’s not going to hurt. I mean girls like tall guys. If you can get that extra inch or two advantage, why not take it?

The Royal Prince Factor

But an even deeper level of why posture is so important on a very subtle level is what I call the royalty factor or the princely factor where having nice straight tall posture is what makes you look upper class. It makes you look like you come from the leisure class, from the upper echelons of society.

Now back in the Middle Ages through the Reformation through the Enlightenment, it was actually having very light skin because if you had tanned skin that means that you probably worked outside. You were a farmer. You tended the fields, but if you had pale, almost sickly white skin, that meant you were from the upper class, so you didn’t have to work in the fields.

What you found was women always wearing umbrellas around or parasols so the sun would never touch them. Even the men followed this practice of having really sickly white skin, which is not really an indicator anymore of being in the upper class, so it’s no longer as attractive. But today, having perfect princely kingly posture is the modern version of that that tells women that you are from the leisure class.

Because think about it, if you are an office worker, you’re sitting in a chair all day, what happens to your posture? You start to stoop over. You start to bend over or if you are working in a demanding physical job or even just standing there, say Taco Bell or a restaurant, your posture will tend to stoop.

So workers are going to have a stooped posture especially since after you come home from a hard day at work, what do you want to do? Sit in front of the television, sit in front of your computer, check out the Internet, which will also further stoop your posture.

If you have princely, kingly posture, champ posture, it means that you’re probably not a worker. At least it’s rare enough that it’s going to really stand out.

I mean think about it: how many women do you see with incredible amazing posture? I mean not many, maybe 1 in 100. What that will subconsciously tell your brain is that woman is special. That woman probably is not working a regular job. She might hit the gym. Maybe she comes from the leisure class where she doesn’t have to work, which is kind of an attractive trait for us, guys, to see that in a woman.

But generally with women, we’re looking at their face, their boobs. But with women looking at men, they want to see that you have resources that you are not just the average Joe, that you stand out in other ways, so it goes beyond pure looks.

I mean having nice posture is part of looks, but it also tells a woman that you come from that upper class, from the leisure class.

Champ Posture Makes You Feel Like a Champ

Another reason why champ posture is so important in terms of attracting women is this principle that your emotions will follow your physical motions. So whatever physical motion you do, your emotions will quickly follow.

If you slump your shoulders down and pull in your arms, pretty soon after a couple of minutes, you’re going to start feeling deflated, you’re going to start feeling down. You’re going to maybe even feel a little bit depressed. You’re not going to feel like yourself.

But when you stand up tall, pull your shoulders back, you pop out your chest, you straighten out your stomach, you’re going to actually feel better because your emotions, your state will follow how you are physically holding yourself.

By having champ posture, you will actually feel better. It will boost your state. When you feel better and you boost your state, you’re going to feel more like standing up tall and straight and good. It becomes as a vicious cycle that helps really reinforce itself.

Examples In The Movies

If we want to look to examples, say in the movies, think about James Bond, who is currently played by Daniel Craig. What if Daniel Craig had poor posture in the James Bond movies? Well, he wouldn’t be believable as James Bond. He wouldn’t have looked like an alpha badass. Even if he was bulky and muscular, it still just wouldn’t ring true if he was slumped over, if he didn’t have that superman posture.

Likewise, I think one of the reasons that the fourth Indiana Jones movie didn’t work so well, the Crystal Skull which got poor reviews, was because if you look closely, Harrison Ford has very poor posture in the movie. He’s kind of slumped over. You can see that stoop in his neck, which is what makes him look like kind of a grandfather or grandpa figure, not so much his face or his build or his energy levels, but it’s really his posture that makes him look very old.

In The Force Awakens where he plays Han Solo again, they kind of corrected that posture issue. You don’t see it nearly as poorly and he feels more like Han Solo. He feels more energetic. I think it really comes down to the posture.

Likewise another example, Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise is a very, very short guy, which you can’t really tell when you see him in movies or in television but the reason that he looks like a badass is because he works out but also his tall, straight posture. He has the posture of a king. He has a very good posture that give him strength and alpha dominance. You don’t really notice as much that he’s actually a very short guy.

How To Get Champ Posture

So, if you’ve been watching this far, you’re probably asking me, “Okay, Jesse, how do I develop champ posture in a quick and easy manner?”

Well, I posted some exercises before on my website, but I think one thing that gets overlooked is how important the gym just psychologically. When you go to the gym, you are surrounded by a lot of mirrors and you are seeing yourself and you become more in tuned with your body. You’re physically moving your body in new ways. You’re pushing your body beyond its comfort zone, and you are seeing yourself, you are looking at yourself.

One day, you’re going to realize, looking at those mirrors, “Damn! My posture could be better.” You’re going to be more mindful of how you are standing. Going to the gym everyday or three or four times a week is going to incentivize you to be mindful of your posture and help correct your posture just on a psychological level.

I can give you exercises that fix your posture. In fact, I’ve got a bunch of exercises on my website, but for you to stick with it and stay with it, going to the gym and getting in-tuned with your body is really important.

Beyond that, just doing pectoral exercises, shoulder exercises, back exercises, abdominal exercises, that’s not going to fix your posture automatically but it builds a base like some clay to work with.

If you don’t have much muscle mass, it’s harder to fix your posture. But doing these exercises will naturally correct your posture a little bit and then it’s going to be easier doing specific exercises specifically for your posture if you have some muscle mass to work with.

The gym is incredibly important and beyond that, you can do some exercises like I’ve got one exercise where I hold my hand up above my head and I just kind of squeeze my shoulders together and that fixes your posture, helps correct it immediately.

If you’re going to the gym many times a week and you do these exercises, it’s going to really help you out.

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