Testosterone = The Missing Ingredient To Getting Laid


I just thought I’d sit down for a moment to talk about a really important subject and that is testosterone.

We sometimes underestimate how important testosterone is towards our performance and results that we get with the girls.

I mean testosterone is what separates men from women.

It creates that masculine versus feminine polarity where the feminine contrasts with the masculine and that creates that sexual attraction versus being friend-to-friend.

Testosterone is what will give you that drive, that motivation to even just get up and get out the door and meet girls.

Testosterone gives you that drive, that motivation maybe to approach someone, which is what separates men from women. Men have more that drive to take action and that is the result of testosterone.

It also gives you alpha body language, that alpha voice, that alpha mindset, alpha beliefs.

When you have high testosterone, you’re going to feel better about yourself, you’re going to feel more energetic, you’re going to be able to have better thought loops, beliefs about yourself.

Low Testosterone

Whereas if you have low testosterone, you’re going to be low energy, you’re not going to have much of a sexual libido.

You’re not going to feel like getting out the door to meet girls.

You’re not going to feel motivated.

You’re not going to feel alpha.

You’re going to more in touched with your feminine side, which is cool I suppose but it’s not necessarily the best for getting girls and getting laid.

Poor Habits = Low Testosterone

The problem is that so many guys have these habits that don’t promote testosterone growth.

For example, drinking a lot will suppress your level of testosterone.

Smoking marijuana interacts with the pituitary gland, which is responsible for regulating how much testosterone you produce.

Eating fatty foods and putting on extra weight decreases your testosterone.

Being sedentary decreases your testosterone. That affects your pituitary gland, which regulates the production of testosterone as well because if you’re being sedentary, your body has no incentive to create testosterone. Your brain is thinking, “Okay, everything is hunky-dory. Everything is great. No need to go produce testosterone.”

It’s the same effect as if you were an astronaut, and you go up into space and you spend 3 months in space and you don’t exercise. Your muscles gradually weaken because you’re not using your muscles, so your brain is saying, “Okay, there is no point in putting energy towards keeping your muscles maintained, so I will just let that go.”

So when astronauts come back to Earth, they have trouble walking. They’re very weak and they might be in a wheelchair in a while after they regain their strength.

Well, the same is with your testosterone. If you’re not pushing your body in ways that promote testosterone growth, you’re brain is just going to think, “Okay, everything is fine. I’m getting all these fatty foods. I don’t even have to move around, so there’s no purpose in creating and producing testosterone. I can save energy that way.”

You know smoking, drinking, eating bad foods, not going to the gym, not putting stress on your body by lifting heavy weights, not getting enough sleep, having too much stress, all those things suppress your testosterone.

What happens is guys want to meet a girl. They want to get laid. They want to build a new lifestyle for themselves but they have these bad habits weighing themselves down. They have these bad habits that sap their motivation because they literally don’t have the right hormones going through their body to give them that sexual drive, to give them that sexual motivation, to give them those good thoughts going through their head about you know just that natural happiness, that natural like high that you get from having a high level of testosterone.

Good Habits = More Sex Drive and Motivation

What you want to do is you want to gear your lifestyle towards bringing in a healthy habits that promote testosterone growth.

One of the big ones of course is hitting the gym, lifting heavy weights.

I mean first of all if you look more like James Bond and you feel more like James Bond with that testosterone and having more muscle on your body, you’re going to have the permission to act like James Bond in your own head and girls will respond to you more like you’re James Bond.

It’s just easier for you. I mean most guys that I know they’re really good with game; they go to the gym at least to some level, a couple of times a week, at least just for maintenance. They go to the gym because again, when you look like James Bond, it’s a lot easier to act like James Bond, but also just because it maintains your testosterone levels high, you see that sexual drive. It gives you that sexual motivation.

So there’s very few guys that I know of who get really good at game and are really committed to it, yet they’re just really overweight and they have bad habits and they don’t go to the gym at all.

I mean yeah that happens. There are guys that are very successful and they don’t workout at all, but that’s probably not you.

You want to build an ecosystem that is going to give you every edge that you can get, that is going to stack all the cards in your favor. One of those is to take on habits that increase your testosterone level: getting enough sleep, reducing stress, going to the gym, avoiding alcohol, avoiding soaking, and so on and so forth.

So you know it’s really important to think of your success in terms of what are my testosterone levels, am I building testosterone levels.

If you just ignore that aspect of the game and you are just thinking in terms of techniques, and routines, and little tweaks and trips but you’re not thinking about your lifestyle and the hormones that go through your body, you’re probably going to fail. You’re not going to last through the long haul.

Think in terms of testosterone production and you will get much better results.

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