Which Girls Do You Find Hot… or Not?


Now we all know what a 10 is. A lot of guys can typically agree, “This girl is a 10, this girl isn’t. This is an attractive girl, this girl isn’t.”

But we also have our own personal 10, our own personal preference that might differ from other men. Every guy has their own personal taste in women, but the thing is a lot of times, that personal preference can change over time.

Your Tastes Can Shift

The type of girl that you consider a 10 at the beginning of the year could shift towards the end of the year. Maybe at the beginning of the year, you’re really into tall, blue-eyed blondes and then that kind of shifts more towards the hot MILF with the big chest, and then over time, a year more, dreaming about that mocha-skinned Latin girl with the little waist and the big hips and the salsa flavor, right?

What we are into will shift over time. There’s many different reasons why that happens, but we’re usually not aware of those reasons. They just kind of like it seems it happens, but there are good reasons. If you understand some of those reasons, you can kind of have better control over the type of women that you’re attracted to. Just knowing why can be helpful in many circumstances.

In this video, I’m going to over three reasons why our tastes in women tends to shift over time.

Reason #1. The Girls You’ve Had Success With In The Past

Now the first reason has to do with types of girls that you’ve had success with in the past.

Say for example you are at a work function and you spot a girl. She’s overweight. She’s not your type. You’re not normally attracted to her, but you just start talking to her to be sociable and she connects with you really well. She’s flirting with you. She’s feeding into your ego. She’s giving you signs that she wants to do something with you.

She’s overweight. She’s not your type but you’re thinking, “I’m kind of bored. I have nothing else to do. Well, let’s just follow this along. I feel good being around her.” Maybe you hook up with her that night, or you go on a date with her or you hook up with her then.

Then you have another experience with another overweight girl.

Well, what has first to happen. Then you start seeing overweight girls as being attractive, as being sexy. You might not tell your friends about it, you might not tell your parents about it, but then you start developing this fetish for BBWs because you’ve had good experiences with them in the past.

Maybe in bed, the BBW was just wild. She was squirting everywhere, deep throating you, acting like a porn star, dressing sexy, talking dirty to you, giving you compliments.

You have a great experience with her in bed, and then you start developing a fetish for these overweight women as strange as that sounds. A lot of guys have fetishes for overweight women precisely because of this reason.

This is actually scientifically documented that men will be attracted to the type of women that they’ve had success with in the past. The reason for this is because your genes don’t necessarily want to thrive like get that perfect 9 or 10. Your genes just want to survive. Your genes want to pass on, so if you have good experiences with obese women, well your genes want to pass on. They see other obese women as these easy good targets and you’re going to become more attracted to obese women.

Likewise, if you randomly hook up with a MILF, and let’s say she’s not even hot. She’s just a very regular MILF, but you have a great experience in bed and then you hook up with another MILF and you have a great experience in bed. Pretty soon, you’re going to be fantasizing about MILFs. That’s going to tilt the needle of the type of girl that you’re attracted to.

Let’s say you’re in the library and there’s a very nerdy Asian girl there and I don’t know just kind connect. You start flirting with her. She flirts back. She wants to jump into bed with you real quick and she turns out to be wild in bed. Well, what can happen?

You can then start fantasizing about little nerdy Asian girls. That kind of becomes your secret 10. Even though you might not want to admit that to all of your friends or tell your parents, but you start fantasizing about that type of girls.

Now the reason why this could be important to know is because I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of the term, “fucking to warm up.” It’s where you go out and night and you’re going to approach a couple of girls, just a couple of average-looking girls just to warm up, just to get a little bit of social momentum, kind of break out of your shell, unstifle yourself.

The first girl that you start talking to, let’s say she’s like a 6/10 for you, you just want to warm up a little bit. She is attracted to you. You hit off with her. She starts flirting with you and you either go home with her that night or say you just meet her up on another date and she wants to jump into bed with you.

You have a wild sexual experience with this girl. Maybe she’s like a 6/10. She’s not that pretty. She’s kind of overweight. She’s not dressed well, but let’s just say she has red hair. You’re going to start then seeing women with red hair and start noticing girls with red hair that are a little bit overweight and you just kind of associate having hot sex with that type of girl.

You should just be aware that the type of girls that you bed, if they’re not like your dream girl can influence your decisions, can influence just your cave-man attraction, what type of girls you’re attracted to.

Reason #2. The Girls That Feed Your Ego

Now the second reason is very much related to the first reason and that is just girls that feed into your ego. You don’t even have to sleep with them, but these girls flirt with you, feed into your ego, compliment you. That can influence that kind of women that you are attracted to.

Say again you are at the library and there is that cute little nerdy Asian girl, little Japanese girl or something. You’re not even into Asian girls. You’re into tall, blonde, blue-eyed girls, but this girl and you just hit off together. You guys have a great connection. She likes talking to you. She’s complimenting you. She’s flirting with you.

You guys don’t end up sleeping together. Maybe she has a boyfriend, but then you start fantasizing about going to Japan and learning kana-kana and kanji. You start reading Japanese comic books and manga, and I don’t know, you just start to develop a fetish with Asian girls.

Reason #3. The Girls That Stand Out From The Crowd

The third reason that you can shift who you’re attracted to is based on experiences where the girl just stands out from the crowd. Say for example there’s a white party.

All the women are dressed in white, but there’s a little Asian girl dressed in red. She’s going to be standing out. You’re going to notice her more. She’s going to look more attractive than the rest.

Let’s say the opposite. Everybody is dressed in red, but there is a girl dressed in white. She stands out because that color just pops out from the crowd. She’s putting herself out there. That’s the type of girl you’re going to be attracted to.

Or let’s say that you live in Scandinavia like Sweden. You’re used to blonde girls with blue eyes, but then you see the Jennifer Lopez with the little waist and the big butt and all the curves and the mocha skin. She’s going to stand out. She’s going to stand out from the crowd. You see her.

Your jaw drops and that’s who you start to become attracted to, those Latin women with that Latin flavor, or just the opposite.

Let’s say you live in Brazil and you’re used to seeing Latin women with the mocha skin. Then a girl from Sweden walks by and she’s just dressed differently. Her body type is different. Her color, her hair color, her eye color is different. Suddenly you’re going to be inspired, “Man, I really like Scandinavian blonde women because they stand out.”

There’s a genetic reason for this. For example, if you have children with your very, very close kin, that can result in genetic deformities because there’s not enough differentiation between you and your partner.

If you have children with someone in your close tribe, that’s better than having children with someone to your close kin, but again genetic deformities can crop up.

You’re going to have healthier babies with someone that looks different from you, with someone that stands out visually. So for example, it’s been shown that people that are mixed race, for example half-Asian half-White are universally considered more attractive than people that are just Asian or just White.

A lot of the supermodels out there, very attractive people, tend to be this very odd mixes between like they’re part German, they’re part Italian, and they’re part Cherokee, or they’re part African, they’re part Irish, and they’re part French. They usually tend to be this weird mixes that can be this very exotic features.

Just genetically, we’re attracted to people that stand out from the crowd, that look different from us, that look different from everyone else out there.

That’s how your taste in women can change over time.

As you can see, there’s a number of very subjective factors that just randomly happen to you as you go about your life that can randomly change the dial of the type of woman that you are attracted to. But when you understand these factors, when you understand that a lot of these events are random and who you are attracted to is pretty subjective and just inside your head, then you can have more control over the types of girls that you are going after.

Most of all, you won’t be putting women up on a pedestal because let’s say you see a stunning blonde girl and she’s just very exotic.

Understanding these factors, you’re not going to be putting that blonde type of girl up on a pedestal. You’ll understand that it’s just basically your brain playing tricks on you and that she’s not necessarily higher value than yourself.

6 thoughts on “Which Girls Do You Find Hot… or Not?”

  1. I think pheromones play a large part in this too. There are some girls who – when I’m next to them – my body feels like it’s jumping out of its skin to get with them – it’s wierd – like it’s a very physical sensation. I’ve heard women make similar comments about a guys scent. This usually happens more to me with younger, usually more curvaceous women – I’m assuming they give off more of a pheremonal scent that my body picks up. It’s unmistakeable for me – it’s truly pure animal attraction.

    One question I have Jesse, perhaps you may consider looking at in a future video – is ‘game’ in the context of love and relationship management. I’ve found over the years that all women are not equal in my eyes and for women I really admire and vibe with – logically I want to explore a relationship of some kind – sometimes I have most certainly hd very deep feelings of love and connection for a few women. Up to now, however relationships have always ended up in me cheating at some point or becoming frustrated and the relationship breaks up – even when we’d agreed it was non-monogamous the reality was that the women couldn’t deal with it – fair enough I suppose. What is your position about ‘love’ in the game?

    1. Most women can’t handle non-monogamy long term, 99% of the time that will break up. Every woman wants you to commit, eventually. Typically you’ll either have to give up game, or give up on the idea of having a long term monogamous relationship — they don’t mix well.

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