Girls Fall In Love With You When You Imagine Doing This…

I’m going to share a special technique with you that will give your conversations with girls more sexual punch. I don’t know if you’ve ever had a conversation with a girl that was just like dry. There was no spark or attraction and this technique is really going to help you.

Back in high school, what I would do, which was terrible was I would crush really hard on a particular girl. I think about a girl all the time. I just dream about her. I dream about our future together. It was like a complete fantasy, but I had very strong intent for this one particular girl and it’s crushing on a different girl. But that’s pretty bad.

I mean later on, I got into pickup and I started doing cold approaches on girls, but the problem there is I would set for myself like a 30-day challenge, and I’d approach say five girls during the day every single day, and I was approaching so many girls that it just got kind of robotic. I would say a line to a girl like, “Hey, I just noticed you over there and you’re really beautiful.” But I wasn’t feeling it. I wasn’t actually feeling like attraction for that girl on a deep level.

Alienation Between Yourself And The Girl

There was kind of certain alienation between the girl and myself where I was kind of putting on a show. I was putting on an act of just saying the lines but not emotionally feeling it for that girl. I lacked intent for that specific girl because I was just churning through girls like a factory.

That one girl was just a means to an end. I wasn’t connecting with her as a human being to her, and I think that’s a trait that a lot of computer guys and engineers tend to have is that we kind of treat people that we don’t know as just a means to an end like a cog in a machine to help us achieve our goals.

The girl is going to feel like something is slightly off because what you’re saying doesn’t really match what you’re feeling. You’re kind of giving off this cold aloof feeling even though your words are saying, “Hey, I’m attracted to you.”

It kind of creates this weird confusion in the girl’s mind, so what you want to be doing even if you’re approaching a lot of girls is fall in love with that girl that you do the approach on for that moment.

Imagine She’s Special In Some Way

Pick something about her. It could be her eyes, or her hair, or her style, and fall in love with her for that one thing or picture her as your future wife.

Picture her in a wedding dress and fall in love with her like really fall in love with her just like back in high school when you didn’t know any better and you were crushing on some girl and really fantasizing about her.

You want to bring that back in, or picture her as the mother of your children like you have children together, or picture making out with her, kissing her like do something in your imagination that really makes you connect with that one girl.

So even if you are approaching 10 girls that day, the one girl that you’re talking to right now, she’s the entire world. She’s your entire universe, your entire galaxy.

She’ll Feel Your Sexual Intent

What’s going to happen is that it’s going to take the interactions from being more friend to friend and more aloof to man-to-woman, and she’s going to really feel that sexual attraction that you have for her.

Because of the law of the state transference, whatever you feel, the girl is going to feel if she feels that from you. If she sees your eyes dilate, if she senses that your voice is actually a little bit nervous, which can be a good thing, I mean you want to be confident but almost like “Whoa! I’m nervous to talk to this girl,” a little bit of that, a little pinch of that can come across as very authentic and genuine.

The girl will appreciate it and she’s going to feel that back through state transference. She’s going to get those butterflies that you’re feeling for her, she’ll more likely feel for you.

Every single girl that you approach, you want to treat her as the only girl you have ever approached like the only girl in the entire world, and that’s going to make your interactions a lot stronger. It’s going to add a lot more emotional impact to your conversations and the girl will really feel it in her gut.

So, Why Does It Feel So HARD To Do?

Now doing that is easier said than done. Why is that? It’s because if you’re a little bit aloof, if you’re a little bit distant and cold and you’re approaching a bunch of girls, if a girl isn’t feeling it from you, it’s okay. It doesn’t feel like a rejection because you think to yourself, “Well, I was just saying the lines and it didn’t go like I thought, so no big deal.”

But if you fall in love with that girl like you picture her being your future wife in a wedding dress, and she’s not just feeling it from you like she has a boyfriend or a husband or she has to go, it’s more of an emotional impact on you if it doesn’t go your way like if you’re picturing her as being in love with her.

You’re kind of opening yourself up to harsher rejections so to speak, so it’s important at the same time that you’re doing this that it’s a very temporary thing and you’re going to remain un-reactive like not every girl you talk to is going to fall in love with you. This is just a technique to make the conversations feel more authentic and more genuine where the girl can respond back like human being and she’s not just one piece on the assembly line to the factory to achieve a higher goal or something. But the goal is that one girl.

It’s important not to take it too seriously and not to be too emotionally invested where every time it’s like a really harsh rejection or something like that. If you can tone that back, then making yourself more emotionally vulnerable in that way is not going to be so difficult and you can pull it off relatively easy.

It’s Funny How Things Come Back Around…

I highly suggest you do this. Again it’s kind of an interesting cycle that comes back because back in high school when you were younger, you will be crushing on some girl really hard, and you’re just going overboard with the oneitis on some girl and you had really strong intent for that girl.

Then you’re like okay I shouldn’t do that. I realize that’s not good, so now I’m going to approach a bunch of girls and I’m going to be icy. I’m going to be emotionally aloof. I’m just going to go through the motions and make this like a factory. I’m going to approach like 100 girls, then you lose that. You lose that sexual intent for every single girl.

Then it comes around full circle. You may need to have a little mix of both of those where yeah you’re going to approach a bunch of girls to get experience and experience is king. But you need to infuse a little bit of that crush, a little bit more of that sexual intent, a little bit more of that genuinely falling in love for the girl. So it’s a little bit of a mix of both and you come to this perfect, happy media, which is the highest level you can achieve in that sense.

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    1. Yes, but how do you get the girl to your Corvette in the first place? If you spot a girl at the mall, in the park, or on the street, how does that work?

      And if you don’t have a Corvette, spending your time learning game will give you a lot more payoff than working 80 hour weeks to have the cash to buy a new car.

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