Hot Girls – How To Feel Entitled To Date Them

Have you ever seen a beautiful girl walk by that is so amazing, so incredible that you couldn’t think what to say and you felt intimidated going up and speaking to her or your mind just went blank?

You see if you feel entitled to a girl, if you feel worthy of a girl, it’s just going to be very relaxed, very chilled like it’s no big deal.

You should be able to pull her over, have great eye contact, have great body language, great vocal tonality and just assume that the girl is going to love the interaction, assume that you are bringing value to the table and you are going to make that girl stay by speaking to her.

But if you don’t feel entitled to that girl, for example there’s a certain level where the girl just becomes so beautiful that she just puts you inside your head.

You start to feel intimidated.

You start to feel afraid of taking up that girl’s time and space, then you’re going inside your head, trying to be two steps ahead of what you’re supposed to say or your mind is just drawing a blank.

How to Gauge Your Entitlement To Girls

The way you can tell if you feel entitled to a particular girl, there’s actually two ways to gauge this.

(1) The first way is you feel like you are taking up her time and space.

If you feel like you’re taking up this girl’s time and space, it means that you probably don’t feel entitled to have that girl.

You feel like you are putting an imposition on this girl and you really don’t have any value to bring to her.

(2) The second way you can tell if you feel entitled to a girl is in the conversation, is it casual and cool and you can just be in a relaxed manner and make friends with the girl, or do you feel like you don’t want to say and you have to impress her by saying the right things or you need permission or you are kind of guarding.

You’re filtering everything that it coming out of your mouth. That’s the second say you can determine if you feel entitled to a particular girl.

What Kind Of Girl You Can Get

So here’s how you can gauge your exact level of entitlement with women.

So pick a number from 1 to 10, 10 being the most amazing beautiful girl ever and 1 being the ugliest woman ever.

What number would a girl have to be so that you can feel comfortable talking to her, where you’re not going inside your head trying to impress her, where you wouldn’t feel like taking up her time and space?

For example, let’s say you are at a party and there’s this old woman in the corner. She’s like the lady with the ten cats and she doesn’t fit in well to the party and she’s kind of crying off in the corner.

Your friend comes up to you sand says, “Hey, man! Just go talk to her. Make her feel more comfortable. She’s really out of place. Just introduce yourself. Make friends with her, so she doesn’t go home and commit suicide.”

All right so you go up and talk to the old lady and you just ask her what are you doing, you just ask her casual questions, introduce yourself.

You’re not inside your head, racing to think of what to say to try to impress this woman, so maybe she would be a 3 out of 10. You feel entitled to talk to women that are 3 out of 10, and you can probably get that kind of girl. You could get a girl that is 3 out 10.

Now if the girl is a 6 out of 10, could you do that same thing? Could you go up and talk to her, completely chilled, completely calm, completely entitled, assuming that you are bringing value to that interaction.

Could you do that on a woman that is an 8, or a 9, or even a 10? Whatever that number is that’s probably the level of girl that you can get in life.

If you feel completely cool and relaxed about having conversations with girls that are 8 out of 10, it’s no big deal, you can probably get an 8 as a girlfriend.

Your Confidence Is Fluid

Now the cool thing about entitlement, our sense of entitlement is that it is fluid.

If you are sitting at home and you are eating nachos and doing a 24-hour Netflix binge where you’re just watching television and the next morning, you come out of your room, it’s like, “Oh, my gosh! The sun…ahh!”

You feel like a slug, your level of entitlement is going to go down, or if you have really bad habits, you’re not working out, you’re not eating right, you don’t feel good about your body, you’re lacking energy because you’re putting crap into your body, your level of entitlement will also go down.

But you know if you have a good solid foundation of positive habits that feed your body like hitting the gym, eating nutritious food, that could cause your entitlement to go up, and especially if you are out there taking a lot of action, if you are going up and talking to girls.

Particularly if you are building a lot of momentum, every single day, talking to girls or even the course of a night, you talk to maybe 10 different women, some girls it’s just neutral but some girls, you have incredible sexual chemistry with and you build social momentum. You build your state through the night, then that will cause your sense of entitlement to go up.

So at the beginning of the night, you might have the entitlement to talk to a 7 in a normal manner, but maybe at the end of the night, you could build that sense of entitlement if you’re talking to an 8, 9, or even a 10 by the end of the night.

Your sense of entitlement is fluid and also based on your set of habits.

How To Build Confidence

Here’s what you want to do. You want to build good habits that are going to feed and nourish your sense of entitlement and worthiness to girls like eating good foods, hitting the gym, getting enough sleep, excelling at whatever you really enjoy like your hobbies or sports, and you also want to be taking action.

You want to set aside time every single day at least for 20 minutes to go talk to girls, to build that action-taking muscle, to build up some social momentum that will feed your sense of entitlement and also continually just push your comfort zone, push yourself a little bit more in terms of like what kinds of girls are going to open.

If you are intimated talking to 7’s, approach more 7’s, then start approaching more 8’s, and start approaching more 9’s to slowly push your comfort zone, get that field experience, and that will also increase your sense of entitlement.

Then you know once you feel like you can naturally talk to an 8, you can probably going to get 8’s.

If you can easily and naturally talk to 9’s, that’s the level of girl you can probably get and eventually you’re going to be able to talk to the hottest girls and have them as your girlfriend and lovers.

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