Cute Girls Sleep With Opportunists, Not Perfectionists

I’m going to share a mindset shift that you can make that will literally take you from having a scarcity with women, you know not getting the kinds of girls you want, not meeting the kind of women you want, to having abundance with women.

Getting that girlfriend that you really desire or having a little harem going on, whatever it is that you’re after makes it much easier by doing this one simple mindset shift, and that is from going to a perfectionist to an opportunist, going from being a perfectionist to somebody who shamelessly goes after the girls that he wants despite having maybe poor logistics or not everything going his way.

Now the perfectionist, he will look for hundreds of excuses not to approach that girl that he sees. “She’s too hot. I haven’t approached that kind of girl before. I got to work my way up.”

Or, “She’s not hot enough. She’s beneath my standards.”

Or, “I’ve been working all day in the day and I’m not just in the right state to approach girls right now.”

Or, “I’m not dressed in the right clothes.”

Or, “I was taken off guard. I didn’t do my mental affirmation this morning.”

Or, “I’m not in the right mental mindset to be doing approaches right now.”

Or, “The logistics aren’t good. She’s walking far ahead of me and I’ve had to run to catch up to here and that would be a little bit awkward.”

Or, “She’s with her friend, and it would be kind of weird if I said in front of her friend.”

On and on and on ‑ there’s a million excuses not to approach a girl.

The Opportunist

Whereas the opportunist, you know the opportunist is fun to be around because he sees every girl as an opportunity. Even if his game is mis-calibrated or a little bit awkward because he’s just new at it, at least he’s inspiring because he’s going up to girl after girl after girl and giving it his all, seeing those girls as opportunities.

And you never really worry about the opportunist because you know that even if he has a lot to work on in terms of his game that he is going to improve because he has many opportunities to gain field experience through each day.

Okay, so the question comes up how to be more of an opportunist and less of a perfectionist. First of all, you have to just accept imperfection. You don’t want to be resisting it.

You have to accept the fact that many times you’re not going to be in a perfect state. You have to accept the fact that many times you’re not going to be your best dressed. You have to accept the fact that most cases, the logistics are going to be a little bit awkward. I mean that the world is not set up to make things perfect for you that in 90 percent of cases or more, you’re going to have these imperfections.

But what’s really exciting about that is that instead of trying to have the perfect set or the perfect logistics, you can make every set an adventure that you want to push to the maximum.

Let’s say that you have to run up to a girl and she’s there with her friend and the whole thing is just kind of weird and awkward. Well, you just accept the fact that it’s going to be weird and awkward, you run up to the girl and you push that set for the sake of the adventure, less about getting the girl and more about creating an exciting life. So you can look back when you’re an old guy and say, “Yeah, I really live my life to the maximum. I pushed everything as far as I could.”

Win through Serendipity

A lot of times, you get your best results through serendipity when you weren’t actually looking for the results like when you have a perfect set with a girl, a lot of times, it just screws up but you’re going to get your best times.

You’re going to meet your best girls when you go through that push, through that pushing your comfort zone. Just going up despite awkwardness of the social situation, or not feeling your best, or you weren’t in state, or you didn’t have your hair combed, or you weren’t wearing your lucky shirt or whatever it was and just by chance, just by luck, that’s the girl that you meet that becomes your favorite girl…

Which brings us to yet another subtle mindset shift, and that is not only look for opportunities but you want to be creating the opportunities. You don’t want to be just purely reacting to your environment.

Don’t Just Look For Opportunities- Create Them!

You see a girl and you’re looking for the right opportunity or something, you want to shift the reality to work in your favor. Say, you see a girl walking up ahead, run up to her. Create that opportunity, or maybe she’s even on her phone. Tell her to get off her phone. You think she’s cute. You want to meet her.

Or say you’re talking to a girl and you find out that she lives in a different state, she lives say a thousand miles away from you, still you can get her phone number and try to meet up with her later, try to make something work. Maybe she can fly down and meet you, you know maybe just push for that. Even if it’s just a 1 percent chance, you want to be trying to create opportunities at every turn that you can get.

So again don’t be a perfectionist. Become an opportunist and take it even a step further and create the opportunities. Don’t just look for them.

4 thoughts on “Cute Girls Sleep With Opportunists, Not Perfectionists”

  1. This is a big realisation – think how plenty of ‘natural’ guys get women. They’re not at all perfect in their approach. One thing I’ve realised over time is that I can afford to fuck up quite a lot as long as I’m being pro-active. There are times when I’ve said something wierd or had to just literally barge into a girl in the middle of having a conversation, or had to start a conversation with a girl in a less than perfect environment. Often I’ve ended up having one of these girls as a girlfriend. You just have to let go and trust yourself – most girls don’t want some super smooth, over-confident George Clooney perfect guy anyway – they’re more comfortable with a roguish, caveman approach where the guy just basically wants them and they can settle into their femininity. Also – time is your friend – simply spending more time with a woman over a night, or over a period of days or weeks automatically allows them to feel more comfortable with you.

  2. All this is true, most men experience give descupas and end up having no atitude.Aproveitar opportunities without thinking much about the future is crucial to win the aproximação.E anxiety take every opportunity to meet interessantes.Otimas tips women.

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