8 Daily Habits of the Happiest Couples

You may say that people are different, so are their relationships. Every couple has its own secret that unites the partners, makes them fall in love with each other again and again and stay together till death do them part. If you think that true tips about russian brides can help you, you are totally right . However, we have come up with some common simple everyday things they do in order to keep love in the air last ages.

You wonder how to make your relationships lasting and fulfilling? Keep reading.

Create your own daily rituals

Putting an anti-wrinkle crème on your boyfriend’s face and a massage while lying in bed, washing your hands together with sprinkling “war” in the end, romantic messages with compliments or sharing funny videos on YouTube – all of that will make each of you smile every day and think “Thank God, he/she is mine”.

Make compliments

A thousand compliments of other people will never compare with a gentle voice of your partner saying “You’re such a hot chick/guy” or “You look like a Hollywood star”.


Embracing makes us feel happiness and satisfaction. Perfect for a couple to experience it together, don’t you think? The ones you do while sex does not count. Make a separate special amiable ritual out of it. Spend additional time on hugging and do not miss the separate ‘sessions’.

A good-bye kiss

Every morning while leaving for work have a good-bye kiss. It does not matter whether you are in a separate room, in bed or even in a toilet. The experienced couples say it makes them smile every morning – a perfect start of the day.

Take a good care of each other

Sounds in a banal way, but it works. Actually, the care, respect, and dedication are the bases for any relationships. You don’t have to save her from the thieves or cook only his favorite food every day to please your date and show that you care. Just having reached the bathroom first in the morning full of the toothpaste his/her brush as well. It is a nonverbal way to say ‘I love you’.

Don’t forget to say ‘thank you’

You may thank him/her, say, at least for the toothpaste mentioned above. Such a habit is a challenge for businesspeople who are constantly up to their ears in work. They consider it as the waste of time, but in a moment such workaholics may look for the shoulder to cry on. Never be greedy thanking your close people, because a simple ‘thanks’ may cost you the relationships.

Be always glad to see each other

Smile from ear to ear at the sight of your beloved. It always works. This way you will not only improve each other’s mood but prolong your relationships as well. What is more, your date will always remember you with a smile on your face. He/she would drop everything to meet you ASAP. Often boys and girls lash out at each other, because of the work problems, quarrels with other people or sicknesses. You do not want your closest person to become a bin for the emotional rubbish, do you? Leave everything behind the doors of your apartment.

Start the day in a right way

The coffee in bed, a morning sex, having a shower together are the apparent ingredients of a perfect morning. I can only add having small talks about your day plans, jogging and going to work together.

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