Prague Girls: 10 Tips to Chase Czech Women and Cute Tourists

Today I want to give you a quick little tour of the City of Prague, give you a couple of little tips on how to meet girls, how to save money.

Here right behind me is the city. It doesn’t look so good on a shitty cellphone and sorry about the audio. I didn’t really have my equipment prepared here, but we are overlooking the city on top of a little mountain here. It’s a beautiful city, particularly at night when all the lights come on.

You definitely want to go out at night, walk the famous bridge here. It’s very beautiful, really romantic, great place to take a girl.

Prague: The Prices

I think one of the main attractions of Prague is that it is so cheap. You can get a beer for like US$1. You can get lunch for $3 or $4. You can really splurge. If you spend $7, you can get a fancy meal. You can even eat in the main square where all the tourist action is for $3 or $4 as well at a sit-down restaurant. There are places to go. It’s pretty amazing.

Plenty of hostels around. You can get your own Airbnb room for maybe US$20. You can get your own Airbnb apartment for maybe $40. You can take an Uber from one side of the city for about US$3 or US$4, so yes it is very amazingly cheap.

I think for every person that lives here, they have about six tourists a year, so it’s one of the most toured cities in all of Europe. Again, I think because you have young people coming here just to drink really cheaply whereas in their home country, it would be ridiculously expensive if you’re coming from like Sweden or Norway or something.

Prague: The Women

As far as the women, Czech women ‑ look, there’s kind of like this misunderstanding that every woman in the former Eastern Bloc is like some knockout bombshell. That is definitely not the case. I would say Czech women are very average compared to any other European country.

You don’t want to set your expectations super high, but there are some really cute girls of course. You can find blondes with tanned skin like they came right out of California. You can find brunettes. There’s a lot of I don’t know seemingly genetic variety around.

Meeting Czech Girls During the Day

I would say that if you want to meet girls, not necessarily I would nighttime is not necessarily the best time. That is what most guys come over to do is that they come to go out at night, drink a lot, and they think that they’re going to meet a Czech girl. The problem is that every other guy has that idea, so when you go out at night, men tend to outnumber women five to one. The men are getting drunk.

You’re much better off meeting girls during the daytime. You can meet hotter girls during the daytime, I’ve noticed.

One thing is there’s two places. You can go to the main tourist area in the downtown where there’s tons of foot traffic and you will find women from all over the world pretty much.

What I found that worked better for me was getting out of that main downtown area and going more into where real people live. Walking 20 minutes out of the center, going to the castle district for example, going to real stores where the wealthier people are, and you still find tourist girls. You’ll still find a lot of genetic variety. You’re still going to find people from America, from Germany, from Sweden, from Norway, and you’re going to find a lot of local Czech girls.

I find that when you’re in these richer suburbs out of the center where you’re meeting more normal people, the quality improves. The girls are prettier. They’re more attractive and you can find some real knockout bombshells you know like young women that are into fitness. You can tell that they work out or run, and they have beautiful tans and they just look good. They look amazing, some of them.

That being said, of course, most girls are going to look rather average and that’s okay, too. But again day game is the place to be, not necessarily at night.

Now go out at night because the city is very beautiful. It’s an experience just to walk around at night, but day game is where you are going to have I think more fun, more success.

Definitely come to Prague. It’s a super cheap city. It’s very affordable and women are very friendly. Most of them speak English or enough English to get by. You’ll enjoy yourself.

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