This Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Makes Hot Girls Run From You

Ppickup is the ultimate self-fulfilling prophecy.

If you think that girls are nice, friendly, that they are attracted to you, that they are good people, then you are going to get good responses from girls. Those beliefs will reinforce themselves because you’re going to be coming up to the girl from a positive place, from a good place, the girl will feel that good energy and reflect that back onto you and that will just reinforce your belief that girls are good people and that you are attractive.

However, it also works the other way.

If you believe that girls are meanies, or evil, or bad people, that can become a self-fulfilling prophecy because you’re going to go up to a girl with these negative beliefs in your mind.

She’s not going to respond well to you by the vibe you’re giving off and then you’re going to be collecting evidence from those negative tepid reactions from girls that girls really are mean, or evil, or bad people.

For example, one could be just if you have this negative belief that girls are only after looks and money, if that’s inside your head and you really believe that, then the way you’re going to come up to girls is not going to be that good because you are not going to feel entitled to talk to that beautiful girl. You’re not going to feel worthy to go talk to that beautiful girl.

Your body language is going to be whack.

Your vibe is going to be weird. You’re going to be apologetic.

You’re going to be putting her up on a pedestal because you think that you are not at her level.

Your eye contact will be shifty and shit, and you’re not going to get a good reaction from that girl just by the way you’re coming across.

But then what happens is from that tepid negative reaction from the girl, you use that to justify your belief that negative belief that girls are only after looks and money. You say to yourself, “Okay, see, I went up to her. I tried doing some game, and she blew me off, so it’s the looks and money. That’s what they’re really after.”

Examples of Self-fulfilling prophecy: feminism

Another example would be if you believe that feminism is evil and it’s infected every woman’s mind in the West and that the only way you can get laid is if you go to Russia or the Philippines, then the way you go about approaching girls, you’re going to be assuming the worst from women.

Then when a girl for example gives you a shit test or a congruence test, because she wants to see that your personality is consistent over time, you could put on a front for a minute or two being this super alpha guy, but usually women want to test you a little bit, see if you’re going to crumble at the first congruence test.

But if you are assuming that women are these evil monsters infected by feminism and she throws a shit test at your congruence test and then you’re like, “Yeah, see I knew it. I knew that women were like these pissed off creatures that were ruined by feminism” that’s going to come across in your interactions. You’re going to send off this weird, ugly negative vibe to girls, and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy because girls don’t want to be around a guy like that.

Girls want a guy that will just hang in there, remain positive, persist, pass their congruence test, and then women are typically extremely friendly and they get very attracted to that.

And then what’s even worse is there’s these communities where you have all these butt hurt angry guys that will be happy to help reinforce your negative beliefs about women, so you can join one of these communities and they’re all talking about how women are ruined by feminism and Western women are no good anymore. Then when you get into that little echo chamber where you just share the same thing again and again and again, reinforcing those negative beliefs, it’s very hard to get out of that. It’s very hard to pull yourself back into a positive place about women.

Too Old?  Too Young?

Another example would be “I’m just too old to meet girls.” Let’s say you’re in your 30s or 40s and you want to meet girls in their 20s, these younger women and you’re like, “Well, I’m just too old for that.”

What happens is you go to a bar, you see a 20-year-old girl there, and you’re just so nervous, you don’t feel like you deserve her. Yu don’t feel entitled to go up and talk to her, so you don’t even go up at all or if you do up, you’re so shaking you’re so nervous about it, you come across with this weird vibe that isn’t friendly and cool and the girl just isn’t into it.

You’re making her feel weird. You’re making her feel uncomfortable, so she gives you a negative or tepid response and then you gather that as evidence that younger girls don’t like older men, or you see a younger girl like a 20-year-old girl holding hands with a 20-year-old boyfriend, you gather that as evidence. “See? Younger women, they only like younger men.”

Or you see a younger girl with an older man, and you’re just making assumption like, “He probably paid for her. He’s probably rich,” or something like that like you just anything that doesn’t fit your model, you try to rationalize in a way to fit your model. So it always becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Physical Escalation

Another example of this is a guy can’t believe that he could actually touch escalate on a girl, get physical with a girl, show her his true intentions. Instead, he believes he has to be completely covert and under the radar with the girl.

When he decides, “Okay, I’m going to try getting physical with the girl instead of just being platonic and friend-to-friend, he goes to touch her. But he’s so uncomfortable, he’s so awkward about it, and he’s also new at it, so maybe he’s just too aggressive about it or he’s just too weak, he gets a tepid, maybe uncomfortable response from the girl because he feels so weird about it, he makes the girl feel weird about it, too.

That just reinforces his belief, “Touching doesn’t work and physical with the girl doesn’t work, I should have been covert. If it works for other guys, it doesn’t work for me. That’s not who I am.”

Rationalizing Inaction

Basically, he’s just looking to reinforce what he already believes. That’s why 99 percent of guys who get into pickup drop out after a couple of weeks because yeah they’re there to get laid and meet girls. They’re very excited maybe at first, but they’re also there just to reinforce their already negative beliefs that they already have.

They’re there just to say, “Look. I believe this and it turned out to be true because I tried X, Y, and Z and it didn’t work for me right away, so what I already believe what must be true, so this is shit. I’m going to drop out.” What this does is it allows them to – it’s kind of like a safe.

It gives them an excuse not to push their comfort zones.

It gives them an excuse to stay home and not really push the technology of pickup and just stay home and be comfortable and give them a rationalization for why they can do that.

Okay, so we’ve got some fireworks here. I just wanted to say that you want to be nonjudgmental to girls and look at yourself in the mirror.

Now that can be really hard to do for looking at girls up close, but looking at your own negative beliefs is way easy to play victimhood that you’re the victim and look for this person oppressing me or this idea is oppressing me, or this culture is oppressing me. I’m not at fault, so I’m just going to drop out.

That’s the easy way to go. If you look hard in the mirror, that is very difficult but once you can start using this idea of self-fulfilling prophecy to your advantage, which is very, very powerful.

Once you can use the idea of self-fulfilling prophecy to your advantage, that you start assuming attraction with girls, that you assume that girls are friendly and good people, that you assume that you are enough as you are to attract these girls that becomes very powerful in getting attraction and creating and manifesting what you want from women, what you want from the lifestyle.

The key is that feed your brain and nourish your brain with positive thoughts and positive beliefs that are going to help feed that self-fulfilling prophecy, the positive direction, so you can get what you want out of life.

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