Get Any Girl With The Evolutionary Pressure Method!

I want to explain maybe one of the reasons you’re not getting the kinds of women that you really deserve to have and this could be a bitter truth that is you know hard to face, but it has to be said.

Ten thousand years ago, we lived in tribal societies, groups of 30 people or maybe 100 people and the evolutionary pressure on us men was incredibly intense. You know if you didn’t contribute that much to the tribe, they could start goofing on you or kick you out. You could be cast out if you were not a big contributor or even if you got like a small cut from going hunting, you could be killed. You could get an infection and die.

Genetic analysis shows that 40 percent of men, nearly half of men, never have children in these small little groups of people, so there is incredible enormous evolutionary pressure with each generation weeding out about half the men. A hundred percent of the babies go to half the guys.

Modern Society Lacks Evolutionary Pressure

Now in today’s society, you jump forward to today it’s almost nothing like that. You can be the biggest pussy, weak-willed man on the planet and society will still put you through on track of getting a job, living a normal life, having enough food to eat.

Your life might not be that great, but you’re going to be comfortable and society has a method of mashing up almost every man with a woman. She might a 5/10 in looks or a 6/10 in looks, just a very average-looking woman, but you’re going to get sex unlike in tribal societies, you’re going to be mashed up with a girl. You’re not going to be weeded out of genetic existence.

You know for the most part, we’re perfectly happy with that. It’s a misunderstanding that we need to have like the hottest girl or have some incredible level of success.

Our Genes Don’t Care About Excellence

Usually our genes, they just want to reproduce. They just want to get to the next generation. They’re not really concerned about excelling. They just don’t want to be snuffed out.

Most of our actions are geared towards us being mediocre, not really trying to push ourselves, not trying to push our comfort zone. We kind of think, “Yeah, we want a harem of girls, or we want a perfect 10.” But in reality, we’re perfectly willing to settle for the 5/10, just to get our genes passed on to the next generation, and our actions speak for themselves.

We spend a lot of time just passively watching television. We spend a lot of time passively playing games or being on social media. We’re eating crappy foods that are not good for our bodies that make us look ugly, or we’re just being sedentary. We’re not working out. We’re not practicing game. We’re not practicing our social skills. We don’t really care about excelling and pushing our comfort zone. What’s more important to us is just kind having this low level of comfort even if the results are mediocre.

Bad Habits Catch Up With You

Now the problem with that is after 10 years of bad habits, after 20 years, 30 years of bad habits, when you hit your 40s or 50s, you start looking like shit. You start feeling like shit. You’ve got a lot of extra belly fat on yourself. You’ve got a fat face. You’re not feeling very good. You start having all sorts of health problems.

Things that you could get away with in your 20s and 30s, you can’t really get away with in your 40s and 50s and then you haven’t really accomplished much in life. You’re not where you’re expecting to be. You don’t really have the kinds of women you want. You wake up one day and you have that mid life crisis like, “Oh, my gosh! What have I been fucking doing?”

That’s why it’s so important to put the evolutionary pressure on yourself.

In today’s society, we don’t have evolutionary pressure put on us by the environment. We’re not going to be snuffed out by getting an infection or just not being able to meet a woman at all.

In today’s society, we’re tracked into having a job, having some food, having a woman there maybe, but you need to put the evolutionary pressure on yourself because the environment is not going to do it.

So every day, you have to push your comfort zone a little bit by going to the gym for example and tracking what you’re lifting and pushing it a little bit each time.

Or for me, it’s creating these videos for you guys. I always want to create better videos, practice on my speaking.

And also pushing your social life, pushing it with girls a little bit each time. You don’t want to create such a crazy situation that is completely uncomfortable and you can’t do it, but you can’t be just sitting in your comfort zone.

You’ve got to push yourself a little bit each time, give yourself little missions. Give yourself stuff to work on so that you build that social muscle over the years, so you can develop into this really awesome cool guy that girls want to be around.

In that way, when you put the evolutionary pressure on yourself within a year, within 2 years, within 3 years, you’re going to be ahead of 99 percent of other men and that’s how you’re going to win women.

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