12 Cheap Beach Items You Must Have For A Fun Day


Go unprepared to the beach and you can get sand in your eyes, inside your phone, up your butt… and places it shouldn’t go! But go with the right beach tools, and your day under the sun can be FAR more enjoyable. Here’s a dozen beach gear items I’ve discovered over the years and I’m sharing them with you.

I want to give you my 12 essential tools that I like to use at the beach. These are tools that I’ve just discovered over the years from going to the beach a lot because if you’re not prepared and you go to the beach, you can end up with sand inside your phone, you can end up with sand inside your butt. You can end up with sand in places that really it shouldn’t be. It can be uncomfortable. Going prepared, you’re just going to have a better experience at the beach.

Now last video I shot was about various ways to keep the sun off of our skin, you know unique clever ways that maybe you haven’t thought of, so go check out that video. But today, we are focused on tools to make your experience, more convenient.

NOIR 2% Amber Sunglasses

First of all, obviously you’re going to want to bring sunglasses. I like to use mirrored reflective just because they’re attractive. I usually use blue, but blue or red for men is pretty good. But more importantly, I have this paid of NoIR Medical glasses.

What’s amazing about these glasses is that they only let 2 percent of the light in. Even though you could be outside on a super bright sunny day, it’s still like being in your living room, and it’s so much easier on your eyes, so comfortable. You can be outside all day, you won’t get uncomfortable. You hardly notice it. You won’t sustain any eye damage. These things are incredible, so I like to swap between the two, these for long periods of time. These are mirrored reflective, so I just want to look more fashionable.

Bluetooth Music Player

Okay, so next stop we’ve got a Bluetooth music player. You know the music sound on your phone is probably not that good. It’s not going to carry that far especially when you are at the beach and there might be wind and waves. There’s a lot of background noise, so you might want to bring one of this.

I have a small one for portability, so I can take it on an airplane. I can attach this to my belt so I can walk around the beach and still hear music, but you can buy a larger one as well. You want to buy one that’s waterproof and sand-proof. This one is both water and sand-proof. Links below to all of these items. I highly recommend this, so you’re just going to have more fun at the beach.

Microfiber Beach Towel

Next stop is a beach towel. However, this is not your typical beach towel. This one is made out of a microfiber. This is a microfiber beach towel.

What the advantage is that they dry very quickly but they’re also very light and they roll up into a very dense little ball, so it’s great for traveling. You can fit this on an airplane. It weighs almost nothing.

It takes up almost no space versus those big thick heavy cotton ones, which are not just as convenient. I highly recommend getting a microfiber beach towel.

Gecko Active Beach Blanket

Next stop is the Gecko Active beach blanket. Again, this is awesome because it’s light, it’s small, you can take this on an airplane. You can take it on your carry-on even, and then when you take it out, it turns into this massively gigantic beach blanket, which is perfect for keeping the sun off you. You can lay three or four beach towels onto this and you will be far less likely to get sand on yourself, get sand in places it’s not supposed to be.

No Show Beige Socks

Next tool that I like to use if it’s a really hot day, you might be burning your feet a lot. I don’t know if you’ve ever gotten that very hot, uncomfortable burn on your feet, so I like to use this beige no-show socks.

If you’re wearing regular socks, your regular white or black socks, you look pretty nerdy. You look kind of funny, but these just cover the bottom of your feet. They’re beige, so they’re not going to stand out against your skin.

People won’t even notice that you’re wearing them and yet they’re going to protect the soles of your feet from scratches, sharp objects, and also hot sand. These things I only pull them out if it’s a really hot day at the beach, but they are a lifesaver, so you want a pair of no-show beige socks.

Robert Graham Bathing Suit

Next item up is the bathing suit. Now for men, usually men wear very boring bathing suits. I like this because this is a little bit about of attention grabber, nice bright colors. The brand is Robert Graham. That’s my favorite brand for bathing suits.

However, Robert Graham bathing suits are very expensive like $220 for a pair, very ridiculous. But you can get them on eBay, $60, $80, $100, but just get something fashionable. Get something that makes a statement. You don’t always have to go boring.

GUTR Headband

Next stop we have the GUTR Headband. This is to keep the sweat from running into your eyes because if you tend to sweat a lot on the forehead and you got suntan lotion there, your sweat beads act as a conveyor belt and they bring that suntan lotion into your eyes. Your eyes get really irritated. You start watering. You have sand in your hands, so you rub your eyes. Now you got sand in your eyes. It’s a really terrible experience, very uncomfortable.

You put this on and it catches – it’s almost like a rain gutter. It catches the sweat into a little gutter here and it falls down the side. Actually GUTR I guess that stands for gutter, so it’s a gutter band for your forehead. This can make your life way more comfortable. It’s very small, extremely light. If you tend to sweat, you absolutely have to get one of this.

Watertight Pouches

Next stop to protect your equipment, you want to get a couple of these watertight pouches. Now this one is sized for a smartphone. What it allows is that your smartphone is protected from water, protected from sand and dirt and yet you can still operate your phone through the plastic. You could still take pictures.

You can even still take phone calls. You can still do things on your phone, but it will protect your phone. You don’t have to worry about your expensive electronics.

Then I have one here, this is for keys, so a lot of people have electronic keys and you don’t want to get sand on your keys or get them wet. You can even attach this to your belt or bathing suit and jump into the ocean with it, so very, very convenient, absolute must if you go to the beach a lot.

Buddy Pouch

Next stop for your phone. You know you’re not always going to have pockets in every bathing suit or you don’t want to fill up your pockets with too much stuff, so here you can buy a holster case for your phone, so this will just attach to the side, protect your phone.

I like this one even better. This is called the Buddy Pouch and it uses magnets. You can just slip your phone into here and what I like about this is you can just keep your phone in its regular case without having to swap cases. Then just attach this to your belt.

You can put all sorts of things in here – a small water bottle, keys, whatever it is. It gives you an extra pocket especially if your bathing suit doesn’t have pockets. Fantastic little invention.

Crocs Unisex Flip Slops

Next stop, flip-flops, so that’s pretty obvious. However, I like to use these Crocs unisex flip-flops. The reason I like this is because they’re contoured, so they’re more comfortable than those really cheap flat ones, but they’re also extremely light. Again, if you’re doing a lot of traveling and you don’t want to kill yourself dragging a lot of weight around, these Crocs are great, high quality and light, which is hard to find in flip-flops.

Blender Bottle

Next stop is the Blender Bottle. What I like about the Blender Bottle is that it’s high-quality, doesn’t leak. You can have this packed with water, be bouncing around all over the place, and it will not leak any water. It also has a nice little hook here, so you can attach it to your belt. You can attach to the outside of your bag.

If you’re traveling and you have luggage and you are running out of space, you can just hook this on to the handle of your luggage bag and it’s not taking up any space, so this is awesome. This one is 20 ounces. They sell larger ones. If you’re going to beach for a long while, you need at least two of these and it’s just absolutely essential if you want to have a comfortable time at the beach.


That pretty much – actually, one more item here. We have here a cooler. A lot of people, when they go to the beach, they bring these big heavy plastic coolers to put their food and their drinks in, which is not practical particularly if you’re traveling and you need to be very portable. I just got this one at Costco for $10. You can get them on Amazon, too.

It’s a cooler. You can put your drinks in here. You can put your lunch in here. It has these pockets that you can slip in these ice pouches, very heavy thick ice pouches that keep everything cold for 4, 5, or 6 hours. If you’re not using this for food, you can even just put all of your equipment in here and use it as a travel bag. This thing is fantastic particularly if you have to be portable and do some traveling, highly recommended.

So, those are 12 essential beach tools that I like to use going to the beach, geared for men who like to travel or women who like to travel and need to be portable. But even if you’re not doing much traveling, a lot of these are just essential tools for having some fun, keeping the sand out of places that it shouldn’t be like up your butt, in your eyes, inside your phone.

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